Kyle Shanahan Reuben Foster will be read

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Kyle Shanahan Reuben Foster will be read

  1. Kyle Shanahan Reuben Foster will be read

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  2. Kyle Shanahan Reuben Foster will be read

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    Reuben Foster's journey has been quite the contrast. One of America's top collegiate linebackers. A crushing lo s in the national title game. A projected top-10 pick in the NFL draft. Nearly Sam Darnold Pro Line Green Jersey falling out of the first round entirely. That last part had a lot to do with a shoulder injury and subsequent surgery that left lingering questions about his viability, both in the short and long term. ArDarius Stewart Jersey He's since been rehabbing with his eyes on training camp. And no news is good news for Foster. "No, there haven't been any updates," coach Kyle Shanahan said of Foster's status on Wednesday. "It's been the status quo. He's been doing great with his rehab. I really have no concerns. I think he'll be more than ready to go by training camp. That's my feeling. I can't Derrick Jones Jersey promise that, but I'd be surprised if it wasn't." Shanahan took it one step further, answering a question about Foster's potential readine s in full pads with Marcus Maye Jersey complete confidence. "Yes, I do," he said when asked if he thinks Foster will be full go on the first day of hitting. "Yes." If Foster can stay healthy and achieve near where he was initially projected, he'd be the steal of the 2017 draft. He could also be a key piece in a rebuilding defense for years to come. Five days after Christian Hackenberg Jersey signing his rookie deal, things seem to continue to trend upward for the linebacker.

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