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Nests and Habitats in Maryland, United States. Nests are where that Pokemon is guaranteed to spawn while Habitats are locations that occasionally spawn that Pokemon.

Nests in Baltimore

NestStatusConfirmed DateAddressLatitudeLongitude
Magikarp Nest - Port of BaltimoreConfirmed2016/08/08401 East Pratt Street#165339.285985-76.609599
Slowpoke Nest - Port of BaltimoreConfirmed2016/08/08401 East Pratt Street#165339.285985-76.609599
Clefairy Nest - Fort McHenryConfirmed2016/08/132400 E Fort Ave39.264807-76.5813772
Bellsprout Nest - Holocaust Memorial ParkConfirmed2016/08/23520 E Lombard St39.2882016-76.6082776
Clefairy Nest - Ft McHenryConfirmed2016/08/231456-1466 Constellation Plaza39.2656033-76.5799481
Magikarp Nest - Fells Point / Inner HarborConfirmed2016/08/23920 S Broadway39.2798392-76.5933323
Mankey Nest - Cylburn ArboretumConfirmed2016/08/234915 Greenspring Ave39.3538207-76.6544437
Pikachu Nest - St Mary's ParkConfirmed2016/08/23606 N Paca St39.2965236-76.6231853
Rhyhorn Nest - Druid Hill Park/ZooConfirmed2016/08/23Mansion House Dr39.3241727-76.6454744
Squirtle Nest - Hawkins PointConfirmed2016/08/233925 Fort Armistead Rd39.2094955-76.5325856
Squirtle Nest - Fort ArmisteadConfirmed2016/08/28Fort Armistead Rd39.209288-76.53368
Magikarp Nest - Inner Harbor / Fells PointConfirmed2016/09/07501 E Pratt St39.285154-76.6082668
Slowpoke Nest - Baltimore Inner HarborConfirmed2016/09/07501 E Pratt St39.285154-76.6082668
Dratini Nest - Port of BaltimoreGone2016/08/13Port of Baltimore39.281542-76.609663
Gastly Nest - Clifton ParkGone?2016/09/25Hill Top Dr39.322629-76.5831614
Nest in 366-430 Warren Ave, Baltimore MDUnconfirmed2017/02/23366-430 Warren Ave39.27973950-76.60865307
Nest in 725-1199 US-1 ALT, Baltimore MDUnconfirmed2017/02/23725-1199 US-1 ALT39.27713174-76.64251328
Nest in 88-98 Art Museum Dr, Baltimore MDUnconfirmed2017/02/2388-98 Art Museum Dr39.32419763-76.61880255
Nest in 100-118 W 29th St, Baltimore MDUnconfirmed2017/02/23100-118 W 29th St39.32379095-76.61901712
Nest in E Gate, Baltimore MDUnconfirmed2017/02/23E Gate39.32917717-76.61988616
Nest in 3925 Fort Armistead Rd, Baltimore MDUnconfirmed2017/02/233925 Fort Armistead Rd39.20912139-76.53325081
Nest in Riverside Park Path, Baltimore MDUnconfirmed2017/02/23Riverside Park Path39.27027969-76.60777330
Nest in 2426 E Baltimore St, Baltimore MDUnconfirmed2017/02/232426 E Baltimore St39.28884098-76.57959938
Nest in 4 W University Pkwy, Baltimore MDUnconfirmed2017/02/234 W University Pkwy39.33346759-76.62088394
Nest in 1483-1499 Constellation Plaza, Baltimore MDUnconfirmed2017/02/231483-1499 Constellation Plaza39.26383479-76.58026532
Nest in 300 Key Ave, Baltimore MDUnconfirmed2017/02/23300 Key Ave39.28146688-76.60899639

Habitats in Baltimore

NestStatusConfirmed DateAddressLatitudeLongitude
Habitat in Stony Run Trail, Baltimore MDUnconfirmed2017/02/23Stony Run Trail39.33273940-76.62420988
Habitat in 399 E Pratt St, Baltimore MDUnconfirmed2017/02/23399 E Pratt St39.28316515-76.61203802
Habitat in East Dr, Baltimore MDUnconfirmed2017/02/23East Dr39.31970743-76.63916588
Habitat in 1217-1221 W 36th St, Baltimore MDUnconfirmed2017/02/231217-1221 W 36th St39.33048424-76.63566291
Habitat in 701-719 Aliceanna St, Baltimore MDUnconfirmed2017/02/23701-719 Aliceanna St39.28288695-76.60307407
Habitat in Baltimore Waterfront Promenade, Baltimore MDUnconfirmed2017/02/23Baltimore Waterfront Promenade39.27694903-76.57236814
Habitat in 501-543 St Mary St, Baltimore MDUnconfirmed2017/02/23501-543 St Mary St39.29680380-76.62351251

Trainer Spots in Baltimore

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Trainer Spots in Baltimore

Gyms in Baltimore

See also: Gyms in Baltimore
Babe’s Dream - Baltimore, MD39.284948-76.620723401-499 W Camden StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Baltimore Convention Center - Baltimore, MD39.284236-76.61879W Conway StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Baltimore Public Works Museum - Baltimore, MD39.284807-76.603413751 Eastern AveBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Barricade at Jones Falls Bridge - Baltimore, MD39.286997-76.604642100-198 E Falls AveBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Bloomberg Children's Center - Baltimore, MD39.295424-76.5915681800-1824 US-40BaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower - Baltimore, MD39.287654-76.62073421 S Eutaw StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Bronycon Memorial Art - Baltimore, MD39.286645-76.6136982-98 E Pratt StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Charles Village Mural - Baltimore, MD39.317414-76.6167712435 N Charles StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
City Springs Pool - Baltimore, MD39.291317-76.5960011515-1599 E Baltimore StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Consumers And Nothing More - Baltimore, MD39.288098-76.61538136 S Charles StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
First Tabernacle Baptist Church - Baltimore, MD39.300515-76.5958961608 Ashland AveBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Freedom Temple AME Zion - Baltimore, MD39.300557-76.5899831923 Ashland AveBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
GET MORE FREE ITEMS - Baltimore, MD39.287003-76.606284100 Constellation WayBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
George H. Fallon Federal Building - Baltimore, MD39.288363-76.616551110 W Lombard StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Grumpy Man Sculpture - Baltimore, MD39.285442-76.6073961900 Harbor Bridge WalkBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Hampton House - Baltimore, MD39.297985-76.594397624 N BroadwayBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Hey Doggy Doggy Mural - Baltimore, MD39.289079-76.5991851300 E Pratt StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Hoen And Co. Printing Building - Baltimore, MD39.303568-76.5877972064-2198 E Chase StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Hopkins Hospital Dome - Baltimore, MD39.29731-76.593338601 N BroadwayBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Inner Harbor Water Wheel - Baltimore, MD39.283327-76.603409500-594 E Falls AveBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Johns Hopkins Butterfly Bench - Baltimore, MD39.296712-76.5916011800 Orleans StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Jose Marti Monument on Broadwa - Baltimore, MD39.294268-76.594006201 N BroadwayBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Maryland's 9/11 Memorial - Baltimore, MD39.286312-76.609612E Coast GreenwayBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Memorial Baptist Church - Baltimore, MD39.305328-76.5979161301 N Caroline StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
North Avenue Light Rail - Baltimore, MD39.312017-76.62267560 W North AveBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Old Christian Church - Baltimore, MD39.304059-76.5948631214 N BroadwayBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Orioles Pig - Baltimore, MD39.286575-76.615711100 W Pratt StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Phoenix Shot Tower - Baltimore, MD39.290783-76.605533801 E Fayette StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Pipe Statue - Baltimore, MD39.294066-76.5995351300-1398 May StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Propeller Tower - Baltimore, MD39.284612-76.608449501 E Pratt StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Sculpture at Baltimore Convention Center - Baltimore, MD39.286265-76.617006101-199 W Pratt StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
St. Philip's Lutheran Church - Baltimore, MD39.296263-76.5972751500-1570 Jefferson StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Starbucks - Baltimore, MD39.316698-76.6163072401 N Charles StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
State Map of Native Stones - Baltimore, MD39.28745-76.603535844 E Pratt StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
The Wilson House - Baltimore, MD39.312935-76.626821600-604 Reservoir StBaltimoreMarylandUnited States

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