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  1. Gunawan
    Mau Cari Sarangnya snorlax Ada Dimana ?
  2. nitroz
    nitroz DevTrainer
    Hi there, u need a m.mime?
    We can talk by email.
    Mine is [email protected]
  3. Arisquelle
    Currently need: 89, 175, 176, 180, 181, 192, 201, 212, 225, 230, 233, 235, 236, 237, 242, 248
  4. Arisquelle
    Found 3 Girafarig today in Santa Monica. Missed catching a Flaaffy as I didn't notice that my PGPlus was flashing yellow in the bright sun.
  5. BoywonderofNY
    BoywonderofNY nitroz
    I want one!
  6. nitroz
    Hi there, anyone wanna a m.mime trade?
  7. ItsEthan92dude
    ItsEthan92dude Admin
    Can't get them around here sadly not sure if we can still hatch them I hope one day we can I need one too he's one of my favorites too
  8. Ladystar
    Ladystar Admin
    Anyone know where i can find mr mime
  9. Ladystar
  10. Ladystar
  11. Ladystar
    Hey im looking for an jynx and mr mime
  12. Ejsgirl2010
    Hello Everyone. I am in need of a Hitmochan. That is all I need to complete my pokedex. Please help
  13. Big bad wolf
    Big bad wolf
    I will trading anybody a Torros For a farfetch'D please
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    2. ItsEthan92dude
      If you have a onix or aerodactyl or Lickitung I got you
      Jan 29, 2017
  14. BasilVsAll
    BasilVsAll Valorblondie
    How can I help ya? First off would be where are you located let me know and we can go from there valorblondie
  15. BasilVsAll
    BasilVsAll Valorblondie
    Hey yea I can lend ya a hand where are you located?
  16. Valorblondie
    Still trying to find a good dann Chansey!! Almost a month and still no friggin luck... Someone help me!
    1. ItsEthan92dude
      10k eggs and at Florence Hospital
      Jan 29, 2017
  17. Tarinama
    Looking for a Kubuto nest in or near Nashville, Tennessee. I have all other generation 1 available in my region. Would be great to complete!
  18. PoeticShannon
    The pikachu nest in st marys park Baltimore,Maryland is gone. Please update this info
  19. Kurn1aone
    Go hard or do hard n play hard
  20. BasilVsAll
    San Diego Trainers Lets Hunt