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Number 424
Generation 4
Type normal
Classification Long Tail Pokemon
Max CP 2218
Max HP  ??
Max Attack 220
Max Defense 158
Max Stamina 165
Height 3'11", 1.19m
Weight 44.8lbs, 20.3kg
Evolves From Aipom
Total Evolution Req  ??
Next Evolution Req Max
Egg Distance  ??
Standard Moves  ?????
Special Moves  ?????
Strengths ghost
Weaknesses fighting
Description To eat, it deftly shucks nuts with its two tails. It rarely uses its arms now.
Spawn Chance  ??
Acquired by Where to Find and Catch Ambipom

Ambipom is a normal type Pokemon.

Hidden Stats

Ambipom Hidden Stats
Base Stamina 150
Base Attack 205
Base Defense 143
Base Capture Rate  ??
Base Flee Rate  ??
Collision Radius  ??
Collision Height  ??
Collision Head Radius  ??
Movement Type  ??
Movement Timer  ??
Jump Time  ??
Attack Time  ??
Pokedex Height 1.19m
Pokedex Weight 20.3kg
Height Standard Deviation  ??
Weight Standard Deviation  ??


Standard Moves

Special Moves

Old Moves


Aipom1.png + ?? Candy --> File:Ambipom1.png

Strengths and Weaknesses



Acquired By


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