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Nests and Habitats in New Jersey, United States. Nests are where that Pokemon is guaranteed to spawn while Habitats are locations that occasionally spawn that Pokemon.

Nests in New Jersey

NestStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitude
Poliwag Nest - Saddle River County ParkActive2016/11/10Ridgewood1133 East Ridgewood Avenue40.9746159-74.0945534
Magikarp Nest - Keyport Waterfront ParkBest2016/08/03KeyportAmerican Legion Dr40.438410-74.203817
Drowzee Nest - Windward Beach ParkConfirmed2016/08/01Brick265 Princeton Ave40.057511-74.111184
Drowzee Nest - Constitution ParkConfirmed2016/08/03Fort LeeFletcher Ave40.855386-73.974555
Psyduck Nest - Keyport Waterfront ParkConfirmed2016/08/03KeyportKeyport Waterfront Path40.438410-74.203817
Psyduck Nest - Saddle River ParkConfirmed2016/08/03Saddle Brook760 Saddle River Rd40.917619-74.089962
Staryu Nest - Saddle River ParkConfirmed2016/08/03Saddle Brook760 Saddle River Rd40.917619-74.089962
Tentacool Nest - Keyport Waterfront ParkConfirmed2016/08/03KeyportKeyport Waterfront Path40.438410-74.203817
Charmander Nest - Saddle River County ParkConfirmed2016/08/07Saddle Brook760 Saddle River Rd40.917116-74.091519
Charmander Nest - Passaic OriolesConfirmed2016/08/10Passaic332 Passaic Ave40.849448-74.136251
Magnemite Nest - Fitness Factory Health ClubConfirmed2016/08/10Edgewater521 River Rd40.811905-73.981913
Sandshrew Nest - Holmdel ParkConfirmed2016/08/10Holmdel4 Longstreet Rd40.370408-74.184344
Voltorb Nest - Fitness Factory Health ClubConfirmed2016/08/10Edgewater521 River Rd40.811905-73.981913
Voltorb Nest - Sunset Beach Gift ShopsConfirmed2016/08/10Cape May502 Sunset Blvd38.944481-74.969427
Magnemite Nest - Seaside Heights BoardwalkConfirmed2016/08/12Seaside heights500 Boardwalk39.9407061-74.07117169999998
Voltorb Nest - Seaside Heights BoardwalkConfirmed2016/08/12Seaside Heights500 Boardwalk39.9407061-74.07117169999998
Pinsir Nest - Meridian Health SystemConfirmed2016/08/16Wall1725 Meridian Trail40.172933-74.065370
Pikachu Nest - Mercy County ParkConfirmed2016/08/31West Windsor Township1638 Old Trenton Rd40.260034-74.636171
Clefairy Nest - Gille ParkConfirmed2016/10/15Forked River102 Manchester Avenue39.862828-74.200673
Charmander Nest - Holmdel ParkGone2016/10/02Holmdel4 Longstreet Rd40.370408-74.184344
Rhyhorn Nest - Raritan Bay Waterfront ParkGone2016/10/02South AmboyJohn T O'Leary Blvd40.477294-74.270807
Bulbasaur Nest - Keyport Waterfront ParkGone2016/10/12KeyportAmerican Legion Dr40.438410-74.203817
Dratini Nest - Keyport Waterfront ParkGone2016/10/12KeyportAmerican Legion Dr40.438410-74.203817
Squirtle Nest - Keyport Waterfront ParkGone2016/10/12KeyportAmerican Legion Dr40.438410-74.203817
Bulbasaur Nest - Passaic OriolesGone?2016/08/10Passaic332 Passaic Ave40.849448-74.136251
Drowzee Nest - Downtown New BrunswickUnconfirmed2016/07/28New Brunswick213 Hamilton St40.496981-74.454301
Lickitung Nest - Miller ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28West New York5709 Jackson St40.788988-74.020648
Nest in 461 Greg Lawn Dr, Paramus NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Paramus461 Greg Lawn Dr40.95118675-74.05915976
Nest in 199 Totowa Rd, Wayne NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Wayne199 Totowa Rd40.91677182-74.23206568
Nest in 184 Forest Ave, Paramus NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Paramus184 Forest Ave40.92823465-74.04849529
Nest in 39 Barbour Pond Dr, Wayne NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Wayne39 Barbour Pond Dr40.96357126-74.22998428
Nest in Paxson Ave, West Windsor Township NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23West Windsor TownshipPaxson Ave40.26508705-74.64305596
Nest in Main Dr, North Bergen NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23North BergenMain Dr40.80570499-74.00176048
Nest in County Rd 511, Morristown NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23MorristownCounty Rd 51140.80244028-74.45019364
Nest in 100 Manhattan Ave, Union City NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Union City100 Manhattan Ave40.75156676-74.03853357
Nest in 2-4 Avenue of Heroes, Fair Lawn NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Fair Lawn2-4 Avenue of Heroes40.92907719-74.14022906
Nest in 112 Sinatra Dr, Hoboken NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Hoboken112 Sinatra Dr40.73668956-74.02579308
Nest in 3305 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Union City NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Union City3305 John F. Kennedy Blvd40.74628158-74.05840874
Nest in 201 Central Ave, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Jersey City201 Central Ave40.74248558-74.05370414
Nest in 1395 Main Ave, Clifton NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Clifton1395 Main Ave40.88207533-74.14789796
Nest in US-46, Clifton NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23CliftonUS-4640.88068417-74.14915323
Nest in 90 Frank Sinatra Dr, Hoboken NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Hoboken90 Frank Sinatra Dr40.74195721-74.02563214
Nest in Otto C. Pehle Lake Loop, Saddle Brook NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Saddle BrookOtto C. Pehle Lake Loop40.91660967-74.09012318
Nest in 101 Hessian Ave, National Park NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23National Park101 Hessian Ave39.87052734-75.19021511
Nest in 240-254 Adams St, Newark NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Newark240-254 Adams St40.72395361-74.16090667
Nest in 138-164 Lafayette St, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Jersey City138-164 Lafayette St40.71434879-74.06344785
Nest in Doe Meadow Rd, Mendham NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24MendhamDoe Meadow Rd40.78519203-74.53908203
Nest in 900-998 Clinton St, Hoboken NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Hoboken900-998 Clinton St40.74863873-74.03287411
Nest in Green Acres Path, Piscataway Township NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Piscataway TownshipGreen Acres Path40.54361303-74.46599722
Nest in Shorewalk, Kearny NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24KearnyShorewalk40.78666669-74.10222530
Nest in Chatham Pl, South Plainfield NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24South PlainfieldChatham Pl40.56975856-74.40556705
Nest in 2800 Washington Rd, Sayreville NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Sayreville2800 Washington Rd40.46464584-74.31555748
Nest in 199 Challenger Rd, Ridgefield Park NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Ridgefield Park199 Challenger Rd40.86196964-74.00896221
Nest in I-95, Ridgefield Park NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Ridgefield ParkI-9540.85900185-74.00979638
Nest in 111 Challenger Rd, Ridgefield Park NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Ridgefield Park111 Challenger Rd40.85824796-74.00938988
Nest in 723 Banta Pl, Ridgefield NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Ridgefield723 Banta Pl40.83223904-73.99935722
Nest in 666-668 Broad St, Newark NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Newark666-668 Broad St40.73937221-74.16936636
Nest in 1 Jim Fear Dr, Morris Plains NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Morris Plains1 Jim Fear Dr40.83316039-74.46625471
Nest in 39-65 Park Pl, Newark NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Newark39-65 Park Pl40.73890885-74.16966677
Nest in 350 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Newark NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Newark350 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd40.74202224-74.17557836
Nest in 2070 US-130, South Brunswick Township NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24South Brunswick Township2070 US-13040.40624178-74.50159550
Nest in Co Rd 807, Highland Park NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Highland ParkCo Rd 80740.50520156-74.44497943
Nest in 42-50 NJ-124, Morristown NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Morristown42-50 NJ-12440.79695000-74.48082447
Nest in 404-498 County Rd 681, Union City NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Union City404-498 County Rd 68140.75274470-74.04270314
Nest in Baseball Field Trail, Morristown NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24MorristownBaseball Field Trail40.78034960-74.46505264
Nest in Park Dr, North Bergen NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24North BergenPark Dr40.80570499-74.00176048
Nest in Riverview Dr, North Bergen NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24North BergenRiverview Dr40.79964646-74.00047302
Nest in ???, Hoboken NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Hoboken???40.74489570-74.02388871
Nest in 38 Chestnut St, Morristown NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Morristown38 Chestnut St40.79617028-74.48631763
Nest in 495 River Rd, Edgewater NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Edgewater495 River Rd40.81131026-73.98248076
Nest in 1839 US-46, Parsippany-Troy Hills NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Parsippany-Troy Hills1839 US-4640.86584740-74.41117437
Nest in 99 Woodland Dr, Kearny NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Kearny99 Woodland Dr40.75258204-74.15236558
Nest in 57 Devon St, Kearny NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Kearny57 Devon St40.75381604-74.15398121
Nest in 95-97 Woodland Dr, Harrison NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Harrison95-97 Woodland Dr40.75279182-74.15288386
Nest in 97 Woodland Dr, Harrison NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Harrison97 Woodland Dr40.75272819-74.15272615
Nest in 898 S 1st Ave, Highland Park NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Highland Park898 S 1st Ave40.48865449-74.42984722
Nest in 83 International Blvd, Elizabeth NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Elizabeth83 International Blvd40.66333198-74.17825520
Nest in Colonial Dr, Franklin Township NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Franklin TownshipColonial Dr40.50883844-74.56898734
Nest in 90 Bay Ave, Bloomfield NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Bloomfield90 Bay Ave40.81129199-74.19296980
Nest in Verona Park Walking Path, Verona NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24VeronaVerona Park Walking Path40.82629659-74.24680710
Nest in 23 The Circle, Passaic NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Passaic23 The Circle40.84964928-74.13839221
Nest in 332 Passaic Ave, Passaic NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Passaic332 Passaic Ave40.84913098-74.13596140
Nest in 85-91 Rosedale Ave, Madison NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Madison85-91 Rosedale Ave40.75870038-74.39984322
Nest in Port Imperial Blvd, Weehawken NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24WeehawkenPort Imperial Blvd40.76435634-74.01884079
Nest in 4-26 Burnham Pkwy, Morristown NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Morristown4-26 Burnham Pkwy40.79944382-74.49362272
Nest in 63-77 Glenbrook Rd, Morris Plains NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Morris Plains63-77 Glenbrook Rd40.82834647-74.48568463
Nest in 248 4th St, Hoboken NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Hoboken248 4th St40.74211979-74.03229475
Nest in Winton Rd, East Brunswick NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24East BrunswickWinton Rd40.41929563-74.40042257
Nest in 162 Forest Rd, Fanwood NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fanwood162 Forest Rd40.64719977-74.38926727
Nest in 170-204 La Grande Ave, Fanwood NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fanwood170-204 La Grande Ave40.63769728-74.38437626
Nest in Johnson Dr, Piscataway Township NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Piscataway TownshipJohnson Dr40.51314662-74.47636329
Nest in 3 W Front St, Keyport NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Keyport3 W Front St40.43763047-74.20210775
Nest in 556-558 Anderson Ave, Cliffside Park NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Cliffside Park556-558 Anderson Ave40.82335765-73.98935795
Nest in 2007 Linwood Ave, Fort Lee NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort Lee2007 Linwood Ave40.85503816-73.97461998
Nest in 124 New Rd, South Brunswick Township NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24South Brunswick Township124 New Rd40.40414623-74.56344724
Nest in 797 Hoes Ln W, Piscataway Township NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Piscataway Township797 Hoes Ln W40.52021809-74.47448373
Nest in American Legion Dr, Keyport NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24KeyportAmerican Legion Dr40.43911255-74.20293689
Nest in 765-775 Banta Pl, Ridgefield NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Ridgefield765-775 Banta Pl40.83285598-74.00156736
Nest in 85 Lakeside Dr, Nutley NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Nutley85 Lakeside Dr40.82488397-74.14432526
Nest in 189 W 16th St, Bayonne NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Bayonne189 W 16th St40.66354968-74.13029194
Nest in ???, New Brunswick NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20New Brunswick???40.48397500-74.43877750
Nest in 35-55 NJ-439, Elizabeth NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Elizabeth35-55 NJ-43940.65834094-74.23063874
Nest in 380 Hickstown Rd, Sicklerville NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sicklerville380 Hickstown Rd39.77612179-75.03555894
Nest in 150 W 1st St, Bayonne NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Bayonne150 W 1st St40.64586067-74.13657367
Nest in Davis Way, Washington Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Washington TownshipDavis Way39.74146485-75.09503961
Nest in 1721 Whitehorse Hamilton Square Rd, Trenton NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Trenton1721 Whitehorse Hamilton Square Rd40.21468000-74.67642000
Nest in 293 Medford Mt Holly Rd, Medford NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Medford293 Medford Mt Holly Rd39.92912211-74.82611197
Nest in 800 Mountain Ave, New Providence NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20New Providence800 Mountain Ave40.68157369-74.40683842
Nest in Pond Walk, Holmdel NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20HolmdelPond Walk40.36874894-74.18612480
Nest in 25 W Hamilton Pl, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City25 W Hamilton Pl40.72764090-74.04508352
Nest in 1043-1099 N 7th St, Camden NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Camden1043-1099 N 7th St39.95552698-75.11464119
Nest in 850 Kings Hwy, Woodbury NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Woodbury850 Kings Hwy39.82564382-75.17214775
Nest in Fasola Park, Deptford Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Deptford TownshipFasola Park39.81235547-75.11797467
Nest in 42 River Ln, West Deptford NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20West Deptford42 River Ln39.84538333-75.19366980
Nest in 575-593 Boundary Ln, Westville NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Westville575-593 Boundary Ln39.86519953-75.12605667
Nest in Hackensack RiverWalk, Bayonne NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20BayonneHackensack RiverWalk40.68988018-74.11183834
Nest in 5 Park View Terrace, Highland Park NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Highland Park5 Park View Terrace40.49173194-74.42087173
Nest in 1600 Cooper Rd, Scotch Plains NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Scotch Plains1600 Cooper Rd40.62443730-74.36582624
Nest in 187-189 Audrey Zapp Dr, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City187-189 Audrey Zapp Dr40.70889741-74.04184341
Nest in 191-237 Audrey Zapp Dr, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City191-237 Audrey Zapp Dr40.70904380-74.04085636
Nest in 248-252 Audrey Zapp Dr, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City248-252 Audrey Zapp Dr40.70800279-74.03714418
Nest in Riverwinds Dr, West Deptford NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20West DeptfordRiverwinds Dr39.85505330-75.19480705
Nest in 251 Phillip St, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City251 Phillip St40.70543274-74.05094147
Nest in 302 New Jersey Ave, Collingswood NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Collingswood302 New Jersey Ave39.92227703-75.05670547
Nest in 93 Bortons Mill Rd, Cherry Hill NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Cherry Hill93 Bortons Mill Rd39.90068305-75.01928329
Nest in 2929 Klockner Rd, Hamilton Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Hamilton Township2929 Klockner Rd40.21514761-74.66661735
Nest in 90 Pavonia Ave, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City90 Pavonia Ave40.72687663-74.03416157
Nest in 754 Madison Ave, Elizabeth NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Elizabeth754 Madison Ave40.68148419-74.20363426
Nest in 158 Forest Rd, Fanwood NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Fanwood158 Forest Rd40.64719977-74.38926727
Nest in 105-199 Delaware View Ave, Westville NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Westville105-199 Delaware View Ave39.87733679-75.13725758
Nest in 260 S Church St, Moorestown NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Moorestown260 S Church St39.95782519-74.94917331
Nest in 1742-1818 2nd St, West Deptford NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20West Deptford1742-1818 2nd St39.87473496-75.17940044
Nest in 24-98 Leocadia Ct, Hazlet NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Hazlet24-98 Leocadia Ct40.42602579-74.14009809
Nest in Old Bridge High School, Matawan NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20MatawanOld Bridge High School40.40436273-74.27294254
Nest in 1718 Front St, West Deptford NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20West Deptford1718 Front St39.87618821-75.17612815
Nest in 401-499 Avon Ave, South Plainfield NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20South Plainfield401-499 Avon Ave40.58869108-74.40418363
Nest in 40 Lillian Dr, Hazlet NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Hazlet40 Lillian Dr40.42904761-74.15093422
Nest in 173-175 Nichol Ave, New Brunswick NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20New Brunswick173-175 Nichol Ave40.47961432-74.44280684
Nest in 425 Frances Ave, Woodbury NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Woodbury425 Frances Ave39.84282971-75.15605450
Nest in 401 Hamilton Ave, Trenton NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Trenton401 Hamilton Ave40.21483307-74.74696398
Nest in 530 Fox Run Rd, Deptford Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Deptford Township530 Fox Run Rd39.81259087-75.10751724
Nest in 125 Town Square Pl, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City125 Town Square Pl40.72622211-74.03454244
Nest in Hudson St, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey CityHudson St40.71368340-74.03214455
Nest in The Waterfront, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey CityThe Waterfront40.71335474-74.03323067
Nest in Keyport Waterfront Path, Keyport NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20KeyportKeyport Waterfront Path40.43925341-74.20249701
Nest in Laurel Acres Park Dr, Mount Laurel NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Mount LaurelLaurel Acres Park Dr39.93050464-74.92957413
Nest in 2086-2090 Co Rd 604, Edison NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Edison2086-2090 Co Rd 60440.57633103-74.37589645
Nest in Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey CityHudson River Waterfront Walkway40.71936767-74.03253318
Nest in 31 River Ct, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City31 River Ct40.72734820-74.03107166
Nest in Parkway Dr, Rahway NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20RahwayParkway Dr40.61991387-74.28654671
Nest in Henry Hudson Trail, Union Beach NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Union BeachHenry Hudson Trail40.44373825-74.15586948
Nest in 50-106 Hobart Ave, Bayonne NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Bayonne50-106 Hobart Ave40.64827541-74.12379095
Nest in 2720 Mt Ephraim Ave, Camden NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Camden2720 Mt Ephraim Ave39.91060445-75.09810001
Nest in 7600 Kaighn Ave, Merchantville NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Merchantville7600 Kaighn Ave39.93401173-75.08502270
Nest in 500 W Branch Ave, Pine Hill NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Pine Hill500 W Branch Ave39.78709587-75.00492811
Nest in Chemistry Drive, New Brunswick NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20New BrunswickChemistry Drive40.48648759-74.43712492
Nest in Keenan Way, South Amboy NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20South AmboyKeenan Way40.47742721-74.27172482
Nest in 631 Centennial Blvd, Voorhees Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Voorhees Township631 Centennial Blvd39.86273270-74.94897940
Nest in Unnamed Road, West Deptford NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20West DeptfordUnnamed Road39.86452425-75.20105124
Nest in 4441 Bordentown Ave, Sayreville NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sayreville4441 Bordentown Ave40.43479686-74.34036255
Nest in 9 Merkel Dr, Middletown NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Middletown9 Merkel Dr40.40223036-74.10208583
Nest in 207 NJ-73, Palmyra NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Palmyra207 NJ-7339.99924412-75.03805646
Nest in 80-88 Grand St, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City80-88 Grand St40.71539114-74.03746068
Nest in 45 US-1 Truck, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City45 US-1 Truck40.72681972-74.08879280
Nest in 6-12 Haines Dr, Moorestown NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Moorestown6-12 Haines Dr39.95379957-74.95295651
Nest in Lookout Dr, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey CityLookout Dr40.72573020-74.08123970
Nest in US-9 Truck, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey CityUS-9 Truck40.72566516-74.09282684
Nest in 133 Belvidere Ave, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City133 Belvidere Ave40.72603917-74.08059597
Nest in 679 West Side Ave, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City679 West Side Ave40.72563263-74.08295631
Nest in Tennis Ct Dr, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey CityTennis Ct Dr40.72403848-74.08336163
Nest in Lakeview Dr, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey CityLakeview Dr40.72672065-74.08582173
Nest in Lincoln Park, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey CityLincoln Park40.72400646-74.08046722
Nest in 35 Seminary Pl, New Brunswick NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20New Brunswick35 Seminary Pl40.50131025-74.44939703
Nest in 1 Harborside Pl, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City1 Harborside Pl40.71924967-74.02945161
Nest in 99 Town Square Pl, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City99 Town Square Pl40.72633485-74.03352653
Nest in 67 Broad St, Keyport NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Keyport67 Broad St40.43678938-74.20161724
Nest in 500 Washington Blvd, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City500 Washington Blvd40.72516816-74.03393358
Nest in River St, Eastampton Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Eastampton TownshipRiver St39.98463415-74.75115895
Nest in 1 Greene St, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City1 Greene St40.71224216-74.03664624
Nest in 174 Washington St, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City174 Washington St40.71256724-74.03793812
Nest in 2 York St, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City2 York St40.71560630-74.03317950
Nest in 4 Hudson St, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City4 Hudson St40.71204067-74.03465509
Nest in 34 Bozarth Ct, Hamilton Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Hamilton Township34 Bozarth Ct40.20505010-74.67793465
Nest in 38 Bozarth Ct, Hamilton Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Hamilton Township38 Bozarth Ct40.20506649-74.67819214
Nest in 50 Montague Ln, Woodbury NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Woodbury50 Montague Ln39.85051992-75.10387667
Nest in 1040 Tuckerton Rd, Evesham Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Evesham Township1040 Tuckerton Rd39.88003081-74.86949055
Nest in 1 Theater Ln, Trenton NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Trenton1 Theater Ln40.23755623-74.79011536
Nest in 14-38 Butler Pkwy, Summit NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Summit14-38 Butler Pkwy40.72745797-74.37054276
Nest in 49 Violet Terrace, Milltown NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Milltown49 Violet Terrace40.45027818-74.43227649
Nest in Morrell St, New Brunswick NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20New BrunswickMorrell St40.50324369-74.45032775
Nest in 706 Crown Point Rd, West Deptford NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20West Deptford706 Crown Point Rd39.87073758-75.13648922
Nest in 785 Grand St, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City785 Grand St40.71422419-74.07087564
Nest in Sports Rd, Pitman NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20PitmanSports Rd39.72976564-75.14502525
Nest in 2086 Co Rd 604, Edison NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Edison2086 Co Rd 60440.57629844-74.37585354
Nest in 1425 Metropolitan Ave, West Deptford NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20West Deptford1425 Metropolitan Ave39.82598032-75.20050788
Nest in 62 Rd 3, Piscataway Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Piscataway Township62 Rd 340.52065034-74.43119287
Nest in 100 W Park Ave, Trenton NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Trenton100 W Park Ave40.14786034-74.71801758
Nest in Hackensack River Walkway, Bayonne NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20BayonneHackensack River Walkway40.68633317-74.11369443
Nest in Parkview Dr, Bayonne NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20BayonneParkview Dr40.68159403-74.11382318
Nest in Bayview Dr, Bayonne NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20BayonneBayview Dr40.68349920-74.11426417
Nest in Red Oak Ln, New Brunswick NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20New BrunswickRed Oak Ln40.48258477-74.43760872
Nest in 168 Front St, Perth Amboy NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Perth Amboy168 Front St40.50285220-74.26418240
Nest in 750 E Evesham Rd, Cherry Hill NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Cherry Hill750 E Evesham Rd39.84631826-75.06278872
Nest in 1013 W Blancke St, Linden NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Linden1013 W Blancke St40.62509305-74.26041126
Nest in 360-366 Neville St, Perth Amboy NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Perth Amboy360-366 Neville St40.51872556-74.27510977
Nest in 136-140 W State St, Trenton NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Trenton136-140 W State St40.22114326-74.76978572
Nest in NJ-29, Hamilton Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Hamilton TownshipNJ-2940.18621226-74.72768181
Nest in 100 Hessian Ave, National Park NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20National Park100 Hessian Ave39.86831021-75.19125581
Nest in 303 Bluff Rd, National Park NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20National Park303 Bluff Rd39.87251179-75.18990397
Nest in 101 County Rd 642, National Park NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20National Park101 County Rd 64239.86932512-75.19100904
Nest in 1100 Summit Terrace, Linden NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Linden1100 Summit Terrace40.63624808-74.26709533
Nest in 257 Montgomery St, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City257 Montgomery St40.71810312-74.04690742
Nest in 1255 Hetfield Ave, Scotch Plains NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Scotch Plains1255 Hetfield Ave40.64087239-74.36330080
Nest in Lippincott Ln, Haddon Heights NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Haddon HeightsLippincott Ln39.87780610-75.05595446
Nest in Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail, Ewing Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Ewing TownshipDelaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail40.26520036-74.84795451
Nest in 261-299 E Barber Ave, Woodbury NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Woodbury261-299 E Barber Ave39.83225175-75.14781475
Nest in 1000 Riverwinds Dr, West Deptford NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20West Deptford1000 Riverwinds Dr39.85362018-75.20145893
Nest in 98 Old Marlton Pike, Medford NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Medford98 Old Marlton Pike39.89709437-74.83292341

Habitats in New Jersey

NestStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitude
Habitat in 64 Corabelle Ave, Lodi NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Lodi64 Corabelle Ave40.87621442-74.08940971
Habitat in 185 Weaver Ave, Bloomfield NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Bloomfield185 Weaver Ave40.79165421-74.18324947
Habitat in 404-480 County Rd 681, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Jersey City404-480 County Rd 68140.75257254-74.04137135
Habitat in 38 Bozarth Ct, Hamilton Township NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Hamilton Township38 Bozarth Ct40.20506649-74.67819214
Habitat in 7 Knightsbridge Rd, Mount Holly NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Mount Holly7 Knightsbridge Rd39.99880091-74.76283193
Habitat in 1255 Hetfield Ave, Scotch Plains NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Scotch Plains1255 Hetfield Ave40.64087239-74.36330080
Habitat in 55 Rockafeller Rd, Piscataway Township NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Piscataway Township55 Rockafeller Rd40.52344771-74.43896055
Habitat in 201 Central Ave, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Jersey City201 Central Ave40.74227830-74.05311406
Habitat in 133-199 Union Ave N, Cranford NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Cranford133-199 Union Ave N40.65897984-74.30181921
Habitat in 21 Yeger Dr, Lawrence Township NJUnconfirmed2017/02/23Lawrence Township21 Yeger Dr40.30475948-74.74249005
Habitat in 50 Springfield Ave, Cranford NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Cranford50 Springfield Ave40.66011521-74.30496275
Habitat in Laurel Hill Rd, Secaucus NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24SecaucusLaurel Hill Rd40.75980560-74.08840656
Habitat in 5709 Jackson St, West New York NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24West New York5709 Jackson St40.78886122-74.02012740
Habitat in 73-89 Seminary Pl, New Brunswick NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24New Brunswick73-89 Seminary Pl40.50125722-74.44882035
Habitat in 376 Paterson Plank Rd, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24Jersey City376 Paterson Plank Rd40.75199351-74.04001794
Habitat in 3-17 Carpender Rd, New Brunswick NJUnconfirmed2017/02/24New Brunswick3-17 Carpender Rd40.48873742-74.42507744
Habitat in Lucas Blvd, Gibbsboro NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20GibbsboroLucas Blvd39.84188031-74.96550500
Habitat in Milll Creek Park Trails, Willingboro NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20WillingboroMilll Creek Park Trails40.02524270-74.90874817
Habitat in 138 Bethel Mill Rd, Washington Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Washington Township138 Bethel Mill Rd39.75103395-75.11513472
Habitat in 53-99 Linden St, Camden NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Camden53-99 Linden St39.95020577-75.12559533
Habitat in 18 Fairgrounds Rd, Hamilton Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Hamilton Township18 Fairgrounds Rd40.23600009-74.71670866
Habitat in 70-84 High St, Emerson NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Emerson70-84 High St40.97342615-74.02321815
Habitat in Paxson Ave, West Windsor Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20West Windsor TownshipPaxson Ave40.26508705-74.64305596
Habitat in 1001-1099 S Park Ave, Haddon Heights NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Haddon Heights1001-1099 S Park Ave39.87899994-75.06443024
Habitat in ???, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City???40.70786453-74.05502915
Habitat in The East Coast Greenway, Highland Park NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Highland ParkThe East Coast Greenway40.50551154-74.44082737
Habitat in 245-247 S Park Dr, Haddon Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Haddon Township245-247 S Park Dr39.92446567-75.06222010
Habitat in Warinanco Park Roadway, Elizabeth NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20ElizabethWarinanco Park Roadway40.65486143-74.23451185
Habitat in 600-698 Oak St, Audubon NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Audubon600-698 Oak St39.88325232-75.07998705
Habitat in 517 Federal St, Camden NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Camden517 Federal St39.94421583-75.12128770
Habitat in The Waterfront, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey CityThe Waterfront40.71382571-74.03343201
Habitat in Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey CityHudson River Waterfront Walkway40.71264246-74.03339982
Habitat in 119-135 Annapolis Dr, Sicklerville NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sicklerville119-135 Annapolis Dr39.75296411-74.99692440
Habitat in 38 Elkins Ln, Milltown NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Milltown38 Elkins Ln40.46364490-74.44543272
Habitat in 215 N 3rd St, Camden NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Camden215 N 3rd St39.94817011-75.12394309
Habitat in 100 Monmouth St, Gloucester City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Gloucester City100 Monmouth St39.89879614-75.12826413
Habitat in 13 Riverside Dr, Camden NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Camden13 Riverside Dr39.94287712-75.13154984
Habitat in 420 George St, New Brunswick NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20New Brunswick420 George St40.49860170-74.44642782
Habitat in 1061 S Church St, Mount Laurel NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Mount Laurel1061 S Church St39.92993834-74.93093858
Habitat in 5 Longhill Ct, Medford NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Medford5 Longhill Ct39.87858828-74.82717276
Habitat in 675 Chews Landing Rd, Sicklerville NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sicklerville675 Chews Landing Rd39.73931161-74.99672055
Habitat in 985 Tuckerton Rd, Evesham Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Evesham Township985 Tuckerton Rd39.88201386-74.87529163
Habitat in 25-55 Warren Pl, Newark NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Newark25-55 Warren Pl40.74091469-74.17328775
Habitat in 519 Creek Rd, Moorestown NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Moorestown519 Creek Rd40.00920937-74.90624428
Habitat in ???, New Brunswick NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20New Brunswick???40.50308054-74.44971085
Habitat in Morrell St, New Brunswick NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20New BrunswickMorrell St40.50280317-74.45012391
Habitat in 34 Ella Ct, Bergenfield NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Bergenfield34 Ella Ct40.91605837-74.00819778
Habitat in 274-280 Grove St, Jersey City NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Jersey City274-280 Grove St40.71777378-74.04366195
Habitat in Sports Rd, Pitman NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20PitmanSports Rd39.72910966-75.14731050
Habitat in 261-275 Echelon Rd, Voorhees Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Voorhees Township261-275 Echelon Rd39.84921359-74.99458551
Habitat in 98 Yeger Dr, Lawrence Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Lawrence Township98 Yeger Dr40.30475948-74.74249005
Habitat in 163-199 County Rte 636, Ewing Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Ewing Township163-199 County Rte 63640.27517840-74.79782111
Habitat in 2-98 Kent St, Trenton NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Trenton2-98 Kent St40.21360004-74.74724293
Habitat in 959-985 County Rd 621, Westville NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Westville959-985 County Rd 62139.86146075-75.11996269
Habitat in 101 Devonshire Ct, Washington Township NJUnconfirmed2017/03/20Washington Township101 Devonshire Ct39.77671547-75.09334445

Trainer Spots in New Jersey

See also: Trainer Spots in New Jersey
Trainer SpotStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitudeNumber of PokeStopsNumber of GymsCommon Pokemon
Park across from the White House Hotel in Belmar New JerseyConfirmed2016/08/08BelmarPark across from the White House Hotel40.1784471-74.0218037???????????
Park in center of city in Morristown New JerseyConfirmed2016/08/08MorristownCenter Ave40.7935129-74.4956312???????????
Red Bank Battlefield Park in Gloucester County New JerseyConfirmed2016/08/08Gloucester County100 Hessian Ave
National Park
39.8699554-75.1899224324Shellder. Also ton of rares spawn at the lure spots.
The Green in Morristown New JerseyConfirmed2016/08/08Morristown46 Washington St40.797123-74.4807709???????????

Gyms in New Jersey

See also: Gyms in New Jersey
- Clifton, NJ40.887136-74.140825194 E 7th StCliftonNew JerseyUnited States
450 Washington St. - Newark, NJ40.729292-74.178946450 Washington StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
9/11 Mural - Paterson, NJ40.906796-74.16259333 Beckwith AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
A Citadel Of Education - Elmwood Park, NJ40.909419-74.131034363-383 River DrElmwood ParkNew JerseyUnited States
Adventure Aquarium Fountain - Camden, NJ39.946636-75.1304424 Aquarium LoopCamdenNew JerseyUnited States
Agape Family Worship Center - Rahway, NJ40.599294-74.272855477-501 E Hazelwood AveRahwayNew JerseyUnited States
Albanian Associated Fund Albanian Mosque - Paterson, NJ40.930292-74.160228456 River StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Alexander Hamilton - Paterson, NJ40.9151-74.18030772 McBride AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
American Flag Mustang Mural - Clifton, NJ40.88655-74.151371555-1577 Main AveCliftonNew JerseyUnited States
American Legion Post 248 - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.584651-74.302869806 S Middlesex AveWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
American Legion Post 471 - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.563576-74.30283425-37 Brown AveWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
American Merchant Marine Memor - Camden, NJ39.9424-75.132161Clinton StCamdenNew JerseyUnited States
Aquarium Hippo Exhibit - Camden, NJ39.945876-75.1312341 Aquarium LoopCamdenNew JerseyUnited States
Aquarium Jules Verne Mural 1 - Camden, NJ39.946054-75.1309411 Aquarium LoopCamdenNew JerseyUnited States
Arabic Church - Jersey City, NJ40.732051-74.07136241 Sip AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Art House - Jersey City, NJ40.732053-74.060606136 Magnolia AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Baptist Church - Newark, NJ40.744782-74.198913234 12th AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Basilone Memorial Bridge History - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.560261-74.264218I-95Woodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Bayview Cemetery - Jersey City, NJ40.697628-74.087277247-259 Chapel AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Be the Change Memorial Garden - Union, NJ40.677811-74.23259Cougar WalkUnionNew JerseyUnited States
Bear Statues - Paterson, NJ40.939963-74.1442711 McLean BlvdPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium - Newark, NJ40.746218-74.169544405 Division StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Beautiful Newark Mural - Newark, NJ40.730942-74.195418401 Hunterdon StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Bell Telephone Statue - Newark, NJ40.742008-74.178234100 Summit StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Ben Franklin - Paterson, NJ40.916572-74.172061148 Market StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Ben Franklin Bridge - Camden, NJ39.951842-75.130417201 Pearl StCamdenNew JerseyUnited States
Berkeley College Rear Entrance Market - Woodland Park, NJ40.899491-74.19151147 Garden AveWoodland ParkNew JerseyUnited States
Bethel Worldwide Outreach Ministries Inc - Newark, NJ40.729305-74.20811765 Pierce StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Beulah Bible Cathedral - Newark, NJ40.733625-74.204993580 S 12th StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Big Bird Elmo and Cookie Monster Hand Painting - Jersey City, NJ40.707373-74.091972158 Sterling AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Blessed Sacrament Church Rectory - Elizabeth, NJ40.679194-74.203475731-799 Madison AveElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Borough Of Metuchen Firemen's Monument - Metuchen, NJ40.544247-74.362069480-496 NJ-27MetuchenNew JerseyUnited States
Borough Of Totowa Welcome Sign - Totowa, NJ40.910758-74.202074131 Shepherd LnTotowaNew JerseyUnited States
Bowtie Recreation Complex - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.567069-74.250937141 B StWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Branch Brook Park Gazebo - Newark, NJ40.753885-74.17969989-113 6th AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Bridge Point Clock - Metuchen, NJ40.534972-74.37538310 Bridge StMetuchenNew JerseyUnited States
Bridgeway Community Church - Haledon, NJ40.937182-74.181563381 Haledon AveHaledonNew JerseyUnited States
Bright Corn - Newark, NJ40.692257-74.178727486-592 Newark International Airport StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Brownstone Diner - Jersey City, NJ40.716853-74.048654426 Jersey AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Brownstone Fountain - Paterson, NJ40.926538-74.184929343-351 County Rd 673PatersonNew JerseyUnited States
CRRNJ Terminal - Jersey City, NJ40.70721-74.035003242 Audrey Zapp DrJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Calvary Cemetery - Paterson, NJ40.90052-74.135716NJ-20PatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Calvary Gospel Church - Newark, NJ40.705923-74.2060793-15 County Rte 602NewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Carl sporer field40.51182523058779-74.4214296340942514 Railroad AveNew BrunswickNew JerseyUnited States
Casa De Oracao Evangelica - Harrison, NJ40.750823-74.155301514 N 5th StHarrisonNew JerseyUnited States
Caven Point Athletic Complex - Jersey City, NJ40.69217-74.080521116 Chapel AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Cedar Lawn Cemetery - Clifton, NJ40.892544-74.139479294 Lakeview AveCliftonNew JerseyUnited States
Challenger 7 Memorial Park Sign - Union, NJ40.678433-74.238508928-1004 Woodland AveUnionNew JerseyUnited States
Chechanovtzer K.U.V Monument - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.565289-74.31907305 Gill LnWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Cherry Blossom Mural - Jersey City, NJ40.698734-74.08066620-32 Bayside TerraceJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Christ the King Church - Hillside, NJ40.696508-74.237172411 Rutgers AveHillsideNew JerseyUnited States
Christian Breakthrough Fellowship Church - Union, NJ40.688352-74.2445491359-1361 NJ-82UnionNew JerseyUnited States
Church of God Tabernacle of The Lord - Newark, NJ40.740857-74.202719404 S Orange AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Church of Saint Margaret Mary - Edison, NJ40.514497-74.3604042803 Woodbridge AveEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Citizens of Elizabeth July 4 1906 - Elizabeth, NJ40.670878-74.215038333 N Broad StElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
City of Elizabeth Library - Elizabeth, NJ40.652135-74.19123102 3rd StElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Coakley circle Playground - Elizabeth, NJ40.682145-74.19535314 Coakley CirElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Colgate Clock - Jersey City, NJ40.711996-74.0339811-13 Essex StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Congregation Ahavath Zion - Newark, NJ40.73541-74.2019488 Holland StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Cooking Pot on Gallagher's - Newark, NJ40.696591-74.17826423 Newark International Airport StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Cypress Hall - Newark, NJ40.743521-74.179317University HeightsNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
DK Fish Market Under the Sea Mural - Paterson, NJ40.893627-74.150706235 Buffalo AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Daughters of Charity Church - Paterson, NJ40.913732-74.18509446 Preakness AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Deiner Park Gazebo - New Brunswick NJ40.50476104143132-74.44971084594728615 George StNew BrunswickNew JerseyUnited States
Dick Seay Memorial Park - Jersey City, NJ40.71902-74.0563181-43 Merseles StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Dinosaur Wall Art - Paterson, NJ40.922942-74.16589578-82 Passaic County 647PatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Disabled Americans Memorial - Paterson, NJ40.912009-74.188347300-322 County Rte 639PatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Dog Park - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.55786-74.25509597-699 Cliff RdWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Dr King Community Garden - Newark, NJ40.7482-74.19491459-75 S 8th StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Dream Mural - Newark, NJ40.726348-74.20066436 Rose TerraceNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Ducks Of The NY/NJ HARBOUR ESTUARY - Jersey City, NJ40.69957-74.048316Freedom WayJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Ducks of the New York New Jersey Harbor Estuary at Liberty State Park - Jersey City, NJ40.697982-74.049791Freedom WayJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Eagle Mural Hand Painted - Jersey City, NJ40.729125-74.06937913 Stuyvesant AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Eastside Park Horse Barn - Paterson, NJ40.915869-74.138056E Park DrPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Edgar Woods - Metuchen, NJ40.530141-74.36185775 Brunswick AveMetuchenNew JerseyUnited States
Edison Firefighter Memorial - Edison, NJ40.52781-74.393757100 Municipal BlvdEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Edison Italian American Club Mural - Edison, NJ40.500777-74.40311975-1991 Woodbridge AveEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Edison Post Office - Edison, NJ40.50061-74.3987962079 Woodbridge AveEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
El Buen Pastor - Prospect Park, NJ40.932134-74.172287266 N 7th StProspect ParkNew JerseyUnited States
Elizabeth Portuguese Lions Club Memorial - Elizabeth, NJ40.66425-74.233805205-219 Elmora AveElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Elizabeth Post Office - Elizabeth, NJ40.669547-74.216069310 N Broad StElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Elizabeth Seventh Day Adventist Church - Elizabeth, NJ40.666316-74.24241133-43 Palisade RdElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Elks Rest Memorial Statue - Jersey City, NJ40.696305-74.087279321 Garfield AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Ercel Webb Park East Entrance - Jersey City, NJ40.713843-74.062213261 Van Horne StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Essex Counties Riverfront Park - Newark, NJ40.73382-74.143881555-571 Raymond BlvdNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Essex County Branch Brook Park Roller Rink - Newark, NJ40.752243-74.182496Branch Brook Park DrNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Essex County College - Newark, NJ40.737062-74.176608307-317 University AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Essex County College Physical Education Building - Newark, NJ40.739057-74.180216303 University AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Essex County Park Map - Newark, NJ40.732766-74.150277699785 Raymond BlvdNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Essex County Salutes Mrs. Lena Parker Griffith - Newark, NJ40.73675-74.179983493-503 Dr Martin Luther King Jr BlvdNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church - Jersey City, NJ40.72392-74.065021661 Montgomery StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Fair Lawn Ave Bridge - Fair Lawn, NJ40.934032-74.1391519 Fair Lawn Ave BridgeFair LawnNew JerseyUnited States
Fair Lawn Memorial Park - Fair Lawn, NJ40.929632-74.1383196-10 Avenue of HeroesFair LawnNew JerseyUnited States
Fair Lawn Police Memorial - Fair Lawn, NJ40.936143-74.132213829-889 County Rd 76Fair LawnNew JerseyUnited States
Fair Lawn Water Tower - Fair Lawn, NJ40.943499-74.14232116-30 Maple AveFair LawnNew JerseyUnited States
Ferry Building - Jersey City, NJ40.699369-74.04113Ellis Island BridgeJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
First AME Zion Church - Paterson, NJ40.917103-74.163407326 Ellison StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
First Baptist Church - Jersey City, NJ40.725786-74.07218355 Fairmount AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
First Baptist Church - Newark, NJ40.741671-74.1688179 Fulton StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
First Presbyterian Church - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.573184-74.3229121295 Oak Tree RoadWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
First Presbyterian Church of Paterson New Jersey - Paterson, NJ40.914376-74.173614316-320 County Rd 509PatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Fitz Randolph-Csaki House - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.560739-74.274544569 Rahway AveWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Fords Clara Barton Baseball League Field - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.537856-74.300969Park RdWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Fords Park - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.536012-74.298988451-499 King Georges RdWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Fords Porcelain Works - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.52684-74.317365Middlesex GreenwayWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Fountain - Newark, NJ40.736918-74.179713483-491 Dr Martin Luther King Jr BlvdNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Fountain Near KEAN - Union, NJ40.680252-74.232249957-963 NJ-82UnionNew JerseyUnited States
Frank Wright Memorial Field - Edison, NJ40.526138-74.396621Pow-Mia BlvdEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Freedom Kids - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.562583-74.257713290 Old RdWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Friendship Lodge - Jersey City, NJ40.717904-74.06739478 Summit AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
GET MORE FREE ITEMS - Elizabeth, NJ40.659564-74.1711Jersey Gardens BlvdElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
GET MORE FREE ITEMS - Jersey City, NJ40.732065-74.0664312831 John F. Kennedy BlvdJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Garden State James Dean - Newark, NJ40.694324-74.172935Terminal CNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Garden of Stones - Jersey City, NJ40.703055-74.045277Ellis Island BridgeJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Garfield Light Rail - Jersey City, NJ40.710632-74.071628206-208 Randolph AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Garretson Forge & Farm - Fair Lawn, NJ40.923853-74.1304173-4 County Rte 507Fair LawnNew JerseyUnited States
Garrett Mountain Reservation - Clifton, NJ40.893042-74.179869Park RdCliftonNew JerseyUnited States
Geese Mural - Jersey City, NJ40.704298-74.079557524 Ocean AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Gelotti - Paterson, NJ40.911357-74.1997692 Union AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
George Washington Memorial Grove - Roselle, NJ40.656715-74.242984Warinanco Park RoadwayRoselleNew JerseyUnited States
George Washington’s Inaugurati - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.553714-74.282733130 Co Rd 514Woodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Giant Chess Piece - Newark, NJ40.736044-74.171595772 Broad StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Giant Donuts - Newark, NJ40.695057-74.173786Terminal CNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Glenn D. Cunningham Library and Community Center - Jersey City, NJ40.708546-74.081844275 Martin Luther King DrJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Glowing Fox Hound Art - Edison, NJ40.545258-74.336164200 Menlo Park DrEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Goffle Brook Park - Hawthorne, NJ40.944849-74.16434Park Access RoadHawthorneNew JerseyUnited States
Good Neighbor Church - Newark, NJ40.704566-74.213746100 Chancellor AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Good Shepard Church of Christ Disciples of Christ Inc. - Newark, NJ40.731594-74.204407534 Springfield AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Gorham Boynton Memorial Park - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.556327-74.280112N Park DrWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Gothic Mural - Newark, NJ40.730362-74.171469248 Mulberry StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Grace Church in Newark - Newark, NJ40.730785-74.174624950 Broad StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Grand Street Junction Mural - Jersey City, NJ40.715564-74.067366717 Grand StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Greater Chinatown Community Assn Monument - Linden, NJ40.639557-74.238835350-798 E Linden AveLindenNew JerseyUnited States
Greater Mount Moriah - Newark, NJ40.72324-74.186588204-214 Clinton AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Greater Tabernacle Baptist Church - Jersey City, NJ40.716636-74.0813492285 John F. Kennedy BlvdJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Greek Orthadox Church - Jersey City, NJ40.71944-74.074434549 Bergen AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Green Acres Sign - Jersey City, NJ40.727092-74.045058244-262 County Rd 630Jersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Green Obelisk - Edison, NJ40.502443-74.356915252 Fernwood AveEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Grove '2A at Roosevelt Park - Edison, NJ40.543895-74.342068Birch DriveEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Grove Park - Fair Lawn, NJ40.928571-74.141693Memorial Park River WalkFair LawnNew JerseyUnited States
Grove Street Station East - Jersey City, NJ40.719136-74.04126294-296 County Rd 637Jersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Grove of Remberance - Jersey City, NJ40.709051-74.0485968-158 Audrey Zapp DrJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Grover Park - Jersey City, NJ40.711116-74.0850776 Broadman PkwyJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Guardian Angels - Edison, NJ40.502803-74.3962859-63 Larson AveEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Haitian Bethel Church Of The Nazarene - Paterson, NJ40.906397-74.169841567 Main StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Hall Stadium - Union, NJ40.683068-74.242915900 Lehigh AveUnionNew JerseyUnited States
Hamilton Park Gazebo - Jersey City, NJ40.727657-74.04517625 W Hamilton PlJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Happy Newark - Newark, NJ40.747265-74.17179225 University AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Harrison Community Center - Harrison, NJ40.744452-74.155896200-208 Frank E Rodgers Blvd SHarrisonNew JerseyUnited States
Harrison Little League - Harrison, NJ40.747624-74.149483742 Harrison AveHarrisonNew JerseyUnited States
Hat Mural - Jersey City, NJ40.711602-74.07783398 Martin Luther King DrJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Hawthorne Sewage Pumping Station - Hawthorne, NJ40.940329-74.159607150 Wagaraw RdHawthorneNew JerseyUnited States
Hayden Heights Memorial - Paterson, NJ40.911667-74.188485300-322 County Rte 639PatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Heavenly Queen Statue - Edison, NJ40.511207-74.3975289-199 Seymour AveEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Heavenly Temple - Jersey City, NJ40.701103-74.09061715 County Rd 609Jersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Hillside Fire Department - Hillside, NJ40.690151-74.227036379 Hollywood AveHillsideNew JerseyUnited States
Hillside Gardens Park - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.523751-74.306852333 Crows Mill RdWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Historic Clorox Warehouse Abandoned - Jersey City, NJ40.706646-74.06980349-63 Carteret AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Historic Morris Canal Peninsula - Jersey City, NJ40.711156-74.038241Hudson River Waterfront WalkwayJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Holy Cross - Harrison, NJ40.746345-74.156753323 Harrison AveHarrisonNew JerseyUnited States
Holy Tabernacle - Paterson, NJ40.927016-74.16841384 Holsman StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Honor Roll - Fair Lawn, NJ40.936292-74.13192314 Parmelee AveFair LawnNew JerseyUnited States
Horse Chestnut Tree - Union, NJ40.678028-74.22928931 NJ-82UnionNew JerseyUnited States
Hoyer Field - Metuchen, NJ40.544145-74.349447114-116 Oakland AveMetuchenNew JerseyUnited States
Hudson County Community College Library - Jersey City, NJ40.730494-74.06267571 Sip AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Hudson River Waterfront Walkway - Jersey City, NJ40.699062-74.067055358 Hudson River Waterfront WalkJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Huntoon's Corner - Underground Railroad - Paterson, NJ40.919015-74.169503125 BroadwayPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Iglesia Bautista Misionera - Elizabeth, NJ40.660467-74.21504278-148 S Broad StElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Iglesia De Dios - Paterson, NJ40.914894-74.163668342-380 Summer StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Iglesia Fe Apostolica Inc. - Paterson, NJ40.920708-74.18212249 Jasper StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Iglesia Ni Cristo Church of Christ Sign - Elizabeth, NJ40.681918-74.212351374 North AveElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Iglesia Pentecostal Boca De Salvacion - Paterson, NJ40.933841-74.149188286-298 5th AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Iglesia Pentecostal Unida - Prospect Park, NJ40.933848-74.168363330 N 6th StProspect ParkNew JerseyUnited States
Igreja Evangélica Canaã - Newark, NJ40.72141-74.171703205 Thomas StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church - Newark, NJ40.729354-74.163477212 Lafayette StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Imprudentium Sapientia - Paterson, NJ40.915002-74.16675194-218 Federal PlazaPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
In Memory Of Caxton Brown - Roselle, NJ40.659262-74.240073Warinanco Park RoadwayRoselleNew JerseyUnited States
In Memory of Bernie Anderson Sr - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.556441-74.283615442-458 NJ-35Woodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Inside The Rock - Newark, NJ40.733801-74.170633Central Business DistrictNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Ironbound Community Center - Newark, NJ40.72562-74.153579432 Lafayette StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Ironbound Recreational Center - Newark, NJ40.726201-74.142239201-299 Rome StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Iselin Branch Library - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.57117-74.3136391081 Green StWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
JFK Gazebo - Edison, NJ40.557146-74.35020865 James StEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
JFK High Vietnam Memorial - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.572019-74.3053311 Washington AveWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Jackie Robinson Baseball Field - Jersey City, NJ40.697542-74.082191452-468 Garfield AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
James Singer Sr Park - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.578965-74.292703447-455 Smith StWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Jersey City Post Office - Jersey City, NJ40.718063-74.083824502 West Side AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Jersey City Succeed Mural - Jersey City, NJ40.723378-74.070374680 Bergen AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Jersey Gardens Fountain - Elizabeth, NJ40.660332-74.176176Jersey Gardens BlvdElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Jersey Joe Walcott Memorial - Camden, NJ39.941404-75.131773Clinton StCamdenNew JerseyUnited States
Jersey at Jefferson Old Church - Elizabeth, NJ40.664627-74.2121761117 E Jersey StElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Jesus Christ of the Harvest Mural - Clifton, NJ40.891762-74.141787261 Crooks AveCliftonNew JerseyUnited States
Jewish Temple - Newark, NJ40.736022-74.18533936 Prince StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Joannis Griffin Memorial - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.538083-74.293697900 U.S. 9Woodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
John P. Holland’s First Submarine - Paterson, NJ40.914959-74.18259998 Front StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Joker Statue - Newark, NJ40.745126-74.188972313 W Market StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Joseph Lovero Memorial - Jersey City, NJ40.721045-74.0447164 Newark AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Keady Fountain - Jersey City, NJ40.724849-74.080778Lookout DrJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Ken Buchanan Park - Sayreville, NJ40.472664-74.355299333 Sayreville BlvdSayrevilleNew JerseyUnited States
Kevin Zebrowski Memorial Stone - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.593756-74.30498370-94 Hoffman BlvdWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses - Newark, NJ40.730292-74.14690657-73 Mott StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Koch Memorial - Jersey City, NJ40.730203-74.055363512-514 County Rd 639Jersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
L'Hommedieu Hall - Edison, NJ40.506857-74.364815Blue Colt DrEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Lady Of Fatima - Newark, NJ40.730362-74.16118279 Jefferson StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Lafayette Senior Center Lightning Bolt Art - Jersey City, NJ40.715614-74.057239463 County Rd 621Jersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Lake Papaianni - Edison, NJ40.524898-74.39751100 Dunham AveEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Lambert Castle Museum - Paterson, NJ40.900068-74.1728483 Valley RdPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Lands To Parks Program - Edison, NJ40.499141-74.361131Walnut DrEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Larry Doby - Paterson, NJ40.915198-74.134388NJ-20PatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Leones Cubanos De Elizabeth - Elizabeth, NJ40.659425-74.2050161-199 South StElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Let Your Soul Come Out To Play Painting - Jersey City, NJ40.713398-74.089952325 West Side AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Levchenko Church - Elizabeth, NJ40.660888-74.19989100 Division StElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Liberty Harbor Marina - Jersey City, NJ40.711872-74.043462-30 County Rd 637Jersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Liberty House Chess Board - Jersey City, NJ40.709128-74.03964676 Audrey Zapp DrJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Liberty Park - Newark, NJ40.720692-74.1577649-39 Hennessey StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Liberty Science Center - Jersey City, NJ40.708267-74.054673???Jersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Liberty State Park Map Stand - Jersey City, NJ40.691926-74.054329402 Morris Pesin DrJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Lincoln Park Gazebo North - Jersey City, NJ40.723121-74.076834Lincoln Dr NJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Lincoln Park Gazebo South - Jersey City, NJ40.722657-74.0770829500 Lincoln Dr SJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Lincoln Park Mystery Gazebo - Jersey City, NJ40.728131-74.083034Lookout DrJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Lincoln Park North Entrance - Jersey City, NJ40.7286-74.081245Lincoln ParkJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Lion Statue - Jersey City, NJ40.711167-74.06036659 Lafayette StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Little Free Library - Metuchen, NJ40.535238-74.359877228 Main StMetuchenNew JerseyUnited States
Little Theatre - Newark, NJ40.742251-74.169003562 Broad StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Lou's on First - Paterson, NJ40.917347-74.17569945-51 Ellison StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
MCC Ecological Park - Edison, NJ40.50545-74.364379College Dr EEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Madison Ave Baptist Church - Paterson, NJ40.910358-74.156438892 Madison AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Malcolm X Shabazz Gymnasium/Shaq Mural - Newark, NJ40.717514-74.192253111-131 W Bigelow StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Martin Luther King Drive Light Rail Station - Jersey City, NJ40.712005-74.07753342-48 Virginia AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Mary McLeod Bethune Life Center - Jersey City, NJ40.704663-74.086319140 Martin Luther King DrJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Mary Statue at Holy Rosary Church Rectory - Jersey City, NJ40.726262-74.050556183 Brunswick StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Mechanicsville Hose Co.40.485304-74.295788400 Raritan StSouth AmboyNew JerseyUnited States
Memorial Eagle - Jersey City, NJ40.707413-74.0877061994-1998 John F. Kennedy BlvdJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Menlo Park Mall Fountain - Edison, NJ40.548155-74.335431???EdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Menlo Park Nature Trail - Edison, NJ40.562467-74.35091546 Jamaica StEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Merrill Park - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.578408-74.312909Middlesex Essex TurnpikeWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Metropark Railway Station - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.568556-74.32903475 NJ-27Woodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Metropark Train Station - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.568069-74.32994459 NJ-27Woodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Metuchen Post Office - Metuchen, NJ40.539794-74.360327360 Main StMetuchenNew JerseyUnited States
Middlesex County Academy - Edison, NJ40.504362-74.369188Otlowski DrEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Middlesex Greenway New Durham Road Entrance - Metuchen, NJ40.539633-74.368113Middlesex GreenwayMetuchenNew JerseyUnited States
Millennium Park - Jersey City, NJ40.708099-74.043575Freedom WayJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Ministerio De La Palabra De Dios - Paterson, NJ40.921153-74.154819554 E 18th StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Ministerio Internacional El Shaddai - Newark, NJ40.732694-74.141736124 Fleming AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Modern Art Mural - Jersey City, NJ40.724032-74.050125340 3rd StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Mojos - Jersey City, NJ40.708765-74.095655130 West Side AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Monument at Roosevelt Park - Edison, NJ40.542201-74.3361621475 US-1EdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Monumental Baptist Church - Jersey City, NJ40.713391-74.063001121 Lafayette StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Morlot Ave Bridge - Paterson, NJ40.924236-74.139755111 E 33rd StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Mormon Church - Newark, NJ40.746781-74.174082216-224 Dr Martin Luther King Jr BlvdNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Morris Canal Marker - Paterson, NJ40.900515-74.169218County Rd 621PatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Morris Canal Marker - Rt 19 - Clifton, NJ40.892824-74.1687351 Broad StCliftonNew JerseyUnited States
Mother And Son Statute - Jersey City, NJ40.716028-74.043268208 Grand StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Mount Carmel Church - Newark, NJ40.722843-74.161598273 Oliver StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church - Jersey City, NJ40.714534-74.0733516-526 Bramhall AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Mt Zion Full Gospel Church - Paterson, NJ40.906011-74.1575061025 Madison AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Mundial - Newark, NJ40.720771-74.15255406-430 New York AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Mural - Newark, NJ40.752925-74.17050379 BroadwayNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Mural on a Wall - Jersey City, NJ40.733267-74.0549281604 Hoboken AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
NJ Title Guarantee & Trust Co. - Jersey City, NJ40.716718-74.03817683 Montgomery StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
NJIT - Newark, NJ40.742744-74.176496323 Dr Martin Luther King Jr BlvdNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Naranzi Tree - Paterson, NJ40.894237-74.133218NJ-20PatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Nat Turner Park - Newark, NJ40.729431-74.193393245-249 18th AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
National Guard Army Tanks - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.543144-74.304031625 Main StWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Neighborhood Baptist Church - Paterson, NJ40.926157-74.17113552 N 1st StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
New AME Zion Church - Paterson, NJ40.924257-74.160951Mercer StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
New Beginnings Church Of The Nazarene - Edison, NJ40.505563-74.40358180 Jefferson BlvdEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church - Newark, NJ40.743008-74.201167416 13th AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
New Hope Baptist Church - Metuchen, NJ40.539646-74.37276735 Hampton StMetuchenNew JerseyUnited States
New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home - Edison, NJ40.554818-74.33350625 Oakwood AveEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Newark Airport Train Station - Newark, NJ40.704055-74.191098Station RdNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Newark Broad Street Station - Newark, NJ40.747322-74.1714255409 State StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Newark Church of Christ - Newark, NJ40.723144-74.210914733 Clinton AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Newark Eagles - Newark, NJ40.731382-74.182773106 Lincoln StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Newark Fire Department - Newark, NJ40.733616-74.194371313-317 Hunterdon StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Newark International Airport Terminal A - Newark, NJ40.687639-74.182273Terminal ANewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Newark International Airport Terminal C - Newark, NJ40.69574-74.17842Terminal CNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Newark Post Office - Newark, NJ40.727799-74.151372279 Ferry StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Nicholas Murray Birthplace - Elizabeth, NJ40.663439-74.223068200-220 W Jersey StElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Nick Lanza Memorial Field - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.581249-74.306144344 Fairview AveWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Norfolk Street Station - Newark, NJ40.745369-74.183142126 Norfolk StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
North Elizabeth Train Station - Elizabeth, NJ40.680791-74.2059021152 North AveElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
North Halrdon Freeholders Plaque - Haledon, NJ40.941857-74.184914540 Passaic County 675HaledonNew JerseyUnited States
O'Brien Field Christopher Colu - Elizabeth, NJ40.656334-74.205603641-699 3rd AveElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Oakland Path Sign - Metuchen NJ40.54259389764319-74.3513703346252676-98 Grove AveMetuchenNew JerseyUnited States
Oakland Path Sign - Metuchen, NJ40.542784-74.35151876-98 Grove AveMetuchenNew JerseyUnited States
Oakland park Baseball field - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.533164-74.3128443-57 Woodview AveWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Old Kean - Union, NJ40.681099-74.2354891000 Morris AveUnionNew JerseyUnited States
Old man statue. - Paterson, NJ40.896167-74.136496200 McLean BlvdPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Omar Mosque - Paterson, NJ40.89097-74.152713501 Getty AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
One EverTrust Plaza - Jersey City, NJ40.71805-74.0374852-48 Christopher Columbus DrJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
One Horned Cow - Metuchen, NJ40.548916-74.326093922 W Kelly StMetuchenNew JerseyUnited States
Open Your Mind Mural - Jersey City, NJ40.728347-74.043272170e Erie StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Our Lady - Elizabeth, NJ40.667377-74.203402263 Spring StElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Our Lady Of Hungary Church - Perth Amboy, NJ40.521907-74.266707683 Cortlandt StPerth AmboyNew JerseyUnited States
Our Lady Queen of Angels R.C. Church - Newark, NJ40.73351-74.18897626-44 Irvine Turner BlvdNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Our Lady of Fatima - Rahway, NJ40.598083-74.28838259-99 Minna StRahwayNew JerseyUnited States
Outerbridge Crossing Sign - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.551499-74.253909499 Cliff RdWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Pan American Park - Paterson, NJ40.907835-74.150372439-447 20th AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Panepinto - Jersey City, NJ40.726555-74.06954741 Glenwood AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Paterson Church of God - Paterson, NJ40.924168-74.150109351-361 Passaic County 651 IPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Paterson Eastside Library - Paterson, NJ40.914152-74.142419287 E 33rd StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Paterson Hatian Church of God - Paterson, NJ40.924453-74.153936456 E 18th StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Path Station Incoming to Newark Penn Platform H - Newark, NJ40.734805-74.163494337-353 Market StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Patrolman Joseph Lewis - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.568007-74.29631931 US-1Woodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Perth Amboy Water Tower - Perth Amboy, NJ40.52744-74.275824800 Albert StPerth AmboyNew JerseyUnited States
Philip Kearny - Newark, NJ40.73945-74.16882139-65 Park PlNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Plaza of Memories - Paterson, NJ40.914542-74.138689219-243 Derrom AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church - Newark, NJ40.719523-74.201925200 Chadwick AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Police Memorial - Elizabeth, NJ40.666589-74.2138291195-1199 E Grand StElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Poochie Passions Mural - Jersey City, NJ40.721798-74.069916205 Monticello AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Port Liberte Central Park Entrance Way - Jersey City, NJ40.69019-74.074208Aurora PlJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Porter Memorial Church - Jersey City, NJ40.709392-74.07672673 Ocean AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Presbyterian Church - Paterson, NJ40.91839-74.15929308 Rosa Parks BlvdPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Priory Church - Newark, NJ40.743097-74.186371237 W Market StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Prospect Park Veteran's Memorial - Prospect Park, NJ40.941162-74.17211314-320Prospect ParkNew JerseyUnited States
Prudential Center - Newark, NJ40.734709-74.169822232 Market StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Raymond Terpanick Memorial Placard - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.556486-74.291753N Park DrWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Red Bull Arena - Harrison, NJ40.736914-74.15118???HarrisonNew JerseyUnited States
Redeemed Christian Church of God - Perth Amboy, NJ40.518133-74.275854489 Co Rd 653Perth AmboyNew JerseyUnited States
Revolutionary Cannon - Elizabeth, NJ40.662166-74.2150644 Broad StElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Richard J Sullivan Natural Area - Jersey City, NJ40.698223-74.054058Freedom WayJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Rifle Camp Park - Woodland Park, NJ40.890273-74.187842387-395 Rifle Camp RdWoodland ParkNew JerseyUnited States
Riverside Reformed Church - Paterson, NJ40.93237-74.158197529 River StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Riverside Vets - Paterson, NJ40.935106-74.15518165 5th AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Robert Wood Johnson Learning Center Plaque - Edison, NJ40.506185-74.366589Alumni DrEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Robot Family - Jersey City, NJ40.719963-74.044934143 Christopher Columbus DrJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Rooney Memorial - Paterson, NJ40.898908-74.138257112 Lakeview AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Roosevelt Park Gazebo - Edison NJ40.55111333356784-74.3410921096801910 Oak DrEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Roosevelt Park Gazebo - Edison, NJ40.551302-74.34119810 Oak DrEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Rosemount Memorial Park Cemetery - Newark, NJ40.687479-74.196507167 McClellan StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Route 1 and 9 Bridge - Elizabeth, NJ40.660728-74.207616U.S. 9ElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
SEC Memorial - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.561308-74.319951NJ-444Woodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Sacred Heart Church - Jersey City, NJ40.706773-74.083537214-230 County Rd 609Jersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Saint George's Catholic Church Byzantine Rite - Newark, NJ40.723689-74.156618214 Warwick StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Saint John's Christian Church Since 1892 - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.551794-74.256541510 East AveWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church - Jersey City, NJ40.73068-74.057848261 Baldwin AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Saint Mary Help of christians - Paterson, NJ40.921039-74.185267410 Union AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Santa Francisca Javiera Cabrin - Newark, NJ40.733844-74.1636897-17 Raymond Plaza ENewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Santoro Warrior Angel - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.537368-74.29045Ida WayWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Sayre and Fisher Brick Water Tower - Sayreville, NJ40.470201-74.3597684 Memorial WaySayrevilleNew JerseyUnited States
Sayreville Methodist Church - Sayreville, NJ40.470993-74.3517410 Main StSayrevilleNew JerseyUnited States
Sayreville Post Office - Sayreville, NJ40.460608-74.36090190 Main StSayrevilleNew JerseyUnited States
School 27 50Th Anniversary - Paterson, NJ40.920496-74.20004250 Richmond AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
School of Dental Medicine - Newark, NJ40.741882-74.18946556-62 12th AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Scooter's Park - Elizabeth, NJ40.674432-74.229075573-599 NJ-439ElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Service Men & Women Memorial - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.599094-74.305827Way of GethsemaneWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Shepherd & the Knucklehead - Haledon, NJ40.941205-74.185364527 Belmont AveHaledonNew JerseyUnited States
Shohid Minar Monument - Paterson, NJ40.913833-74.18869961-127 Preakness AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Site of John George Ryerson House - Hawthorne, NJ40.946171-74.163691335 County Rd 659HawthorneNew JerseyUnited States
Skinner Memorial Park - Jersey City, NJ40.704269-74.07616916 Wilkinson AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Skuffy's - Hawthorne, NJ40.936853-74.16558666 Goffle RdHawthorneNew JerseyUnited States
South End Club Memorial Park Assoc Monument - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.561186-74.319721NJ-444Woodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
South Paterson Library - Paterson, NJ40.895753-74.160628928 Main StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Space Needle - Jersey City, NJ40.709094-74.055781I-78Jersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Spanish Pentecostal Church - Paterson, NJ40.917218-74.159093413 Ellison StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Spring Linden NJ40.61221766210712-74.254016876220721701 W Edgar RdLindenNew JerseyUnited States
St Anthony's Church - Jersey City, NJ40.726048-74.048886457 Monmouth StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
St Francis of Assisi Cathedral - Metuchen, NJ40.54567-74.363781548 Main StMetuchenNew JerseyUnited States
St Genevieve's Church - Elizabeth, NJ40.66978-74.237944200-220 Monmouth RdElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
St James Church - Newark, NJ40.732953-74.180879578 Dr Martin Luther King Jr BlvdNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
St James Church Woodbridge - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.553144-74.282411353-371 NJ-35Woodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
St John's - Perth Amboy, NJ40.52282-74.275913664 Amboy AvePerth AmboyNew JerseyUnited States
St John's Episcopal Church - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.528846-74.310456109 Hamilton AveWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
St Johns Church - Newark, NJ40.73815-74.16566422 Mulberry StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
St Joseph's Ev Lutheran Church - Edison, NJ40.536236-74.330249155-199 Co Rd 660EdisonNew JerseyUnited States
St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church - Jersey City, NJ40.71428-74.072571492 Bramhall AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
St Paul Evangelical Church - Edison, NJ40.51476-74.382551445-461 Old Post RdEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
St Peters Church - Elizabeth, NJ40.652105-74.186617201-227 Court StElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
St. Antonius - Newark, NJ40.740054-74.199414337 S Orange AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
St. Brendan's Church - Clifton, NJ40.891861-74.139363488 Lakeview AveCliftonNew JerseyUnited States
St. George's Catholic Church - Paterson, NJ40.893362-74.15613825-49 Michigan AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
St. Gerard Majalla Rc Church - Paterson, NJ40.92792-74.188006501 County Rd 673PatersonNew JerseyUnited States
St. James School - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.551217-74.288768268 Main StWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
St. John's Cathedral - Paterson, NJ40.912722-74.172644381 Main StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
St. Luke African Methodist Episcopal Church - Newark, NJ40.724246-74.183834146-150 Clinton AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
St. Mary's Catholic Byzantine Rite Church - Jersey City, NJ40.710043-74.064878231 Pacific AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
St. Michaels Russian Church - Newark, NJ40.722685-74.160971273 Oliver StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
St. Nicholas's Carpatho-Rusyn Orthodox Church - Elizabeth, NJ40.647855-74.216162-14 Denton StElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
St. Patrick's Pro-Cathedral - Newark, NJ40.742024-74.17201373-83 Washington StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
St. Paul Presbyterian Church - Newark, NJ40.730064-74.165111117 Union StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
St. Paul Statue - Prospect Park, NJ40.934963-74.178356286 Haledon AveProspect ParkNew JerseyUnited States
St. Rocco's RCC - Newark, NJ40.7374-74.19272212 Hunterdon StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
St. Stanislaus Kostka Church of Cathol - Sayreville, NJ40.466239-74.36416219-221 MacArthur AveSayrevilleNew JerseyUnited States
St. Stephen R. C. Church - Paterson, NJ40.908905-74.160176226-232 20th AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
St. Vladimir Ukranian Catholic Church - Elizabeth, NJ40.657369-74.217262315 Grier AveElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
St.Paul's Church - Paterson, NJ40.918317-74.156075422 BroadwayPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Starbucks - Newark, NJ40.694821-74.174759Terminal CNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Statue at Lincoln High School - Jersey City, NJ40.717624-74.07048166-90 Crescent AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Statue of Liberty looking East - Jersey City, NJ40.698771-74.053925Freedom WayJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Steam Tractor - Union, NJ40.679656-74.2293151003 Kean DrUnionNew JerseyUnited States
Stella Maris Statue - Newark, NJ40.695894-74.155451236-290 Corbin StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Stephen J. Capestro Park - Edison, NJ40.538576-74.33562784-98 Roosevelt BlvdEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Street Bok Mural - Jersey City, NJ40.714873-74.088106373-387 Claremont AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Sts Peter and Pauls Lithuanian Church - Elizabeth, NJ40.655383-74.181468201-211 Ripley PlElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Support Our Children Mural - Newark, NJ40.725367-74.178542105 Lincoln ParkNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Sylvester The Cat - Jersey City, NJ40.718371-74.06326651 Fairmount AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Tano Mall Clock - Edison, NJ40.534615-74.346821293-1307 US-1EdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Tastee Sub Shop - Edison, NJ40.513911-74.403239267 Plainfield AveEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Temple Beth-El - Jersey City, NJ40.720315-74.077272419 John F. Kennedy BlvdJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Temple Emanuel - Paterson, NJ40.918389-74.141641139-169 E 33rd StPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Tenshi's Remixed Colorized Beam Bridge - Jersey City, NJ40.729405-74.059664212-220 Baldwin AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Thank you Plaque in Woodbridge community playground - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.577455-74.308715158-162 Chain O Hills RdWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
The Bent of Tau Beta Pi - Newark, NJ40.7426-74.178832120-142 Bleeker StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
The Big Grey Old Man - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.523777-74.3225661050 King George RdWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
The Church of Jesus Christ - Newark, NJ40.719274-74.200967718 Bergen StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
The First Korean Church of New Jersey - Jersey City, NJ40.728056-74.070532681 John F. Kennedy BlvdJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
The Humanity Baptist Church - Newark, NJ40.737324-74.19409235 Bergen StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
The Joker's Child - Fair Lawn, NJ40.93197-74.1321161219-1223 County Rte 507Fair LawnNew JerseyUnited States
The Long Mural - Newark, NJ40.725501-74.19971123 Chadwick AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
The Weeping Woman - Edison, NJ40.510819-74.3978986-100 Seymour AveEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
The York Road - Paterson, NJ40.906584-74.140369194-200 County Rte 651PatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Theta Chi Fraternity - Newark, NJ40.745992-74.174821241 Dr Martin Luther King Jr BlvdNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Thinker Mural - Jersey City, NJ40.721232-74.0480641-7 Coles StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Thomas Alva Edison Memorial To - Edison, NJ40.563224-74.33901437 Christie StEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Thomas Fusco - Paterson, NJ40.913854-74.1846131-59 County Rd 666PatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Todiscos Garage Door Mural - Jersey City, NJ40.723416-74.0508128 Brunswick StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Tops Diner - East Newark, NJ40.750643-74.164058500 Passaic AveEast NewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Trees and Plants of Sewaren Peninsula - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.553528-74.252535527 Cliff RdWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Trinity Episcopal Church - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.56342-74.272803650 Trinity LnWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Trinity Reformed Church - Newark, NJ40.731183-74.141106479 Ferry StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
True Jesus Church - Elizabeth, NJ40.666849-74.233253339 Elmora AveElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Tully Field - Rahway, NJ40.602399-74.301202263-359 Russell AveRahwayNew JerseyUnited States
UNION Due East/West - Union, NJ40.683438-74.238533Conant StUnionNew JerseyUnited States
US Post Office - Harrison, NJ40.746588-74.15475427 Harrison AveHarrisonNew JerseyUnited States
US Post Office - Metuchen, NJ40.544091-74.370004179-193 Co Rd 669MetuchenNew JerseyUnited States
US Post Office - Newark, NJ40.702946-74.194917514 Frelinghuysen AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Union Baptist Church - Elizabeth, NJ40.666832-74.2097641088 E Grand StElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Union County - Hillside, NJ40.68976-74.237507943-953 County Rd 509HillsideNew JerseyUnited States
United House of Prayer For All People - Newark, NJ40.730134-74.210834643 Springfield AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
United Presbyterian Church - Newark, NJ40.702751-74.209529749 Elizabeth AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Urban 2013 Mural - Jersey City, NJ40.721378-74.045588180-184 County Rd 639Jersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Urban Wall Art - Jersey City, NJ40.706227-74.093572113 Sterling AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
VFW Cannon - Fair Lawn, NJ40.937817-74.13733317-10 County Rte 507Fair LawnNew JerseyUnited States
Valencia Tile Mural - Elizabeth, NJ40.677097-74.203282665 Monroe AveElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Valley Tower - Newark, NJ40.747191-74.1669761136 McCarter HwyNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Van Natta Way - Hawthorne, NJ40.945308-74.1541891-7 Tuxedo AveHawthorneNew JerseyUnited States
Van Vorst Park Gazebo - Jersey City, NJ40.718084-74.04718308 York StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Veteran's Circle - Fair Lawn, NJ40.92896-74.140676Veterans Memorial PathFair LawnNew JerseyUnited States
Victor Cruz Mural - Paterson, NJ40.912917-74.16783655-113 Railroad AvePatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Vietnam War Memorial - Elizabeth, NJ40.662102-74.21141928 Martin Luther King Jr BlvdElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Villanueva - Newark, NJ40.724714-74.16709796 Pacific StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Virgin Mary Statue - Jersey City, NJ40.72752-74.072114850 Montgomery StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Volunteer Number 1 - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.572858-74.319549189 Cooper AveWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
WW II Memorial - Paterson, NJ40.910885-74.188946324-336 County Rte 639PatersonNew JerseyUnited States
WWII Memorial - Paterson, NJ40.906327-74.177133Park RdPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
Wagaraw Field Mural - Hawthorne, NJ40.939998-74.152614Ryerson WayHawthorneNew JerseyUnited States
Walnut Street Baptist Church - Newark, NJ40.725582-74.157858377 Walnut StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Wam Mack M.D. - Elizabeth, NJ40.650107-74.194489300 Elizabeth AveElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Warinanco Ice Skating Rink. - Roselle, NJ40.653029-74.245397Warinanco Park RoadwayRoselleNew JerseyUnited States
Warinanco Park Fountain - Elizabeth, NJ40.654975-74.235173Warinanco Park RoadwayElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Warinanco Park Linden - Linden, NJ40.652992-74.236161614 Park AveLindenNew JerseyUnited States
Washington Park - Perth Amboy, NJ40.521451-74.286255648-680 Co Rd 616Perth AmboyNew JerseyUnited States
Water Fountain at Lincoln Park - Jersey City, NJ40.724151-74.084519Tennis Ct DrJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Weequahic Park - Newark, NJ40.706393-74.196811109 Meeker AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Welcome to Jackson Park - Elizabeth, NJ40.651176-74.187855136-150 Second StElizabethNew JerseyUnited States
Welcome to Newark Terminal B - Newark, NJ40.691167-74.176718Terminal BNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
West Bergen Library - Jersey City, NJ40.717186-74.084681476 West Side AveJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
White Column Gazebo - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.563409-74.3155525-11 Harrowsgate DrWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
William S. Guttenberg IT Center - Newark, NJ40.744564-74.17980944-56 Lock StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
Woodbridge Gazebo - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.556427-74.283197N Park DrWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Woodbridge Little League Field - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.564398-74.28923157-85 Van Buren StWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Woodbridge Marina and War Memorial - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.545528-74.254382185-195 Cliff RdWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Woodbridge Purple Heart Memorial - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.555409-74.2760241 Main StWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Woodbridge Train Station - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.555969-74.278087400 Pearl StWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
Word of Faith Ministries - Woodbridge Township, NJ40.600961-74.31549431 E Walnut StWoodbridge TownshipNew JerseyUnited States
World Impact Community Church - Newark, NJ40.749552-74.187526275 Sussex AveNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
World War 1 Memorial - Paterson, NJ40.913123-74.188998200-206 County Rte 640PatersonNew JerseyUnited States
World War I Monument - Paterson, NJ40.924158-74.151827318-336 Passaic County 651 IPatersonNew JerseyUnited States
World War II Memorial at Lincoln Park - Newark, NJ40.726932-74.1775591039-1059 Broad StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
World Worship Church - Newark, NJ40.7184-74.161234405 South StNewarkNew JerseyUnited States
X's Abandoned Historical Church - Jersey City, NJ40.72005-74.04963162 Mercer StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States
Yelencsics Park - Edison, NJ40.51839-74.35196122-24 Dorothy AveEdisonNew JerseyUnited States
Zeppelin Beer Hall - Jersey City, NJ40.715143-74.0469139 Regent StJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States

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