MLB trade rumors Nationals want both Chr

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    Christian Yelich and J.T. Realmuto are likely on the move this offseason and the Nationals are in on the sweepstakes. They may even be trying to land both players Victor Martinez Jersey in a single deal.According to, the Nationals are trying to acquire one or the other to upgrade their roster andwould be open to acquiring both in a mega Detroit Tigers Womens Custom White Jersey -deal.The biggest hangup here though is the Marlins are reportedly looking for an "overpay" in prospects. They may want three minor leaguersand an MLB starter for each player. Not for both players, but for each. That is a ma sive asking price.As many as 12 teams have reportedly inquired about the two players, neither of whomcan become an unrestricted free agent Al Kaline Jersey until2021. There is more than enough interest, so the Marlins will likely make a trade if the deal is to their liking.The question though now is, if the Nationals do want to make the trade for both players, can they? The answer at first glance would be no, simply because Washington doesn't have the deepest of minor league Miguel Cabrera Jersey systems, but in actuality they may have the pieces to get it done.If they want to get both players they will likely have to part ways with's No. 3 overall prospect in Victor Robles. That is a big ask, but Jose Iglesias Jersey it would certainly get the talks moving if they were to include him.Beyond that, they have some intriguing prospects including two more in's Top 100 and guys like Eric Fedde and Seth Romero right on the cusp of the list.

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