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IVs or Individual Values are Hidden Stats for each Pokemon. IVs are divided into 3 types: Individual Attack, Individual Defense and Individual Stamina. These stats are random and can range from 0 to 15. They are directly added to the Pokemon's Base Attack, Base Defense and Base Stamina to form its Attack, Defense and Stamina.


  • Attack = (Base Attack + Individual Attack) * CP Multiplier
  • Defense = (Base Defense + Individual Defense) * CP Multiplier
  • Stamina = (Base Stamina + Individual Stamina) * CP Multiplier

A Pokemon with 15 Individual Attack, 15 Individual Defense and 15 Individual Stamina is considered perfect! A perfect Vaporeon will have 275 STA, 220 ATK, 192 DEF.


Players can check the IVs of their Pokemon in-game through Appraisal System.

Why Do We Want to Know IVs

People want to know IVs of Pokemon because they don't want to waste Stardust and Candy on powering up Pokemon with low IVs and thus low stats. They want to have the most powerful Pokemon, ones with the highest stats (highest IVs).

How Are IVs Calculated

IVs are hidden from the player. Players need to use CP, HP and amount of Stardust required to Power Up to calculate the Pokemon's IV. Stardust is used because it is related to level. Level is part of the formula for CP and HP. Knowing the Stardust cost gives you a narrower range of values for those numbers.

Combat Effectiveness of Different IVs

Versus IV Advantage
100% IV vs. 0% IV 31.40%
100% IV vs. 50% IV 14.20%
100% IV vs. 80% IV 5.36%
100% IV vs. 90% IV 2.63%
90% IV vs. 50% IV 11.25%
90% IV vs. 80% IV 2.66%
80% IV vs. 0% IV 24.65%
80% IV vs. 50% IV 8.36%
50% IV vs. 0 % IV 14.98%
  • 100% IV is a Pokemon with +15/+15/+15 to Attack/Defense/Stamina.
  • All IV comparisons are between the average of all the fully evolved Pokemon.

For two of same Pokemon (same CP, move set and everything else), one with 100% IV and another with 0% IV, the 100% IV Pokemon will do 31.4% more damage before it faints. When compared to an average Pokemon (50% IV), a 100% IV Pokemon will do 14.2% more damage before it faints.

Wild Pokemon and IVs

The same exact Pokemon will have the same IVs. If a Bulbasaur spawns and 2 or more trainers catch that Bulbasaur, the newly caught Bulbasaur will have the same IVs across all trainers but won't have the same CP.

IVs and Evolution and Eggs

IVs DO NOT CHANGE when you evolve a Pokemon. Note that the Pokemon's move set might change after evolution.

Pokemon From Eggs: On average, Pokemon hatched from Eggs has better IVs than Pokemon caught in the wild.

Caught iv plot1.png Egg iv plot1.png