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  1. Sean
    Sean PokéHunter05
    I would love a kangaskan! Any chance you need a Tauros? That's the only thing I can get unfortunately...
  2. Sean
    Sean saidi
    New Hi! I was really hoping to get a farfetchd. I can get you a tauros but that's pretty much it.. lol let me know what I can do for you in return!
    Thanks for your time man and just let me know!
  3. Ghost
    Where are larvitar nests ?
  4. Bonnie
  5. Bonnie
    Bonnie Admin
    Judd rather elementary school, north Brunswick, n.j.
    parking pokestop is a temporary megmar spawn. If anyone interested
  6. Bonnie
    Bonnie Admin
    Anyone know where can I find aerodectl. Not lucky to get 1 even the event is going on.
  7. Gunawan
    Mau Cari Sarangnya snorlax Ada Dimana ?
  8. nitroz
    nitroz DevTrainer
    Hi there, u need a m.mime?
    We can talk by email.
    Mine is [email protected]
  9. Arisquelle
    Currently need: 89, 175, 176, 180, 181, 192, 201, 212, 225, 230, 233, 235, 236, 237, 242, 248
  10. Arisquelle
    Found 3 Girafarig today in Santa Monica. Missed catching a Flaaffy as I didn't notice that my PGPlus was flashing yellow in the bright sun.
  11. BoywonderofNY
    BoywonderofNY nitroz
    I want one!
  12. nitroz
    Hi there, anyone wanna a m.mime trade?
  13. ItsEthan92dude
    ItsEthan92dude Admin
    Can't get them around here sadly not sure if we can still hatch them I hope one day we can I need one too he's one of my favorites too
  14. Ladystar
    Ladystar Admin
    Anyone know where i can find mr mime
  15. Ladystar
  16. Ladystar
  17. Ladystar
    Hey im looking for an jynx and mr mime
  18. Ejsgirl2010
    Hello Everyone. I am in need of a Hitmochan. That is all I need to complete my pokedex. Please help
  19. Big bad wolf
    Big bad wolf
    I will trading anybody a Torros For a farfetch'D please
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    2. ItsEthan92dude
      If you have a onix or aerodactyl or Lickitung I got you
      Jan 29, 2017
  20. BasilVsAll
    BasilVsAll Valorblondie
    How can I help ya? First off would be where are you located let me know and we can go from there valorblondie