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Nests and Habitats in New York, United States. Nests are where that Pokemon is guaranteed to spawn while Habitats are locations that occasionally spawn that Pokemon.

Nests in New York

NestStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitude
Magikarp Nest - Intrepid MuseumBest2016/08/04New YorkPier 86
W 46th St & 12th Ave
Charmander Nest - Museum of Natural HistoryConfirmed2016/07/30New YorkCentral Park West & 79th St40.7813241-73.9739882
Tentacool Nest - Flushing Meadows Corona ParkConfirmed2016/07/31QueensFlushing Meadows Corona Park40.740014-73.841096
Magikarp Nest - Juniper Valley ParkConfirmed2016/08/01Middle VillageLutheran Ave & 71st St40.720160-73.879816
Vulpix Nest - Prospect ParkConfirmed2016/08/01BrooklynProspect Park40.660204-73.968956
Magikarp Nest - Pier 83Confirmed2016/08/02New York2005 Hudson River Greenway40.762998-74.0019641
Magikarp Nest - CanalsideConfirmed2016/08/05BuffaloLLoyd St42.87829132764551-78.88131558895111
Charmander Nest - Citi FieldConfirmed2016/08/06Queens123-01 Roosevelt ave40.757156-73.846014
Pikachu Nest - Niawanda ParkConfirmed2016/08/18TonawandaNiawanda Park43.0164160-78.8915382
Bellsprout Nest - Herbert Von King ParkConfirmed2016/08/27Brooklyn670 Lafayette Ave40.689724-73.946131
Pikachu Nest - Herbert Von King ParkConfirmed2016/08/27Brooklyn670 Lafayette Ave40.689724-73.946131
Seel Nest - Bronx ZooConfirmed2016/08/28Bronx2300 Southern Blvd40.850288-73.878611
Bulbasaur Nest - Governor Nelson A Rockefeller ParkConfirmed2016/08/30Manhattan20-34 River Terrace40.7178801-74.016251
Pikachu Nest - Fort Washington ParkConfirmed2016/08/30ManhattanFort Washington Park40.8505-73.9435
Zubat Nest - Brooklyn Historical SocietyConfirmed2016/09/05Brooklyn128 Pierrepont St40.69428318-73.99238616
Psyduck Nest - CanalsideConfirmed2016/09/06Buffalo44 Prime St42.875731-78.878525
Slowpoke Nest - CanalsideConfirmed2016/09/06Buffalo44 Prime St42.875731-78.878525
Staryu Nest - CanalsideConfirmed2016/09/06Buffalo44 Prime St42.875731-78.878525
Charmander Nest - Delaware Park Rose GardenConfirmed2016/09/23Buffalo199 Lincoln Pkwy42.931653-78.873136
Charmander Nest - American Museum of Natural HistoryConfirmed2016/09/24ManhattanCentral Park West & 79th St40.7813241-73.9739882
Charmander Nest - City Hall ParkConfirmed2016/10/05New YorkNew York City Hall40.712864-74.006341
Omanyte Nest - Battery Park City EsplanadeConfirmed2016/10/06New YorkBattery Park City Esplanade40.709635-74.018382
Voltorb Nest - Morris StreetConfirmed2016/10/17New York7 Morris Street40.706091-74.013883
Shellder Nest - Eisenhower ParkConfirmed2016/12/27East Meadow1899 Hempstead Turnpike40.733088-73.568836
Electabuzz Nest - Central ParkGone2016/08/07Manhattan1802 65th Street Transverse40.770727-73.975912
Abra Nest - City Hall ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28ManhattanBroadway40.713079-74.006485
Bulbasaur Nest - Saratoga Spa State ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Saratoga Springs24 Gideon Putnam Rd43.05694184749654-73.7989854812622
Dratini Habitat - Roosevelt IslandUnconfirmed2016/07/28ManhattanRoosevelt Island40.7621302-73.9499426
Dratini Habitat - Riverside ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28ManhattanRiverside Park40.7949297-73.9744122
Dratini Habitat - Central ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Manhattan830 5th Avenue40.765686-73.972694
Dratini Habitat - Fort Hamilton Athletic FieldUnconfirmed2016/07/28BrooklynBrooklyn40.626425-74.036989
Gastly Nest - Brooklyn Bridge ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Brooklyn334 Furman St40.700747-73.996312
Hitmonlee Nest - Isham ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28ManhattanIsham Park40.869749-73.919435
Kabuto Habitat - CBSUnconfirmed2016/07/28Manhattan51 W 52nd St40.761207-73.972694
Krabby Nest - Battery Park City EsplanadeUnconfirmed2016/07/28ManhattanBattery Park City Esplanade40.712435-74.016502
Magikarp Nest - Battery Park City EsplanadeUnconfirmed2016/07/28ManhattanBattery Park City Esplanade40.718078-74.016779
Magikarp Nest - Wall Street-Pier 11Unconfirmed2016/07/28ManhattanSouth St40.702884-74.005806
Magikarp Nest - Astoria ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Queens19 19th St
Magmar Nest - Congress ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Saratoga Springs1 E Congress St43.078025933713754-73.78444790840149
Magmar Nest - Victory FieldUnconfirmed2016/07/28QueensForest Park40.701256-73.852625
Magmar Nest - Mullaly ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28BronxJerome Ave40.832842-73.924595
Magnemite Nest - Times SquareUnconfirmed2016/07/28ManhattanTimes Square40.758818-73.985129
Magneton Habitat - The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Manhattan50 Central Park S40.7652944-73.9760468
Mankey Habitat - Central ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Manhattan830 5th Avenue40.767034-73.973421
Ponyta Habitat - Rockefeller CenterUnconfirmed2016/07/28ManhattanRockefeller Center40.758739-73.978647
Rhyhorn Habitat - Central ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Manhattan830 5th Avenue40.768385-73.975225
Rhyhorn Nest - Washington ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28AlbanyWashington Park Rd42.65667108942622-73.7708330154419
Scyther Habitat - Central ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Manhattan307 The Mall40.772053-73.971352
Snorlax Habitat - Central ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28ManhattanBridle Path40.789167-73.959793
Snorlax Habitat - Prospect ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Brooklyn155 Brooklyn-Queens Greenway
Tauros Habitat - Central ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28ManhattanCentral Park40.772170-73.969598
Tentacruel Habitat - Prospect ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28BrooklynProspect Park Lake
Voltorb Nest - Times SquareUnconfirmed2016/07/28ManhattanTimes Square40.758818-73.985129
Diglett Nest - New York Botanical GardenUnconfirmed2016/07/30Bronx2900 Southern Blvd40.8617038-73.8803421
Ekans Nest - Sunset ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/30Brooklyn4200 7th Ave40.647524-74.003379
Nidoran (F) Nest - Scarsdale Train StationUnconfirmed2016/07/30Scarsdale1 Depot Pl40.9888143-73.80978
Nidoran (F) Nest - School of the Holy ChildUnconfirmed2016/07/30Rye2225 Westchester Ave41.0113988-73.7039338
Bellsprout Nest - Riverside ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/31ManhattanRiverside Park40.801388-73.972342
Ponyta Nest - Inwood Hill ParkUnconfirmed2016/08/01ManhattanManhattan40.871542-73.925695
Nest in County Park Rd, Yonkers NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23YonkersCounty Park Rd40.92506919-73.87804091
Nest in 71507 Grand Army Plaza, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23Manhattan71507 Grand Army Plaza40.76522582-73.97324324
Nest in 425 Merrick Ave, Westbury NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23Westbury425 Merrick Ave40.73407184-73.58028889
Nest in 323 Riverside Dr, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23Manhattan323 Riverside Dr40.80170935-73.97154808
Nest in 136-144 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23Brooklyn136-144 Dekalb Ave40.69042744-73.97577704
Nest in Shore Blvd, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23QueensShore Blvd40.77865662-73.92416954
Nest in 22-17C 19th St, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23Queens22-17C 19th St40.78108574-73.91916990
Nest in 60-98 Harbor Island Park, Mamaroneck NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23Mamaroneck60-98 Harbor Island Park40.94470392-73.73248816
Nest in Cherokee Pl, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23ManhattanCherokee Pl40.76924803-73.94966125
Nest in 229-237 Carroll St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23Brooklyn229-237 Carroll St40.68096347-73.99536610
Nest in 701-805 Bay Ridge Pkwy, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23Brooklyn701-805 Bay Ridge Pkwy40.62643774-74.01701646
Nest in 36-0 19th Ave, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23Queens36-0 19th Ave40.78012812-73.90207082
Nest in 99 Quaker Meeting House Rd, Farmingdale NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23Farmingdale99 Quaker Meeting House Rd40.74232522-73.45724909
Nest in 799 67th St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23Brooklyn799 67th St40.63135271-74.01282728
Nest in Holland House Rd, Hempstead NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23HempsteadHolland House Rd40.71350042-73.60045910
Nest in Endo Dr, Garden City NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Garden CityEndo Dr40.73249288-73.58845113
Nest in Goat Island Rd, Niagara Falls NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Niagara FallsGoat Island Rd43.08095675-79.07310963
Nest in 353 E Rd, Garden City NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Garden City353 E Rd40.72947025-73.59392524
Nest in 151 Buffalo Avenue, Niagara Falls NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Niagara Falls151 Buffalo Avenue43.08568965-79.06778812
Nest in Three Sisters Island Footbridge, Niagara Falls NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Niagara FallsThree Sisters Island Footbridge43.07890351-79.06617407
Nest in 2800Y Victory Blvd, Staten Island NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Staten Island2800Y Victory Blvd40.60009554-74.14853448
Nest in Quincy Ave, Lancaster NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24LancasterQuincy Ave42.88885708-78.66017818
Nest in 18-36 Race St, West Seneca NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24West Seneca18-36 Race St42.85413180-78.75313924
Nest in Tiger Mountain Trail, Bronx NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24BronxTiger Mountain Trail40.85058258-73.87696499
Nest in 50 85th St Transverse, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan50 85th St Transverse40.78341729-73.96496594
Nest in 1700 N French Rd, Getzville NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Getzville1700 N French Rd43.03533294-78.76248837
Nest in 42-01 Greenpoint Ave, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Queens42-01 Greenpoint Ave40.74114433-73.92238855
Nest in 56-68 79th St Transverse, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan56-68 79th St Transverse40.77753546-73.96914482
Nest in 1 Liberty Island - Ellis Island, Jersey City NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Jersey City1 Liberty Island - Ellis Island40.69843779-74.04225111
Nest in Old Fulton St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24BrooklynOld Fulton St40.70326498-73.99604036
Nest in Stan Michels Promenade, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24ManhattanStan Michels Promenade40.86126169-73.93393278
Nest in 6672 Margaret Corbin Dr, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan6672 Margaret Corbin Dr40.86020683-73.93258095
Nest in 435 Riverside Dr, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan435 Riverside Dr40.80908729-73.96615148
Nest in 613 1st Avenue, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan613 1st Avenue40.74515987-73.97375822
Nest in 120-224 Tifft St, Buffalo NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Buffalo120-224 Tifft St42.84159980-78.84984778
Nest in 7217 Bay Pkwy, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Brooklyn7217 Bay Pkwy40.60815338-73.98628950
Nest in 546 Woodside Ave, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Queens546 Woodside Ave40.74641570-73.90893459
Nest in 25-40 Shore Blvd, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Queens25-40 Shore Blvd40.77769795-73.92603636
Nest in 101 W Fordham Rd, Bronx NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Bronx101 W Fordham Rd40.86326384-73.90632618
Nest in 81-38-81-42 193rd St, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Queens81-38-81-42 193rd St40.72758399-73.77508163
Nest in 2 Madison Ave, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan2 Madison Ave40.74227996-73.98782085
Nest in 80-00 Utopia Pkwy, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Queens80-00 Utopia Pkwy40.72114430-73.79437208
Nest in 521-551 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Brooklyn521-551 Manhattan Ave40.72135571-73.94979000
Nest in 11-17 West Dr, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Brooklyn11-17 West Dr40.67023907-73.97090435
Nest in 153 East Dr, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Brooklyn153 East Dr40.65934202-73.96412373
Nest in 40 West Dr, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Brooklyn40 West Dr40.66774894-73.97232056
Nest in 167-199 East Dr, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Brooklyn167-199 East Dr40.65804515-73.96307331
Nest in 50-54 East Dr, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Brooklyn50-54 East Dr40.66504719-73.96661496
Nest in 44 West Dr, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Brooklyn44 West Dr40.66584466-73.97300720
Nest in 32-34 West Dr, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Brooklyn32-34 West Dr40.66680494-73.97227764
Nest in Niagara Scenic Pkwy, Niagara Falls NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Niagara FallsNiagara Scenic Pkwy43.12027807-79.06605919
Nest in 142 Laurel Hill Terrace, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan142 Laurel Hill Terrace40.85253329-73.92728391
Nest in 301 Fort Washington Ave, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan301 Fort Washington Ave40.84626093-73.94131422
Nest in NY-9A, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24ManhattanNY-9A40.77533580-73.99119720
Nest in 833-841 NY-18F, Lewiston NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Lewiston833-841 NY-18F43.17215731-79.03376698
Nest in 155 W Rd, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan155 W Rd40.75916766-73.95309448
Nest in 437 Buffalo Rd, East Aurora NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24East Aurora437 Buffalo Rd42.77448736-78.64459991
Nest in 41 W 40th St, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan41 W 40th St40.75362384-73.98387264
Nest in 101 Witmer Rd, North Tonawanda NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24North Tonawanda101 Witmer Rd43.05538466-78.90111261
Nest in Bridge Trail, Bronx NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24BronxBridge Trail40.86209338-73.87719870
Nest in US-1, Bronx NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24BronxUS-140.85634431-73.87687683
Nest in 22 East Dr, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan22 East Dr40.76598965-73.97325397
Nest in 61 Chelsea Piers, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan61 Chelsea Piers40.74745204-74.00948524
Nest in 52-01 39th Dr, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Queens52-01 39th Dr40.74749268-73.91097307
Nest in 1-99 Park Pl, Depew NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Depew1-99 Park Pl42.90430939-78.69215012
Nest in 2 W 58th St, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan2 W 58th St40.76396223-73.97380114
Nest in 192-196 Klein Rd, Buffalo NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Buffalo192-196 Klein Rd42.99971965-78.72725487
Nest in 52-05 39th Rd, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Queens52-05 39th Rd40.74762070-73.91137540
Nest in Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24BrooklynBrooklyn Bridge Park Greenway40.70155233-73.99799918
Nest in 1 Liberty Island - Ellis Island, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan1 Liberty Island - Ellis Island40.68946732-74.04474556
Nest in 1 Museum Ct, Buffalo NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Buffalo1 Museum Ct42.93491961-78.87621687
Nest in Meadow Dr, Buffalo NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24BuffaloMeadow Dr42.93427550-78.86333942
Nest in 2730 Dewey Ave, Bronx NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Bronx2730 Dewey Ave40.82003836-73.82592898
Nest in E 162nd St, Bronx NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24BronxE 162nd St40.82782764-73.92304217
Nest in 480 Prospect Ave, East Aurora NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24East Aurora480 Prospect Ave42.76368148-78.61661911
Nest in 2 Cummings Dr, Clarence NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Clarence2 Cummings Dr42.97827898-78.60069752
Nest in Mackay Pl, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24BrooklynMackay Pl40.63730649-74.03635025
Nest in 1505 Teller Ave, Bronx NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Bronx1505 Teller Ave40.84087574-73.90726089
Nest in 5-9 Union Square E, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan5-9 Union Square E40.73533193-73.99072051
Nest in 203-211 Lake Ave, Blasdell NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Blasdell203-211 Lake Ave42.79769942-78.83271933
Nest in Hotaling Dr, Buffalo NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24BuffaloHotaling Dr42.95667560-78.90940218
Nest in 505 Schenck St, North Tonawanda NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24North Tonawanda505 Schenck St43.03155295-78.86333942
Nest in 157 E Rd, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan157 E Rd40.75154847-73.95944595
Nest in Center Blvd, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24QueensCenter Blvd40.74201412-73.96047592
Nest in 4720 Center Blvd, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Queens4720 Center Blvd40.74650917-73.95787954
Nest in 1-53 Morningside Dr, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan1-53 Morningside Dr40.80331738-73.95953178
Nest in 28 Hertel Ave, Buffalo NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Buffalo28 Hertel Ave42.93988958-78.90854001
Nest in 79 West End Ave, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan79 West End Ave40.77478123-73.98895025
Nest in 1641 N French Rd, Getzville NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Getzville1641 N French Rd43.03382724-78.76360416
Nest in 14-36 Chauncey St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Brooklyn14-36 Chauncey St40.67977117-73.93372000
Nest in Park Rd, Tonawanda NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24TonawandaPark Rd43.02071359-78.83119583
Nest in 1788 Fuhrmann Boulevard, Buffalo NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Buffalo1788 Fuhrmann Boulevard42.83500316-78.84973526
Nest in 450 S 4th St, Lewiston NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Lewiston450 S 4th St43.16612428-79.04525757
Nest in Westwood Park, Lancaster NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24LancasterWestwood Park42.90394788-78.61360645
Nest in 1800 Hoyt Ave N, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Queens1800 Hoyt Ave N40.77139311-73.91734600
Nest in 155-0-155-98 Foch Blvd, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Queens155-0-155-98 Foch Blvd40.68177709-73.78671169
Nest in Margaret Louise Park Path, Buffalo NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24BuffaloMargaret Louise Park Path43.01415964-78.73951256
Nest in 33-16 78th St, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Queens33-16 78th St40.75412487-73.88931155
Nest in 500 Main St, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan500 Main St40.76031554-73.95093127
Nest in 613 Grand Concourse, Bronx NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Bronx613 Grand Concourse40.82314656-73.92541409
Nest in 104-120 68th St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Brooklyn104-120 68th St40.63878823-74.03124332
Nest in 175 Brompton Rd, Tonawanda NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tonawanda175 Brompton Rd43.00202397-78.84110916
Nest in 25-71 Baxter St, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan25-71 Baxter St40.71477717-74.00007455
Nest in 157 Rockaway Beach Blvd, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Queens157 Rockaway Beach Blvd40.56676344-73.87247801
Nest in 254-53 Horace Harding Expy, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Queens254-53 Horace Harding Expy40.76501455-73.72580409
Nest in 22 I U Willets Rd, Albertson NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Albertson22 I U Willets Rd40.77027183-73.64827752
Nest in 546 Ensminger Rd, Tonawanda NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tonawanda546 Ensminger Rd42.98681847-78.90110493
Nest in 78-08 Broadway, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Queens78-08 Broadway40.74428200-73.88672590
Nest in 205 Buffalo St, Staten Island NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Staten Island205 Buffalo St40.54480335-74.12516993
Nest in Hudson River Greenway, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24ManhattanHudson River Greenway40.79129681-73.97998095
Nest in 33-1-33-99 137th St, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Queens33-1-33-99 137th St40.76669660-73.82971287
Nest in 9551 Buffalo Ave, Niagara Falls NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Niagara Falls9551 Buffalo Ave43.07521908-78.95113255
Nest in 186 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Brooklyn186 Eastern Pkwy40.67063781-73.96558285
Nest in 994-996 Mary Pinkett Avenue, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Brooklyn994-996 Mary Pinkett Avenue40.66877226-73.96261632
Nest in 11-93 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn11-93 Bedford Ave40.72077026-73.95360947
Nest in 338-390 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn338-390 Driggs Ave40.72155493-73.95099431
Nest in 195-221 N 12th St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn195-221 N 12th St40.72054258-73.95356655
Nest in 8770 14th Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn8770 14th Ave40.60946473-74.01664440
Nest in 701 Bay 32nd St, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Queens701 Bay 32nd St40.59870409-73.76796177
Nest in 8059 Mac Kenzie Street Loop, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn8059 Mac Kenzie Street Loop40.57779886-73.94004300
Nest in 83-0-83-98 Manton St, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Queens83-0-83-98 Manton St40.71116008-73.82086548
Nest in 750 Monroe St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn750 Monroe St40.68785531-73.92568402
Nest in 3045 Avenue X, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn3045 Avenue X40.59453338-73.93599808
Nest in 92 Nelson Ave, Staten Island NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Staten Island92 Nelson Ave40.54719208-74.15003836
Nest in 256-262 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn256-262 Tompkins Ave40.68961172-73.94564867
Nest in Chapel Road, Staten Island NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Staten IslandChapel Road40.64334317-74.10142064
Nest in 64 Irving Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn64 Irving Ave40.70299273-73.92382622
Nest in 302 Hillside Avenue, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Queens302 Hillside Avenue40.71180264-73.78875067
Nest in 373-399 E 59th St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn373-399 E 59th St40.64474207-73.92077167
Nest in Power Plant Three Service Dr, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20QueensPower Plant Three Service Dr40.56177537-73.89507294
Nest in 100 Washington Park, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn100 Washington Park40.69097028-73.97614002
Nest in King Rd, Wantagh NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20WantaghKing Rd40.64241919-73.51342678
Nest in 408-416 Water St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn408-416 Water St40.71013359-73.99528027
Nest in 1 Grand St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn1 Grand St40.71655808-73.96696687
Nest in 660-690 Victory Blvd, Staten Island NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Staten Island660-690 Victory Blvd40.62686413-74.09293413
Nest in 164-56 98th St, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Queens164-56 98th St40.64912697-73.83344650
Nest in 2400-2498 Avenue X, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn2400-2498 Avenue X40.59298955-73.94565403
Nest in Boardwalk, Wantagh NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20WantaghBoardwalk40.59363257-73.52121484
Nest in 45-93 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn45-93 Bedford Ave40.72194116-73.95215034
Nest in 203 Grand Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn203 Grand Ave40.69119806-73.96317959
Nest in 401-421 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn401-421 Driggs Ave40.71986360-73.95296574
Nest in Highland Blvd, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20BrooklynHighland Blvd40.68608910-73.88777733
Nest in E River Bikeway, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20ManhattanE River Bikeway40.71663219-73.97494112
Nest in 43 Park Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn43 Park Ave40.69716886-73.97892952
Nest in 195 Brooklyn Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn195 Brooklyn Ave40.67351028-73.94374967
Nest in 87 Ann Dr S, Freeport NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Freeport87 Ann Dr S40.63763215-73.57121229
Nest in 4200 7th Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn4200 7th Ave40.64861414-74.00443196
Nest in Forest Hill Rd, Staten Island NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Staten IslandForest Hill Rd40.57527166-74.16119099
Nest in 9061-9099 Bay Pkwy, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn9061-9099 Bay Pkwy40.59425231-74.00142789
Nest in 59 Broadway, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Manhattan59 Broadway40.70666898-74.01266098
Nest in 1404-1420 Cropsey Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn1404-1420 Cropsey Ave40.60686644-74.01618004
Nest in 229 Chrystie St, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Manhattan229 Chrystie St40.72317913-73.99103433
Nest in 119 Troy Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn119 Troy Ave40.67427516-73.93461943
Nest in Liberty St, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20ManhattanLiberty St40.71190242-74.01646972
Nest in 212 Steuben St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn212 Steuben St40.69086249-73.96300793
Nest in 200 Merrick Ave, East Meadow NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20East Meadow200 Merrick Ave40.72621944-73.57492752
Nest in Lakeside Dr, West Hempstead NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20West HempsteadLakeside Dr40.68150046-73.64513397
Nest in 1501-1599 NY-27, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn1501-1599 NY-2740.65074683-73.96582961
Nest in 339-391 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn339-391 Driggs Ave40.72042061-73.95223618
Nest in 235 N 12th St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn235 N 12th St40.71984327-73.95206451
Nest in 1 Davis Ave, Garden City NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Garden City1 Davis Ave40.72917061-73.59646222
Nest in 286 Lorimer St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn286 Lorimer St40.70614033-73.94726872
Nest in 2 Eton Pl, Staten Island NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Staten Island2 Eton Pl40.60411329-74.15863752
Nest in 71-107 Noll St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn71-107 Noll St40.70117892-73.93307447
Nest in Lower Manhattan, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20ManhattanLower Manhattan40.70315540-74.01699543
Nest in Juniper Blvd N, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20QueensJuniper Blvd N40.72104672-73.87713432
Nest in 95 Prospect Park W, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn95 Prospect Park W40.66158017-73.97124767
Nest in 1001-1061 NY-27, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn1001-1061 NY-2740.64863815-73.97080078
Nest in 38-60 Arthur Kill Rd, Staten Island NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Staten Island38-60 Arthur Kill Rd40.57190599-74.14700747
Nest in 185-215 Buffalo St, Staten Island NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Staten Island185-215 Buffalo St40.53603849-74.13193882
Nest in 455 New Dorp Ln, Staten Island NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Staten Island455 New Dorp Ln40.56650264-74.09746170
Nest in 83-98 Forest Pkwy, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Queens83-98 Forest Pkwy40.69977177-73.86262894
Nest in 77 Plymouth St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn77 Plymouth St40.70421681-73.99013042
Nest in 83-1 Woodhaven Blvd, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Queens83-1 Woodhaven Blvd40.70076527-73.85484873
Nest in 1264-1280 Fr Capodanno Blvd, Staten Island NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Staten Island1264-1280 Fr Capodanno Blvd40.56674714-74.09295559
Nest in Forest Park Dr, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20QueensForest Park Dr40.70400128-73.84546280
Nest in 872-888 Halsey St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn872-888 Halsey St40.68510875-73.91819358
Nest in 842 Halsey St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn842 Halsey St40.68504367-73.91912699
Nest in Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20BrooklynGrand Army Plaza40.67388865-73.97007823
Nest in 1 Elk St, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Manhattan1 Elk St40.71288237-74.00534391
Nest in 80-39 Shore Pkwy, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Queens80-39 Shore Pkwy40.66200338-73.85215759
Nest in 3301 Avenue U, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn3301 Avenue U40.60401410-73.92930483
Nest in 2671-2677 Gerritsen Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn2671-2677 Gerritsen Ave40.59404050-73.92577887
Nest in 1110-1152 E 39th St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn1110-1152 E 39th St40.62958785-73.93893242
Nest in 22-26 Essex St, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Manhattan22-26 Essex St40.71545213-73.98957253
Nest in 608 Grant Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn608 Grant Ave40.67562590-73.86513948
Nest in 1401-1473 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn1401-1473 Emmons Ave40.58294360-73.95355046
Nest in 81-45 170th St, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Queens81-45 170th St40.72281933-73.79677534
Nest in 348-384 Louisiana Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn348-384 Louisiana Ave40.65154871-73.89119829
Nest in 300-346 Louisiana Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn300-346 Louisiana Ave40.65449109-73.89357090
Nest in 3159 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn3159 Flatbush Ave40.58985006-73.89923270
Nest in 474 N Corona Ave, Valley Stream NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Valley Stream474 N Corona Ave40.67816794-73.69386495
Nest in Battery Park City Esplanade, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20ManhattanBattery Park City Esplanade40.71570626-74.01704371
Nest in 100 Fillmore Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn100 Fillmore Ave40.60673612-73.93740892
Nest in 2044 Stuart St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn2044 Stuart St40.60567562-73.93552666
Nest in UWS, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20ManhattanUWS40.78676417-73.98231983
Nest in 144 Avenue A, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Manhattan144 Avenue A40.72625057-73.98180485
Nest in 2927-2961 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn2927-2961 Bedford Ave40.63102092-73.95184994
Nest in Calvert Vaux Park Greenway, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20BrooklynCalvert Vaux Park Greenway40.58565503-73.99286242
Nest in 110 Russell St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/11/05Brooklyn110 Russell St40.72477077-73.94343853

Habitats in New York

HabitatStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitude
Dratini Habitat - Intrepid Sea, Air & Space MuseumConfirmed2017/03/01New YorkHudson River Greenway40.76445385-73.99940014
Dratini Habitat - Sheephead BayConfirmed2017/03/01Brooklyn198 Shore Blvd40.58200569-73.95331477
Gliger Habitat - Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of NYPLConfirmed2017/03/03Manhattan466 5th Ave40.75263756-73.98152590
Dodrio Habitat - Central ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28ManhattanEast Drive40.766555-73.972670
Dratini Habitat - Central ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Manhattan830 5th Avenue40.765686-73.972694
Dratini Habitat - Fort Hamilton Athletic FieldUnconfirmed2016/07/28BrooklynBrooklyn40.626425-74.036989
Dratini Habitat - Riverside ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28ManhattanRiverside Park40.7949297-73.9744122
Dratini Habitat - Roosevelt IslandUnconfirmed2016/07/28ManhattanRoosevelt Island40.7621302-73.9499426
Jigglypuff Habitat - Prospect ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28BrooklynProspect Park
Kabuto Habitat - CBSUnconfirmed2016/07/28Manhattan51 W 52nd St40.761207-73.972694
Magneton Habitat - The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Manhattan50 Central Park S40.7652944-73.9760468
Mankey Habitat - Central ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Manhattan830 5th Avenue40.767034-73.973421
Ponyta Habitat - Rockefeller CenterUnconfirmed2016/07/28ManhattanRockefeller Center40.758739-73.978647
Rhyhorn Habitat - Central ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Manhattan830 5th Avenue40.768385-73.975225
Scyther Habitat - Central ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Manhattan307 The Mall40.772053-73.971352
Snorlax Habitat - Central ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28ManhattanBridle Path40.789167-73.959793
Snorlax Habitat - Prospect ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Brooklyn155 Brooklyn-Queens Greenway
Tauros Habitat - Central ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28ManhattanCentral Park40.772170-73.969598
Tentacruel Habitat - Prospect ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28BrooklynProspect Park Lake
Habitat in 2402 Bronx Park E, Bronx NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23Bronx2402 Bronx Park E40.86151728-73.87061119
Habitat in Railroad Ave, Uniondale NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23UniondaleRailroad Ave40.72514479-73.59784126
Habitat in Upper Manhattan, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23ManhattanUpper Manhattan40.80988615-73.96174729
Habitat in 2927-2961 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23Brooklyn2927-2961 Bedford Ave40.63102092-73.95184994
Habitat in 357-373 Main St, Port Washington NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23Port Washington357-373 Main St40.83153076-73.70234549
Habitat in 54 Greenwich St, Hempstead NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23Hempstead54 Greenwich St40.70448928-73.61989975
Habitat in 211 Harlem Rd, Buffalo NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Buffalo211 Harlem Rd42.84817214-78.78763676
Habitat in Downtown, Buffalo NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24BuffaloDowntown42.88609004-78.87823105
Habitat in 228-252 Terrace Blvd, Depew NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Depew228-252 Terrace Blvd42.90411292-78.70494962
Habitat in 81 McClellan Cir, Buffalo NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Buffalo81 McClellan Cir42.84422331-78.81468415
Habitat in Battery Park Underpass, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24ManhattanBattery Park Underpass40.70192452-74.01574729
Habitat in 8019 Mill Rd, Gasport NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Gasport8019 Mill Rd43.18465184-78.58297348
Habitat in 600-616 E 188th St, Bronx NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Bronx600-616 E 188th St40.85604812-73.88665080
Habitat in 3215-3219 Grand Ave, Baldwin NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Baldwin3215-3219 Grand Ave40.62654249-73.60769033
Habitat in 3723 Seneca St, Buffalo NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Buffalo3723 Seneca St42.82794630-78.76425935
Habitat in 150-05 Jamaica Ave, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Queens150-05 Jamaica Ave40.70383454-73.80401194
Habitat in 61-79 West Dr, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Brooklyn61-79 West Dr40.66260563-73.97420883
Habitat in 276 Rivermist Dr, Buffalo NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Buffalo276 Rivermist Dr42.88256030-78.88934612
Habitat in 1905-2107 Emery Rd, South Wales NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24South Wales1905-2107 Emery Rd42.71388083-78.59589100
Habitat in 2000 Colvin Blvd, Tonawanda NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tonawanda2000 Colvin Blvd42.99240439-78.85478320
Habitat in 19-55 37th St, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Queens19-55 37th St40.77750703-73.90240073
Habitat in 1186 Clove Rd, Staten Island NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Staten Island1186 Clove Rd40.61666447-74.10510063
Habitat in 3120 D A R Dr, Buffalo NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Buffalo3120 D A R Dr42.89243166-78.89452279
Habitat in UWS, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24ManhattanUWS40.78114667-73.97395134
Habitat in 1-393 Muegel Rd, East Amherst NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24East Amherst1-393 Muegel Rd43.01488961-78.70694282
Habitat in 2839 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Brooklyn2839 Flatbush Ave40.60379561-73.91558647
Habitat in 780 Lorimer St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Brooklyn780 Lorimer St40.72009332-73.95168096
Habitat in 48 St Nicholas Terrace, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan48 St Nicholas Terrace40.81744688-73.94872785
Habitat in Yates Park Access Rd, Orchard Park NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orchard ParkYates Park Access Rd42.75826996-78.75211358
Habitat in 8 Robert Rich Way, Buffalo NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Buffalo8 Robert Rich Way42.91521445-78.90306830
Habitat in 4 Catherine Slip, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Manhattan4 Catherine Slip40.71103630-73.99724364
Habitat in Park Dr, Buffalo NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24BuffaloPark Dr42.82880317-78.83244038
Habitat in 425 Mang Ave, Buffalo NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Buffalo425 Mang Ave42.96227993-78.88536572
Habitat in 35-71 Marine Dr, Buffalo NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Buffalo35-71 Marine Dr42.87807512-78.88114929
Habitat in 183 Hudson River Greenway, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Manhattan183 Hudson River Greenway40.76094738-74.00264561
Habitat in Hudson River Greenway, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20ManhattanHudson River Greenway40.76445385-73.99940014
Habitat in Broome St, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20ManhattanBroome St40.71894881-73.99300575
Habitat in 171-191 Macon St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn171-191 Macon St40.68183811-73.94439340
Habitat in 28-32 South St, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Manhattan28-32 South St40.70234285-74.00986290
Habitat in Battery Park City Esplanade, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20ManhattanBattery Park City Esplanade40.71337844-74.01624441
Habitat in 8302 Colonial Rd, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brooklyn8302 Colonial Rd40.62642602-74.03671675
Habitat in 2100-2114 Valentines Rd, Westbury NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Westbury2100-2114 Valentines Rd40.74442019-73.57036471
Habitat in 159-15 88th St, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Queens159-15 88th St40.65788719-73.84373546
Habitat in 500 W 138th St, Manhattan NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Manhattan500 W 138th St40.82105186-73.95227909
Habitat in 138-02 Springfield Blvd, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Queens138-02 Springfield Blvd40.67477966-73.75647783
Habitat in 112-40 Queens Blvd, Queens NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Queens112-40 Queens Blvd40.72321470-73.85012180

Trainer Spots in New York

See also: Trainer Spots in New York
Trainer SpotStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitudeNumber of PokeStopsNumber of GymsCommon Pokemon
Argyle Park in Long Island, New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08Long IslandNY-27A40.6952688-73.3284696???????????
Bombers Burrito Bar in Schenectady New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08SchenectadyBombers Burrito Bar42.8142432-73.9395687???????????
Burchfield in Buffalo New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08Buffalo2001 Union Rd42.8543221-78.7541829???????????
Canal side in Buffalo New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08BuffaloLLoyd St42.8776262-78.8798403???????????
Cazenovia Park in Buffalo New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08BuffaloCazenovia Park42.8552789-78.807115???????????
Eisenhower Park in East Meadow New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08East Meadow1899 Hempstead Turnpike40.7329515-73.5688382???????????
Flushing Meadows Park, Flushing, Queens in New York City New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08New York CityFlushing Meadows Park
Gantry Park, Long Island City, Queens in New York City New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08New York City50-01 2nd St40.7432573-73.957905???????????
Grand Army Plaza in Central Park in New York City New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08New York CityGrand Army Plaza40.7649516-73.9733867???????????
Jones beach board walk in Wantagh New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08WantaghJones beach board walk40.6837121-73.5101258???????????
Museum of Natural History in New York City New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08New York CityCentral Park West40.7813241-73.9739882???????????
Nautical Mile in Freeport New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08FreeportNautical Mile40.6576022-73.5831835???????????
Niawanda Park Riverwalk in Buffalo New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08BuffaloRiverwalk42.9500902-78.9094349???????????
Northport Harbor in Northport New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08NorthportNorthport Harbor40.8998753-73.3621468???????????
Peanut Park in Watertown New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08WatertownPeanut Park43.9747838-75.9107565???????????
The Stockade in Schenectady New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08SchenectadyThe Stockade42.8142432-73.9395687???????????
Thornden Park Rose Garden in Syracuse New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08SyracuseRose Ave43.0366613-76.1448597???????????
UB North in Buffalo New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08BuffaloUB North42.8945069-78.8683123???????????
Union Square Park in New York City New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08New York City201 Park Ave S40.735654-73.990382???????????
Untermyer Garden in Yonkers New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08Yonkers945 N Broadway40.9659926-73.8859748???????????
Village of Port Jefferson in Long Island New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08Long IslandLIRR40.832751-72.992469715-205 (Downtown)
1 (Train Station)
Mt. Moon: Eevee
Nidoran M/F
Wobbuffet; Water: Dratini
Krabby; Common: Swinub
Water Street Market in New Paltz New YorkConfirmed2016/08/08New PaltzWater St Market41.7464917-74.0892005???????????

Gyms in New York

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- Buffalo, NY42.881482-78.854289234 Jefferson AveBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
230 Park Avenue - Manhattan, NY40.754613-73.975874228-230 Park Ave ViaductManhattanNew YorkUnited States
3 Mill Stone Park - Rochester, NY43.148487-77.606013366 South AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
40th Waterfall - Manhattan, NY40.748582-73.973849250 E 40th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
A Dream Rises - Rochester, NY43.175246-77.60731604 Joseph AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
AME ZION Metropolitan Church - Yonkers, NY40.957644-73.86667347 Belknap AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Abe Wolfson Triangle - Queens, NY40.72815-73.81512153-47 72nd RdQueensNew YorkUnited States
Abraham Lincoln Statue - Syracuse, NY43.038407-76.135785Crouse DrSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Adam's Mark Fountain - Buffalo, NY42.883484-78.880456120 Church StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
African-American Cultural Center - Buffalo, NY42.911909-78.859779350 Masten AveBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Al P Richter Memorial Park - Yonkers, NY40.972141-73.8709871376 Nepperhan AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Alexander Smith Family Plot - Yonkers, NY40.939051-73.878832 Saw Mill River RdYonkersNew YorkUnited States
All Saints Parish - Syracuse, NY43.027299-76.1221831340 Lancaster AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Always in our Hearts Mural - Brooklyn, NY40.682549-73.944005428 Tompkins AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
American Legion Hillcrest Post 1078 - Queens, NY40.721276-73.805425Union TpkeQueensNew YorkUnited States
American Legion WW 2 Memorial - Staten Island, NY40.62593-74.1776672653 Goethals Rd NStaten IslandNew YorkUnited States
Amphitheater Sculptures - Queens, NY40.737512-73.81682164-42 Kissena BlvdQueensNew YorkUnited States
Amur Tiger Statue - Syracuse, NY43.040203-76.180123410 Grant AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Andrews Tome Cross Monument - Syracuse, NY43.0297-76.135614940 Comstock AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Angels Box - Buffalo, NY42.90481-78.877301239-251 Summer StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Antioch Missionary Church - Queens, NY40.754631-73.8046545-69 162nd StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Argonaut Diner - Yonkers, NY40.913393-73.8569591082 Yonkers AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Ark of the Covenant - Rochester, NY43.168105-77.63032960 Lorimer StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Armenian Church of The Holy Martyrs - Queens, NY40.746276-73.76770720915 Horace Harding ExpyQueensNew YorkUnited States
Artistic Fence - Rochester, NY43.157714-77.590283470-530 University AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Asbury Hall at Babeville - Buffalo, NY42.893754-78.875544341 Delaware AveBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Assemblee De Apostolique - Brooklyn, NY40.651088-73.941623808 Church AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Atlas - Manhattan, NY40.758924-73.977158630 5th AveManhattanNew YorkUnited States
B&H - Manhattan, NY40.753222-73.996248420 9th AveManhattanNew YorkUnited States
BKNY Thai Restaurant Art Mural - Queens, NY40.753102-73.77986447-0-47-30 Weeks LnQueensNew YorkUnited States
Balto - Manhattan, NY40.769874-73.97101East DrManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Bed-Vyne Brew - Brooklyn, NY40.684795-73.944348370 Tompkins AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Before I Die Mural - Syracuse, NY43.045843-76.1711311101-1115 W Fayette StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Beit Eliyahu Fresh Meadows Synagogue - Queens, NY40.729024-73.79814771-52 172nd StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Bellegrove Missionary Baptist Church - Syracuse, NY43.03218-76.151368201-245 Doctor M.L.K. WSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Bellevue Memories Pillar - Syracuse, NY43.030327-76.172099500-530 Stolp AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Bethany African American Methodist Episcopal Church - Yonkers, NY40.923728-73.89682923 Ludlow StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Bethany Baptist Church - Brooklyn, NY40.681087-73.93783460 Marcus Garvey BlvdBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Bethany Chapel - Yonkers, NY40.956929-73.88577757 Greenvale AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Betsy Head Memorial Playground - Brooklyn, NY40.66422-73.911392244-298 Bristol StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Betty's - Buffalo, NY42.896755-78.878449370 Virginia StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Beulah Church of Nazarene - Brooklyn, NY40.670785-73.9367511254 St Johns PlBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Big Face - Brooklyn, NY40.653513-73.9592018 Lenox RdBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Big Flower Bench - Rochester, NY43.147118-77.594521458 Monroe AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Biker - Manhattan, NY40.761485-73.990204360 W 47th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Blessing Christian Mission Church - Queens, NY40.756496-73.80442543-75 162nd StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Blue Bay Diner - Queens, NY40.743965-73.7762335938-5980 Francis Lewis BlvdQueensNew YorkUnited States
Boy Portrait Box - Rochester, NY43.150297-77.63722924 W Main StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Breukelen Coffee House - Brooklyn, NY40.672254-73.957545764A Franklin AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Brick Gazebo - Buffalo, NY42.880507-78.880522110 Erie StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Brick Presbyterian Church - Rochester, NY43.157853-77.616304121 Fitzhugh St NRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Bright Idea - Rochester, NY43.143485-77.60005704 S Clinton AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Broadway Post Office - Buffalo, NY42.89311-78.83638224-298 Clark StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Bronxville Downtown Circle Fountain - Bronxville, NY40.941784-73.83605665-89 Palmer AveBronxvilleNew YorkUnited States
Bronxville Public Library - Bronxville, NY40.935829-73.830804201 Pondfield RdBronxvilleNew YorkUnited States
Bronxville Veterans Memorial - Bronxville, NY40.941293-73.835528132-144 Parkway RdBronxvilleNew YorkUnited States
Bronxville Village Hall - Bronxville, NY40.935582-73.831354200 Pondfield RdBronxvilleNew YorkUnited States
Brookdale Hospital Sculpture - Brooklyn, NY40.655747-73.912944521-575 E 98th StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Brooklyn Children's Museum - Brooklyn, NY40.674744-73.944274145 Brooklyn AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Brown Memorial United Methodist Church - Syracuse, NY43.039212-76.172511811 S Geddes StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Brownsville Post Office - Brooklyn, NY40.667222-73.911944175 Bristol StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Buddha Temple Kissena Boulevard - Queens, NY40.749686-73.81831246-38 Kissena BlvdQueensNew YorkUnited States
Buffalo Balls - Buffalo, NY42.887368-78.87957568 S Elmwood AveBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Buffalo Harbor Lighthouse - Buffalo, NY42.877817-78.889429Coast Guard Station S RdBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Buffalo Niagara Convention Center - Buffalo, NY42.887011-78.876212153 Franklin StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Buffalo Post Office - Buffalo, NY42.88639-78.82220955 Msgr Valente DrBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Buffalo Sculpture - Buffalo, NY42.917603-78.8683311237-1243 NY-384BuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Build a Bear Workshop - Manhattan, NY40.756056-73.9787961-29 E 46th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Bunch O Bagels - Brooklyn, NY40.666022-73.936851353 Troy AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Burt Flickinger Athletic Center - ECC - Buffalo, NY42.881289-78.8717590-98 NY-16BuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Butterfly Garden - Rochester, NY43.151641-77.602001Central Business DistrictRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Bway & Hedges Youth For Christ Ministries Inc - Brooklyn, NY40.652499-73.930614848 Utica AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
CPZ Eagles - Manhattan, NY40.767286-73.971443Park RdManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Cabaret Theatre Mural - Rochester, NY43.159029-77.59981616 Windsor StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Camellia Meats Cattle Statue - Buffalo, NY42.905754-78.8306531313 Genesee StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Carrier Dome Train Station - Syracuse, NY43.035621-76.141875100-198 Fineview PlSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Cartier Building - Manhattan, NY40.759593-73.976247653 5th AveManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Carved Marble Pieces - Buffalo, NY42.870854-78.883385175 Fuhrmann BoulevardBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception - Syracuse, NY43.046773-76.149493259 E Onondaga StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Church - Buffalo, NY42.911067-78.843018874 Humboldt PkwyBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Centennial Hall - Syracuse, NY43.033789-76.140253144-46 StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Central Baptist Church - Syracuse, NY43.020242-76.149711926 Midland AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Central Synagogue - Manhattan, NY40.759481-73.970341652 Lexington AveManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Chabad Lubavitch of Queens - Queens, NY40.721278-73.8188277-49 Main StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Chapel Hill Horse - Rochester, NY43.155994-77.5912798 Prince StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Chase Tower - Rochester, NY43.156143-77.6060691 S Clinton AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Cheerios Sculptures - Buffalo, NY42.87081-78.8748966 S Michigan AveBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Chinese Temple - Queens, NY40.7535-73.81696345-34-45-36 Smart StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Chris Postiglione Triangle - Queens, NY40.738098-73.795427179-29-179-67 64th AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Christ Ambassador Pentecostal Church of God - Brooklyn, NY40.660433-73.9209491128 Clarkson AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Christoforo Columbo - Syracuse, NY43.046857-76.149236280 E Jefferson StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Christopher Columbus - Buffalo, NY42.901197-78.892909242-258 Porter AveBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Chrysler Building - Manhattan, NY40.751756-73.975672395-407 Lexington AveManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Chubby - Rochester, NY43.154833-77.581711779 University AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Church of God - Manhattan, NY40.72381-73.980276630 E 6th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Church of God of Prophecy Church - Brooklyn, NY40.659834-73.945044465 Rutland RdBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Church of the Assumption - Syracuse, NY43.062519-76.154535832-882 US-11SyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Church of the Immaculate Conception - Tuckahoe, NY40.947275-73.82139841-69 Winter Hill RdTuckahoeNew YorkUnited States
Church of the Redeemer - Queens, NY40.736896-73.810726157-16 65th AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Circular Metal Sculpture - Syracuse, NY43.026727-76.1278951027-1075 Comstock AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
City Decor - Rochester, NY43.197322-77.633238177 W Ridge RdRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Clinic Entrance - Manhattan, NY40.750117-73.99663330 W 30th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Clock Tower - Rochester, NY43.191363-77.589792Rochester General Hospital DrRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Cochran Park - Yonkers, NY40.933686-73.88793195 Oliver AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Cock's Bajan Restaurant - Brooklyn, NY40.671172-73.950498804 Nostrand AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Coffee Art - Syracuse, NY43.0472-76.164717101 Oswego StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Colored Musicians Club - Buffalo, NY42.886643-78.867872145 BroadwayBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Colorful Geometric Patterned Mural - Queens, NY40.718703-73.80599160-20 Goethals AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Columbus Circle - Manhattan, NY40.768082-73.981893848 Columbus CirManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Columbus Circle Globe - Manhattan, NY40.768773-73.9817381836 BroadwayManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Columbus Park - Yonkers, NY40.928886-73.89254971-77 Park Hill AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Commerce Moves Swifter than Culture - Rochester, NY43.144931-77.60993928 Hamilton StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Community Center of Gujarati Samaj - Queens, NY40.738813-73.795714173-19-173-99 Horace Harding ExpyQueensNew YorkUnited States
Community Grassroots Bikes - Rochester, NY43.167913-77.601677226 Hudson AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Community Memorial Baptist Church - Yonkers, NY40.931112-73.893405130 Waverly StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Congregation Bet-El Sephardic Center - Queens, NY40.727207-73.788041180-01 Union TpkeQueensNew YorkUnited States
Congregation Ezrath Israel Temple - Manhattan, NY40.761194-73.989145339 W 47th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Congregation People of Righteousness Cemetery - Yonkers, NY40.973889-73.8626391 Stew Leonard DrYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Cool Wall Murals on Flatbush & Fenimore - Brooklyn, NY40.658033-73.960162631 Flatbush AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Corn Hill End Time Deliverance - Rochester, NY43.147064-77.616196140 Edinburgh StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Corn Hill Gazebo - Rochester, NY43.146618-77.615967441 Frederick Douglass StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Crane Branch Library - Buffalo, NY42.914212-78.876931631-633 Elmwood AveBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Creation Myth - Rochester, NY43.156889-77.586837163 Goodman St NRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Creative Nursery - Brooklyn, NY40.663101-73.9254961032 Rutland RdBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Cristoforo Colombo - Yonkers, NY40.928867-73.893442218-228 S Waverly StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Crossroads of Transportation - Rochester, NY43.153984-77.620779275-287 NY-31RochesterNew YorkUnited States
Crouse College - Syracuse, NY43.038719-76.136925EastsideSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Cunningham Park - Queens, NY40.737812-73.76774678-8178--78-9778- Hollis Hills TerraceQueensNew YorkUnited States
Cunningham Park 188th Entrance - Queens, NY40.723236-73.777849192-0 Avon RdQueensNew YorkUnited States
Cunningham Park Field 5 - Queens, NY40.729254-73.773714Cunningham Park State RteQueensNew YorkUnited States
Cunningham Park Tennis Courts - Queens, NY40.729783-73.773398Cunningham Park State RteQueensNew YorkUnited States
Cunningham Park Union Entrance - Queens, NY40.731942-73.769993200-1 Union TpkeQueensNew YorkUnited States
Days Park Fountain - Buffalo, NY42.898775-78.88107186 Days ParkBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Dedication to Oklahoma Bombing Victims - Queens, NY40.748021-73.810054156-0-156-94 Rose AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Deep Sea Mural - Buffalo, NY42.887647-78.873164521 Main StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Department of Veterans Affairs - Syracuse, NY43.038297-76.138389859-865 Irving AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Dino Horse - Syracuse, NY43.052618-76.154508234 W Willow StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Dinosaur BBQ - Syracuse, NY43.052461-76.154699246 W Willow StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Dot Art - Queens, NY40.718145-73.8255327855 Park Dr EQueensNew YorkUnited States
Dr Ronald Erwin McNair - Brooklyn, NY40.670541-73.961996883 Union StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Dr. Ronald McNair Park - Brooklyn, NY40.671274-73.962288217 Eastern PkwyBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Dragon Sculpture - Syracuse, NY43.048578-76.156807327 W Fayette StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Dread Gazebo - Manhattan, NY40.766926-73.976503Center DriveManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Dunwoodie Station Marker - Yonkers, NY40.933012-73.874395S County TrailwayYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Dunwoody Baptist Church - Yonkers, NY40.915972-73.859402955 Yonkers AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
ECC Downtown Campus Building - Buffalo, NY42.881584-78.872657121 Ellicott StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
ESF Waterfall - Syracuse, NY43.034318-76.13531979 E Campus DrSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Eagle's Nest - Yonkers, NY40.965422-73.887598945 N BroadwayYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Earth Angel Mural - Syracuse, NY43.048649-76.1279241317-25 E Fayette StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
East Flatbush Children's Park - Brooklyn, NY40.663309-73.9268276874 E 94th StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
East Village Bear - Manhattan, NY40.724889-73.982841520 E 6th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Ebenezer Haitian Baptist Church at Bedford and President - Brooklyn, NY40.668259-73.9560581594 Bedford AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Echo - Brooklyn, NY40.647444-73.925935463 E 54th StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Ed Sullivan Theater - Manhattan, NY40.763731-73.982781695 BroadwayManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Edward J. Murray Memorial - Yonkers, NY40.952262-73.857497348 Tuckahoe RdYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Eglise Evangelique Du Reve De Las Gloire - Brooklyn, NY40.652114-73.9282785202 Church AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
El Camino Rug Mural - Rochester, NY43.19141-77.614046El Camino TrailRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Elizabeth Blackwell Street - Syracuse, NY43.042942-76.139352100 Elizabeth Blackwell StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Elks Rest - Syracuse, NY43.031121-76.131636954-964 Comstock AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Elmwood Park - Liverpool, NY43.019403-76.162505135 Glenwood AveLiverpoolNew YorkUnited States
Ely House - 1837 - Rochester, NY43.151364-77.6172885 Livingston ParkRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Emergency Mt. Hope Zombie Station Mural - Rochester, NY43.139546-77.6138822-24 Cypress StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Empire City Casino - Yonkers, NY40.919779-73.86474810 Yonkers AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Engine-32 Memorial - Buffalo, NY42.876482-78.850077709-727 Swan StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Entertainment District Mural - Buffalo, NY42.893051-78.872143710 Main StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Entrance to Ellis Island Museum - Jersey City, NY40.698999-74.0398051 Liberty Island - Ellis IslandJersey CityNew YorkUnited States
Erie Canal Monument - Syracuse, NY43.049483-76.1211431700-08 Erie Blvd ESyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Erie Canal Passenger Boat Service - Rochester, NY43.149134-77.610646Genesee Riverway TrailRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Everything is Awesome - Yonkers, NY40.96276-73.85610289 Market StreetYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Faces of Hope Mural - Brooklyn, NY40.683777-73.935065343 Lewis AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Fairmont Creamery Railroad Mural - Buffalo, NY42.875713-78.869227199 Scott StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Faith by Love Family Worship Church - Syracuse, NY43.039362-76.158792515-17 W Onondaga StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Felidia Dancing Maidens - Manhattan, NY40.76026-73.965248241 E 58th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Fifteenth Tabernacle Church - Rochester, NY43.164791-77.60416619 Harrison StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Fighting Cock Robins - Rochester, NY43.165876-77.58841560 Rochester Public MarketRochesterNew YorkUnited States
First Born Church - Brooklyn, NY40.658657-73.927021953 Winthrop StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
First Community - Brooklyn, NY40.667525-73.920083594 Howard AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
First Genesis Baptist Church - Rochester, NY43.168984-77.601355292 Hudson AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
First Niagara Center - Buffalo, NY42.875692-78.87591231 Perry StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
First Presbyterian Church - Buffalo, NY42.901626-78.882152393 Pennsylvania StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
First United Methodist Church - Queens, NY40.709879-73.80052162-10 Highland AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Fitzpatrick Tompkins Park - Yonkers, NY40.961922-73.877099160-186 Bolmer AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Flag Memorial - Queens, NY40.739619-73.762357212-1-212-15 73rd AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Flatbush & Empire - Brooklyn, NY40.662837-73.96244715 Ocean AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Flatbush Reformed Church - Brooklyn, NY40.650184-73.958821890 Flatbush AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Flint Tunnel Mural - Syracuse, NY43.035151-76.1320362 Mt Olympus DrSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Flower City Bench - Rochester, NY43.149179-77.597347210 Alexander StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Flushing Church - Queens, NY40.758792-73.80009342-15 166th StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Flying Film Reel - Manhattan, NY40.771011-73.98736200 W 60th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
For the Boys of the Sixth Ward - Yonkers, NY40.947868-73.886767141 Morningside PlYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Forbes Theatre - Buffalo, NY42.893081-78.873288500 NY-5BuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Forman Park - Fallen Police Memorial - Syracuse, NY43.047171-76.140747714-728 NY-92SyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Forman Park - Redfield Monument - Syracuse, NY43.047171-76.141869Traffic CirSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Foundation Church - Brooklyn, NY40.670781-73.9359571268a St Johns PlBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Fountain in Lincoln Centre - Manhattan, NY40.772312-73.98339510 Lincoln Center PlazaManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Fountain of Life Rhog - Syracuse, NY43.031707-76.158904700 South AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Frank Egan Memorial Park - Yonkers, NY40.941498-73.861503403-461 Mile Square RdYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Frank Salanger Sports and Recreation Complex - Syracuse, NY43.058838-76.117351701 Robinson StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Franklin Square Fountain - Syracuse, NY43.056881-76.1573772-98 Dupli Park DrSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Frazier Park - Syracuse, NY43.052032-76.174888829-899 Park AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Fresh Meadows - Queens, NY40.740431-73.78681187-86-187-98 Horace Harding ExpyQueensNew YorkUnited States
Friedens United Church of Christ - Syracuse, NY43.060859-76.1489961501 Lodi StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Front Park - Buffalo, NY42.899483-78.896164144 Porter AveBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
GET MORE FREE ITEMS - Manhattan, NY40.754879-73.98351153 W 42nd StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
GET MORE FREE ITEMS - Queens, NY40.712553-73.78520417801 Hillside AvenueQueensNew YorkUnited States
GET MORE FREE ITEMS - Yonkers, NY40.921153-73.896301363 S BroadwayYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Gabriel's Gate - Buffalo, NY42.899535-78.875366145 Allen StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Gates Vascular Hanging Sculpture - Buffalo, NY42.901493-78.866368875 Ellicott StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Gateway To Allentown Art District - Buffalo, NY42.902377-78.877284217 North StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Gazebo Of Persistence - Yonkers, NY40.919672-73.882185S County TrailwayYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Gen. John A. Green Mausoleum - Syracuse, NY43.030802-76.136309940 Comstock AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Gifford Park - Tuckahoe, NY40.946081-73.82070572-98 Winter Hill RdTuckahoeNew YorkUnited States
God's Temple of Faith Ministries - Syracuse, NY43.023007-76.1591661501-3 W Colvin StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
God's Way Church of Jesus - Syracuse, NY43.028501-76.1468951800 S Salina StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Gold Star Mothers - Yonkers, NY40.935545-73.90184458-62 Dock StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Golddome Bldg - Buffalo, NY42.888682-78.873172DowntownBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Golden Crest - Manhattan, NY40.764538-73.967638115 1/2 E 62nd StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Good Life Deliverance Church - Brooklyn, NY40.651899-73.9299365003 Church AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Good Tidings Gospel Church - Brooklyn, NY40.67948-73.9287161753 Fulton StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Grace Episcopal Church - Syracuse, NY43.045595-76.134571819 Madison StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Grace Reformed Church - Brooklyn, NY40.661299-73.9572151800 Bedford AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Grace Unity Fellowship - Rochester, NY43.183091-77.607952986 Joseph AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Grand Central Clock - Manhattan, NY40.752691-73.97721415 Vanderbilt AveManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Great Grace Church - Syracuse, NY43.0512-76.170801301-305 N Geddes StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Greater Hope Baptist Church - Buffalo, NY42.911236-78.856024264 E Utica StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Greater Love in Christ Church - Syracuse, NY43.019131-76.1492712026 Midland AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Greater New Life Church - Buffalo, NY42.918195-78.8617021662 Main StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Greater Refuge Temple of Christ - Buffalo, NY42.900661-78.853852943 Jefferson AveBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Greater St. James a me Church - Brooklyn, NY40.65975-73.9176751162 Lenox RdBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Greek Orthodox Church - Queens, NY40.713284-73.80785684-35 152nd StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Greenacre Park - Manhattan, NY40.756339-73.969229217 E 51st StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Grizzly Bear - Rochester, NY43.16585-77.588750 Rochester Public MarketRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Grover Cleveland Statue - Buffalo, NY42.903757-78.885252100 14th StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Guide Board Road - Buffalo, NY42.90233-78.87161167 North StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
HOPE in NYC - Manhattan, NY40.76296-73.982143200-222 W 53rd StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Hamilton White Monument - Syracuse, NY43.048361-76.14712301-341 US-11SyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Harbor Master's Station - Syracuse, NY43.059999-76.164183328 W Kirkpatrick StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Harvey Baldwin Monument - Syracuse, NY43.058718-76.140195301-399 Highland StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Haunted House - Rochester, NY43.152209-77.595985259 Alexander StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Haven Hall Round Lounge - Syracuse, NY43.042103-76.131299EastsideSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Herakles - Syracuse, NY43.037896-76.133174Smith DrSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Hidden Papa Smurf Mural - Buffalo, NY42.904729-78.85949765-97 Masten AveBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
High Falls - Rochester, NY43.16237-77.612293Genesee Riverway TrailRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Highland Church - Queens, NY40.709531-73.801478159-13-159-99 Highland AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Historic Clarissa Street History Sign - Rochester, NY43.145028-77.6178561-607 Clarissa StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Historic First Church - Brooklyn, NY40.67283-73.941486221 Kingston AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Historic Hunterfly Road Houses - Brooklyn, NY40.674637-73.9259781700 Bergen StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Historical Site of Big Joe Dudzick's Tavern - Buffalo, NY42.876077-78.848426772 Seneca StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Holy Cow Playground - Queens, NY40.740915-73.776566197-69-197-75 Peck AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Holy Cross Church - Buffalo, NY42.894596-78.887252345 7th StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Holy Family Church - Queens, NY40.728941-73.793924175-0-175-20 74th AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Holy Mother Mary - Syracuse, NY43.031752-76.1708100-198 Hubbell AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church - Yonkers, NY40.937936-73.88184856-60 Mulberry StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Holy Trinity Orthodox Church - Yonkers, NY40.938127-73.88273146 Seymour StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church - Syracuse, NY43.062953-76.140317403 Park StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Horeb Seventh Day Adventist Church - Brooklyn, NY40.661045-73.942785520 Kingston AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Horsehide - Rochester, NY43.158224-77.620756331-339 Morrie Silver WayRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Houndstooth Pub - Manhattan, NY40.753968-73.991999266 W 37th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
How Would you Want to be Remembered Mural - Brooklyn, NY40.680207-73.9434091445 Fulton StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Hudson Hotel Chandelier - Manhattan, NY40.767992-73.984724347 W 57th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Hudson River Museum - Yonkers, NY40.953966-73.896194511 Warburton AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Humboldt Parkway Baptist Church - Buffalo, NY42.913703-78.843073784-788 Humboldt PkwyBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Iglesia Adventista Del 7MO Dia - Yonkers, NY40.932418-73.89342698 Waverly StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Iglesia Pentecostal Elohim - Buffalo, NY42.911402-78.883296459-461 W Utica StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Iglesia Pentecostal del Trunfo - Brooklyn, NY40.673071-73.930615169A Utica AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Iglesia de Cristo Elim - Brooklyn, NY40.66475-73.953877350 Rogers AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Immaculate Conception Church and Passionist Monastery - Queens, NY40.714232-73.78579686-41-86-45 Edgerton BlvdQueensNew YorkUnited States
Immanuel Lutheran Church - Mount Vernon, NY40.925001-73.8354831-17 E Grand StMount VernonNew YorkUnited States
In Grateful Appreciation to the Tuckahoe-Eastchester Lions Club - Tuckahoe, NY40.949497-73.83309412 Yonkers AveTuckahoeNew YorkUnited States
In Honor of the Men and Women In WW 2 - Staten Island, NY40.625946-74.1758792800-2898 Forest AveStaten IslandNew YorkUnited States
In Honor of the Men of Hollis Who Serve in the Great World War - Queens, NY40.716794-73.76922687-48-87-88 193rd StQueensNew YorkUnited States
In Loving Memory of Carmelo Scaramuzzino - Tuckahoe, NY40.949677-73.83069628-98 ArmourvillaTuckahoeNew YorkUnited States
In Memory of Millie Cooper - Tuckahoe, NY40.95594-73.8252012 Consulate DrTuckahoeNew YorkUnited States
In Memory of Monica Marie Netrosio - Bronxville, NY40.945101-73.834853 Kensington RdBronxvilleNew YorkUnited States
In Memory of Ruth M. Harrington - Queens, NY40.721157-73.792531JamaicaQueensNew YorkUnited States
Inner Harbor Pier - Syracuse, NY43.061482-76.164798351 Bear St WSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Inspiration Opportunity Mural - Brooklyn, NY40.65988-73.9203569517 Kings HwyBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Institutional Ame Zion Church - Yonkers, NY40.940482-73.89554560-98 Bishop William J Walls PlYonkersNew YorkUnited States
International Pentecostal City Mission Church - Brooklyn, NY40.653786-73.9181429202 Church AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Intrepid Aircraft Carrier Museum - Manhattan, NY40.763966-73.998885580 12th AveManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Irish Potato Famine Memorial - Buffalo, NY42.880603-78.884812La Riviere DrBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
JNet - The Jewish Learning Net - Brooklyn, NY40.669051-73.942557784 Eastern PkwyBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Jack's Senior Area - Syracuse, NY43.039853-76.163561114 Congress AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Jamaica Estates - A Residential Park - Queens, NY40.713865-73.78271687-1 Midland PkwyQueensNew YorkUnited States
James Baldwin - Queens, NY40.736588-73.819126FlushingQueensNew YorkUnited States
Jewish Center Torath Emeth - Queens, NY40.721886-73.80952978-1-78-15 Parsons BlvdQueensNew YorkUnited States
Joe Horvath - Manhattan, NY40.76681-73.993288556 W 52nd StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
John Lohrfink Memorial - Yonkers, NY40.962251-73.877327167 Bolmer AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Johnnie B. Wiley Memorial Sports Pavilion - Buffalo, NY42.904042-78.854418352-384 Best StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Keepers of the Western Door - Buffalo, NY42.884319-78.89086128 Harbour Pointe CommonBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Kessina Blvd Church - Queens, NY40.70621-73.80168388-13-88-19 Parsons BlvdQueensNew YorkUnited States
Kew Gardens Hills Post Office - Queens, NY40.723333-73.81972275-23 Main StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Kew Gardens Hills Youth Center - Queens, NY40.733868-73.82511467-09 Main StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Key Food Owl - Queens, NY40.718377-73.8168987923 Main StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Kingdom Hall Jehovah Witness - Brooklyn, NY40.659105-73.945422610-628 Brooklyn AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses - Brooklyn, NY40.655028-73.939322777-785 Albany AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Kingsford Triangle - Queens, NY40.712217-73.78878217235 Wexford TerraceQueensNew YorkUnited States
Kinsley Park - Yonkers, NY40.958798-73.88422950 Chase AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Kirk Park - Syracuse, NY43.027202-76.156408401-463 Kirk AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Kissena Corridor Park - Queens, NY40.745726-73.813949153-1-153-99 Peck AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Kissena Park Entrance - Queens, NY40.750053-73.807439163-22-163-98 Oak AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Kissena Park Velodrome - Queens, NY40.742502-73.81004915798 Booth Memorial AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Kodak Film - Rochester, NY43.162236-77.621009429 State StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Korea War Memorial - Yonkers, NY40.948169-73.88777491 Lake AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Korean Church - Queens, NY40.756683-73.782355201-0-201-98 45th AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Korean Church of Syracuse - Syracuse, NY43.046038-76.1219241800 E Genesee StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Lander College for Men - Queens, NY40.724422-73.8154375-31 150th StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Landmark Theatre - Syracuse, NY43.04744-76.152403364 S Salina StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Layla Hookah Lounge Hookah Sign - Queens, NY40.727412-73.78623580-2 Kent StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Legoland Discovery Center Westchester at Ridge Hill - Yonkers, NY40.966163-73.85686149 Fitzgerald StreetYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Lennon Park - Yonkers, NY40.947824-73.889304230-252 Park AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Lenox Road Baptist Church - Brooklyn, NY40.653896-73.9501011356 Nostrand AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Leslie Sutherland Park - Yonkers, NY40.920845-73.89450362-80 Overcliff StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Libba Cotten Grove - Syracuse, NY43.033615-76.1471621318-1398 S State StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Liberty - Queens, NY40.713265-73.797305167-0-167-4 Gothic DrQueensNew YorkUnited States
Library-Agudas Chabad - Brooklyn, NY40.669029-73.943085766 Eastern PkwyBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Life Sciences Complex - Syracuse, NY43.038046-76.131327131-139 College PlSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Lighthouse Historic Landmark Designations - Buffalo, NY42.877163-78.8848492 Fuhrmann BoulevardBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Lilac City Power Box - Rochester, NY43.157998-77.592116399 University AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Lincoln Memorial Park Statue - Yonkers, NY40.919943-73.896085390 S BroadwayYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Lincoln Tunnel Spire - Manhattan, NY40.758929-73.998276Anthony Brizzi PlManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Lipstick Building - Manhattan, NY40.757787-73.969133885 3rd AveManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Little Theater - Rochester, NY43.156062-77.597925240 East AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Living In The Jungle - Brooklyn, NY40.671721-73.950047751 Nostrand AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Lower Falls Park - Rochester, NY43.179253-77.628295158 Hastings StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Lower Lakes Marine Historical - Buffalo, NY42.881792-78.87753666 Erie StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
M&M's - Manhattan, NY40.76002-73.9843041600 BroadwayManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Magical Spanish Tile Mural - Queens, NY40.709983-73.81231685-1-85-21 144th StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Main St East Bus Shelter - Rochester, NY43.157018-77.606656215 E Main StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Malcolm Wilson Park - Yonkers, NY40.953182-73.83058638-42 Scarsdale RdYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Manley Field House - Syracuse, NY43.023611-76.1262891301 E Colvin StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Maplewood Park - Rochester, NY43.195408-77.621953210 Bridge View DrRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Maplewood Park Designed By Frederick Law Olmsted - Rochester, NY43.193841-77.622714150 W Ridge RdRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Maplewood Public Library - Rochester, NY43.1864-77.6392041111 Dewey AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Maplewood Rose Garden - Rochester, NY43.181124-77.63155864-906 Lake AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Maplewood Rose Garden Birdbath - Rochester, NY43.181398-77.630547250 Maplewood AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Margaret Kiely Hall - Queens, NY40.735873-73.81535665-10 Kissena BlvdQueensNew YorkUnited States
Martin Luther King Jr. Park Fountains - Buffalo, NY42.904812-78.84006175 N Parade AveBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Martin Luther King Park Monument - Buffalo, NY42.904162-78.8382361125-1135 Fillmore AveBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Mary Garden at St. John's - Queens, NY40.718836-73.79717141 Grand Central PkwyQueensNew YorkUnited States
Masjid El-Ihsan - Brooklyn, NY40.676871-73.93025963A Utica AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Masonic Temple - Tuckahoe, NY40.95001-73.82655773 Main StTuckahoeNew YorkUnited States
Masten Park Mural - Buffalo, NY42.904337-78.857861224 Best StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Mauro Playground NYC Parks And Rec - Queens, NY40.723108-73.82689Willow Lake Preserve TrailQueensNew YorkUnited States
Maze - Yonkers, NY40.936268-73.89387168-142 Schroeder StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
McCarty's Billiard Parlor - Brooklyn, NY40.683566-73.950302450-452 Nostrand AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
McKinley Park - Syracuse, NY43.017037-76.15088345-381 W Newell StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Meadow Brook Detention Basin - Syracuse, NY43.026862-76.116536400 Meadowbrook DrSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Memorial Baptist Church - Buffalo, NY42.914197-78.843013770 Humboldt PkwyBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Memorial Knoll - Queens, NY40.746935-73.80605856-14 164th StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Metal Vertebrae Sculpture - Rochester, NY43.182761-77.63503621-23 Lake View ParkRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Metropolitan United Methodist Church - Buffalo, NY42.903279-78.844404653 Best StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Mexican Flag Mural - Yonkers, NY40.927514-73.8957326 Herriot StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Michael the Archangel - Yonkers, NY40.952362-73.841516711-715 Tuckahoe RdYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Middle Ages Brewery - Syracuse, NY43.05096-76.161897200-298 Barker AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Middle East Market Mural - Syracuse, NY43.061044-76.151697924 N Townsend StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Midtown Bible Church - Buffalo, NY42.919623-78.8602561740 NY-5BuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Midtown Comics - Manhattan, NY40.75331-73.974313129b E 45th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Milburn House - Buffalo, NY42.915977-78.8691871156-1160 NY-384BuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Mini Cupcake Mosaics above Baked by Melissa - Manhattan, NY40.763639-73.967423139 E 61st StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Miracle Christian Fellowship Center - Buffalo, NY42.908744-78.8541461242 Jefferson AveBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Miracle Deliverance Church - Yonkers, NY40.928694-73.89916935 Jackson StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Missionary Baptist Church - Buffalo, NY42.912425-78.854495292 Glenwood AveBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Moleman series: dag hammarskjo - Manhattan, NY40.75276-73.969664300-342 E 47th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Monkey Magic - Manhattan, NY40.754546-73.995361464 9th AveManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Monkey Mural - Brooklyn, NY40.665326-73.950699416-434 Montgomery StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Monty - Buffalo, NY42.898824-78.86514665 Elm StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Mortuary Chapel and Receiving Vault - Syracuse, NY43.031008-76.13947I-81SyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Most Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church - Yonkers, NY40.937583-73.88339718 Trinity StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Mount Olivet Baptist Church - Yonkers, NY40.939245-73.887125213 Ashburton AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Mount Sinai Cathedral - Brooklyn, NY40.678797-73.9226641916 Fulton StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Mount Vernon Baptist Church - Rochester, NY43.170207-77.607565351 Joseph AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Mt. St. Mary Cemetery - Queens, NY40.742056-73.803285164-55 Booth Memorial AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Multicolored Glass Mural - Manhattan, NY40.755978-73.970818824 3rd AveManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Mural at Flatbush Action Commu - Brooklyn, NY40.655948-73.955959525 Parkside AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Mural at M.S. 2nd - Brooklyn, NY40.656593-73.9502871250 Nostrand AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Museum of Science and Technology - Syracuse, NY43.04736-76.155536500 S Franklin StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
NYC Cigar Statue - Manhattan, NY40.756215-73.994071510 9th AveManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Nameless Abstract Sculpture - Queens, NY40.711883-73.789075302 Hillside AvenueQueensNew YorkUnited States
Nathaniel Rochester Statue - Rochester, NY43.145923-77.60519962 Alexander StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
National Church of God of Brooklyn Inc - Brooklyn, NY40.673754-73.916627347 Saratoga AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Neadles Sculpture - Queens, NY40.749497-73.82187146-1-46-21 Colden StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Nepperhan Community Center - Yonkers, NY40.947636-73.896486342 Warburton AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
New Bethel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church - Rochester, NY43.161806-77.597214270 Scio StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
New Calvary Church - Yonkers, NY40.938367-73.893678166 Palisade AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
New Covenant Church - Buffalo, NY42.882112-78.856896132-198 Spring StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
New Gethsemane Baptist Church - Brooklyn, NY40.671765-73.927905207 Rochester AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
New Jerusalem Church - Brooklyn, NY40.650701-73.9548242429 Church AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
New Peoples Church of NY - Queens, NY40.753679-73.804982161-20 46th AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
New Testament Church - Yonkers, NY40.927955-73.883107306 Rumsey RdYonkersNew YorkUnited States
New York Post Office - Brooklyn, NY40.670373-73.917323452 Saratoga AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
New York Sunmin Church - Queens, NY40.756754-73.810786149-65 45th AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Niagara Mohawk Building - Syracuse, NY43.051035-76.156132DowntownSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Nikola Tesla - Manhattan, NY40.752581-73.993993305 W 34th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Northeast Community Center Library - Syracuse, NY43.055194-76.131897800-806 Hawley AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Northridge Church - Rochester, NY43.192956-77.61700566 East Ridge RoadRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Notre Dame De Lourdes - Buffalo, NY42.903814-78.8682241115 Main StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Oakwood Cemetery Entrance Arch - Syracuse, NY43.030429-76.140998I-81SyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Obelisk to Peace - Manhattan, NY40.746778-73.981191MidtownManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Oblong Fountain - Yonkers, NY40.927762-73.8550268000 Mall WalkYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Officers - Brooklyn, NY40.664139-73.9574591750 Bedford AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Ohio Street Fishing Access Site - Buffalo, NY42.865888-78.867815421 Ohio StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Olaf Breuning - Clouds - Manhattan, NY40.765169-73.972766Park RdManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Old Bones - Buffalo, NY42.879669-78.888144329 Erie StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Old Buffalo Gas Works - Buffalo, NY42.884806-78.882439257-299 W Genesee StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Old Croton Aqueduct - Yonkers, NY40.964909-73.889721Old Croton Trailway State ParkYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Old Kings County Savings Bank - Brooklyn, NY40.670201-73.950348539 Eastern PkwyBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Old Man Above Fulton - Brooklyn, NY40.680834-73.9538861193 Fulton StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Old Olean Church - Rochester, NY43.144175-77.620376115-121 Olean StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Old Rose Cemetery Historical Marker - Syracuse, NY43.025396-76.135487229 Jamesville AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Om Sai Mandir - Queens, NY40.754032-73.81730745-11 Smart StQueensNew YorkUnited States
One Step at a Time Rochester - Rochester, NY43.166817-77.594479529-541 Scio StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Onondaga Geddes Playlot - Syracuse, NY43.033848-76.1746791401-1427 S Geddes StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Orange and Yellow Sculpture - Yonkers, NY40.936257-73.9034862-98 Peene LaneYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Ormand Spencer Park - Syracuse, NY43.050139-76.1335241100-34 E Water StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Ornamental Ironworkers - Manhattan, NY40.759844-73.995507575 10th AveManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Otis Park - Yonkers, NY40.963198-73.890699800 Warburton AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church - Brooklyn, NY40.681667-73.940602599 Throop AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
PRIDE Wall - Syracuse, NY43.034516-76.131451EastsideSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Palisades Fort 1880 - Rochester, NY43.197439-77.62284351 Genesee River TrailRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Palladium - Syracuse, NY43.046182-76.147327507 US-11SyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Pamoja Castle - Brooklyn, NY40.68501-73.938346349-367 Marcus Garvey BlvdBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Park Hill Yonkers - Yonkers, NY40.927226-73.883658278-290 Rumsey RdYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Park Place S Station - Brooklyn, NY40.674605-73.957978605 Park PlBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Peace Pillar Flower Patch - Brooklyn, NY40.679217-73.9260072-14 Sumpter StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Peace Prevail Sign - Sarah Lawrence College - Yonkers, NY40.935605-73.843513976 Kimball AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Peace Tree - Rochester, NY43.154404-77.601503353 Court StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Pearl Street Grill and Brewery - Buffalo, NY42.880924-78.87729427-41 W Seneca StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Pelton Park - Yonkers, NY40.918521-73.893351372-434 Van Cortlandt Park AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Pigeon of DOOM - Manhattan, NY40.752696-73.970511245 E 46th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Pillars and Archway over Garbage Can - Rochester, NY43.153865-77.61358751 S Fitzhugh StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Pineapple Fountain - Yonkers, NY40.920714-73.861732833 Yonkers AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Pipeman At West Utica Gardens - Buffalo, NY42.911033-78.875619248 W Utica StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Playground Seventy-five - Queens, NY40.726335-73.80852375-1-75-25 160th StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Pomonok Station Flushing Post Office - Queens, NY40.730475-73.8103670-9 Parsons BlvdQueensNew YorkUnited States
Pont de Rennes Pedestrian Bridge - Rochester, NY43.161492-77.61678582 Brown StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Popcorn Supply Company Mural - Syracuse, NY43.054949-76.165832842 W Belden AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Post House - Rochester, NY43.155817-77.61602950-70 New York State Reference Rte 942GRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Postmaster General Inscription - Manhattan, NY40.752002-73.995302306-360 West 33rd StreetManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Power of Faith Ministries - Brooklyn, NY40.651195-73.942957234-240 E 37th StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Praised Be You - Yonkers, NY40.949715-73.884623179-299 Voss AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Prehistoric Manhattan - Manhattan, NY40.766897-73.996424680 12th AveManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Preparation Church Of God - Brooklyn, NY40.64694-73.944853410 Tilden AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Promiseland Missionary Baptist Church - Buffalo, NY42.900205-78.860863225 High StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Prospect Park Audubon Center - Brooklyn, NY40.660837-73.965411Lullwater BridgeBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Prospect Park South East Entrance - Brooklyn, NY40.65485-73.962457176 Parkside AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Prospect Park Zoo - Brooklyn, NY40.665768-73.964444418-428 Flatbush AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Purple People Eater - Buffalo, NY42.915391-78.876898641-645 W Ferry StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Queens Borough Public Library - Queens, NY40.725906-73.82084172-33 Vleigh PlQueensNew YorkUnited States
Queens Central Library - Queens, NY40.707486-73.794281167-1-167-99 90th AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Queens College Smokestack - Queens, NY40.737897-73.81832364-56 Kissena BlvdQueensNew YorkUnited States
Queens College Student Union - Queens, NY40.73454-73.81617766-10 Kissena BlvdQueensNew YorkUnited States
Queens Herald Church - Queens, NY40.7363-73.80458465-1-65-13 164th StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Queens Library - Queens, NY40.729238-73.781892187-05 Union TpkeQueensNew YorkUnited States
Queensboro Library - Queens, NY40.742925-73.82534160-5 Main StQueensNew YorkUnited States
RMSC Garden - Rochester, NY43.15026-77.588084270-274 Park AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
RMSC Horse - Rochester, NY43.152129-77.5877210 Goodman St NRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Radio City Music Hall - Manhattan, NY40.75991-73.98022761 W 50th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Raptor of Absolutes - Rochester, NY43.166672-77.59320919 Ritz StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Ravine Avenue Playground - Yonkers, NY40.943571-73.89926411 Ravine AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Rebecca - Brooklyn, NY40.676007-73.921494700-724 Kingsborough 7th WalkBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Redeemer Lutheran Church - Rochester, NY43.195264-77.639184201-221 Avis StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Redemption Church of Christ - Brooklyn, NY40.681187-73.9536121252 Bedford AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Reformed Presbyterian Church - Syracuse, NY43.022788-76.1438012517 S Salina StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Respect - Rochester, NY43.155283-77.62690353 King StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Restoration Fellowship Center - Brooklyn, NY40.651192-73.9442683515 Church AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Rhapsody - Rochester, NY43.158844-77.60802187 N Clinton AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Riverdale Ave 7th Adventist Church - Yonkers, NY40.927298-73.90119157 New York State Reference Rte 984HYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Riverfest Lighthouse - Buffalo, NY42.872873-78.87204618-40 Michigan AveBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Riverside Memorial Chapel - Mount Vernon, NY40.926164-73.83662921 Broad St WMount VernonNew YorkUnited States
Robert Frankie Franklin Memorial - Buffalo, NY42.903085-78.893651779 NY-266BuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Robert Fulton Overlooking the Hudson River - Yonkers, NY40.971135-73.8888991025 Warburton AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Robert Fulton Statue - Brooklyn, NY40.67975-73.93296370 Chauncey StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Rochester Community War Memorial - Rochester, NY43.153628-77.611478104 NY-383RochesterNew YorkUnited States
Rochester Orphan Asylum - Rochester, NY43.14527-77.61604459 Hubbell ParkRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Rochester Post Office - Rochester, NY43.161715-77.606683250 Cumberland StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Rockefeller Center - Manhattan, NY40.758839-73.978230 Rockefeller PlazaManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Rococo Building - Brooklyn, NY40.672586-73.950099723 Nostrand AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Rosa's Garden of Love Park - Buffalo, NY42.90712-78.848255501 Northampton StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Rosamond Gifford Zoo - Syracuse, NY43.045052-76.1768082-58 Conservation PlSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Rosenthal Library at Queens College - Queens, NY40.735993-73.819814Kew Gardens HillsQueensNew YorkUnited States
Sahlens Stadium Gate D - Rochester, NY43.16215-77.628202571 Oak StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Saint Catherine Church - Brooklyn, NY40.652787-73.939371870 Albany AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Saint Clements Church and Theater - Manhattan, NY40.761443-73.991669423 W 46th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Saint Eugene RC Church - Yonkers, NY40.952746-73.84193711-715 Tuckahoe RdYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Saint Francis Statue - Queens, NY40.742535-73.778258200-44-200-50 Horace Harding ExpyQueensNew YorkUnited States
Saint Gregory - Brooklyn, NY40.671736-73.944906226-244 Brooklyn AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Saint Ignatius Church - Brooklyn, NY40.666762-73.95341267 Rogers AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Saint Joseph's Church - Bronxville, NY40.938185-73.83462428-46 Kraft AveBronxvilleNew YorkUnited States
Saint Joseph's Park - Rochester, NY43.159361-77.606568108 Franklin StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Saint Nicholas of Tolentine Roman Catholic Church - Queens, NY40.718413-73.808883150-85-150-99 Goethals AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Saint Stephens Episcopal Church - Queens, NY40.707997-73.79363589-22 168th StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Sandy Remix: BBG's Tree House - Brooklyn, NY40.667192-73.964392415 Flatbush AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Saul Weprin Playground - Queens, NY40.747982-73.77596255-78-55-98 202nd StQueensNew YorkUnited States
School of The Arts Bench - Rochester, NY43.157845-77.59064435-45 Prince StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Seneca Park - Rochester, NY43.195257-77.6181832037-2081 St Paul StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Seth Green Park - Rochester, NY43.186622-77.6227931-443 Seth Green DrRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Shakespeare - Manhattan, NY40.769851-73.972398307 The MallManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Shea's Buffalo Theatre - Buffalo, NY42.891417-78.872621622-660 Main StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Shema Sushi - Rochester, NY43.153367-77.595392277 Alexander StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Shri Surya Narayan Mandir - Queens, NY40.706937-73.78755492-19 172nd StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Silent Springs Playground - Queens, NY40.749966-73.82264345-54-45-98 Colden StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Sister Cities Bridge - Rochester, NY43.157494-77.611186Genesee Riverway TrailRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Sky's The Limit - Buffalo, NY42.909031-78.876992437-451 Elmwood AveBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Sleeping Bears - Rochester, NY43.158981-77.609586128 St Paul StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Society of St. Vincent de Paul - Buffalo, NY42.909213-78.8668521298 Main StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Soldiers and Sailors Monument - Syracuse, NY43.051148-76.15291W Genesee StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Sons of Italy in America - Yonkers, NY40.935524-73.859782883 Midland AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
South Presbyterian Church - Syracuse, NY43.025621-76.1454782100-2198 US-11SyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Southwest Community Center Lib - Syracuse, NY43.034948-76.158769401-425 South AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Spanish American War Memorial - Yonkers, NY40.935306-73.8992752-28 Dock StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Spanish American War Monument - Rochester, NY43.153862-77.610099Genesee Riverway TrailRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Spanish War Veterans Memorial - Syracuse, NY43.041976-76.15104700-798 S Warren StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Spiral Windmill Sculpture - Buffalo, NY42.870256-78.884287225 Fuhrmann BoulevardBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Spirit of Life Tree - Buffalo, NY42.900276-78.867131795 Ellicott StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Spot Coffee Elmwood - Buffalo, NY42.917668-78.876891765 Elmwood AveBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
St Bartholomew's Catholic Church & School Sign - Yonkers, NY40.946012-73.87677629-49 Fero StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
St Johns Crest - Queens, NY40.725586-73.7918511870 Union TpkeQueensNew YorkUnited States
St Patrick's Cathedral - Manhattan, NY40.758753-73.976836Midtown EastManhattanNew YorkUnited States
St. Ann's Roman Catholic Church - Queens, NY40.744367-73.82198458-07 146th StQueensNew YorkUnited States
St. Anthony Baptist Church - Brooklyn, NY40.663684-73.931432425 Utica AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
St. Gregorios Church - Yonkers, NY40.923653-73.89798352 Ludlow StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
St. John Church - Brooklyn, NY40.650824-73.9511752801 Church AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
St. Johns University Gate - Queens, NY40.723423-73.7982851870 170th StQueensNew YorkUnited States
St. Mark's Episcopal Church - Yonkers, NY40.971208-73.8716392-22 Jones StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
St. Mary of Zion Church - Yonkers, NY40.943245-73.89001177 High StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
St. Mary's on the Hill Bell - Buffalo, NY42.904607-78.89503170-88 Vermont StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
St. Michaels Church - Yonkers, NY40.952216-73.890523510 N BroadwayYonkersNew YorkUnited States
St. Patrick's Cathedral - Manhattan, NY40.758435-73.976191Midtown EastManhattanNew YorkUnited States
St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr Church - Buffalo, NY42.887917-78.840598348 Peckham StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
St. Theresa of Avila Church - Brooklyn, NY40.674048-73.960281777 Classon AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
St. Thomas More Chapel - Syracuse, NY43.042862-76.133035110 Walnut PlSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
St. Vincent de Paul - Queens, NY40.7225-73.79389481-94 Utopia PkwyQueensNew YorkUnited States
Starbucks - Manhattan, NY40.762394-73.9657441019 3rd AveManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Starbucks - Queens, NY40.72251395-73.79613421JamaicaQueensNew YorkUnited States
Starbucks - Syracuse, NY43.035953-76.140987150 Henry StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Staring at the Hudson - Yonkers, NY40.935258-73.90409975 Water Grant StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Stars of the Season Mural - Buffalo, NY42.893365-78.872464710 Main StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Statue of Saint Kevin - Queens, NY40.755731-73.78710845-21 194th StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Stone Lion Statue - Manhattan, NY40.769004-73.9688922 E 67th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Stone Man and Woman - Rochester, NY43.156529-77.58668151-163 Goodman St NRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Stone Person - Syracuse, NY43.039241-76.131822404 University PlSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Street Mural of Landscape - Queens, NY40.739746-73.789083185-4 Horace Harding ExpyQueensNew YorkUnited States
Structure on Yonkers Waterfront - Yonkers, NY40.932271-73.90490120 Water Grant StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Summerfield United Methodist Church - Staten Island, NY40.634258-74.16037104-114 Harbor RdStaten IslandNew YorkUnited States
Sun Arch of Buffalo - Buffalo, NY42.884549-78.87474403 Main StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Susan B. Anthony Preservation District Marker - Rochester, NY43.155295-77.628831Silver StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Susan B. Anthony Preservation District Marker 2 - Rochester, NY43.153153-77.624172-30 Canal StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Symphony Bible Church - Buffalo, NY42.90471-78.881591338 Summer StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Syracuse City Hall - Syracuse, NY43.050042-76.149105233 E Washington StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Syracuse Fire Department Credit Union - Syracuse, NY43.050682-76.162884211 Wilkinson StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Syracuse University Post Office - Syracuse, NY43.042134-76.135147720 University AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Tao - Manhattan, NY40.762755-73.97152636e E 58th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Tap and Mallet - Rochester, NY43.142769-77.601786381 Gregory StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Tectonic Sculpture 01 (The Hand) - Syracuse, NY43.049677-76.150083201 E Washington StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Temple Beth Sholom - Queens, NY40.757927-73.794462171-39 Northern BlvdQueensNew YorkUnited States
Temple Church of Christ - Brooklyn, NY40.670139-73.9202881705 St Johns PlBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Temple Of Blessings - Brooklyn, NY40.668969-73.9275531229 Eastern PkwyBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Teressa Bellissimo - Buffalo, NY42.902485-78.868291047 Main StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
The Apostolic Church - Brooklyn, NY40.676122-73.956599521-525 St Marks AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
The Arsenal - Manhattan, NY40.767575-73.9711661 E 64th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
The Ballfields Cafe - Manhattan, NY40.770502-73.9765371802 65th St TransverseManhattanNew YorkUnited States
The Burger Professor - Queens, NY40.729988-73.823884141-25 Jewel AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - Buffalo, NY42.893998-78.865642145 Goodell StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Manhattan, NY40.76688-73.994106727 11th AveManhattanNew YorkUnited States
The Electric Tower - Buffalo, NY42.888541-78.872206535 Washington StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
The Elegant Black and White Beauty - Rochester, NY43.161234-77.5784311-45 Palmer StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
The Fountain at the Strand - Manhattan, NY40.760244-73.995239500 W 43rd StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
The Franklin Automobile - Syracuse, NY43.043016-76.17144400-498 S Geddes StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
The French Connection - Buffalo, NY42.87555-78.87573931 Perry StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
The Head - Rochester, NY43.158905-77.584541302 Goodman St NRochesterNew YorkUnited States
The Korean Baptist Church of New York - Queens, NY40.749239-73.809334157-17 Rose AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
The Manna Presbyterian Church - Queens, NY40.758038-73.79650617004 Northern BlvdQueensNew YorkUnited States
The Market District - Rochester, NY43.162172-77.5843442-8 Railroad StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
The Mutual Rowing Club - Buffalo, NY42.864053-78.8605891-41 Hamburg StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
The Old First Ward Community Center - Buffalo, NY42.866727-78.86369662 Republic StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
The Old Kimball Play House - Yonkers, NY40.91483-73.850831221 Yonkers AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
The Old Stone Mill - Tuckahoe, NY40.952091-73.8293111 Scarsdale RdTuckahoeNew YorkUnited States
The Pierpont Morgan Library - Manhattan, NY40.748799-73.98124229-37 E 36th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
The Playing Fields - Yonkers, NY40.92952-73.90211480-98 Hawthorne AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
The Power of Water - Rochester, NY43.150509-77.610013Genesee Riverway TrailRochesterNew YorkUnited States
The Red Balloon - Rochester, NY43.153622-77.607375129-165 Court StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
The Refuge Temple - Brooklyn, NY40.650649-73.917327679 Remsen AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
The Resurrected Christ Deliverance Ministries Church - Brooklyn, NY40.658042-73.914469913 Saratoga AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
The Revival Center - Brooklyn, NY40.658462-73.9502791187 Nostrand AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
The Rugby Deliverance Tabernacle - Brooklyn, NY40.65016-73.9309964901 Snyder AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
The Seneca Babcock Buffalo - Buffalo, NY42.870563-78.8347681179 Seneca StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
The Siegel Jeep - Buffalo, NY42.911048-78.86971484 W Utica StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
The Society for Ethical Culture - Manhattan, NY40.771169-73.9799572 W 64th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
The Summit @ Queens College - Queens, NY40.7369-73.819396Gate 3 Entrance RdQueensNew YorkUnited States
The Trading Rock - Yonkers, NY40.927896-73.85260128 Xavier DrYonkersNew YorkUnited States
The View of Beautiful Briarwoo - Queens, NY40.713333-73.81666784-1 Main StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Theatre District Clock - Buffalo, NY42.895013-78.87144774-780 Main StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Thornden Park Mural - Syracuse, NY43.042765-76.124397Thornden Park DrSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Tibbetts Brook Park - Yonkers, NY40.924807-73.875686Teresa AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Tibbetts Gazebo - Yonkers, NY40.923136-73.879918S County TrailwayYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Tilden Playground - Brooklyn, NY40.647841-73.931085560-592 E 49th StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Times Square - Manhattan, NY40.757584-73.9856421530 BroadwayManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Tori Gate in Brooklyn Botanic Garden - Brooklyn, NY40.668625-73.962628994-996 Mary Pinkett AvenueBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Tower Lady Mural - Rochester, NY43.160942-77.5788911233 E Main StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Trailways Bus Station - Rochester, NY43.162682-77.607853335-367 Central AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Transfiguration Roman Catholic Church - Syracuse, NY43.057749-76.12176740 Teall AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Transportation Sculpture - Manhattan, NY40.752357-73.97746100-125 Park Ave ViaductManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Tree And Pond Service Box Mural - Rochester, NY43.173713-77.623962997 St Paul StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Triad Sculpture - Manhattan, NY40.745524-73.982205475 Park Ave SManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Trinity Baptist Church of Bayside - Queens, NY40.754224-73.773433207-15 48th AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Trinity Methodist Church - Brooklyn, NY40.668398-73.9304671148 Eastern PkwyBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Trinity Plaza Park - Yonkers, NY40.937809-73.884378446 Walnut StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Trinity Temple - Brooklyn, NY40.674435-73.930697132 Utica AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Triumphant Church of God - Brooklyn, NY40.665364-73.9228195 Sutter AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Triumphant Full Gospel Assembly - Brooklyn, NY40.660785-73.929553891 Rutland RdBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
True Vine Church of God in Christ - Syracuse, NY43.031546-76.148794115 Furman StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Trump Tower - Manhattan, NY40.76238-73.974253721 5th AveManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Turtle Playground - Queens, NY40.742082-73.827679138-0-138-12 61st RdQueensNew YorkUnited States
Twisted Tentacles - Rochester, NY43.141346-77.605187725 South AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Two Circles with Legs - Syracuse, NY43.041395-76.130515382-398 Marshall StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
US Post Office - Rochester, NY43.179389-77.63981376 Lexington AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
US Post Office Brooklyn - Brooklyn, NY40.678916-73.9197861915 Fulton StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Ukranian Flag Mural - Buffalo, NY42.896097-78.855601301 Cherry StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Underhill Park - Queens, NY40.744383-73.78787187-20-187-98 Peck AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
Unicorn Family Structure - Rochester, NY43.156831-77.587634534-538 University AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Union Memorial - Yonkers, NY40.935654-73.89917129 Warburton AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Union United Methodist Church - Brooklyn, NY40.676269-73.946981101 New York AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Unite - Rochester, NY43.143848-77.6110562-20 Averill AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
United House Of Prayer - Buffalo, NY42.88347-78.85153660 Howard StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
United Presbyterian Church of Queens - Queens, NY40.745997-73.78934750-06 50th AveQueensNew YorkUnited States
University United Methodist Church - Syracuse, NY43.047063-76.134641073 E Genesee StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Untermeyer Columns - Yonkers, NY40.96826-73.888309Old Croton Trailway State ParkYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Upper Room Church of Christ - Buffalo, NY42.920208-78.85411131 Florida StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Utopia Jewish Center - Queens, NY40.736748-73.79285564-41-64-99 Utopia PkwyQueensNew YorkUnited States
Victory Temple Adventist Church - Buffalo, NY42.907444-78.859367209 Northampton StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Vietnamese Buddhist Center - Rochester, NY43.147044-77.635915166 Genesee StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
WTC Fire - Manhattan, NY40.761011-73.986412251 W 48th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Ward Bakery Mosaic Panels - Syracuse, NY43.041171-76.162296227 Shonnard StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Washington Square Park - Rochester, NY43.153448-77.60528210 St Marys PlRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Water Fountain - Brooklyn, NY40.667999-73.964918439 Flatbush AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Water Spirits - Rochester, NY43.14838-77.611502156 Exchange BlvdRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Water Wheel - Rochester, NY43.160848-77.61579636 Brown StRochesterNew YorkUnited States
We Reach for the Stars - Queens, NY40.743603-73.7878255671 188th StQueensNew YorkUnited States
Weed & Seed Syracuse Community Partnership Mural - Syracuse, NY43.054292-76.14629314 N Townsend StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Welcome To Yonkers Founded 1646 - Yonkers, NY40.976347-73.8870641195 Warburton AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
West Street Art - Syracuse, NY43.045342-76.158734215 Tully StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Westcott Community Center - Syracuse, NY43.036623-76.119219826 Euclid AveSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Westcott Nation - Syracuse, NY43.04025-76.119483558 Westcott StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Westcott Theater - Syracuse, NY43.041247-76.119414524 Westcott StSyracuseNew YorkUnited States
What Dreams May Come - Rochester, NY43.144735-77.601318627 S Clinton AveRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Wilkeson Pointe - Buffalo, NY42.871278-78.880114235 Fuhrmann BoulevardBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
William G Fargo Mansion - Buffalo, NY42.900907-78.888126245 Jersey StBuffaloNew YorkUnited States
Window with Decorative Columns - Manhattan, NY40.758964-73.964838300 E 57th StManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Winter Garden Theatre - Manhattan, NY40.761475-73.9832091632 BroadwayManhattanNew YorkUnited States
Woman Statue - Brooklyn, NY40.648128-73.948208109 E 31st StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
YMCA - Yonkers, NY40.933384-73.90003611-15 Riverdale AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
YNN Building - Syracuse, NY43.050902-76.139886815-831 NY-5SyracuseNew YorkUnited States
Yellow Dinosaur Bench - Rochester, NY43.158931-77.585381277 Goodman St NRochesterNew YorkUnited States
Yonkers Christian Assembly & Filipos Church - Yonkers, NY40.942461-73.894784229 N BroadwayYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Yonkers City Hall - Yonkers, NY40.932122-73.89823140 S BroadwayYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Yonkers Firefighter Memorial - Yonkers, NY40.917192-73.89442137 Radford StYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Yonkers Lodge 707 BPOE Memorial Elk - Yonkers, NY40.939539-73.88341716-102 NY-9AYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Yonkers Public Library - Yonkers, NY40.935931-73.9017841 Larkin PlazaYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Yonkers Today Mural - Yonkers, NY40.937262-73.89981829 Wells AveYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Yonkers Water Tower - Yonkers, NY40.971946-73.8787178 Executive PlazaYonkersNew YorkUnited States
Young Abe Lincoln on Horseback - Syracuse, NY43.035261-76.135045249-255 Forestry DrSyracuseNew YorkUnited States

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