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Type Power Ups
Description A Pokémon's CP are increased. Can only be given to one kind of Pokémon, or its evolved form.
Acquired by Successfully capture a Pokemon or hatch one from an egg, Transfer a Pokemon to Professor, Walking the Pokemon as a Buddy
See also: Rare Candy

Candy is a Power Ups Item. Each type of Candy is specific to one kind of Pokemon and its evolved form.

Acquired By

  • Successfully capturing a Pokemon.
    • 3 for Stage 1
    • 5 for Stage 2
    • 10 for Stage 3
  • Hatching a Pokemon from an egg (10 to 35 Candy depends on the Pokemon's CP).
  • You can use a Pinap Berry to double the amount of candy from the next successful catch.

Used For

  • Evolve a Pokemon to its next form

Additional Information