Noah Syndergaard says offseason workouts

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    Noah Syndergaard's season hasn't gone as planned, but he's doing everything he can to get back on track.After aregimen of bulking up led to a disabled list stint due to Chris Davis Jersey apartly torn lati simus muscle on his right side, the Metsaceis rethinking his routine and developing a new training plan."So much of what I've learned this year is that I thought I was doing what I needed to be doing," Syndergaardsaid Roberto Alomar Jersey , via the New York Times. "But I realize now how me sed up my body was, and I'm working hard to get it back to normal."Syndergaard, who hasn't appeared in a game since April 30, had refusedan MRI exam after he mi sed a start withbiceps tendonitis and shoulder Kevin Gausman Jersey discomfort, buttore a lat muscle three days later. While he has no regrets about his past decision, he has every intention of making better choices Cal Ripken Jr. 1985 Practice White Jersey in the future to ensure he gets healthy and stays that way."Nobody really wants to stretch now but I've had this desire to become a more well-rounded athlete, as opposed to just someone who lifts and is strong," Syndergaardsaid. "I want to be strong, and be mobile, hostile, and agile."After this offseason and after this rehab program, I don't see myself having another injury Craig Gentry Jersey like that," he added. "I know what my weakne ses are. I know how to addre s them."

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