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Number 132
Generation 1
Type normal
Classification Transform Pokemon
Max CP 718
Max HP 88
Max Attack 106
Max Defense 106
Max Stamina 111
Height 1'00", 0.3m
Weight 8.8lbs, 4.0kg
Total Evolution Req Base
Next Evolution Req Max
Egg Distance N/A
Standard Moves Transform
Special Moves Struggle
Strengths ghost
Weaknesses fighting
Description Ditto rearranges its cell structure to transform itself into other shapes. However, if it tries to transform itself into something by relying on its memory, this Pokemon manages to get details wrong.
Spawn Chance 0%
Acquired by Where to Find and Catch Ditto

Ditto is a normal type Pokemon.

Catching Mechanics

  • Ditto spawns are indistinguishable from the Pokémon they're hidden as and even PoGo+ will treat it as the Pokémon it's hiding as so the reveal is only after it is caught.
  • You can catch more than one Ditto
  • A hidden Ditto will appear the same to all players but will turn into a Ditto upon catching and can be caught with PoGo+
  • The hidden Pokemon's badges are shown rather than Ditto's Normal Type one.
  • If a hidden Ditto runs, your journal only says that the disguised Pokémon ran and your Ditto entry in the Pokédex is unchanged. You get a "seen" for the disguised Pokémon, though.
  • If you run from a disguised Ditto, you will get a "seen" for the disguise. If you subsequently catch it, that disguised "seen" count will be reduced and moved to the Ditto seen/caught count. So there is no way to know until someone catches it.
  • Ditto is available Worldwide.
  • Does appear on Lures and Incense.
  • A disguised Ditto may be more difficult to catch than your average common.
  • Ditto is a predetermined spawn, IE: it is NOT a chance upon starting an encounter. All players catching the same Pokemon disguised as a Ditto will have the Pokemon transform into a Ditto
  • More often than not, a Ditto disguised Pokémon spawns in a group of similar pokemon. (Example: If Ditto is disguised as a Zubat, there would be at least 2 other Zubats in the immediate area.

Battling Mechanics

  • Ditto transforms to your opponent's Pokemon at the start of a Battle, even if you don't attack.
  • Ditto will Transform into the first non-Ditto Pokémon it sees as Defender or Attacker.
  • Ditto will only use Transform once and will stay the Pokémon it transformed into even when swapped out, the source Pokémon is defeated, and swapped in to fight a new Defender.
  • When faced with another ditto, neither will transform.
  • It matches Type and Moves of copied Pokémon
  • It adopts the transformed Pokemon's Base Attack and Base Defense.
  • It does NOT match CP, rather it becomes the CP of the copied Pokémon using Ditto's level and IVs.
  • Ditto does not copy a target's HP so it is a glass cannon.
  • When it is defending a Gym, it looks like Ditto.
  • A trainer joining a Gym battle will see Ditto transform into and stay as the Pokémon that the Ditto first encounters
  • It can attack before the transformation animation is complete so look for the yellow flash.
  • Ditto's Prestige is based on the Transformed CP (so a high level Ditto is quite good to train against due to low HP and high CP)
  • Ditto can not use Transform on a Transformed Ditto.
  • Ditto can, in fact, use Transform on Porygon even though it's copy-protected
  • In a multiplayer Defending Ditto will only transform to the first Pokémon to enter the battle. Subsequent players will Not get their own transformation.

Other Mechanics

  • Ditto's buddy distance is 3km.
  • Ditto will not ride on your shoulder.

Hidden Stats

Ditto Hidden Stats
Base Stamina 96
Base Attack 91
Base Defense 91
Base Capture Rate 0.2
Base Flee Rate 0.1
Collision Radius 0.4025m
Collision Height 0.52325m
Collision Head Radius 0.20125m
Movement Type Jump
Movement Timer 3600s
Jump Time 1s
Attack Time 3600s
Pokedex Height 0.3m
Pokedex Weight 4.0kg
Height Standard Deviation 0.04
Weight Standard Deviation 0.5
Model Height 0.33
Buddy Distance 3km
Buddy Size Medium


Standard Moves

MoveTypeEffective AgainstIneffective AgainstPowerPower Per SecondCritical ChanceEnergyEnergy Per SecondHealDurationDamage Window

Special Moves

MoveTypeEffective AgainstIneffective AgainstPowerPower Per SecondCritical ChanceEnergyEnergy Per SecondHealDurationDamage Window

Old Moves


  • Evolution Requirement: None


Strengths and Weaknesses



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