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    TL;DR: There are very large rural nests in areas tagged natural=heath in OSM that can see large spawn point counts due to high cell traffic hiking trails. Some of these nests cover extremely large areas (>150km2, some comparable in size to the Berlin Mega Nests) and are great places to both explore and catch Pokemon. Also included is more evidence that nest boundaries are indeed determined by OSM (apparently there’s still some opposition to this).

    Distribution of natural=heath nests in the UK

    I live in a small town next to the peak district in the UK, and on this occasion when visiting the popular peak of Mam Tor I noticed that Charmanders were spawning all over the trails. Pretty much all of the UK is a grass/water biome and natural fire spawns are extremely rare, so I knew this had to be a nest of sorts. Yet when I checked OSM the only boundary covering for the area was natural=heath. I then scanned around for heath areas on overpass turbo and found that the peak district was littered with them... All nests... Just hidden away from the prying eyes of the urban populous.

    I started mapping the different nests (only the most popular areas - there's way too many to check) and found that every single area I checked that was marked as natural=heath was indeed a nest. Link to imgur album.

    Unfortunately having checked most of the western world it seems that heath terrain is mainly found in the UK and Europe. I'd still encourage all players to check their nearby area using this overpass queryto find any potential rural nests near them. Another negative I've found is that a lot of the time natural=heath areas are so rural with so little traffic that some nests have barely any spawn points if any at all. The best ones are always those with plenty of trails within their boundaries that contain landmarks for people to visit. These are totally worthwhile nests - the feeling of scaling a mountainous peak, reaping a glorious view of the countryside and simultaneously catching that last Totodile you need for Feraligatr is pretty awesome. For me this discovery has made the game much more exciting and has expanded in-game nest exploration from just parks and golf courses to the much more scenic wilderness. And finally... This part of the trailer actually feels real now!

    Also included in the imgur album is a series of the most popular nests in the Peak District and what species they are currently. For most players this just serves to be a selection of examples of the types of rural nest that can be found, but for UK players it could be considered a nest guide for the peak district for any players planning a trip there soon!

    If you are concerned about these are not nests per se, but instead biomes. Here is another album demonstrating evidence that they are indeed migrating nests.
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