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Pokemon That Do Not Spawn In Wild

Spawn Time and Locations

  • Pokemon spawn in discrete locations, unchanging and markable on a map.
  • Pokemon spawn once an hour at a time specific to each spawn point. One might spawn at 3:32, 4:32, etc. while the one next to it spawns at 3:17, 4:17 etc. Very few spawn twice per hour.
  • Pokemon de-spawns (disappears) 15 minutes after they have spawned (appeared). very few last 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Pokemon will appear on your map anytime you approach the spawn point within the 15 minutes.
  • Pokemon don't move from their spawn location.
  • Pokemon spawn independently.
  • One trainer catching a Pokemon does not affect its de-spawn timer. Multiple people can catch the same spawn.
  • Pokemon spawns are often linked to cell data usage. You will often see spawns at builds with a lot of people such as offices, apartments and malls. You'll also see more spawns at places where people check their phones often like intersections and bus/train stations.
  • Bushes (moving grass) are spawn points. A Pokemon will spawn from these bushes in at most 45 minutes.
  • Each spawn point has a set Pokemon it can pull from, and it's a random, weighted pick from that set each time. Nest spawn points have very small sets, giving same Pokemon each spawn.
  • Most spawn points will spawn mostly common Pokemon and occasionally will spawn a Rare Pokemon.
  • Some spawn points are better than others. There are some that tend to almost always give evolved or more Rare Pokemon.
  • If you go to a new area and see multiple Pokemon at once, it means that multiple spawns near you are active.
  • When you're at a spawn point and nothing is spawning make sure the white spinning ball isn't at the top left corner. If it is, it means that your app is trying to communicate with Pokemon Go servers, app might not be getting that spawn. You can wait it out or try to restart the app.

Spawn Zones

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Spawn Zones are zones that a certain types of Pokemon are more likely to Spawn.