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  1. luchocsson
    Infinity War!!
  2. BerryHunter098
    Hello i am RoMix playername BerryHunter, i am here to make friends and see other artworks,i also have youtube channel with good fan art's.
  3. Andrew S.
    Andrew S. Daff15015
    I can catch Minun, Zangoose and Mr. Mime. I need Heracross.
  4. Fernando
    I'm here to help, anyone. =) Thats my job.
  5. Fargo100
    Fargo100 Nalgitus
    maybe we should discuss details by whatsapp? it s easier, here is my number: 0041793695839

    thank you v much!!!
  6. Fargo100
    Fargo100 Nalgitus
    I wld be super interested if you cld get me heracross, what do you need in exchange? you are still in south america?

  7. Shogaz
    Shogaz Jordon Whipple
    I have a team of players around the world that will assist with regional pokemon. Our only requirement is that in exchange for our help, you hang around and assist other players as they are introduced to you. Does this work for you?
  8. Jordon Whipple
    Jordon Whipple Admin
    Anyone willing to catch me a heracross?!?!
  9. Jordon Whipple
    Jordon Whipple
    Can anyone catch me a heracross?!?!
  10. KatamaryDamacy
  11. Sean
    Sean PokéHunter05
    I would love a kangaskan! Any chance you need a Tauros? That's the only thing I can get unfortunately...
  12. Sean
    Sean saidi
    New Hi! I was really hoping to get a farfetchd. I can get you a tauros but that's pretty much it.. lol let me know what I can do for you in return!
    Thanks for your time man and just let me know!
  13. Ghost
    Where are larvitar nests ?
  14. Bonnie
  15. Bonnie
    Bonnie Admin
    Judd rather elementary school, north Brunswick, n.j.
    parking pokestop is a temporary megmar spawn. If anyone interested
  16. Bonnie
    Bonnie Admin
    Anyone know where can I find aerodectl. Not lucky to get 1 even the event is going on.
  17. Gunawan
    Mau Cari Sarangnya snorlax Ada Dimana ?
  18. nitroz
    nitroz DevTrainer
  19. Arisquelle
    Currently need: 89, 175, 176, 180, 181, 192, 201, 212, 225, 230, 233, 235, 236, 237, 242, 248
  20. Arisquelle
    Found 3 Girafarig today in Santa Monica. Missed catching a Flaaffy as I didn't notice that my PGPlus was flashing yellow in the bright sun.