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Nests and Habitats in Brooklyn, New York, United States. Nests are where that Pokemon is guaranteed to spawn while Habitats are locations that occasionally spawn that Pokemon.

Nests in Brooklyn

NestStatusConfirmed DateAddressLatitudeLongitude
Vulpix Nest - Prospect ParkConfirmed2016/08/01Prospect Park40.660204-73.968956
Bellsprout Nest - Herbert Von King ParkConfirmed2016/08/27670 Lafayette Ave40.689724-73.946131
Pikachu Nest - Herbert Von King ParkConfirmed2016/08/27670 Lafayette Ave40.689724-73.946131
Zubat Nest - Brooklyn Historical SocietyConfirmed2016/09/05128 Pierrepont St40.69428318-73.99238616
Dratini Habitat - Fort Hamilton Athletic FieldUnconfirmed2016/07/28Brooklyn40.626425-74.036989
Gastly Nest - Brooklyn Bridge ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28334 Furman St40.700747-73.996312
Snorlax Habitat - Prospect ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28155 Brooklyn-Queens Greenway
Tentacruel Habitat - Prospect ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Prospect Park Lake
Ekans Nest - Sunset ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/304200 7th Ave40.647524-74.003379
Nest in 136-144 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23136-144 Dekalb Ave40.69042744-73.97577704
Nest in 229-237 Carroll St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23229-237 Carroll St40.68096347-73.99536610
Nest in 701-805 Bay Ridge Pkwy, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23701-805 Bay Ridge Pkwy40.62643774-74.01701646
Nest in 799 67th St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/23799 67th St40.63135271-74.01282728
Nest in Old Fulton St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Old Fulton St40.70326498-73.99604036
Nest in 7217 Bay Pkwy, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/247217 Bay Pkwy40.60815338-73.98628950
Nest in 521-551 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24521-551 Manhattan Ave40.72135571-73.94979000
Nest in 32-34 West Dr, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/2432-34 West Dr40.66680494-73.97227764
Nest in 44 West Dr, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/2444 West Dr40.66584466-73.97300720
Nest in 153 East Dr, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24153 East Dr40.65934202-73.96412373
Nest in 40 West Dr, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/2440 West Dr40.66774894-73.97232056
Nest in 50-54 East Dr, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/2450-54 East Dr40.66504719-73.96661496
Nest in 167-199 East Dr, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24167-199 East Dr40.65804515-73.96307331
Nest in 11-17 West Dr, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/2411-17 West Dr40.67023907-73.97090435
Nest in Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway40.70155233-73.99799918
Nest in Mackay Pl, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24Mackay Pl40.63730649-74.03635025
Nest in 14-36 Chauncey St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/2414-36 Chauncey St40.67977117-73.93372000
Nest in 104-120 68th St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24104-120 68th St40.63878823-74.03124332
Nest in 186 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24186 Eastern Pkwy40.67063781-73.96558285
Nest in 994-996 Mary Pinkett Avenue, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24994-996 Mary Pinkett Avenue40.66877226-73.96261632
Nest in 195-221 N 12th St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20195-221 N 12th St40.72054258-73.95356655
Nest in 11-93 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/2011-93 Bedford Ave40.72077026-73.95360947
Nest in 338-390 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20338-390 Driggs Ave40.72155493-73.95099431
Nest in 8770 14th Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/208770 14th Ave40.60946473-74.01664440
Nest in 8059 Mac Kenzie Street Loop, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/208059 Mac Kenzie Street Loop40.57779886-73.94004300
Nest in 750 Monroe St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20750 Monroe St40.68785531-73.92568402
Nest in 3045 Avenue X, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/203045 Avenue X40.59453338-73.93599808
Nest in 256-262 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20256-262 Tompkins Ave40.68961172-73.94564867
Nest in 64 Irving Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/2064 Irving Ave40.70299273-73.92382622
Nest in 373-399 E 59th St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20373-399 E 59th St40.64474207-73.92077167
Nest in 100 Washington Park, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20100 Washington Park40.69097028-73.97614002
Nest in 408-416 Water St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20408-416 Water St40.71013359-73.99528027
Nest in 1 Grand St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/201 Grand St40.71655808-73.96696687
Nest in 2400-2498 Avenue X, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/202400-2498 Avenue X40.59298955-73.94565403
Nest in 45-93 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/2045-93 Bedford Ave40.72194116-73.95215034
Nest in 401-421 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20401-421 Driggs Ave40.71986360-73.95296574
Nest in 203 Grand Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20203 Grand Ave40.69119806-73.96317959
Nest in Highland Blvd, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Highland Blvd40.68608910-73.88777733
Nest in 43 Park Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/2043 Park Ave40.69716886-73.97892952
Nest in 4200 7th Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/204200 7th Ave40.64861414-74.00443196
Nest in 195 Brooklyn Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20195 Brooklyn Ave40.67351028-73.94374967
Nest in 9061-9099 Bay Pkwy, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/209061-9099 Bay Pkwy40.59425231-74.00142789
Nest in 1404-1420 Cropsey Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/201404-1420 Cropsey Ave40.60686644-74.01618004
Nest in 119 Troy Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20119 Troy Ave40.67427516-73.93461943
Nest in 212 Steuben St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20212 Steuben St40.69086249-73.96300793
Nest in 1501-1599 NY-27, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/201501-1599 NY-2740.65074683-73.96582961
Nest in 339-391 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20339-391 Driggs Ave40.72042061-73.95223618
Nest in 235 N 12th St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20235 N 12th St40.71984327-73.95206451
Nest in 286 Lorimer St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20286 Lorimer St40.70614033-73.94726872
Nest in 71-107 Noll St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/2071-107 Noll St40.70117892-73.93307447
Nest in 95 Prospect Park W, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/2095 Prospect Park W40.66158017-73.97124767
Nest in 1001-1061 NY-27, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/201001-1061 NY-2740.64863815-73.97080078
Nest in 842 Halsey St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20842 Halsey St40.68504367-73.91912699
Nest in 872-888 Halsey St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20872-888 Halsey St40.68510875-73.91819358
Nest in 77 Plymouth St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/2077 Plymouth St40.70421681-73.99013042
Nest in Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Grand Army Plaza40.67388865-73.97007823
Nest in 3301 Avenue U, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/203301 Avenue U40.60401410-73.92930483
Nest in 2671-2677 Gerritsen Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/202671-2677 Gerritsen Ave40.59404050-73.92577887
Nest in 1401-1473 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/201401-1473 Emmons Ave40.58294360-73.95355046
Nest in 1110-1152 E 39th St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/201110-1152 E 39th St40.62958785-73.93893242
Nest in 608 Grant Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20608 Grant Ave40.67562590-73.86513948
Nest in 300-346 Louisiana Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20300-346 Louisiana Ave40.65449109-73.89357090
Nest in 348-384 Louisiana Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20348-384 Louisiana Ave40.65154871-73.89119829
Nest in 3159 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/203159 Flatbush Ave40.58985006-73.89923270
Nest in 2044 Stuart St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/202044 Stuart St40.60567562-73.93552666
Nest in 100 Fillmore Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20100 Fillmore Ave40.60673612-73.93740892
Nest in 2927-2961 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/202927-2961 Bedford Ave40.63102092-73.95184994
Nest in Calvert Vaux Park Greenway, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20Calvert Vaux Park Greenway40.58565503-73.99286242
Nest in 110 Russell St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/11/05110 Russell St40.72477077-73.94343853

Habitats in Brooklyn

HabitatStatusConfirmed DateAddressLatitudeLongitude
Dratini Habitat - Sheephead BayConfirmed2017/03/01198 Shore Blvd40.58200569-73.95331477
Dratini Habitat - Fort Hamilton Athletic FieldUnconfirmed2016/07/28Brooklyn40.626425-74.036989
Jigglypuff Habitat - Prospect ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Prospect Park
Snorlax Habitat - Prospect ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28155 Brooklyn-Queens Greenway
Tentacruel Habitat - Prospect ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Prospect Park Lake
Habitat in 2927-2961 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/232927-2961 Bedford Ave40.63102092-73.95184994
Habitat in 61-79 West Dr, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/2461-79 West Dr40.66260563-73.97420883
Habitat in 2839 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/242839 Flatbush Ave40.60379561-73.91558647
Habitat in 780 Lorimer St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/02/24780 Lorimer St40.72009332-73.95168096
Habitat in 171-191 Macon St, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/20171-191 Macon St40.68183811-73.94439340
Habitat in 8302 Colonial Rd, Brooklyn NYUnconfirmed2017/03/208302 Colonial Rd40.62642602-74.03671675

Trainer Spots in Brooklyn

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Trainer Spots in Brooklyn

Gyms in Brooklyn

See also: Gyms in Brooklyn
Always in our Hearts Mural - Brooklyn, NY40.682549-73.944005428 Tompkins AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Assemblee De Apostolique - Brooklyn, NY40.651088-73.941623808 Church AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Bed-Vyne Brew - Brooklyn, NY40.684795-73.944348370 Tompkins AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Bethany Baptist Church - Brooklyn, NY40.681087-73.93783460 Marcus Garvey BlvdBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Betsy Head Memorial Playground - Brooklyn, NY40.66422-73.911392244-298 Bristol StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Beulah Church of Nazarene - Brooklyn, NY40.670785-73.9367511254 St Johns PlBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Big Face - Brooklyn, NY40.653513-73.9592018 Lenox RdBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Breukelen Coffee House - Brooklyn, NY40.672254-73.957545764A Franklin AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Brookdale Hospital Sculpture - Brooklyn, NY40.655747-73.912944521-575 E 98th StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Brooklyn Children's Museum - Brooklyn, NY40.674744-73.944274145 Brooklyn AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Brownsville Post Office - Brooklyn, NY40.667222-73.911944175 Bristol StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Bunch O Bagels - Brooklyn, NY40.666022-73.936851353 Troy AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Bway & Hedges Youth For Christ Ministries Inc - Brooklyn, NY40.652499-73.930614848 Utica AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Christ Ambassador Pentecostal Church of God - Brooklyn, NY40.660433-73.9209491128 Clarkson AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Church of God of Prophecy Church - Brooklyn, NY40.659834-73.945044465 Rutland RdBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Cock's Bajan Restaurant - Brooklyn, NY40.671172-73.950498804 Nostrand AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Cool Wall Murals on Flatbush & Fenimore - Brooklyn, NY40.658033-73.960162631 Flatbush AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Creative Nursery - Brooklyn, NY40.663101-73.9254961032 Rutland RdBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Dr Ronald Erwin McNair - Brooklyn, NY40.670541-73.961996883 Union StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Dr. Ronald McNair Park - Brooklyn, NY40.671274-73.962288217 Eastern PkwyBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
East Flatbush Children's Park - Brooklyn, NY40.663309-73.9268276874 E 94th StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Ebenezer Haitian Baptist Church at Bedford and President - Brooklyn, NY40.668259-73.9560581594 Bedford AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Echo - Brooklyn, NY40.647444-73.925935463 E 54th StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Eglise Evangelique Du Reve De Las Gloire - Brooklyn, NY40.652114-73.9282785202 Church AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Faces of Hope Mural - Brooklyn, NY40.683777-73.935065343 Lewis AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
First Born Church - Brooklyn, NY40.658657-73.927021953 Winthrop StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
First Community - Brooklyn, NY40.667525-73.920083594 Howard AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Flatbush & Empire - Brooklyn, NY40.662837-73.96244715 Ocean AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Flatbush Reformed Church - Brooklyn, NY40.650184-73.958821890 Flatbush AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Foundation Church - Brooklyn, NY40.670781-73.9359571268a St Johns PlBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Good Life Deliverance Church - Brooklyn, NY40.651899-73.9299365003 Church AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Good Tidings Gospel Church - Brooklyn, NY40.67948-73.9287161753 Fulton StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Grace Reformed Church - Brooklyn, NY40.661299-73.9572151800 Bedford AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Greater St. James a me Church - Brooklyn, NY40.65975-73.9176751162 Lenox RdBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Historic First Church - Brooklyn, NY40.67283-73.941486221 Kingston AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Historic Hunterfly Road Houses - Brooklyn, NY40.674637-73.9259781700 Bergen StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Horeb Seventh Day Adventist Church - Brooklyn, NY40.661045-73.942785520 Kingston AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
How Would you Want to be Remembered Mural - Brooklyn, NY40.680207-73.9434091445 Fulton StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Iglesia Pentecostal del Trunfo - Brooklyn, NY40.673071-73.930615169A Utica AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Iglesia de Cristo Elim - Brooklyn, NY40.66475-73.953877350 Rogers AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Inspiration Opportunity Mural - Brooklyn, NY40.65988-73.9203569517 Kings HwyBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
International Pentecostal City Mission Church - Brooklyn, NY40.653786-73.9181429202 Church AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
JNet - The Jewish Learning Net - Brooklyn, NY40.669051-73.942557784 Eastern PkwyBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Kingdom Hall Jehovah Witness - Brooklyn, NY40.659105-73.945422610-628 Brooklyn AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses - Brooklyn, NY40.655028-73.939322777-785 Albany AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Lenox Road Baptist Church - Brooklyn, NY40.653896-73.9501011356 Nostrand AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Library-Agudas Chabad - Brooklyn, NY40.669029-73.943085766 Eastern PkwyBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Living In The Jungle - Brooklyn, NY40.671721-73.950047751 Nostrand AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Masjid El-Ihsan - Brooklyn, NY40.676871-73.93025963A Utica AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
McCarty's Billiard Parlor - Brooklyn, NY40.683566-73.950302450-452 Nostrand AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Monkey Mural - Brooklyn, NY40.665326-73.950699416-434 Montgomery StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Mount Sinai Cathedral - Brooklyn, NY40.678797-73.9226641916 Fulton StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Mural at Flatbush Action Commu - Brooklyn, NY40.655948-73.955959525 Parkside AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Mural at M.S. 2nd - Brooklyn, NY40.656593-73.9502871250 Nostrand AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
National Church of God of Brooklyn Inc - Brooklyn, NY40.673754-73.916627347 Saratoga AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
New Gethsemane Baptist Church - Brooklyn, NY40.671765-73.927905207 Rochester AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
New Jerusalem Church - Brooklyn, NY40.650701-73.9548242429 Church AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
New York Post Office - Brooklyn, NY40.670373-73.917323452 Saratoga AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Officers - Brooklyn, NY40.664139-73.9574591750 Bedford AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Old Kings County Savings Bank - Brooklyn, NY40.670201-73.950348539 Eastern PkwyBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Old Man Above Fulton - Brooklyn, NY40.680834-73.9538861193 Fulton StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church - Brooklyn, NY40.681667-73.940602599 Throop AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Pamoja Castle - Brooklyn, NY40.68501-73.938346349-367 Marcus Garvey BlvdBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Park Place S Station - Brooklyn, NY40.674605-73.957978605 Park PlBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Peace Pillar Flower Patch - Brooklyn, NY40.679217-73.9260072-14 Sumpter StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Power of Faith Ministries - Brooklyn, NY40.651195-73.942957234-240 E 37th StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Preparation Church Of God - Brooklyn, NY40.64694-73.944853410 Tilden AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Prospect Park Audubon Center - Brooklyn, NY40.660837-73.965411Lullwater BridgeBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Prospect Park South East Entrance - Brooklyn, NY40.65485-73.962457176 Parkside AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Prospect Park Zoo - Brooklyn, NY40.665768-73.964444418-428 Flatbush AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Rebecca - Brooklyn, NY40.676007-73.921494700-724 Kingsborough 7th WalkBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Redemption Church of Christ - Brooklyn, NY40.681187-73.9536121252 Bedford AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Restoration Fellowship Center - Brooklyn, NY40.651192-73.9442683515 Church AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Robert Fulton Statue - Brooklyn, NY40.67975-73.93296370 Chauncey StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Rococo Building - Brooklyn, NY40.672586-73.950099723 Nostrand AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Saint Catherine Church - Brooklyn, NY40.652787-73.939371870 Albany AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Saint Gregory - Brooklyn, NY40.671736-73.944906226-244 Brooklyn AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Saint Ignatius Church - Brooklyn, NY40.666762-73.95341267 Rogers AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Sandy Remix: BBG's Tree House - Brooklyn, NY40.667192-73.964392415 Flatbush AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
St. Anthony Baptist Church - Brooklyn, NY40.663684-73.931432425 Utica AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
St. John Church - Brooklyn, NY40.650824-73.9511752801 Church AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
St. Theresa of Avila Church - Brooklyn, NY40.674048-73.960281777 Classon AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Temple Church of Christ - Brooklyn, NY40.670139-73.9202881705 St Johns PlBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Temple Of Blessings - Brooklyn, NY40.668969-73.9275531229 Eastern PkwyBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
The Apostolic Church - Brooklyn, NY40.676122-73.956599521-525 St Marks AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
The Refuge Temple - Brooklyn, NY40.650649-73.917327679 Remsen AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
The Resurrected Christ Deliverance Ministries Church - Brooklyn, NY40.658042-73.914469913 Saratoga AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
The Revival Center - Brooklyn, NY40.658462-73.9502791187 Nostrand AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
The Rugby Deliverance Tabernacle - Brooklyn, NY40.65016-73.9309964901 Snyder AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Tilden Playground - Brooklyn, NY40.647841-73.931085560-592 E 49th StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Tori Gate in Brooklyn Botanic Garden - Brooklyn, NY40.668625-73.962628994-996 Mary Pinkett AvenueBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Trinity Methodist Church - Brooklyn, NY40.668398-73.9304671148 Eastern PkwyBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Trinity Temple - Brooklyn, NY40.674435-73.930697132 Utica AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Triumphant Church of God - Brooklyn, NY40.665364-73.9228195 Sutter AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Triumphant Full Gospel Assembly - Brooklyn, NY40.660785-73.929553891 Rutland RdBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
US Post Office Brooklyn - Brooklyn, NY40.678916-73.9197861915 Fulton StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Union United Methodist Church - Brooklyn, NY40.676269-73.946981101 New York AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Water Fountain - Brooklyn, NY40.667999-73.964918439 Flatbush AveBrooklynNew YorkUnited States
Woman Statue - Brooklyn, NY40.648128-73.948208109 E 31st StBrooklynNew YorkUnited States

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