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Nests and Habitats in Florida, United States. Nests are where that Pokemon is guaranteed to spawn while Habitats are locations that occasionally spawn that Pokemon.

Nests in Florida

NestStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitude
Charmander Nest - Bayfront ParkBest2016/09/03Miami301 Biscayne Blvd25.77626-80.186097
Scyther Nest - International Links Melreese Country ClubConfirmed2016/07/31Miami1802 NW 37th Ave25.7911747-80.25671779999999
Seel Nest - Palm Bay Regional ParkConfirmed2016/08/01Palm Bay1951 Malabar Rd28.0058267-80.7329208
Magnemite Nest - Winn-DixieConfirmed2016/08/12St. James City9826 Stringfellow Road26.604480-82.114544
Jigglypuff Nest - Volunteer Park Community CenterConfirmed2016/08/17Plantation12050 W Sunrise Blvd26.144494-80.307553
Growlithe Nest - Miramar Regional ParkConfirmed2016/08/22Miramar16801 Miramar Pkwy25.982553-80.371105
Charmander Nest - Vista View ParkConfirmed2016/09/01Davie4001 SW 142nd Ave26.070514-80.342965
Onix Nest - C.B. Smith ParkConfirmed2016/09/01Pembroke Pines900 N Flamingo Rd26.014554-80.313979
Pinsir Nest - Pembroke Lakes GolfConfirmed2016/09/01Pembroke Pines10500 Taft St26.019337-80.286794
Sandshrew Nest - Tree Tops ParkConfirmed2016/09/01Davie3900 SW 100th Ave26.070807-80.275868
Exeggcute Nest - Markham Park and Target RangeConfirmed2016/09/09Sunrise16001 W State Rd 8426.1296413-80.35457869999999
Clefairy Nest - Lago Mar ParkConfirmed2016/09/10Miami8165 SW 162nd Ave25.690136-80.453298
Mankey Nest - Silverlakes Park NorthConfirmed2016/09/11Pembroke Pines300 NW 172nd Ave26.0283463-80.3778863
Electabuzz Nest - Topeekeegee Yugnee ParkConfirmed2016/09/14Hollywood3300 N Park Rd26.038047-80.172161
Ekans Nest - Eagle Lake ParkConfirmed2016/09/28Clearwater1690 S Keene Rd27.933979-82.765658
Mankey Nest - Markham Park and Target RangeConfirmed2016/10/25Sunrise16001 W State Rd 8426.1296413-80.35457869999999
Ponyta Nest - Miramar Regional ParkConfirmed2016/10/25Miramar16801 Miramar Pkwy25.982553-80.371105
Slowpoke Nest - Silver Lakes North ParkConfirmed2016/10/25Pembroke Pines2300 NW 172nd Ave26.028346-80.377886
Corsola Nest - Bayfront Park Path in Miami, FLConfirmed2017/03/03MiamiBayfront Park Path25.77489007-80.18656433
Heracross Nest - Lake County Courthouse in Tavares, FLConfirmed2017/03/03Tavares550 West Main St28.80268561-81.73276663
Heracross Nest - S Olive Ave in West Palm Beach, FLConfirmed2017/03/03West Palm Beach314 Fern St26.71029414-80.05197644
Heracross Nest - Bayfront Park Path in Miami, FLConfirmed2017/03/03MiamiBayfront Park Path25.77467752-80.18531978
Eevee Nest - Loggers' Run ParkGone2016/07/28Boca Raton11185 W Palmetto Park Rd26.350623-80.22101
Gastly Nest - Cambier ParkGone2016/08/29Naples755 8th Ave S26.140215-81.796960
Hitmonlee Nest - Markham Park and Target RangeGone2016/09/09Sunrise16001 W State Rd 8426.1296413-80.35457869999999
Eevee Nest - Eagle Lake ParkGone2016/09/28Clearwater1690 S Keene Rd27.933979-82.765658
Magmar Habitat- Kennedy ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Miami2400 S Bayshore Dr25.7345-80.22947
Magnemite Nest - St. Armands Circle ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28SarasotaSt Armands Cir27.3179015-82.5772538
Onix Nest - Palm Coast City HallUnconfirmed2016/07/28Palm Coast160 Lake Ave29.486559-81.207723
Voltorb Nest - St. Armands Circle ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28SarasotaSt Armands Cir27.3179015-82.5772538
Magikarp Nest - Bayfront ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/29SarasotaRingling Blvd & Bay Front Drive27.3328515-82.5427217
Growlithe Nest - Lake Ida West ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/30Delray Beach1455 Lake Ida Rd26.4708359-80.08759179999998
Magmar Nest - Little League ParkUnconfirmed2016/09/01Boynton Beach1 Little League Road26.512785-80.0682333
Pikachu Nest - Buttonwood ParkUnconfirmed2016/09/01Lake Worth5300 Lantana Rd26.588226-80.129378
Nest in Live Oak Trail, Jacksonville FLUnconfirmed2017/02/23JacksonvilleLive Oak Trail30.34921313-81.54069901
Nest in 186 Veterans Pkwy, Saint Johns FLUnconfirmed2017/02/23Saint Johns186 Veterans Pkwy30.09110618-81.56808972
Nest in 2948 Jubilee Ln, Green Cove Springs FLUnconfirmed2017/02/23Green Cove Springs2948 Jubilee Ln30.04800808-81.79584764
Nest in 33-59 FL-211, Jacksonville FLUnconfirmed2017/02/23Jacksonville33-59 FL-21130.32295691-81.66835070
Nest in 101-179 Penman Rd S, Jacksonville Beach FLUnconfirmed2017/02/23Jacksonville Beach101-179 Penman Rd S30.28498066-81.40414680
Nest in 1899 Margaret St, Jacksonville FLUnconfirmed2017/02/23Jacksonville1899 Margaret St30.30996627-81.67929653
Nest in 501 Jackson St, Jacksonville FLUnconfirmed2017/02/23Jacksonville501 Jackson St30.32128991-81.67061448
Nest in 469 6th St, Atlantic Beach FLUnconfirmed2017/02/23Atlantic Beach469 6th St30.32969179-81.40211731
Nest in 2701 W State Rd 84, Fort Lauderdale FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort Lauderdale2701 W State Rd 8426.08891273-80.17729998
Nest in 1200 Meridian Ave, Miami Beach FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami Beach1200 Meridian Ave25.78381070-80.13748840
Nest in 14950 Golfway Blvd, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando14950 Golfway Blvd28.53326775-81.17534995
Nest in 1291-1591 20th St SW, Largo FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Largo1291-1591 20th St SW27.90398643-82.80665874
Nest in 9151 NW 2nd St, Plantation FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Plantation9151 NW 2nd St26.12502963-80.27081714
Nest in 6400 Yucatan Dr, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando6400 Yucatan Dr28.54404079-81.29629612
Nest in 4863 N Goldenrod Rd, Winter Park FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Winter Park4863 N Goldenrod Rd28.60968488-81.28368437
Nest in 664-898 SW 33rd St, Fort Lauderdale FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort Lauderdale664-898 SW 33rd St26.08342025-80.14929771
Nest in 2651 Brickell Ave, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami2651 Brickell Ave25.74864192-80.20491600
Nest in 16016 Gunn Hwy, Odessa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Odessa16016 Gunn Hwy28.11256569-82.58714676
Nest in 2200 Lee Rd, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando2200 Lee Rd28.59820030-81.41302586
Nest in 6101 Sheridan St, Hollywood FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Hollywood6101 Sheridan St26.03297375-80.21121383
Nest in 859-899 Capehart Dr, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando859-899 Capehart Dr28.53542204-81.29022819
Nest in 1739 Woodridge Dr, Clearwater FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Clearwater1739 Woodridge Dr27.93359525-82.76618958
Nest in 7098 Shadowridge Dr, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando7098 Shadowridge Dr28.46024993-81.31692299
Nest in 16700-16772 S Glades Dr, North Miami Beach FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24North Miami Beach16700-16772 S Glades Dr25.92880505-80.16798198
Nest in 323 5th St SE, Largo FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Largo323 5th St SE27.91488952-82.78532982
Nest in 2000-2098 5th St N, Saint Petersburg FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Petersburg2000-2098 5th St N27.79066207-82.64130592
Nest in 9990 46th St N, Pinellas Park FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Pinellas Park9990 46th St N27.86264426-82.69663453
Nest in 6047-6131 Appian Way, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando6047-6131 Appian Way28.53691544-81.30071640
Nest in 16801-16963 SW 72nd Ave, Palmetto Bay FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Palmetto Bay16801-16963 SW 72nd Ave25.61430556-80.30810595
Nest in 474 Northern Durango Ave, Ocoee FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Ocoee474 Northern Durango Ave28.59240984-81.53540428
Nest in 2300 NW 172nd Ave, Pembroke Pines FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Pembroke Pines2300 NW 172nd Ave26.02804491-80.37796363
Nest in 3001 Sheridan Street, Hollywood FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Hollywood3001 Sheridan Street26.03754316-80.17311573
Nest in 800 Jason Dwelley Pkwy, Apopka FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Apopka800 Jason Dwelley Pkwy28.73330761-81.54207230
Nest in Bayview Blvd, Oldsmar FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24OldsmarBayview Blvd28.03149085-82.66818166
Nest in 10127-10163 Flowers Ave, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando10127-10163 Flowers Ave28.56492396-81.24235153
Nest in 602 Santiago Ave, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando602 Santiago Ave28.53282950-81.31916799
Nest in 1400 NW 37th St, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami1400 NW 37th St25.78920742-80.26010513
Nest in 3401 S Hiawassee Rd, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando3401 S Hiawassee Rd28.50467570-81.48061752
Nest in Tropical Park, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24MiamiTropical Park25.72301625-80.32258987
Nest in 15151 Montrose Rd, Hialeah FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Hialeah15151 Montrose Rd25.90995692-80.33246040
Nest in 7900 SW 40th St, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami7900 SW 40th St25.72985932-80.32246113
Nest in 12960 106th Ave N, Largo FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Largo12960 106th Ave N27.86913919-82.81597628
Nest in 400-498 S Nashville Ave, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando400-498 S Nashville Ave28.53700027-81.39959335
Nest in 517-599 Bay Shore Dr NE, Saint Petersburg FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Petersburg517-599 Bay Shore Dr NE27.77794293-82.62594223
Nest in 200-398 Simms St, Hollywood FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Hollywood200-398 Simms St26.03378590-80.11411822
Nest in Bayfront Park Path, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24MiamiBayfront Park Path25.77467752-80.18531978
Nest in 13105 NW 47th Ave, Opa-locka FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Opa-locka13105 NW 47th Ave25.88621804-80.27450358
Nest in 1200 G. Harold Martin Dr, Fort Lauderdale FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort Lauderdale1200 G. Harold Martin Dr26.13305519-80.13303280
Nest in 100-658 177th Ave, Pembroke Pines FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Pembroke Pines100-658 177th Ave26.00607421-80.38224220
Nest in 14720 Ed Radice Dr, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tampa14720 Ed Radice Dr28.08310953-82.60859937
Nest in Osprey Trail, Dunedin FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24DunedinOsprey Trail28.07036365-82.83065812
Nest in 16540 SW 153rd Pl, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami16540 SW 153rd Pl25.61282052-80.44313908
Nest in 5502 33rd Ave Dr W, Bradenton FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Bradenton5502 33rd Ave Dr W27.47408507-82.61667252
Nest in Little Econ Greenway, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24OrlandoLittle Econ Greenway28.57116205-81.25271730
Nest in 2152-2198 Loch Lomond Dr, Winter Park FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Winter Park2152-2198 Loch Lomond Dr28.59686267-81.32234573
Nest in Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail, Palm Harbor FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Palm HarborFred Marquis Pinellas Trail28.10644006-82.77178363
Nest in 801 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami Beach801 Ocean Dr25.77794304-80.13045788
Nest in 4150-4200 W 8th Ave, Hialeah FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Hialeah4150-4200 W 8th Ave25.85985110-80.29924393
Nest in 618 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami Beach618 Lincoln Rd25.79057000-80.13518000
Nest in 400 SW 2nd St, Dania Beach FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Dania Beach400 SW 2nd St26.11995003-80.14801025
Nest in 12050 W Sunrise Blvd, Plantation FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Plantation12050 W Sunrise Blvd26.14371579-80.30720777
Nest in Tampa Bypass Canal Trail, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24TampaTampa Bypass Canal Trail27.97594073-82.36256003
Nest in 1085 S Lake Ave, Saint Cloud FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Cloud1085 S Lake Ave28.27688896-81.25177145
Nest in 7079-7119 125th St, Seminole FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Seminole7079-7119 125th St27.83301194-82.81170992
Nest in 2525 Phillippe Dr, Safety Harbor FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Safety Harbor2525 Phillippe Dr28.00722776-82.67907143
Nest in 10027-10073 Countryway Blvd, Westchase FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Westchase10027-10073 Countryway Blvd28.04031911-82.62748718
Nest in 12109 Leroy Collins Blvd, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tampa12109 Leroy Collins Blvd28.06002561-82.41322428
Nest in 2800-2898 Rubideaux St, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tampa2800-2898 Rubideaux St27.92190485-82.48869896
Nest in 1730 N Forest Ave, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando1730 N Forest Ave28.56753625-81.35732577
Nest in 3526 Barnstable Pl, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando3526 Barnstable Pl28.44084527-81.34170735
Nest in 150 N Beach Rd, Dania Beach FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Dania Beach150 N Beach Rd26.05836597-80.11198282
Nest in 8249 Buenavista Woods Blvd, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando8249 Buenavista Woods Blvd28.40836820-81.48973610
Nest in 5300 Interbay Blvd, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tampa5300 Interbay Blvd27.88909957-82.48112440
Nest in 16801 Miramar Pkwy, Miramar FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miramar16801 Miramar Pkwy25.98132891-80.36932468
Nest in W Regional Park, Weston FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24WestonW Regional Park26.10542234-80.41924059
Nest in 1450 S Alder Ave, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando1450 S Alder Ave28.52633020-81.29638195
Nest in 15970 SW 81st Terrace, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami15970 SW 81st Terrace25.69012920-80.45324262
Nest in 551 S Pompano Pkwy, Pompano Beach FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Pompano Beach551 S Pompano Pkwy26.21984634-80.15734434
Nest in 17530 W Dixie Hwy, North Miami Beach FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24North Miami Beach17530 W Dixie Hwy25.93940625-80.15537417
Nest in 7801-7899 SW 152nd St, Palmetto Bay FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Palmetto Bay7801-7899 SW 152nd St25.63022865-80.32083035
Nest in 2491 Babb Rd, Kissimmee FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Kissimmee2491 Babb Rd28.31868528-81.45546561
Nest in 1860 E Church St, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando1860 E Church St28.54143953-81.35799766
Nest in 7650 W Oakland Park Blvd, Lauderhill FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Lauderhill7650 W Oakland Park Blvd26.16533741-80.24903297
Nest in 2051 General Rees Ave, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando2051 General Rees Ave28.57598584-81.33811712
Nest in 10210 Westgate Dr, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tampa10210 Westgate Dr28.01434127-82.59733915
Nest in 5011 Batten Pl, Edgewood FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Edgewood5011 Batten Pl28.49009257-81.37707462
Nest in 7035 US-27, Clermont FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Clermont7035 US-2728.45656172-81.72104001
Nest in 3120 Tampa Rd, Oldsmar FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Oldsmar3120 Tampa Rd28.05408154-82.70403441
Nest in 11555 NW 58th St, Doral FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Doral11555 NW 58th St25.82712751-80.38518190
Nest in 1-99 N Lakeshore Dr, Ocoee FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Ocoee1-99 N Lakeshore Dr28.57028544-81.54128373
Nest in 1231 Theo Dickinson Dr, Coral Gables FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Coral Gables1231 Theo Dickinson Dr25.71735688-80.28042555
Nest in Riverwalk N, Fort Lauderdale FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort LauderdaleRiverwalk N26.11966104-80.14790297
Nest in 10310-10756 Jay Blanchard Trail, Union Park FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Union Park10310-10756 Jay Blanchard Trail28.57999948-81.23660088
Nest in 1704 99th St NW, Bradenton FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Bradenton1704 99th St NW27.51442880-82.66156638
Nest in 9501 Sheridan St, Hollywood FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Hollywood9501 Sheridan St26.03274238-80.27160645
Nest in Live Oak Ave, Chuluota FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24ChuluotaLive Oak Ave28.63235129-81.12299323
Nest in 2444-2616 County Rd 611, Palm Harbor FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Palm Harbor2444-2616 County Rd 61128.08794128-82.70135101
Nest in 151 Hammocks Blvd, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami151 Hammocks Blvd25.67456221-80.43936253
Nest in 5100-5186 Lake Baldwin Ln, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando5100-5186 Lake Baldwin Ln28.57842608-81.32413745
Nest in 12855 NW 8th St, Sunrise FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Sunrise12855 NW 8th St26.13166327-80.32107342
Nest in 7499 25th St N, Saint Petersburg FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Petersburg7499 25th St N27.83917097-82.66741991
Nest in 9207 Woodlake Blvd, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tampa9207 Woodlake Blvd28.02450633-82.59011328
Nest in 10203 Takomah Trail, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tampa10203 Takomah Trail28.04166377-82.40332961
Nest in 3000 E Busch Blvd, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tampa3000 E Busch Blvd28.03574080-82.42142340
Nest in 12009 Hancock Rd, Clermont FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Clermont12009 Hancock Rd28.52098534-81.70625031
Nest in 13328-13344 SW 47th St, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami13328-13344 SW 47th St25.72125709-80.40999770
Nest in 2519 Beach Blvd S, Gulfport FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Gulfport2519 Beach Blvd S27.74518609-82.70801894
Nest in 12020 USF Cherry Dr, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tampa12020 USF Cherry Dr28.06068716-82.41458550
Nest in 1725 NE 135th St, North Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24North Miami1725 NE 135th St25.90132916-80.16418934
Nest in 1045 Azalea Ln, Winter Park FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Winter Park1045 Azalea Ln28.58838084-81.35931406
Nest in 405 2nd Ave S, Saint Petersburg FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Petersburg405 2nd Ave S27.77020631-82.62982607
Nest in Museum Park Baywalk, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24MiamiMuseum Park Baywalk25.78374926-80.18770695
Nest in 12 Oak Knoll Ln, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando12 Oak Knoll Ln28.49098497-81.48072481
Nest in 11201 SW 24th St, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami11201 SW 24th St25.74909128-80.37689924
Nest in 16 S Denning Dr, Winter Park FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Winter Park16 S Denning Dr28.59554385-81.36116266
Nest in 6901 S MacDill Ave, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tampa6901 S MacDill Ave27.86622831-82.49651827
Nest in 101-299 S Denning Dr, Winter Park FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Winter Park101-299 S Denning Dr28.59612319-81.36130214
Nest in 2811 Dover Park Dr, Dover FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Dover2811 Dover Park Dr27.98614021-82.23451138
Nest in ???, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando???28.60392744-81.19909286
Nest in 6833 Main St, Miami Lakes FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami Lakes6833 Main St25.91299676-80.31151772
Nest in 511 Orlando Urban Trail, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando511 Orlando Urban Trail28.57168937-81.36531472
Nest in 900 E Princeton St, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando900 E Princeton St28.57008757-81.36676311
Nest in 812 E Rollins St, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando812 E Rollins St28.57317038-81.36604629
Nest in 501 SW 172nd Ave, Hollywood FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Hollywood501 SW 172nd Ave26.00117571-80.37425995
Nest in 2201 John Lewkowicz Ln, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando2201 John Lewkowicz Ln28.57223510-81.36717225
Nest in 7929 Atlantic Way, Miami Beach FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami Beach7929 Atlantic Way25.86472651-80.11987925
Nest in 501 Crown Point Cross Rd, Winter Garden FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Winter Garden501 Crown Point Cross Rd28.58233600-81.56831503
Nest in Garden Dr, Winter Park FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Winter ParkGarden Dr28.58398172-81.35866320
Nest in Community Center Dr, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24OrlandoCommunity Center Dr28.49811342-81.25801563
Nest in 3251 S Miami Ave, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami3251 S Miami Ave25.74437539-80.21139622
Nest in 305 Ledwith Ave, Haines City FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Haines City305 Ledwith Ave28.10261479-81.62787080
Nest in 566 W Par St, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando566 W Par St28.58192146-81.38804913
Nest in 800-940 NE 18th Ave, Pompano Beach FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Pompano Beach800-940 NE 18th Ave26.23963051-80.10550780
Nest in 1801-2099 Country Club Dr, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando1801-2099 Country Club Dr28.56081550-81.40167475
Nest in 100-178 Bay Shore Dr NE, Saint Petersburg FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Petersburg100-178 Bay Shore Dr NE27.77266500-82.63237953
Nest in 507-627 Eldron Dr, Miami Springs FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami Springs507-627 Eldron Dr25.81155914-80.28585434
Nest in 10600 Cleary Blvd, Plantation FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Plantation10600 Cleary Blvd26.13178384-80.29285908
Nest in 215 W 61st St, Hialeah FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Hialeah215 W 61st St25.87782156-80.28710693
Nest in 13326 Adventure PI, Bradenton FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Bradenton13326 Adventure PI27.42400463-82.41153717
Nest in 5901-6057 FL-736, Plantation FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Plantation5901-6057 FL-73626.10700718-80.22736073
Nest in 1875 Silver Spur Ln, Kissimmee FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Kissimmee1875 Silver Spur Ln28.29907807-81.36856891
Nest in 1689 Lake Baldwin Ln, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando1689 Lake Baldwin Ln28.56809372-81.32181231
Nest in 500-566 FL-526, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando500-566 FL-52628.54506101-81.37109756
Nest in 17-57 FL-527, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando17-57 FL-52728.54302702-81.37525909
Nest in 100-298 N Eola Dr, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando100-298 N Eola Dr28.54440799-81.37036955
Nest in 650 Pine Ave N, Oldsmar FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Oldsmar650 Pine Ave N28.05732491-82.66924381
Nest in 128-198 FL-687, Saint Petersburg FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Petersburg128-198 FL-68727.77285486-82.63777614
Nest in 4201 SW 95th Ave, Cooper City FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Cooper City4201 SW 95th Ave26.06896262-80.27569769
Nest in Cape Florida Park Blvd, Key Biscayne FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Key BiscayneCape Florida Park Blvd25.66981126-80.15572085

Habitats in Florida

NestStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitude
Snorlax Habitat - West BrowardConfirmed2016/10/04Broward CountyWest Broward26.190096-80.365865
Dratini Habitat - East Fee Ave ParkConfirmed2017/03/01Melbourne100 E Fee Ave28.08282855-80.61937094
Habitat in 2901-2929 Park St, Jacksonville FLUnconfirmed2017/02/23Jacksonville2901-2929 Park St30.30738801-81.69865698
Habitat in 135 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville FLUnconfirmed2017/02/23Jacksonville135 Riverside Ave30.32204470-81.66956306
Habitat in 3041 Monument Rd, Jacksonville FLUnconfirmed2017/02/23Jacksonville3041 Monument Rd30.36489590-81.50456429
Habitat in 501 Computer Power Pl, Jacksonville FLUnconfirmed2017/02/23Jacksonville501 Computer Power Pl30.31703744-81.67423463
Habitat in 501 Rosselle St, Jacksonville FLUnconfirmed2017/02/23Jacksonville501 Rosselle St30.31882689-81.67341440
Habitat in 1552 Golfside Dr, Winter Park FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Winter Park1552 Golfside Dr28.57909501-81.31268978
Habitat in 4834-4884 W Union St, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tampa4834-4884 W Union St27.95780858-82.52587438
Habitat in 20 Cb Smith Park, Pembroke Pines FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Pembroke Pines20 Cb Smith Park26.01396635-80.31411409
Habitat in 1231 Theo Dickinson Dr, Coral Gables FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Coral Gables1231 Theo Dickinson Dr25.71675857-80.27963262
Habitat in 7401-7435 NW 5th St, Plantation FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Plantation7401-7435 NW 5th St26.12873032-80.24712324
Habitat in 8855 NW 27th St, Doral FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Doral8855 NW 27th St25.80252057-80.34085795
Habitat in 93-181 S Park Ave, Winter Park FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Winter Park93-181 S Park Ave28.59740903-81.35137796
Habitat in 1001-1171 W 74th St, Hialeah FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Hialeah1001-1171 W 74th St25.89013335-80.30550957
Habitat in 10801 Miramar Blvd, Miramar FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miramar10801 Miramar Blvd25.98836922-80.29048920
Habitat in 1519-1699 SW 128th Terrace, Pembroke Pines FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Pembroke Pines1519-1699 SW 128th Terrace25.99751135-80.31623840
Habitat in 17777 Bali Blvd, Winter Garden FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Winter Garden17777 Bali Blvd28.35041192-81.65497325
Habitat in 8199 SW 132nd Ave, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami8199 SW 132nd Ave25.69200967-80.40602803
Habitat in 421 Lincoln Ln N, Miami Beach FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami Beach421 Lincoln Ln N25.79162971-80.13256073
Habitat in Lake Seminole Park, Seminole FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24SeminoleLake Seminole Park27.84522357-82.77696133
Habitat in 2558 Robert Trent Jones Dr, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando2558 Robert Trent Jones Dr28.51633782-81.47454500
Habitat in 12676 Gemini Blvd N, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando12676 Gemini Blvd N28.60609859-81.19867444
Habitat in 1735 Timocuan Way, Longwood FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Longwood1735 Timocuan Way28.71891275-81.33137941
Habitat in 200-302 S Lake Dr, Clearwater FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Clearwater200-302 S Lake Dr27.96299221-82.77248740
Habitat in Lettuce Lake Pkwy, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24TampaLettuce Lake Pkwy28.06992602-82.36961961
Habitat in Hogsmeade's main St, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24OrlandoHogsmeade's main St28.47190891-81.47236383
Habitat in 1415 SW 32nd Ave, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami1415 SW 32nd Ave25.75813599-80.24615765
Habitat in 2401-2451 FL-15, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando2401-2451 FL-1528.57237719-81.36414528
Habitat in 320 E Monument Ave, Kissimmee FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Kissimmee320 E Monument Ave28.29058965-81.40438646
Habitat in 2250 W 60th St, Hialeah FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Hialeah2250 W 60th St25.87566409-80.32825470
Habitat in 11000-11396 SW 76th St, Kendall FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Kendall11000-11396 SW 76th St25.69528713-80.37235022
Habitat in 600 N Ashley Dr, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tampa600 N Ashley Dr27.94866791-82.46179640
Habitat in 4825 NW 104th Ave, Doral FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Doral4825 NW 104th Ave25.81772106-80.36300272
Habitat in 1301 W 60th St, Hialeah FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Hialeah1301 W 60th St25.87764298-80.30928612
Habitat in 5300 NW 102nd Ave, Doral FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Doral5300 NW 102nd Ave25.82248232-80.36266744
Habitat in 301 S Eola Dr, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando301 S Eola Dr28.53895130-81.36912346
Habitat in 4123 Pictor Ln, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando4123 Pictor Ln28.60518021-81.19885683
Habitat in N Lake Dr, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24MiamiN Lake Dr25.73596750-80.30902863
Habitat in 4029-4127 FL-15, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando4029-4127 FL-1528.53597290-81.33419037
Habitat in 700-798 N Park Ave, Winter Park FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Winter Park700-798 N Park Ave28.60355066-81.35105610
Habitat in 2401-2499 W 74th St, Hialeah FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Hialeah2401-2499 W 74th St25.89035535-80.33391953
Habitat in 12459-12467 SW 184th St, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami12459-12467 SW 184th St25.59903829-80.40378571
Habitat in 1812 N Highland Ave, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tampa1812 N Highland Ave27.95889977-82.46307859
Habitat in 8011 SW 127th Ave, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami8011 SW 127th Ave25.69193958-80.40106058
Habitat in 4469 NW 93rd Doral Ct, Doral FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Doral4469 NW 93rd Doral Ct25.81341144-80.34508594
Habitat in 64 W 49th St, Hialeah FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Hialeah64 W 49th St25.86559055-80.28482437
Habitat in 7525 North Blvd, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tampa7525 North Blvd28.01393398-82.46644735
Habitat in 2800-2890 NW 87th Ave, Doral FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Doral2800-2890 NW 87th Ave25.80099235-80.33778191
Habitat in 1701 W 53rd Terrace, Hialeah FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Hialeah1701 W 53rd Terrace25.87160192-80.31815796
Habitat in 4911-4999 W Main St, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tampa4911-4999 W Main St27.95724464-82.52527637
Habitat in Sheriffs Posse Ranch Rd, Lutz FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24LutzSheriffs Posse Ranch Rd28.12378832-82.51041412
Habitat in Fairway Pointe Dr, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24OrlandoFairway Pointe Dr28.52796566-81.19187236
Habitat in 3025-3045 Co Rd 118, Clearwater FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Clearwater3025-3045 Co Rd 11827.92302346-82.71027088
Habitat in 14201-14503 Orange Dr, Davie FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Davie14201-14503 Orange Dr26.06421864-80.34185350
Habitat in 400 N Franklin St, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Tampa400 N Franklin St27.94801271-82.45844801
Habitat in 5759 SW 28th St, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami5759 SW 28th St25.74523547-80.28770506
Habitat in 8310-8342 Springtree Dr, Sunrise FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Sunrise8310-8342 Springtree Dr26.17175283-80.25748998
Habitat in 10825 NW 42nd Ct, Sunrise FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Sunrise10825 NW 42nd Ct26.17775868-80.29267788
Habitat in 201 Lakeview Dr, Kissimmee FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Kissimmee201 Lakeview Dr28.29041842-81.40552640
Habitat in 12000 E Colonial Dr, Orlando FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Orlando12000 E Colonial Dr28.56574375-81.20264411
Habitat in Cypress Creek Trail, Pompano Beach FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Pompano BeachCypress Creek Trail26.22937580-80.25372550
Habitat in 1800-1898 SW 123rd Ct, Miami FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Miami1800-1898 SW 123rd Ct25.75165450-80.39406205
Habitat in Tampa Riverwalk, Tampa FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24TampaTampa Riverwalk27.94527017-82.45884597
Habitat in 71 Lakeshore Blvd, Kissimmee FLUnconfirmed2017/02/24Kissimmee71 Lakeshore Blvd28.29011610-81.40501142

Trainer Spots in Florida

See also: Trainer Spots in Florida
Trainer SpotStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitudeNumber of PokeStopsNumber of GymsCommon Pokemon
9 or 11 Memorial on Pines Blvd in Pembroke Pines FloridaConfirmed2016/08/08Pembroke PinesPines Blvd26.0078529-80.3236663???????????
Ballast Point Park in Tampa FloridaConfirmed2016/08/08Tampa5300 Interbay Blvd27.8889874-82.4812381???????????
Cambier Park in Naples FloridaConfirmed2016/08/08Naples755 8th Ave S26.1400043-81.7969945???????????
Cascades Park in Tallahassee FloridaConfirmed2016/08/08TallahasseeCascades Park30.4337273-84.2785736???????????
Commercial Blvd @ A1A or Pier area in Fort Lauderdale FloridaConfirmed2016/08/08Fort LauderdaleCommercial Blvd @ A1A or Pier area26.1224386-80.1373174???????????
Cranes Roost Park in Orlando FloridaConfirmed2016/08/08Orlando274 Cranes Roost Blvd28.6660475-81.3835922???????????
Downtown Palafox near Jacos in Pensacola FloridaConfirmed2016/08/08PensacolaDowntown Palafox near Jacos30.421309-87.2169149???????????
Florida Atlantic University Library in Boca Raton FloridaConfirmed2016/08/08Boca RatonFlorida Atlantic University Library26.3683064-80.1289321???????????
Lake Ella in Tallahassee FloridaConfirmed2016/08/08TallahasseeLake Ella Dr30.4624844-84.2798393???????????
McNab Park near Atlantic and US1 in Pompano Beach FloridaConfirmed2016/08/08Pompano BeachMcNab Park near Atlantic and US126.2378597-80.1247667???????????
Naples Pier in Naples FloridaConfirmed2016/08/08NaplesNaples Pier26.131581-81.8074427???????????
Near Hollywood North Beach Park in Hollywood FloridaConfirmed2016/08/08Hollywood3601 N Ocean Dr26.034246-80.114869???????????
Ocean Front Park in Jacksonville FloridaConfirmed2016/08/08JacksonvilleOcean Front30.31374-81.3935951???????????
Oceanfront Park in Jacksonville FloridaConfirmed2016/08/08Jacksonville429 1st St S30.2838861-81.3881962???????????
St Petersburg History Museum in Saint Petersburg FloridaConfirmed2016/08/08Saint PetersburgSt Petersburg History Museum27.7518284-82.6267345???????????
Weedon Island in Saint Petersburg FloridaConfirmed2016/08/08Saint PetersburgWeedon Island Dr27.85804-82.6067501???????????

Gyms in Florida

See also: Gyms in Florida
- Jacksonville, FL30.339416-81.679621435 State St WJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
13th St. Double Helix Bridge - Gainesville, FL29.641056-82.339337Waldo Rd Greenway-Depot Avenue Rail-TrailGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
1700 North University Plaza Fountain - Coral Springs, FL26.251754-80.2539471702 N University DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
1915 Clearwater Monument - Clearwater, FL27.960907-82.7754161915 Gulf to Bay BlvdClearwaterFloridaUnited States
1936 Switcher Engine - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.134888-80.13297900-974 NE 10th AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
1\2 Way There - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.057098-80.195477SW 36th TerraceFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
20th St Church Of Christ - Saint Petersburg, FL27.761345-82.660227825-899 20th St SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
2800 Fountain - Coral Springs, FL26.265898-80.2507462866 N University DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
3 Armless People Statue - Saint Petersburg, FL27.770318-82.67405821 30th St SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
3 Cross Church - Lakeland, FL28.055089-81.960527395 FL-546LakelandFloridaUnited States
300 CLUB Pool - Gainesville, FL29.662853-82.3799253715 NW 12th AveGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
5 Butterflies - Miami, FL25.774541-80.2162741275 NW 1st StMiamiFloridaUnited States
7 Vila Bothers Memorial - Tampa, FL27.949852-82.485161700 N Armenia AveTampaFloridaUnited States
9/11 Mural Hollywood - Hollywood, FL26.011372-80.1615092701 Hollywood BlvdHollywoodFloridaUnited States
A Police Officer's Prayer - Miami, FL25.75937-80.2021261859 SW 3rd AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
A Salute to the Sister Cities - Miami, FL25.774797-80.196274101 W Flagler StMiamiFloridaUnited States
ARF the Dog - Wilton Manors, FL26.158137-80.1351792365 Wilton DrWilton ManorsFloridaUnited States
Abe's Pirate - Clearwater, FL27.952253-82.7879751250 S Missouri AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Abundance Christian Church - Lakeland, FL28.039217-81.9700971030 Olive StLakelandFloridaUnited States
Acid Rabbit Grafitti - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.122952-80.14430116 NW 1st AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Acropol Inn Mural 2 - Clearwater, FL27.991188-82.7312672552 Sunset Point RdClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Africa Mural - Saint Petersburg, FL27.761197-82.6624862175 9th Ave SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Agape Wood Warship Center - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.154391-80.1729662001-2199 NW 22nd LnFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Al Lopez Park - Tampa, FL27.990297-82.5013414848-4898 N Himes AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Albright United Methodist Church - Saint Petersburg, FL27.777165-82.6709172758 5th Ave NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Alfred A. Ring Park - Gainesville, FL29.674247-82.346807Ring Park TrailGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
All Angels Church - Miami Springs, FL25.831219-80.304981801 NW 67th AveMiami SpringsFloridaUnited States
All Saints Soup Kitchen Mural - Oakland Park, FL26.169217-80.154413350 NW 9th StOakland ParkFloridaUnited States
All Together Mural - Hollywood, FL26.033806-80.2093272640 N State Rd 7HollywoodFloridaUnited States
All Villages - Port St. Lucie, FL27.300315-80.3998111550 SW Heatherwood BlvdPort St. LucieFloridaUnited States
Allapattah Alligator Mural - Miami, FL25.786833-80.22316NW North River DrMiamiFloridaUnited States
Allens Creek Park - Clearwater, FL27.949771-82.7537591301 S Hercules AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Alligator By Pedro Ortueta - Hialeah, FL25.890555-80.3067371001-1171 W 74th StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Alligator Statue - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.117906-80.134053411-429 SE 9th AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Alligators! - Lakeland, FL28.08148-81.94579910 Granada StLakelandFloridaUnited States
Amelia Earhart Park - Hialeah, FL25.881857-80.275161NW 47th AveHialeahFloridaUnited States
Amelia Island Sunset - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.158335-80.1169142520 N Federal HwyFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
American Legion Post 4 - Lakeland, FL28.026265-81.9767161375 Ariana StLakelandFloridaUnited States
American Legion Post 92 - Hollywood, FL26.012828-80.148805219 N 21st AveHollywoodFloridaUnited States
American War Mothers - Jacksonville, FL30.310874-81.678771721 Memorial Park DrJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Anchored for Life - Dania Beach, FL26.058004-80.165833200 Gulf Stream WayDania BeachFloridaUnited States
Andrews St Clements - Wilton Manors, FL26.164233-80.1466372975-3007 FL-811AWilton ManorsFloridaUnited States
Anne Kolb Nature Center - Hollywood, FL26.034319-80.120883751 FL-822HollywoodFloridaUnited States
Anne Kolb Wildlife Pavilion Viewpoint - Hollywood, FL26.039933-80.122623720 Sheridan StHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Annie Beck Historic Home and Education Center - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.143483-80.1378131329 NW 7th AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Ansin Sports Complex - Miramar, FL25.986355-80.28969311200-11250 SW 25th StMiramarFloridaUnited States
Apoxee Wilderness Trail - West Palm Beach, FL26.727543-80.1511183180 N Jog RdWest Palm BeachFloridaUnited States
Aquatic Paradise Mural - Saint Petersburg, FL27.768597-82.663108201-299 22nd St SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Arquitectura de Chayo Frank en - Hialeah, FL25.840854-80.284693149 W 21st StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Art Park at Lafayette - Tallahassee, FL30.436483-84.2667711030-1198 E Lafayette StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Arthur L. Ruppel Memorial Tree - Jacksonville, FL30.334832-81.661863427 W State StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Atlantic Coast Walkway - Lakeland, FL28.045328-81.955104201 N Kentucky AveLakelandFloridaUnited States
Atlantic Fountain - Pompano Beach, FL26.232236-80.0912-18 Florida A1APompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Aviation Art - Orlando, FL28.456182-81.305257499 Augusta National DrOrlandoFloridaUnited States
Aztec Lounge - Pembroke Pines, FL26.006268-80.30819211860 Pines BlvdPembroke PinesFloridaUnited States
Aztec Totem - Davie, FL26.102086-80.2662648800 W State Rd 84DavieFloridaUnited States
BCT Northeast Transit Center - Pompano Beach, FL26.233549-80.126346304 Hammondville RdPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
BMX Track at Tom Brown - Tallahassee, FL30.44889-84.214572731-909 Easterwood DrTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Backwoods Bistro - Tallahassee, FL30.444369-84.277806421 E Tennessee StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Bageland Breakfast Cereal Character Painting - Coral Springs, FL26.285532-80.2360148180 Wiles RdCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Bank Atlantic Building Mural - Pompano Beach, FL26.209875-80.1070151600 US-1Pompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Baptist Church Swings - Hialeah, FL25.875382-80.285142-198 W 58th TerraceHialeahFloridaUnited States
Barnaby Family Inn - Tallahassee, FL30.428929-84.242242331 Apalachee PkwyTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Barnacle Bill's - Tallahassee, FL30.465103-84.2834961830 US-27TallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Barrio Art Wall - Miami, FL25.773751-80.203266520 W Flagler StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Barrio Latino - Southwest Ranches, FL26.030797-80.35588212004 Sheridan StSouthwest RanchesFloridaUnited States
Bartlett Park - Saint Petersburg, FL27.751919-82.6387121825-1869 4th St SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Bartlett Park Historic District - Saint Petersburg, FL27.755055-82.646426881-899 16th Ave SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Baseball Grounds - Jacksonville, FL30.324748-81.6431961001-1025 E Adams StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Baseball Mural - Miami, FL25.791667-80.19654651-99 NW 17th StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Baseball Player - Jacksonville, FL30.325703-81.641398267-331 N Georgia StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Basketball Roundabout - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.133417-80.130339615-619 NE 14th AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Bat Houses - Gainesville, FL29.644224-82.3628331062 Museum RdGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Bauser's - Dunedin, FL28.007376-82.788068520 Douglas AveDunedinFloridaUnited States
Bay Park Tertiary Pond - Clearwater, FL27.96597-82.732573Duke Energy TrailClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Beach Branch Library - Pompano Beach, FL26.235647-80.089355221 N Pompano Beach BlvdPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Beach Scene Utility Box - Dania Beach, FL26.052307-80.141298200 E Dania Beach BlvdDania BeachFloridaUnited States
Beauty Park - Miramar, FL25.98428-80.2149042900-2998 SW 64th AveMiramarFloridaUnited States
Beer Bowling and Sports Mural - Davie, FL26.053824-80.2553165240-5552 SW 82nd AveDavieFloridaUnited States
Before I Die - Tallahassee, FL30.435842-84.285808700-798 S Martin Luther King Jr BlvdTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Bell Tower - Hialeah, FL25.941268-80.3141246832-6860 NW 186th StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Bell Tower - St. Mark Church - Cooper City, FL26.049957-80.3139095671-5743 FL-823Cooper CityFloridaUnited States
Bell Tower - West Palm Beach, FL26.715204-80.1053292600 N Military TrlWest Palm BeachFloridaUnited States
Bergeron Gathering Pavilion26.093817-80.281561951 W Oak Knoll CirDavieFloridaUnited States
Best of 99 Hot Diggity Dogs Plaque - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.06268-80.1756782641 Griffin RdFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Beth David Congregation Plaque - Miami, FL25.754445-80.208543201-299 SW 27th RdMiamiFloridaUnited States
Bethel Church - Miami, FL25.781787-80.198955241 NW 8th StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Bethesda Faith Assembly - Jacksonville, FL30.339739-81.644817601 E 4th StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Betty Mimi James Memorial Tree - Tallahassee, FL30.461214-84.2751061562-1600 Fernando DrTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Biblical Institute Victoria - Hialeah, FL25.921603-80.27817716305 NW 48th AveHialeahFloridaUnited States
Big Horn Bbq - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.158669-80.1167742528 N Federal HwyFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Biltmore Cumberland Historic Sign - Lakeland, FL28.036951-81.944651000-1020 E Palmetto StLakelandFloridaUnited States
Bird Hotel - Tampa, FL27.944325-82.478773112 S Fremont AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Bird Information - Clearwater, FL27.977864-82.72846422211 US Hwy 19 NClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Bird Painting - Clearwater, FL27.9642-82.796957Fred Marquis Pinellas TrailClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Birds Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack - Tallahassee, FL30.445354-84.284212325 N Bronough StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Black Hawk Down - Miami Lakes, FL25.901773-80.29630513939 NW 59th AveMiami LakesFloridaUnited States
Black Thunder - West Palm Beach, FL26.771904-80.1064276500 N Military TrlWest Palm BeachFloridaUnited States
Black bear - Pembroke Pines, FL26.005541-80.32921813630 Pines BlvdPembroke PinesFloridaUnited States
Blame Hipsters - Jacksonville, FL30.337904-81.6576161100-1198 Boulevard StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Blessed John XXIII Catholic Church - Miramar, FL25.977832-80.37021816800 Miramar PkwyMiramarFloridaUnited States
Blowing Bubbles. - Jacksonville, FL30.312026-81.6550071406 Hendricks AveJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Blue Dream Statue - West Palm Beach, FL26.745919-80.1169974879-4999 Fred Gladstone DrWest Palm BeachFloridaUnited States
Blue Genie Wall Mural - Orlando, FL28.433757-81.2562789161 Narcoossee RdOrlandoFloridaUnited States
Blue Star Memorial Highway - Lakeland, FL28.054521-81.9904682100 W Memorial BlvdLakelandFloridaUnited States
Blue Waters Coach Home Fountian - Cape Coral, FL26.649004-82.0405211404 Shadroe Cove CirCape CoralFloridaUnited States
Blue Wave Mural - Pompano Beach, FL26.231423-80.1010042250 E Atlantic BlvdPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Blue slides - Pompano Beach, FL26.24528-80.128184351 SW 14th CtPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Bob's Wings - Tallahassee, FL30.426295-84.2501321312-1338 Winewood BlvdTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Bongos - Miami, FL25.781164-80.186495400 NE 8th StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Book House Memorial - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.139962-80.1160641113-1119 Bayview DrFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Book Statue - Lakeland, FL28.068409-81.9575681706 N Florida AveLakelandFloridaUnited States
Booker Creek Park - Saint Petersburg, FL27.782885-82.6649412431 10th Ave NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Booker T. Washington Park - Lakeland, FL28.060578-81.959441241-1299 N Virginia AveLakelandFloridaUnited States
Boomers Entrance Sign - Dania Beach, FL26.053884-80.1580761701-1800 NW 1st StDania BeachFloridaUnited States
Boring Swan - Lakeland, FL28.044262-81.94536954-998 FL-600LakelandFloridaUnited States
Born Free - Port St. Lucie, FL27.27515-80.341212195 SE Airoso BlvdPort St. LucieFloridaUnited States
Botanical Collection - Davie, FL26.074084-80.313215SW 36th CtDavieFloridaUnited States
Boulevard Estates - Clearwater, FL27.960706-82.7432532266 Boulevard EstatesClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Boy Holding Bunny with Girl Statue - Miami Lakes, FL25.912191-80.3114226813 Main StMiami LakesFloridaUnited States
Boy Scout Troop 104 - Tallahassee, FL30.462015-84.2916711701-1749 Gibbs DrTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Brave Bull - Coral Springs, FL26.267014-80.26509710312-10352 NW 29th StCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Brewery Fountain - Coral Springs, FL26.253429-80.2533991752-1800 FL-817Coral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Brickell Avenue Legacy - Miami, FL25.755664-80.1965081786-1798 FL-5MiamiFloridaUnited States
Brickell Fire Rescue Gallo - Miami, FL25.762994-80.1971531115 SW 2nd StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Bridge Statue - Miami, FL25.7696-80.189855Downtown MiamiMiamiFloridaUnited States
Bridge of Hope Center - Tampa, FL27.966825-82.467784500-702 W Columbus DrTampaFloridaUnited States
Brigadoon of Clear Water - Clearwater, FL27.972935-82.7230822432-4499 Brigadoon DrClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Bronze Knight - Lakeland, FL28.033362-81.957027844 Florida Ave SLakelandFloridaUnited States
Bronze Rhino - Pembroke Pines, FL26.010534-80.30228711605 Pines BlvdPembroke PinesFloridaUnited States
Broward College Health Sciences - Coconut Creek, FL26.244419-80.1710273342-3498 Coconut Creek PkwyCoconut CreekFloridaUnited States
Broward County Library - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.242125-80.1717361100 Coconut Creek BlvdFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Broward Mall Fountains - Plantation, FL26.118303-80.254288000 W Broward BlvdPlantationFloridaUnited States
Bryant Branch Library - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.155214-80.1698752013-2099 NW 22nd StFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Bucky Dent Waterslides - Hialeah, FL25.875723-80.3290522310 W 60th StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Buffalo Wild Wings - Tallahassee, FL30.438788-84.261956300 S Magnolia DrTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Bula Kafe - Saint Petersburg, FL27.777202-82.6676082510 5th Ave NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Bus Stop Waiting - Port St. Lucie, FL27.275966-80.34046361-383 SE Deacon AvePort St. LucieFloridaUnited States
Butterflies and Education Gazebo - Tampa, FL27.97634-82.5098894001 W Tampa Bay BlvdTampaFloridaUnited States
Butterflies and Lizards - Gainesville, FL29.65101-82.373627110 SW 34th StGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Butterfly Garden Plaque - Coconut Creek, FL26.240431-80.173135NW 39th AveCoconut CreekFloridaUnited States
Butterfly Meadow - Lakeland, FL28.012778-81.9450612600 Buckingham AveLakelandFloridaUnited States
Butterfly Structure - Hollywood, FL26.040139-80.1700563030-3040 N 34th StHollywoodFloridaUnited States
C.B. Smith Park - Pembroke Pines, FL26.008085-80.31264112401-12421 FL-820Pembroke PinesFloridaUnited States
CB Smith Park - Pembroke Pines, FL26.014912-80.312666Johnson StPembroke PinesFloridaUnited States
Cacciatore Park Sign - Tampa, FL28.001974-82.4914452900 W Burke StTampaFloridaUnited States
Cahill Ministries Food Bank - Lakeland, FL28.061089-81.9802671333 N Brunnell PkwyLakelandFloridaUnited States
Calle 8 Daycare Gallo - Miami, FL25.765801-80.208794801-829 SW 9th AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
Calle Ocho Mural At I-95 - Miami, FL25.766035-80.200523I-95MiamiFloridaUnited States
Calvary Chapel Southside - Saint Petersburg, FL27.729704-82.6399654250 6th St SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Calvary Fellowship - Hollywood, FL26.04448-80.2577368530 Stirling RdHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Calvary Outreach - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.135572-80.153533920 NW 9th AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Calvary Sawgrass - Davie, FL26.097904-80.3154361775 S Flamingo RdDavieFloridaUnited States
Calvin C. Phillips Mausoleum - Tallahassee, FL30.449552-84.286516438 W Brevard StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Cancer - Tampa, FL27.98292-82.5043484401-4571 FL-600TampaFloridaUnited States
Cancer Survivor Dedication - Tampa, FL27.981938-82.5045863715-3739 FL-574TampaFloridaUnited States
Cape Assembly - Cape Coral, FL26.637976-81.99162717-799 SW 8th TerraceCape CoralFloridaUnited States
Cape Christian Church Fountain - Cape Coral, FL26.613432-82.0083982110 Chiquita Blvd SCape CoralFloridaUnited States
Cape Christian Church South Sign - Cape Coral, FL26.611908-82.0073561601-1617 SW 22nd StCape CoralFloridaUnited States
Cape Coral Firefighter Dedication Plaque - Cape Coral, FL26.630535-81.9588281115 SE 8th AveCape CoralFloridaUnited States
Cape Coral Historical Society - Cape Coral, FL26.640748-81.95884538-544 Cultural Park BlvdCape CoralFloridaUnited States
Capitol Theatre - Clearwater, FL27.965523-82.801027405 S Osceola AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Captain Morgan - Hialeah, FL25.865364-80.3111021448 W 49th StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Car Wash Art Wall - Miami, FL25.772723-80.2289092035 W Flagler StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Carl Slade Park - Hialeah, FL25.890142-80.3344132501-2599 W 74th StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Carlos Costa - Tampa, FL27.966963-82.505069W Columbus DrTampaFloridaUnited States
Carnival Cruise Lines Science and Technology Building - Miami Gardens, FL25.923889-80.25386116388-16394 NW 32nd AveMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
Carpenter Field Complex Trail - Clearwater, FL27.974594-82.733077Ream Wilson TrailClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Carrion Mural - Miami, FL25.764668-80.2308632207 SW 9th StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Carroll's Mammoth Chute Face - Saint Petersburg, FL27.784848-82.660431961-1999 13th Ave NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Carter Howell Strong Park - Tallahassee, FL30.447842-84.290969500-598 N Copeland StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Cascades Park Waterfall Fountain - Tallahassee, FL30.434242-84.27742E Bloxham StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Cascading Water Sculpture - Miami Lakes, FL25.911122-80.2958395803 NW 151st StMiami LakesFloridaUnited States
Castagna Masoleum - Clearwater, FL27.949716-82.79538812-830 Lakeview RdClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Cavalry Baptist Church - Lakeland, FL28.072218-81.9570421945 N Florida AveLakelandFloridaUnited States
Cedarwoods at Pembroke Lakes West - Pembroke Pines, FL26.0287-80.29662611190 Redwood AvePembroke PinesFloridaUnited States
Celebrity Sculptures & Hands o - Coral Springs, FL26.272598-80.27917711448 W Sample RdCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Celtic Knot of Danians - Dania Beach, FL26.052441-80.134923500-554 Florida A1ADania BeachFloridaUnited States
Center State Bank Fountain - Lakeland, FL28.038513-81.957016486-500 FL-37LakelandFloridaUnited States
CenterPoint Church - Palm Bay, FL27.994543-80.647314201-341 Mirage Ave SEPalm BayFloridaUnited States
Central Christian Church - Clearwater, FL27.952128-82.7629751200 S Keene RdClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Central Park Fountain - Plantation, FL26.124726-80.272646200-472 Central Park DrPlantationFloridaUnited States
Century Tower - Gainesville, FL29.648799-82.343326Newell DrGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Ceremonial Burial Mound - Pompano Beach, FL26.221775-80.09251232 Hibiscus AvePompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Chabad Coral Springs - Coral Springs, FL26.278709-80.2500433925 FL-817Coral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Character Mural - Miami, FL25.765745-80.221511609 SW 8th StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Chaves Lakes Fountain - Hallandale Beach, FL25.991056-80.159363241 NW 8th AveHallandale BeachFloridaUnited States
Chemistry Lab Wall Sculpture - Gainesville, FL29.650665-82.343734330 Newell DrGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Cherry Harris Park - Clearwater, FL27.980973-82.7917381100-1130 Marshall StClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Cherub Fish Rodeo - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.134936-80.140084833-899 NE 4th AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Chess Board - Davie, FL26.078895-80.2347873501 Davie RdDavieFloridaUnited States
Chihuly - Saint Petersburg, FL27.776953-82.631524400-460 Beach Dr NESaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Chimney Mural - Saint Petersburg, FL27.772155-82.656451701 1st Ave NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Chin Up - Pembroke Pines, FL26.028112-80.3790412300 NW 172nd AvePembroke PinesFloridaUnited States
Christ Community Church - Miami, FL25.918218-80.20981815651-15739 NW 6th AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
Christ Community Church - Pompano Beach, FL26.211716-80.109364901 E McNab RdPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Christ Lives Church - Hialeah, FL25.893219-80.293827500 W 78th StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Christ the Rock - Cooper City, FL26.045548-80.29472111000 Stirling RdCooper CityFloridaUnited States
Christopher Reeves Memorial Fountain - Miami, FL25.789093-80.2119571580 NW 10th AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
Chromatic Induction in a Double Frequency Sidewalk - Miami, FL25.777332-80.2212781502 NW 4th StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Church Bells - Pompano Beach, FL26.275672-80.1083141111 NE 36th StPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Church Garden Statue - Port St. Lucie, FL27.289037-80.3780611730-1798 SW Dove LnPort St. LucieFloridaUnited States
Church Of Christ - Lakeland, FL28.059124-81.960074320 W 6th StLakelandFloridaUnited States
Church Of God Of Palm Bay - Palm Bay, FL27.987881-80.662223085 Jupiter Blvd SEPalm BayFloridaUnited States
Church by the Glades - Coral Springs, FL26.270009-80.2351313201-3273 NW 81st AveCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Church mural - Miramar, FL25.986831-80.2465862507 Utopia DrMiramarFloridaUnited States
Church of Christ - Miami Gardens, FL25.92877-80.23692216900 NW 22nd AveMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
Church of Christ A.D. 33 - Jacksonville, FL30.345838-81.65419523 W 8th StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Church of God in Christ - Pompano Beach, FL26.236519-80.1445981600-1698 NW 6th StPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Church of Religious Worship - Hialeah, FL25.842341-80.3033431050 W 23rd StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Church of the Blessed Redeemer - Palm Bay, FL27.968588-80.675006895-933 Degroodt Rd SWPalm BayFloridaUnited States
Church of the Jordan Sign - Port St. Lucie, FL27.288681-80.4050561841-1875 SW Del Rio BlvdPort St. LucieFloridaUnited States
Church of the Reconciler - Clearwater, FL27.968028-82.793653915 FL-590ClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Cielito Lindo Dos - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.062293-80.1778794880 SW 28th AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Cielito Lindo Wall Mural - Pompano Beach, FL26.222378-80.130028600 S Dixie HwyPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Cigar City Brewing - Tampa, FL27.959086-82.5093831501-1599 N Grady AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Circle Fountain - Miami, FL25.758519-80.1941151525 S Miami AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
Circle of Champions Dedication - Clearwater, FL27.979578-82.7436061501 N Belcher RdClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Circle of Peace - Jacksonville, FL30.311953-81.662575824-874 Childrens WayJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
City Of Pompano Beach Stone Plaque - Pompano Beach, FL26.220651-80.104035813-999 SE 21st TerracePompano BeachFloridaUnited States
City of Fort Lauderdale Water Tower - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.130945-80.145972625 NW 2nd AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
City of Fort Lauderdale wind turbines - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.154722-80.164306Mills Pond Park RoadFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Clearwater 7th Day Adventist Church - Clearwater, FL27.949599-82.777061445-1487 Lakeview RdClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Clearwater Campus Library - Clearwater, FL27.966196-82.7353732465 Drew StClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Clearwater Masonic Lodge27.957121-82.754233747-799 S Hercules AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Clearwater Post Office - Clearwater, FL27.965736-82.797185650-676 Cleveland StClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Clearwater Shuffleboard Club - Clearwater, FL27.987679-82.7945981020 Calumet StClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Clearwater Tower Fountain - Clearwater, FL27.966452-82.79857533 N Garden AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Cleveland Heights District - Lakeland, FL28.007605-81.953108437-477 Glendale StLakelandFloridaUnited States
Clock Tower - Miami Lakes, FL25.912845-80.30777415507 New Barn RdMiami LakesFloridaUnited States
Cloverleaf Park - Miami Gardens, FL25.949804-80.208059301-495 NW 191st StMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
Clyde T. Thompson Memorial - Miami Springs, FL25.838975-80.3042111224-1252 Crane AveMiami SpringsFloridaUnited States
Coffee Happy Mural - Pembroke Pines, FL26.006583-80.34647114828 Pines BlvdPembroke PinesFloridaUnited States
ColorPlay Public Art Installation - Coral Springs, FL26.235233-80.234518100-8172 FL-814Coral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Colorful Statue - Miami, FL25.753355-80.1992212025-2101 FL-5MiamiFloridaUnited States
Colorful Wall Mosaic - Dania Beach, FL26.048872-80.148472520 Stirling RdDania BeachFloridaUnited States
Colreavy Hall - Clearwater, FL27.95623-82.795541817 Jasmine WayClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Coming Home Statue - Jacksonville, FL30.310522-81.663935800 Cedar StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Common Ground Christian Church - Tampa, FL27.9844-82.4669044207 North BlvdTampaFloridaUnited States
Common Ground Playground Entrance - Lakeland, FL28.011712-81.9447781048-1098 E Edgewood DrLakelandFloridaUnited States
Community God in Christ - Pompano Beach, FL26.243995-80.1528552250 Dr Martin Luther King BlvdPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Congregation Beth Shalom - Clearwater, FL27.949118-82.7455761325 S Belcher RdClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Congregation Ramat Shalom - Plantation, FL26.121568-80.298169155 NW 112th AvePlantationFloridaUnited States
Contour Spa Fountain - Plantation, FL26.114802-80.256352Federated RdPlantationFloridaUnited States
Control Field Fountain - Tampa, FL27.964989-82.5132094112 W Boy Scout BlvdTampaFloridaUnited States
Cool Demon Graffiti - Jacksonville, FL30.33417-81.662306818 Clay StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Cooley's Massacre Plaque - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.116623-80.150417701-705 Bryan PlFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Cooper City Church of God - Cooper City, FL26.045668-80.269889191 Stirling RdCooper CityFloridaUnited States
Cooper City City Hall - Cooper City, FL26.058593-80.2724789062-9074 SW 50th PlCooper CityFloridaUnited States
Cooper City Fountain North - Cooper City, FL26.063499-80.2708964903 SW 90th AveCooper CityFloridaUnited States
Cooper City Optimist Club Mural - Hollywood, FL26.042859-80.2863110500 James Dickinson DrHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Cooper City Pool and Tennis Center - Hollywood, FL26.042994-80.30329911676-11770 Stonebridge PkwyHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Cooper City Rec Center - Cooper City, FL26.058848-80.2708499000-9014 SW 50th PlCooper CityFloridaUnited States
Cooper City Sports Complex - Hollywood, FL26.044252-80.284211SW 103rd AveHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Copper's Machine - Gainesville, FL29.674093-82.3255312-198 State Hwy 120GainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Coral Springs American Little League - Coral Springs, FL26.26359-80.26162910041-10151 NW 26th StCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Coral Springs Corporate Park - Coral Springs, FL26.2873-80.29419412540-12550 Wiles RdCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Coral Springs Veterans Park - Coral Springs, FL26.259232-80.2402818601 Royal Palm BlvdCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Cornerstone Church - Lakeland, FL28.054506-81.9386811322 E Memorial BlvdLakelandFloridaUnited States
Cornerstone Fountain - Plantation, FL26.105746-80.2628441240 S Pine Island RdPlantationFloridaUnited States
Cosmological Principle - Coral Springs, FL26.287558-80.26345910301 Wiles RdCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Country Creek Estates Fountain - Davie, FL26.072642-80.2404283900-3998 College AveDavieFloridaUnited States
Country Lake Park - Hialeah, FL25.950028-80.34248419505 NW 87th AveHialeahFloridaUnited States
Covenant Village Fountain 2 - Plantation, FL26.121115-80.2668548831-8859 FL-842PlantationFloridaUnited States
Cowboys Saloon Bison - Davie, FL26.09764-80.2525511809 S University DrDavieFloridaUnited States
Crab Marker Three - Hollywood, FL26.038949-80.120354720 Sheridan StHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Cradle of Cuban Liberty - Tampa, FL27.960339-82.4451431302 E 7th AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Creatures of Florida Waterfall Aquarium - Dania Beach, FL26.05784-80.1633200 Gulf Stream WayDania BeachFloridaUnited States
Cristino's Fire Painting - Clearwater, FL27.954305-82.7998291101-1103 S Ft Harrison AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Crooked Palm Tot Park - Miami Lakes, FL25.900308-80.3106996792 Crooked Palm TerraceMiami LakesFloridaUnited States
Cross - Cape Coral, FL26.63072-81.965721431 Nicholas Pkwy ECape CoralFloridaUnited States
Cross on Church - Cape Coral, FL26.613225-82.0086622110 Chiquita Blvd SCape CoralFloridaUnited States
Crossfit Big Gray Spheres - Tallahassee, FL30.438569-84.228615504 Capital Cir SETallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Crystal Lake United Methodist Church - Lakeland, FL28.025843-81.9204982071-2087 N Crystal Lake DrLakelandFloridaUnited States
Crystal Lake sand pine and scrub Natural Area - Pompano Beach, FL26.271504-80.1194193299 NE 3rd AvePompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Cuban Memorial Obelisk - Miami, FL25.75283-80.2162282001-2025 SW 13th AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
Cueto Boarding House - Tampa, FL27.966733-82.4453171301 E Columbus DrTampaFloridaUnited States
Culmer Metro Rail Station - Miami, FL25.784561-80.20751701 NW 11th StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Cyberia Stone - Plantation, FL26.121855-80.262194100 N Pine Island RdPlantationFloridaUnited States
Cypress Hammock Park - Coral Springs, FL26.246527-80.2691311306 Coral Springs DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Cypress Park Springs - Coral Springs, FL26.248988-80.2682451503-1597 Coral Springs DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Czestochowskiej Church - Pompano Beach, FL26.246317-80.0993242400 NE 12th StPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Dagger Wing Shelter - Coconut Creek, FL26.267499-80.170228Tradewinds Park RoadCoconut CreekFloridaUnited States
Dania Beach-Paul DeMaio Librar - Dania Beach, FL26.051979-80.144691 Park Ave EDania BeachFloridaUnited States
Davie Fire Department - Davie, FL26.065848-80.2389986887 Orange DrDavieFloridaUnited States
Davie Public Safety Memorial - Davie, FL26.073124-80.2658843801 S Pine Island RdDavieFloridaUnited States
De Soto Winter Encampment Site - Tallahassee, FL30.436083-84.2686221007 Desoto Park DrTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Deadly Blonde Twins Mural - Miami, FL25.79668-80.197937150 NW 21st StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Dedication Tiles - Saint Petersburg, FL27.778339-82.655102550 16th St NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Deeper Life Ministries - Tampa, FL27.973401-82.4512953300 FL-45TampaFloridaUnited States
Delta Gamma Anchor - Tallahassee, FL30.443397-84.290741177-199 N Copeland StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Dennis F. Dunn Memorial - Lakeland, FL28.036421-81.940654700-728 Hollingsworth RdLakelandFloridaUnited States
Diamond Strike - Pompano Beach, FL26.257671-80.09972200-2240 FL-5Pompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Dillon Fountain - Jacksonville, FL30.339177-81.657657200-248 W 3rd StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Dixie Theater - Dunedin, FL28.011733-82.788408355 Main StDunedinFloridaUnited States
Dixieland Post Office - Lakeland, FL28.029384-81.9572191057 Florida Ave SLakelandFloridaUnited States
Dobbins Park - Lakeland, FL28.025819-81.9632831400-1582 Camphor DrLakelandFloridaUnited States
Doctor's Visit - Tampa, FL27.975624-82.464953412 N Ola AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Dog Mural - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.140226-80.134591135 NE 9th AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Doggy Rest Stop - Wilton Manors, FL26.15343-80.1298321935-1953 NE 15th AveWilton ManorsFloridaUnited States
Dome Sanctuary at Gloria Dei - Davie, FL26.073422-80.2496187601 SW 39th StDavieFloridaUnited States
Don Shula Statue - Miami Gardens, FL25.957389-80.237537347 Don Shula DrMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
Don't Be That Minion Mural - Miami, FL25.796878-80.19961201 NW 21st StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Donna Dal Futuro Public Art Installation - Coral Springs, FL26.235103-80.253815203-275 FL-817Coral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Douglass Lee Stowell Memorial Bench - Tallahassee, FL30.473362-84.2623852217 Thomasville RdTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Dove Ave Park - Miami Springs, FL25.829666-80.291092724-798 N Royal Poinciana BlvdMiami SpringsFloridaUnited States
Downtown Cubes - Miami, FL25.78556-80.186166NE 11th StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Dr. Nancy Snyder Memorial - Jacksonville, FL30.317047-81.6506361701 Prudential DrJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Dr. Steven G. Paul Dog Park - Coral Springs, FL26.266341-80.293283223-3399 Sportsplex DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Dragon Fountain - Tallahassee, FL30.482743-84.2561412911 Thomasville RdTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Drew St Bison - Clearwater, FL27.968101-82.748362158 Drew StClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Drive Safely30.477862-84.236914Co Rd 151TallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Dual Lions - Clearwater, FL27.981923-82.7961811610 N Myrtle AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Duck Stool - Miami, FL25.75955-80.2162821410 SW 13th AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
Dunedin Coastal Mural - Dunedin, FL28.011861-82.786903437 Main StDunedinFloridaUnited States
Dunedin Graffiti Mural - Dunedin, FL28.01894-82.7735991125 Main StDunedinFloridaUnited States
Dunedin Greek Orthodox Church - Clearwater, FL27.99067-82.7879391910 Douglas AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Dunedin Historical Society Cemetery Preservation Monument - Dunedin, FL28.008171-82.762969Cemetery RdDunedinFloridaUnited States
Dunedin McDonald's Plaque - Dunedin, FL28.019041-82.7587581645 Main StDunedinFloridaUnited States
Dunedin Mezze on Main Mural - Dunedin, FL28.015149-82.782759614-658 Main StDunedinFloridaUnited States
Dunedin Tropical Paradise Tile Mural - Dunedin, FL28.019125-82.7628291483 Main StDunedinFloridaUnited States
Durkeeville Historical Center - Jacksonville, FL30.3554-81.6757782901-2927 Myrtle Ave NJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
E G Sewell Memorial Park - Miami, FL25.785027-80.2244881815 NW S River DrMiamiFloridaUnited States
Eagle Skate Park - Cape Coral, FL26.644421-81.978304301-315 SW 2nd AveCape CoralFloridaUnited States
Earth Origins - Gainesville, FL29.656401-82.33908521 NW 13th StGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
East Crofford Park - Hollywood, FL26.002846-80.1771631151 S Park RdHollywoodFloridaUnited States
East Florida State College - Palm Bay, FL27.994377-80.628517250 Community College Pkwy SEPalm BayFloridaUnited States
Eastside Branch Library - Jacksonville, FL30.33994-81.6404271390 Harrison StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Ed Wright Park - Clearwater, FL27.949689-82.7917841300-1334 S M.L.K. Jr AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Edgewater Fountain - Lakeland, FL28.061632-81.9408051261-1399 N Lake Parker AveLakelandFloridaUnited States
Edgewater Manor Fountain - Clearwater, FL27.996223-82.7943032057 FL-595ClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Education Doorway Arch - Gainesville, FL29.646855-82.337991Innovation DistrictGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Edward J Kelly - Tallahassee, FL30.426819-84.2586311501-1899 W Indianhead DrTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Edward White Dedication - Saint Petersburg, FL27.781482-82.6643752331 9th Ave NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Edwards Park - Jacksonville, FL30.350183-81.6382142100-2198 Bridier StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Eggshells and Orange peels - Miami, FL25.775295-80.197456177 NW 2nd AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
El Balcon Mural - Margate, FL26.271711-80.2316317912 W Sample RdMargateFloridaUnited States
El Centro Asturiano de Tampa - Tampa, FL27.962158-82.4511161913 FL-45TampaFloridaUnited States
El Fountian de Hungington - Miramar, FL25.975222-80.3439873301-3599 Lakeside DrMiramarFloridaUnited States
El Palacio - Hollywood, FL25.971438-80.245183NW 215th StHollywoodFloridaUnited States
El Palacio Miniature Golf - Hollywood, FL25.970723-80.244807NW 215th StHollywoodFloridaUnited States
El Paso II Statue26.02736-80.143471800 N Federal HwyHollywoodFloridaUnited States
El Shaddai Baptist Church - Pompano Beach, FL26.256662-80.1192922081 N Dixie HwyPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
El Tenampa Mexican Mural - Saint Petersburg, FL27.789464-82.6552341800 16th St NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Elephant on Bench - Saint Petersburg, FL27.773942-82.632783214 Beach Dr NESaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Elfin Shelter - Coconut Creek, FL26.266642-80.170933Tradewinds Park RoadCoconut CreekFloridaUnited States
Elks Park Monument - Lakeland, FL28.049514-81.932541590-1598 FL-600LakelandFloridaUnited States
Elva Rouse Park - Saint Petersburg, FL27.78327-82.626013901 N Shore Dr NESaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Embassy North Entrance South Water Fountain - Hollywood, FL26.042985-80.2878913901 Embassy Dr NHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Ember Fountain - Hollywood, FL26.035416-80.1738142701 N Park RdHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Emerald Cove 9/11 Dedication Pavilion - Cape Coral, FL26.622071-81.983892434 Trafalgar PkwyCape CoralFloridaUnited States
Emerald Hills I - Hollywood, FL26.032885-80.1900632501-2571 N 46th AveHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Emerge Church - Tallahassee, FL30.472093-84.2314711887-1891 FL-261TallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Emmanuel Baptist Church - Miami Gardens, FL25.927002-80.2516923001 NW 167th TerraceMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
Engine 9 Mural - Saint Petersburg, FL27.771897-82.64680556 9th St NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Episcopal House Of Prayer - Tampa, FL27.967086-82.4557052708 N Central AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Equestrian Center Park - Parkland, FL26.310402-80.2385868400-8560 Ranch RdParklandFloridaUnited States
Equestrian Mural - Wall Tile A - Cooper City, FL26.047649-80.3110735602 S Flamingo RdCooper CityFloridaUnited States
Ernest R Graham Park - Hialeah, FL25.882818-80.293006401-439 W 66th StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Ernie Pyle Memorial Stone - Hollywood, FL26.030258-80.13272131 N 14th AveHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Esicks Mural - Miami, FL25.796999-80.1978142100-2198 NW 1st CtMiamiFloridaUnited States
Esther Arkins Memorial Bench - Tallahassee, FL30.459667-84.2628391466-1498 Spruce AveTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Euclid Place 14th Ave Marker NE - Saint Petersburg, FL27.785339-82.646818901-951 14th Ave NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Eureka! - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.129051-80.144761535 NW 1st AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Ever Changing Mural - Gainesville, FL29.652206-82.3251756 W University AveGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Everbank Field Touchdown Club East - Jacksonville, FL30.323554-81.635853Alltel Stadium PlJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Everybody's Tabernacle and Freedom Bell - Clearwater, FL27.977362-82.7837531120-1198 N Betty LnClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Ewing Avenue Bubbling Fountain - Clearwater, FL27.963808-82.793097100-498 Ewing AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Exchange Club Park - Pompano Beach, FL26.261119-80.090192800 NE 24th StPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Executive Palace Fountain - Hialeah, FL25.841374-80.3053072141-2199 FL-25HialeahFloridaUnited States
FAU Art Installation - Davie, FL26.082608-80.23783200 College AveDavieFloridaUnited States
FBI Building - Miramar, FL25.990419-80.3382892030 SW 145th AveMiramarFloridaUnited States
FSU Museum of Fine Arts - Tallahassee, FL30.443714-84.289867504-526 W Call StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
FSU Sign - Tallahassee, FL30.444571-84.2886811851 W Tennessee StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Fairwood Forest - Clearwater, FL27.972261-82.723675616-638 Fairwood Forest DrClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Faith Outreach Ministry of Jax - Jacksonville, FL30.353652-81.6585412605 N Pearl StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Fallen Soldier Memorial - Hollywood, FL26.011816-80.159138N 26th AveHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Falls of Healing Powers - Pembroke Pines, FL26.018562-80.375892NW 14th StPembroke PinesFloridaUnited States
Family Friends Food & Fun - Jacksonville, FL30.323289-81.67642362 Park StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Family Worship Center - Lakeland, FL28.045551-81.9380921330 E Rose StLakelandFloridaUnited States
Family Worship and Praise Center - Tallahassee, FL30.460362-84.2891311601-1609 Branch StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Fern Glen Park Gazebo - Coral Springs, FL26.287418-80.2158484801 NW 66th TerraceCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Field 3 - West Palm Beach, FL26.78667-80.128112Dyer RdWest Palm BeachFloridaUnited States
Fire Rock - Pembroke Pines, FL26.008357-80.29368811005 Pines BlvdPembroke PinesFloridaUnited States
First Alliance Church - Lakeland, FL28.011113-81.9266752800 Balfour AveLakelandFloridaUnited States
First Baptist Church - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.12255-80.13954379-445 FL-842Fort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
First Baptist Church - Tampa, FL27.954788-82.4727221200-1304 W La Salle StTampaFloridaUnited States
First Baptist Church Pompano - Pompano Beach, FL26.231668-80.123337138 NE 1st StPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
First Baptist Church of Pompano - Pompano Beach, FL26.232341-80.122868138 NE 1st StPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
First Church of God - Hollywood, FL26.011299-80.200905201 N 57th AveHollywoodFloridaUnited States
First Congregational - Cape Coral, FL26.643698-81.974462312-334 Santa Barbara BlvdCape CoralFloridaUnited States
First Down - Miami Lakes, FL25.911975-80.3117996707-6799 Bull Run RdMiami LakesFloridaUnited States
First Free Will Baptist Church - Palm Bay, FL27.958552-80.622197425 Babcock St SEPalm BayFloridaUnited States
First Pentecostal Church SW Campus - Palm Bay, FL27.987628-80.6691312865 Jupiter Blvd SEPalm BayFloridaUnited States
First Presbyterian Church - Coral Springs, FL26.258505-80.2356872251 Riverside DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
First Presbyterian Church - Dunedin, FL28.009527-82.785893632-698 Highland AveDunedinFloridaUnited States
First Presbyterian Church - Pompano Beach, FL26.260612-80.0975852331 NE 26th AvePompano BeachFloridaUnited States
First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood - Hollywood, FL26.011431-80.138942101-153 S 16th AveHollywoodFloridaUnited States
First United Church of Christ - Hollywood, FL26.011718-80.189914200 N 46th AveHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Fish Bench - Dania Beach, FL26.049324-80.159469180 SW 18th AveDania BeachFloridaUnited States
Fish Mural - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.136432-80.1663731800 FL-838Fort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Fish on the Box - Miami Lakes, FL25.910902-80.3110556707-6799 Bull Run RdMiami LakesFloridaUnited States
Fit Trail Station 3 Sign - Davie, FL26.096764-80.2783631720d E Oak Knoll CirDavieFloridaUnited States
Fl Craftsman Gallery - Saint Petersburg, FL27.771319-82.64033310 5th St NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Flame of Peace - Pompano Beach, FL26.22946-80.253379Cypress Creek TrailPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Flamingo Fountain - Saint Petersburg, FL27.789607-82.637183218 18th Ave NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Flamingo Nursery Enchanted Wagon - Davie, FL26.09943-80.3149421520 SW 125th AveDavieFloridaUnited States
Flamingo Park - Cooper City, FL26.052749-80.3108125226 SW 119th AveCooper CityFloridaUnited States
Fleur Mosaic - Davie, FL26.100621-80.2595368230 W State Rd 84DavieFloridaUnited States
Floating Crystals - Dania Beach, FL26.059658-80.1615751855 Griffin RdDania BeachFloridaUnited States
Flora La Recogedora De Sueños - Miami, FL25.782668-80.189139899 Biscayne BlvdMiamiFloridaUnited States
Flora Wylie Park - Saint Petersburg, FL27.786549-82.6238361500 N Shore Dr NESaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Florascape - Orlando, FL28.434276-81.300649Southeast OrlandoOrlandoFloridaUnited States
Florida Army National Guard Armory - Hallandale Beach, FL26.019054-80.149612906 Dixie HwyHallandale BeachFloridaUnited States
Florida Atlantic University - Davie, FL26.082979-80.2376743233 College AveDavieFloridaUnited States
Florida C. Dwight Park - Jacksonville, FL30.333496-81.6736831199 Church St WJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Florida Holocaust Museum - Saint Petersburg, FL27.770538-82.64032755 5th St SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Florida Lottery Flamingo Mosaic - Tallahassee, FL30.440495-84.265102250 Marriott DrTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Florida Scrub Trail - Pompano Beach, FL26.281629-80.1096574101-4199 NE 11th AvePompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Florida Scrub Trail Sandy Area Sign - Pompano Beach, FL26.282501-80.1097384101-4199 NE 11th AvePompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Florida Vacation Mosaic - Orlando, FL28.435433-81.302808Southeast OrlandoOrlandoFloridaUnited States
Flower Mural - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.062851-80.1903043423 Griffin RdFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Fluid Liquid Flow Fountain - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.209169-80.1420416700 N Andrews AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Fly Bar Jazz Mural - Tampa, FL27.953574-82.4604921202 N Franklin StTampaFloridaUnited States
Forest Hills West Park - Coral Springs, FL26.261013-80.243857Forest Hills BlvdCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Forest Park - Jacksonville, FL30.324611-81.683412013-2049 Forest StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Fort Brickell - Miami, FL25.756161-80.1951571629-1643 FL-5MiamiFloridaUnited States
Fort Dallas - Miami, FL25.776456-80.201591360 NW 3rd StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Forward Fellowship Church - Miami, FL25.840146-80.314529FL-934MiamiFloridaUnited States
Foundations for Development Ayokunle Odeleye - Saint Petersburg, FL27.759304-82.6707121076-1152 28th St SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Founders Park - Pompano Beach, FL26.233493-80.121466200-298 NE 3rd AvePompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Fount of Riverside - Coral Springs, FL26.256916-80.2359448190 Royal Palm BlvdCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Fountain - Coral Springs, FL26.263662-80.2510642730 N University DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Fountain - Tampa, FL27.94364-82.48281120 S Howard AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Fountain At Coral Lake Estates - Margate, FL26.26432-80.2228553036 N Rock Island RdMargateFloridaUnited States
Fountain Garden - Gainesville, FL29.65591-82.343657Chabad Jewish TrailGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Fountain Plaza - Tampa, FL27.966567-82.4933162838-2898 N Macdill AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Fountain View in D Shaped Pond - Hialeah, FL25.950604-80.34290719505 NW 87th AveHialeahFloridaUnited States
Fountain at Miramar Shops - Miramar, FL25.98047-80.35897SW 10th StMiramarFloridaUnited States
Fountain at Nova Village - Davie, FL26.090676-80.245472101-2157 Nova Village DrDavieFloridaUnited States
Fountain at Stirling Shopping Center - Cooper City, FL26.045655-80.2623018859 Stirling RdCooper CityFloridaUnited States
Fountain at the Gladstone - Tallahassee, FL30.449742-84.281168708 N Monroe StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Fountain of Belle Terre - Coral Springs, FL26.2677-80.2507992918 N University DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Fountain of Femlife - Pembroke Pines, FL26.009465-80.38571217901-17949 NW 5th StPembroke PinesFloridaUnited States
Fountain of Fitness - Tampa, FL27.93635-82.475589701-899 S Village CirTampaFloridaUnited States
Fountain of Hope at Baptist Medical Center - Jacksonville, FL30.315815-81.663622800 Prudential DrJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Fountain of Serenity - Oakland Park, FL26.167739-80.13123732 NE 12th AveOakland ParkFloridaUnited States
Fountain of Youth - Saint Petersburg, FL27.767076-82.633821400-424 1st St SESaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Fountain of the Gods - Hollywood, FL25.971487-80.246115NW 215th StHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Fountainista - Port St. Lucie, FL27.316314-80.3960421562-1584 NW Amherst DrPort St. LucieFloridaUnited States
Fountains at Jade - Miami, FL25.760279-80.1897191331 Brickell Bay DrMiamiFloridaUnited States
Franciscan Retreat Center - Tampa, FL27.97304-82.4797083010 N Perry AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Franciscan Saint Statue - Tampa, FL27.982518-82.4914853001 W Doctor M.L.K. Jr BlvdTampaFloridaUnited States
Frank Tack Park - Clearwater, FL27.992191-82.7545831935-1957 N Hercules AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Franklin Street Baptist Church - Jacksonville, FL30.353508-81.6386392521 Franklin StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Fred Cook Park - Port St. Lucie, FL27.269362-80.339296402-464 SE Glenwood DrPort St. LucieFloridaUnited States
Fred Lee Park - Palm Bay, FL28.014463-80.645374891 Emerson Dr NEPalm BayFloridaUnited States
Free Ride Mural - Gainesville, FL29.655389-82.339438420 NW 13th TerraceGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Freedom Church - Tallahassee, FL30.478442-84.2604422805 Thomasville RdTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Friendly Tabernacle - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.145628-80.1362641441 Old Dixie HwyFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Friendship Primitive Baptist Church - Jacksonville, FL30.33962-81.6847661701-1731 W 1st StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Friendship United Methodist Church - Clearwater, FL27.956687-82.7524582039 Druid RdClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Frost Park Water Fountain - Dania Beach, FL26.055279-80.138911107-177 Fronton BlvdDania BeachFloridaUnited States
GET MORE FREE ITEMS - Coral Springs, FL26.26693-80.250752912 N University DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
GET MORE FREE ITEMS - Miami, FL25.7979-80.19912200 NW 2nd AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
GET MORE FREE ITEMS - Pembroke Pines, FL26.0106-80.304611401 Pines BlvdPembroke PinesFloridaUnited States
GET MORE FREE ITEMS - Plantation, FL26.111091-80.252387801 S University DrPlantationFloridaUnited States
GET MORE FREE ITEMS - Tallahassee, FL30.4410662-84.25567221584 Governors Square BlvdTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Gainesville Community Playhouse - Gainesville, FL29.672662-82.3862854039-4099 NW 16th BlvdGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Gainesville Post Office - Gainesville, FL29.664562-82.3237821401 N Main StGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Gainesville Solar Walk - Gainesville, FL29.659369-82.3718733349-3399 NW 8th AveGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Galleria Parthenon RUINS - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.137112-80.1127542496 E Sunrise BlvdFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Gallery of Amazing Things - Dania Beach, FL26.043335-80.143302423-471 FL-5Dania BeachFloridaUnited States
Gandara Marine Sea Creatures Mural - Miami, FL25.777888-80.20516450 NW North River DrMiamiFloridaUnited States
Garden Of The Patriots American Flag - Cape Coral, FL26.641265-81.959535528-536 Cultural Park BlvdCape CoralFloridaUnited States
Gate B Britto Football Art - Miami Gardens, FL25.959577-80.239396NW 203rd StMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
Gator Statue - Gainesville, FL29.652166-82.33383826 FL-24GainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Gelati Joe's Bench Statue - Lakeland, FL27.999879-81.9572743595 FL-37LakelandFloridaUnited States
German American Club - Tampa, FL28.002603-82.4760736005-6111 N Rome AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Giant Arch - Miami Gardens, FL25.926663-80.22178916612-16698 NW 13th AveMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
Giant Flamingo - Malabar, FL27.978933-80.6222626755 Co Rd 507MalabarFloridaUnited States
Giant Golf Ball - Pompano Beach, FL26.211751-80.1232971465 S Cypress RdPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Giant Icecream Sundae - Gainesville, FL29.674817-82.3881814220 NW 16th BlvdGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Gift of the Class of 1997 - Gainesville, FL29.64943-82.3425671404 Union RdGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Giraffes on the Wall - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.204888-80.1474216322 N Andrews AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Glacial Mural - Oakland Park, FL26.168752-80.1460563260 N Andrews AveOakland ParkFloridaUnited States
Gladys Leggett Neighborhood Memorial Plaque - Lakeland, FL28.061236-81.9740441300-1398 Regan AveLakelandFloridaUnited States
Glazer Children's Museum - Tampa, FL27.949413-82.461199700-742 N Ashley DrTampaFloridaUnited States
Glen Myra Park - Jacksonville, FL30.34754-81.6361251401-1429 Winthrop StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Glenn Oaks Park - Clearwater, FL27.960638-82.78051351-1399 FL-60ClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Globe Statue - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.146997-80.1204541501-1507 FL-5Fort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Glorious Church International - Lakeland, FL28.044893-81.9419971133 E Rose StLakelandFloridaUnited States
God's Cosmic Wheel - Tampa, FL27.948994-82.454948407 N Morgan StTampaFloridaUnited States
God's Missionary Church - Lakeland, FL28.029418-81.959331300-308 W Patterson StLakelandFloridaUnited States
God's Ten Commandments - Parkland, FL26.304107-80.24986Aston GardensParklandFloridaUnited States
Golden Rooster - Miami, FL25.773524-80.23089619-45 NW 22nd AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
Golf View Arch East - Gainesville, FL29.650337-82.3623692607-2699 FL-26AGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Good Times Grill - Jacksonville, FL30.334449-81.6896241837 W Beaver StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Goodwill Donation Center - Saint Petersburg, FL27.771552-82.67909945-99 FL-55Saint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Goodwood Historical Marker - Tallahassee, FL30.457473-84.2572621600 Miccosukee RdTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Goose Pond Trail North - Tallahassee, FL30.463662-84.2401772511 Miccosukee RdTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Gorilla Statue - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.122814-80.1381151 N Federal HwyFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Got Fished - Dania Beach, FL26.058567-80.163845I-95Dania BeachFloridaUnited States
Governors Court Clock Pillar - Tallahassee, FL30.434338-84.226931900 Capital Cir SETallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Grace Baptist Church - Clearwater, FL27.990335-82.7221432777-2785 Co Rd 576ClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Grace Gospel Chapel - Saint Petersburg, FL27.777035-82.6641262262 FL-595Saint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Grace Mary Outreach Ministries - Saint Petersburg, FL27.775069-82.649628299 3rd Ave NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Grace Romanian Baptist Church - Hollywood, FL26.010592-80.1380781512-1542 Harrison StHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Grace United Church - Miami Gardens, FL25.942343-80.217074901 Miami Gardens DrMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
Gramling's - Tallahassee, FL30.433192-84.2821291004 S Adams StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Gran Fuente Brickell - Miami, FL25.761561-80.191661100-124 SE 12th TerraceMiamiFloridaUnited States
Gran Logia de Cubanos Unido en el Exterior - Miami, FL25.781795-80.231395910 NW 22nd AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
Granada Terrace Garden - Saint Petersburg, FL27.793175-82.633014123-199 23rd Ave NESaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Grand Central Park - Miami, FL25.78161-80.195549721 NW 1st AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
Greater Bethel Missionary Baptist Church - Tampa, FL27.95504-82.456421201 N Jefferson StTampaFloridaUnited States
Greater Faith Christian Church - Lakeland, FL28.051515-81.9873372035 W Parker StLakelandFloridaUnited States
Greater Hope First Born Church - Jacksonville, FL30.345495-81.6672121702 N Davis StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Greater Mt Zion AME Church - Saint Petersburg, FL27.760133-82.655171045 16th St SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Greater New Hope - Jacksonville, FL30.354055-81.6672462710-2718 N Davis StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Greek Church - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.134359-80.129481815 NE 15th AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Greek Cultural Center - Clearwater, FL28.004354-82.759141895 Virginia AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Greek Goddess with Arrows - Miami Gardens, FL25.927698-80.2199781199 NW 167th StMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
Greek Goddess with Boutique - Miami Gardens, FL25.927954-80.2215516701-16805 NW 12th AveMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
Green Coach - Hollywood, FL26.026196-80.1682081901-2277 N 30th RdHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Green Goblin Mural - Pembroke Pines, FL26.007216-80.31641412598 Pines BlvdPembroke PinesFloridaUnited States
Greenhouse Church - Gainesville, FL29.688419-82.3662422841-2895 FL-222GainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Greenscape Celebration Park - Jacksonville, FL30.308822-81.662769800 Lasalle StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Greentree Park - Gainesville, FL29.688348-82.3503742101 FL-222GainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Grey's Taxidermy Marlin - Pompano Beach, FL26.237971-80.136988I-95Pompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Greyhound Memorial at Poinciana Park - Hollywood, FL25.99922-80.1482551601 S 21st AveHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Ground Diamond South - Hollywood, FL26.011169-80.14916101-107 S Dixie HwyHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Guido's Adonis and Aphrodite Statues - Tampa, FL27.98036-82.4846314317 N Armenia AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Guyte P. McCord Park - Tallahassee, FL30.474697-84.2615522139 Armistead RdTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
HD Humpty Dumpty Public Art Installation - Coral Springs, FL26.272209-80.252259500-9510 FL-834Coral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Habitat for Humanity - Lakeland, FL28.043494-81.9771931317 George Jenkins BlvdLakelandFloridaUnited States
Handley Park Sign - Lakeland, FL28.012-81.9339791401-1427 Phyllis StLakelandFloridaUnited States
Happy Buddha - Lakeland, FL28.010625-81.9567212914 Florida Ave SLakelandFloridaUnited States
Happy Froggy - Miami, FL25.765674-80.217991362 SW 8th StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Happy Playground - Tallahassee, FL30.488346-84.2444131950 North Point BlvdTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Harbors Edge Dedication Plaque - Pompano Beach, FL26.248052-80.0928291298 NE 28th AvePompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Harry and Terry Milvid Memorial Tree - Dunedin, FL28.002013-82.787352415 Plaza DrDunedinFloridaUnited States
Harry's Place - Davie, FL26.079428-80.244863Nova Art PathDavieFloridaUnited States
Harvest Christian Church - Gainesville, FL29.699405-82.3714174908 FL-121GainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Haute Headz - Tallahassee, FL30.467258-84.2685031970 Thomasville RdTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Haydon Burns Building - Tallahassee, FL30.437143-84.275188617-669 Suwannee StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Heart of Compassion Ministries - Coral Springs, FL26.286917-80.26988910770 Wiles RdCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Hedges and Hodges Memorial Bike Path - Davie, FL26.083101-80.3223193041-3137 SW 130th AveDavieFloridaUnited States
Helen Holland Rose Garden Gazebo - Saint Petersburg, FL27.785497-82.6554961358-1446 16th St NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Henry Bradley Plant Fountain - Tampa, FL27.946605-82.463717319-321 UT University DrTampaFloridaUnited States
Here Today - Gainesville, FL29.659142-82.331059748-798 NW 6th StGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Heritage Field at Klutho Park - Jacksonville, FL30.339075-81.658768250-298 W 3rd StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Heros of the St. Petersburg Police - Saint Petersburg, FL27.770042-82.628372300 2nd Ave SESaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Hialeah Fountain on 49th - Hialeah, FL25.866359-80.3065651192 W 49th StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Hialeah Metro Station - Hialeah, FL25.841167-80.279052151 FL-934HialeahFloridaUnited States
Hialeah Post Office - Hialeah, FL25.898328-80.3144431500 W 84th StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Hialeah Time Keeper Monument - Hialeah, FL25.884035-80.3415078790 W 68th StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Hialeah's Famous Blue Building - Hialeah, FL25.896836-80.3300242300 W 84th StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Hidden Gem Park - Gainesville, FL29.682379-82.3495163192-3198 NW 20th StGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Hieroglyphic Wall - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.151035-80.1189571740-1744 FL-5Fort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Highland Avenue Monument - Clearwater, FL27.975498-82.7754641488-1500 Palmetto StClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Highland Baptist Church - Gainesville, FL29.676779-82.3060132600 NE 15th StGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Highway To Holiness Church - Miami Gardens, FL25.928646-80.22941916912 NW 17th AveMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
Hillsboro Antique Mall - Pompano Beach, FL26.273991-80.1603673433-3499 NW 27th AvePompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Hillsborough Community College Fountain - Tampa, FL27.975064-82.5079053901 W Tampa Bay BlvdTampaFloridaUnited States
Hillsborough County High School - Tampa, FL27.96807-82.4624132704-2798 N Highland AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Hillsborough River Ferry - Tampa, FL27.947002-82.460402Tampa RiverwalkTampaFloridaUnited States
Hilton Fountain - Dania Beach, FL26.049214-80.159914180 SW 18th AveDania BeachFloridaUnited States
His Joy Community Church - Lakeland, FL28.050638-81.945238704 N Ingraham AveLakelandFloridaUnited States
Historic Mount Zion AME Church - Jacksonville, FL30.331374-81.653698701-799 North Newnan StreetJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Historic Overtown /Lyric Theatre - Miami, FL25.781205-80.19628736-798 NW 1st AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
Historic San Juline - Jacksonville, FL30.311473-81.679691627 Riverside AveJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Historic South Side School - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.112907-80.1433312-98 SW 7th StFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Historical Flamingo Gardens Sanctuary - Davie, FL26.074573-80.3138473600-3640 FL-823DavieFloridaUnited States
Hofbräuhaus - Saint Petersburg, FL27.769668-82.638601167-199 FL-687Saint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Hoffman Center Mural - Hialeah, FL25.89195-80.3000547600-7698 W 8th AveHialeahFloridaUnited States
Hogans Art - Gainesville, FL29.675237-82.338042315 NW 13th StGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Hollywood Beach Country Club & Golf Resort - Hollywood, FL26.018869-80.1413561700-1712 Johnson StHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Hollywood Church Of God Of Prophecy - Hollywood, FL26.039166-80.1516753200 SW 12th AveHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Hollywood FL Watertower - Dania Beach, FL26.0327-80.1654182906 Sheridan StDania BeachFloridaUnited States
Hollywood Fire Rescue - Hollywood, FL26.010861-80.1774363401-3439 FL-820HollywoodFloridaUnited States
Hollywood Hills Church of Christ - Hollywood, FL26.018851-80.1999791000-1098 N 56th AveHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Hollywood Hills United Methodist Church - Hollywood, FL26.013954-80.178876426-498 N 35th AveHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Hollywood Library - Hollywood, FL26.011102-80.159183N 26th AveHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Hollywood Train Station - Hollywood, FL26.012183-80.167576I-95HollywoodFloridaUnited States
Holy Family - Miami, FL25.944902-80.21314318501 NW 7th AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
Holy Temple - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.151325-80.1541971800 NW 9th AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Honka Dolphin Mural - Clearwater, FL27.961061-82.7847161250 FL-60ClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Horse Entrance Trail - Davie, FL26.076331-80.27553598 E Tree Tops CtDavieFloridaUnited States
Horse Sculpture - Pompano Beach, FL26.272669-80.25951710021 W Sample RdPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Huge Hipnosis - Miami, FL25.765874-80.200884800-816 SW 4th AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
Huizenga Statue - Davie, FL26.080776-80.2427456 SW 75th AveDavieFloridaUnited States
Huntington Centre Fountain - Miramar, FL25.981124-80.3443173058-3098 SW 148th AveMiramarFloridaUnited States
Hurricane Fountain - Coral Springs, FL26.30733-80.2804296230 Coral Ridge DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Hyatt Fountain - Orlando, FL28.43139-81.3071449331 Jeff Fuqua BlvdOrlandoFloridaUnited States
Hyde park Village Fountain 2 - Tampa, FL27.936374-82.4763311627 W Snow CirTampaFloridaUnited States
I Brought U A Gift - Davie, FL26.031625-80.35420315551 Sheridan StDavieFloridaUnited States
Ice Cream Specials - Coral Springs, FL26.286388-80.2327868032 Wiles RdCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Idwal H. Owen Jr. Memorial - Jacksonville, FL30.326652-81.642428500-516 Fairground PlJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
If You Are Thirtsty Memorial Fountain Dedication Plaque - Clearwater, FL27.95526-82.7959771000 S Myrtle AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Iglesia Bautista - Tampa, FL27.957056-82.4974121500-1600 N Lincoln AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Iglesia De Dios - Lakeland, FL28.056369-81.9805081040 N Brunnell PkwyLakelandFloridaUnited States
Ignacio Haya Linear Park - Tampa, FL27.992221-82.4652115100 N River BlvdTampaFloridaUnited States
Ignite Life Center Church - Gainesville, FL29.66485-82.329088404-498 NW 14th AveGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Il Lopez Playground - Tampa, FL27.988399-82.5035594800 N Himes AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Immanuel Baptist Church - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.138493-80.1423571030 NE 2nd AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Immanuel Baptist Church - Tallahassee, FL30.454406-84.240652908-1068 Concord RdTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Impact Church - Opa-locka, FL25.939842-80.2818444911 NW 183rd StOpa-lockaFloridaUnited States
Imported Auto Parts Mural - Gainesville, FL29.647078-82.325179502 S Main StGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
In Loving Memory Of Michael A Spano - Dunedin, FL28.013975-82.788741Fred Marquis Pinellas TrailDunedinFloridaUnited States
In Memory of Aleong and Womack - Davie, FL26.079297-80.240937Gold Cir Lake LoopDavieFloridaUnited States
In Memory of Amelia Earhart - Hialeah, FL25.881036-80.263275Douglas/Le Jeune ConnectorHialeahFloridaUnited States
In Search Mural - Miami, FL25.787435-80.2132251130 NW 14th StMiamiFloridaUnited States
India Elephants - Tallahassee, FL30.436958-84.26561119 Apalachee PkwyTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Indoor Bird Sanctuary - Pompano Beach, FL26.262883-80.099782501 N Federal HwyPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Infamous Public School 4 - Jacksonville, FL30.318986-81.6805551098 Peninsular PlJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Ingleside - Saint Petersburg, FL27.759334-82.6434381100-1198 7th St SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Interchange Square Fountain - Palm Bay, FL27.998851-80.634841153-1157 Malabar Rd NEPalm BayFloridaUnited States
Interdimensional Girl - Hollywood, FL26.010364-80.1469021946 Harrison StHollywoodFloridaUnited States
International House Of Prayer - Tallahassee, FL30.449848-84.2273481110 Capital Cir NETallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Iron Horse - Dunedin, FL28.011995-82.788768350 Main StDunedinFloridaUnited States
Iron Leaf Gate - Hialeah, FL25.840774-80.289021355 W 21st StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Island Garden Plaque - Davie, FL26.075239-80.3237973501 SW 130th AveDavieFloridaUnited States
Isle Casino & Racing - Pompano Beach, FL26.224227-80.156244478-498 FL-845Pompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Isles and Coral Park Welcome Sign - Pompano Beach, FL26.211676-80.1060322201-2217 SE 15th StPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Isola fountain - Miami, FL25.767272-80.185715601 Brickell Key DrMiamiFloridaUnited States
Its Raining Fountain - Hialeah, FL25.912004-80.3184867347 Miami Lakes DrHialeahFloridaUnited States
J Crayton Pruitt Sr. - Gainesville, FL29.640863-82.3458731333 Center DrGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
JOE DiMAGGIO Sports Complex - Clearwater, FL27.968117-82.734182Old Coachman RdClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Jackson Park - Pompano Beach, FL26.24762-80.1271861527-1575 NW 3rd AvePompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Jacksonville Prime Osborne Center - Jacksonville, FL30.327945-81.6707722-4 Lee StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
James J. Musso Boy's & Girls Club - Lakeland, FL28.031679-81.975456942-950 Pinewood AveLakelandFloridaUnited States
James M. Walter Community Cent - Hialeah, FL25.847783-80.2984892840-2898 W 8th AveHialeahFloridaUnited States
James Tyler Moore Remembrance Tree - Tallahassee, FL30.475543-84.2521422523 Harriman CirTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Jannus Landing Concert Venue - Saint Petersburg, FL27.771808-82.63572318 2nd St NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Jax Hax Water Tower - Jacksonville, FL30.330274-81.64688700 E Union StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor - Dania Beach, FL26.049413-80.143951128 S Federal HwyDania BeachFloridaUnited States
Jehovah Witness Church - Miami Gardens, FL25.927237-80.2491562929 NW 167th TerraceMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
Jennings Hall - Gainesville, FL29.64474-82.3421841515 Museum RdGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Jerry Lake Recreational Complex - Dunedin, FL28.014021-82.76144790 Westfield CtDunedinFloridaUnited States
Jesus Fountain Statue - Lakeland, FL28.031861-81.918244958-1014 Longfellow BlvdLakelandFloridaUnited States
Jesus Ministries - Miramar, FL25.980876-80.2616558800-8852 FL-858MiramarFloridaUnited States
Jesus People Life Changing Church - Gainesville, FL29.688628-82.332817800 NW 39th AveGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Jesus Statue - Gainesville, FL29.655434-82.346235327-499 NW 18th StGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane - Palm Bay, FL27.997617-80.665355300 Malabar Rd SEPalm BayFloridaUnited States
Jezebel - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.137237-80.119541960 E Sunrise BlvdFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Jim Jeffers Park - Cape Coral, FL26.645486-82.0325932817 SW 3rd LnCape CoralFloridaUnited States
Jimbo's Joint Chicken People Mural - Saint Petersburg, FL27.771268-82.674773063 Central AveSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Jimmy Evert - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.131532-80.13162701 NE 12th AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Joe Stonis Dedication Plaque - Cape Coral, FL26.641987-82.046383444 Ceitus PkwyCape CoralFloridaUnited States
Joe Stonis Park - Cape Coral, FL26.641969-82.045496SW 6th StCape CoralFloridaUnited States
John F O'Meara Swamp Chestnut Oak - Tallahassee, FL30.439023-84.221907Agriculture RoadTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Joker Marchant Stadium - Lakeland, FL28.073894-81.951561606 Al Kaline DrLakelandFloridaUnited States
Jose Marti Quote Wall - Miami, FL25.764491-80.216384875 SW 13th AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
Joy to the Wield - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.04953-80.1789095852-5898 Lakeshore DrFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park - Tampa, FL27.952116-82.468251W Cypress StTampaFloridaUnited States
Jump The Shark - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.133777-80.139937804 NE 4th AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Juniper Glen Fountain - Margate, FL26.270359-80.2221243497-3499 Pinewalk Dr NMargateFloridaUnited States
Junk Sculpture - Gainesville, FL29.674402-82.3018451800-1814 State Hwy 120GainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Kapok Tree - Tampa, FL27.953425-82.466371301 E N Bay StTampaFloridaUnited States
Kathleen - Jacksonville, FL30.315481-81.676778801-829 FL-211JacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Kaye Park Memorial Stone - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.141146-80.11491812 The CommonFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Keystone Fountain - Medley, FL25.843657-80.3102817691 NW 69th AveMedleyFloridaUnited States
Kids Swinging - Tampa, FL27.987672-82.5019654602 N Himes AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Kim's Alley Bar - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.136774-80.1209671920 E Sunrise BlvdFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
King Solomon United Baptist Church - Jacksonville, FL30.32588-81.6869172221-2239 Forest StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Kingdom Hall - Coral Springs, FL26.247546-80.2691471346-1398 Coral Springs DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witness - Jacksonville, FL30.354328-81.651504125-135 E 17th StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Kissing Fishies - Jacksonville, FL30.351996-81.6507162334 Market StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Kiwanis International - Oakland Park, FL26.16227-80.1298322749 NE 14th AveOakland ParkFloridaUnited States
Kiwanis Park - Hollywood, FL26.01813-80.175518849-899 N Park RdHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Knight Concert Hall - Miami, FL25.787754-80.1889651329-1351 FL-5MiamiFloridaUnited States
Knightly Banyan Tree - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.0626-80.1870413265 Griffin RdFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Korean Assembly of God - Davie, FL26.0733-80.2508157777 SW 39th StDavieFloridaUnited States
Korean War Memorial - Tallahassee, FL30.435662-84.276026750 Suwannee StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Krewe de Gras - Tallahassee, FL30.456743-84.2811791310 N Monroe StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
L'Eglise Chretienne Parlafoi - Coral Springs, FL26.287073-80.27779511336 Wiles RdCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
L'Eglise De Dieu De La Delivrance - Oakland Park, FL26.166118-80.149466404 W Oakland Park BlvdOakland ParkFloridaUnited States
L.C.M.S. - Lakeland, FL28.077218-81.9530832701-2715 FL-33LakelandFloridaUnited States
LRMC Swan Fountain - Lakeland, FL28.061946-81.955014301-319 Parkview PlLakelandFloridaUnited States
La Casa De La Palomilla - Tampa, FL27.970263-82.4849262450-2510 W Abdella StTampaFloridaUnited States
La Catedral De Fe - Medley, FL25.849174-80.3173398306 NW South River DrMedleyFloridaUnited States
Lady in Blue Portal - Hollywood, FL26.01004-80.1478962020 Harrison StHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Lady of the World Mural - Pompano Beach, FL26.268181-80.1369153050 N Andrews Ave ExtPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Lady on the Wall Mural - Miami, FL25.775355-80.215491230-1298 NW 2nd StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Lafayette Arts and Crafts Center - Tallahassee, FL30.453184-84.274378501 Ingleside AveTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Lafayette Fountain - Tallahassee, FL30.42499-84.2355842551 Executive Center Cir NTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Lafayette Park - Tallahassee, FL30.454477-84.275028401-499 Ingleside AveTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Lago Grande - Hialeah, FL25.877139-80.3315022416 W 60th StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Lake Alice Field - Gainesville, FL29.644707-82.356527Museum RdGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Lake Geneva Playground - Miami Lakes, FL25.903314-80.30152614301-14321 Lake Crescent PlMiami LakesFloridaUnited States
Lake Geneva Slides - Miami Lakes, FL25.905992-80.3028526200-6298 Lake Geneva RdMiami LakesFloridaUnited States
Lake Maggiore Egret Sculpture - Saint Petersburg, FL27.72939-82.6502844101-4175 Dr M.L.K. Jr St SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Lake Mirror Mural - Lakeland, FL28.043947-81.958147106 S Missouri AveLakelandFloridaUnited States
Lake Nona Column - Orlando, FL28.384165-81.2775717250 Lake Nona BlvdOrlandoFloridaUnited States
Lake Nona Gazebo - Orlando, FL28.434532-81.2559849145 Narcoossee RdOrlandoFloridaUnited States
Lake Nona Golf and Country Club Fountain - Orlando, FL28.423759-81.25056811146 Narcoossee RdOrlandoFloridaUnited States
Lake Parker Park - Lakeland, FL28.077149-81.946915648-998 Granada StLakelandFloridaUnited States
Lake Parker Sign - Lakeland, FL28.052047-81.9284571800 E Memorial BlvdLakelandFloridaUnited States
Lake Somerset Park - Lakeland, FL28.007593-81.9315761605 Glendale StLakelandFloridaUnited States
Lake Trinity Estates - Hallandale Beach, FL25.995697-80.1733251st StHallandale BeachFloridaUnited States
Lake Wire Park Dedication Pillar - Lakeland, FL28.051225-81.961078867-899 FL-563LakelandFloridaUnited States
Lakehouse Fountain - Miami Lakes, FL25.901957-80.3359288300 Commerce WayMiami LakesFloridaUnited States
Lakeland Amtrak Station - Lakeland, FL28.045608-81.951875626 E Main StLakelandFloridaUnited States
Lakeland FL Transit Map - Lakeland, FL27.999405-81.9571863605 FL-37LakelandFloridaUnited States
Lakeland Post Office - Lakeland, FL28.07788-81.9539552700-2786 FL-33LakelandFloridaUnited States
Lakeland Skate Park - Lakeland, FL28.035522-81.9359871104 Bartow RdLakelandFloridaUnited States
Lakeland Swan Art - Lakeland, FL28.024234-81.9734741668-1698 FL-563LakelandFloridaUnited States
Lakeside Loop Bridge - Saint Petersburg, FL27.730883-82.654915151A Country Club Way SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Lakewood Sports Park - Saint Petersburg, FL27.732431-82.6600912001 Country Club Way SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Large Bronze Cock - Pembroke Pines, FL26.027807-80.3143372000-2216 N Flamingo RdPembroke PinesFloridaUnited States
Laurel Oak Inn - Gainesville, FL29.649219-82.317551221 SE 7th StGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Lemur Lemur on the Wall - Miami, FL25.788026-80.1942751354 N Miami AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
Levin College Of Law - Gainesville, FL29.650288-82.3593842377-2399 FL-26AGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Levy Park - Tallahassee, FL30.463484-84.289831700-1798 Branch StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
León Medical Fountain - Hialeah, FL25.879956-80.3250712020-2198 W 64th StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Liberty Building Clock - Jacksonville, FL30.325985-81.652699106-198 N Liberty StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Liberty Center Statue of Liberty - Gainesville, FL29.681548-82.3384193131 NW 13th StGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Liberty Park South - Palm Bay, FL27.977561-80.647381898 Starland St SEPalm BayFloridaUnited States
Liberty Way - Tallahassee, FL30.462086-84.279503241 Lake Ella DrTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Life Care Center Fountain - Palm Bay, FL27.999849-80.615749175 NE Villa Nueva AvePalm BayFloridaUnited States
Lifesouth Large Rock Waterfall - Gainesville, FL29.664116-82.3388041325 NW 13th StGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Light of Christ Catholic Church - Clearwater, FL27.972431-82.7478292176 Marilyn StClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Lighthouse - Pompano Beach, FL26.231641-80.1007622304 E Atlantic BlvdPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Lighthouse Community Church - Dania Beach, FL26.041725-80.143577606 US-1Dania BeachFloridaUnited States
Lincoln Park - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.129462-80.166932600-698 NW 19th AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Linear Park - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.118941-80.146247Riverwalk NFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Lion Crest - Hollywood, FL26.019794-80.143375926 S Federal HwyHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Lion Fountain - Pompano Beach, FL26.260624-80.1496461915 W Copans RdPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Lion on Las Olas - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.119299-80.136461625 FL-842Fort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Lite Angelica Fountain - Hialeah, FL25.944774-80.334229NW 82nd AveHialeahFloridaUnited States
Little Hands for Winter - Clearwater, FL27.96583-82.80134540c N Osceola AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Little Mother Mary - Miramar, FL25.982526-80.2490628005 Miramar PkwyMiramarFloridaUnited States
Little Rock House of Prayer Church - Jacksonville, FL30.336785-81.6937241993 Yulee StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Lockmar Baptist Church - Palm Bay, FL28.020464-80.660821700 Emerson Dr NEPalm BayFloridaUnited States
Lonely Play Ground - Pompano Beach, FL26.251398-80.1355231687 NW 7th TerracePompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Long Key Nature Center - Davie, FL26.075923-80.3224173487-3499 SW 130th AveDavieFloridaUnited States
Lundy's Mural - Saint Petersburg, FL27.751805-82.6748793084 18th Ave SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Luther Memorial Church - Hollywood, FL26.027526-80.2079911925 N State Rd 7HollywoodFloridaUnited States
Lynbrook Park - Palm Bay, FL28.021485-80.689701695 Lynbrook St NWPalm BayFloridaUnited States
Macdonald Kelce Library University Of Tampa - Tampa, FL27.948316-82.465042405 UT McNeel CtTampaFloridaUnited States
Magnolia Trailhead - Tallahassee, FL30.453711-84.2221473430 Weems RdTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Mahatma Gandhi Memorial - Southwest Ranches, FL26.04357-80.3465296101 Volunteer RdSouthwest RanchesFloridaUnited States
Main St Mural - Tampa, FL27.957025-82.4818532126 W Main StTampaFloridaUnited States
Main Street Fountain - Hialeah, FL25.913318-80.30910315301 NW 67th AveHialeahFloridaUnited States
Main Street Wilton Manors - Wilton Manors, FL26.154531-80.1401632101-2105 FL-811Wilton ManorsFloridaUnited States
Major William Lauderdale Statue - Davie, FL26.080263-80.268455Pine Island Ridge TrailDavieFloridaUnited States
Makers Square - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.140442-80.1375581142-1198 NE 6th AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
MaliVai Washington Youth Center Park - Jacksonville, FL30.344046-81.6709881064-1096 W 6th StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Mama D's Cuban Sandwich - Tampa, FL27.956572-82.4527011224 E Scott StTampaFloridaUnited States
Man Golfing Wall Tile Art - Hialeah, FL25.941305-80.30876518454 NW 67th AveHialeahFloridaUnited States
Manhole Monster - Gainesville, FL29.663496-82.363341220 NW 26th TerraceGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Manor Lanes Strike Zone - Wilton Manors, FL26.159871-80.1267682601-2607 NE 16th AveWilton ManorsFloridaUnited States
Manuel Artime Theatre - Miami, FL25.772546-80.209594900 SW 1st StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Marble Maiden of Westland Towers - Hialeah, FL25.863173-80.3219484490 W 19th CtHialeahFloridaUnited States
Mardi Gras Knight Statue - Hallandale Beach, FL25.99433-80.14679640 E Pembroke RdHallandale BeachFloridaUnited States
Mardi Gras Statue - Hollywood, FL25.99699-80.1503482147 Pembroke RdHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Marlins Homerun Celebration - Miami, FL25.777476-80.219017501 Marlins WayMiamiFloridaUnited States
Marriott Hotel Waterfall - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.062889-80.1675582091 Griffin RdFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Marsh Stained Glass Transport Station - Miami, FL25.927361-80.20024116605 N Miami AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
Marsh Trail Main Hut - Davie, FL26.073398-80.278064SW 36th StDavieFloridaUnited States
Matt Van Law Eagle Project - Saint Petersburg, FL27.736859-82.6623653200 22nd St SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Mayan Clouds - Saint Petersburg, FL27.780054-82.638752750 4th St NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
McDougall Wind Mill - Pompano Beach, FL26.239974-80.119056809-999 NE 5th AvePompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Medical Research Fountain - Lakeland, FL28.081114-81.9529233131 Lakeland Hills BlvdLakelandFloridaUnited States
Medley Library and Recreation Center - Medley, FL25.845553-80.3119497901 NW South River DrMedleyFloridaUnited States
Mekethan Stadium - Gainesville, FL29.649614-82.353592Stadium RdGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Mellow Mushroom - Clearwater, FL27.961057-82.7287922630 Gulf to Bay BlvdClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Memorial Bench - Hollywood, FL26.036756-80.1743353 Atlanta StHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Memorial Blvd Pillar - Lakeland, FL28.054524-81.9576461050-1098 FL-37LakelandFloridaUnited States
Memorial Garden Center Post - Gainesville, FL29.689949-82.38553957 NW 40th CtGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Memorial Park West - Jacksonville, FL30.311111-81.6804481701-1887 Margaret StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Memorial Preservation Plaque - Tallahassee, FL30.457168-84.2615551405 Centerville RdTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Memorial Rose Garden - Tallahassee, FL30.4625-84.2773251700-1728 FL-155TallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Memorial to Firefighters - Tallahassee, FL30.445717-84.281776327 N Adams StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Memorial. B52D Fighters Jet - Orlando, FL28.449723-81.312893FL-528OrlandoFloridaUnited States
Merchant Marine Dedication - Saint Petersburg, FL27.760074-82.631854Peninsula Drive EastSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Metal Art - Jacksonville, FL30.340772-81.6622871300 Broad StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Metal Bike - Jacksonville, FL30.346734-81.6584451825 N Pearl StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Metal Lizardilla - Saint Petersburg, FL27.778341-82.658872I-275Saint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Metal Weather Vane - Clearwater, FL27.96291-82.795985751-799 Franklin StClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Metaphysical Science Sign - Tampa, FL27.999874-82.4760435801 N Rome AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Metropolitan Park - Jacksonville, FL30.320394-81.639539FL-228JacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Mexican Tiled Wall - Wilton Manors, FL26.158599-80.1352462516 NE 8th TerraceWilton ManorsFloridaUnited States
Miami Dade Fire Department - Hialeah, FL25.868032-80.3386238790 NW 103rd StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Miami Lakes Congregational Church - Miami Lakes, FL25.904226-80.3092766701 Miami Lakeway SMiami LakesFloridaUnited States
Miami Lakes Paisley Cow - Hialeah, FL25.906909-80.32421214701 NW 77th AveHialeahFloridaUnited States
Miami Lakes United Methodist Church - Miami Lakes, FL25.908421-80.30846314800 Ludlam RdMiami LakesFloridaUnited States
Miami Marlins Mural - Miami, FL25.772817-80.208015801 SW 1st StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Miami Orange Bowl Commemorative Plaza - Miami, FL25.777041-80.2207561502 NW 4th StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Miami Produce Center Fruit Mural - Miami, FL25.797508-80.215392100-2198 FL-933MiamiFloridaUnited States
Miami's Oldest Tree - Miami, FL25.778271-80.187029333 Biscayne BlvdMiamiFloridaUnited States
Mickel Field Park - Wilton Manors, FL26.160334-80.1527222675 NW 7th AveWilton ManorsFloridaUnited States
Mickey Mouse at Fort Pierce Plaza - Port St. Lucie, FL27.302094-80.372672144 FL-91Port St. LucieFloridaUnited States
Middle River Terrace Park - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.143418-80.1369441329 NE 7th AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Midtown Fountain - Plantation, FL26.111316-80.2544867700 SW 6th StPlantationFloridaUnited States
Miguels Fountain - Tampa, FL27.945079-82.493083035 W Kennedy BlvdTampaFloridaUnited States
Mildred and Claude Pepper Fountain - Miami, FL25.774435-80.185479Bayfront Park PathMiamiFloridaUnited States
Mills Pond Park Softball Field - Wilton Manors, FL26.15764-80.1611612201 NW 9th AveWilton ManorsFloridaUnited States
Mini Mexico Map Wall Mural - Lakeland, FL28.055253-81.9839991725 W Memorial BlvdLakelandFloridaUnited States
Miramar Library - Miramar, FL25.986509-80.3016372400 Civic Center PlMiramarFloridaUnited States
Miramar Pineland Gazebo - Miramar, FL25.974881-80.253795Florida 821 TollMiramarFloridaUnited States
Miramar Youth Enrichment Center - Miramar, FL25.981112-80.2291237000 Miramar PkwyMiramarFloridaUnited States
Mirror on the Wall - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.048599-80.1690185925 Ravenswood RdFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Missionary Baptist Church - Lakeland, FL28.061374-81.9695251325 N Webster AveLakelandFloridaUnited States
Moccasin Lake Mural - Clearwater, FL27.976072-82.7235882750 Park Trail LnClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Monument to Thomos - Dunedin, FL28.007866-82.760376Cemetery RdDunedinFloridaUnited States
Moore's Chapel A.M.E. Church - Saint Petersburg, FL27.763703-82.6751473037 Fairfield Ave SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Morningside Public Recreation Complex - Clearwater, FL27.948499-82.7391162357-2399 Harn BlvdClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Mosaic Midtown Church - Tallahassee, FL30.451912-84.279109901-905 FL-155TallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Mosaic Sport Balls - Saint Petersburg, FL27.781774-82.626738901 N Shore Dr NESaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Mosaic of Light Marion Transit Center - Tampa, FL27.95489-82.4584281201-1211 N Marion StTampaFloridaUnited States
Mother of Our Redeemer Church - Hialeah, FL25.943247-80.3379358445 NW 186th StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Mothers of the World - Hollywood, FL26.012227-80.14231733 E Young CirHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Mount Olive A M E Church - Jacksonville, FL30.332164-81.6392651201-1225 Pippin StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Mount Zion Church - Miami Gardens, FL25.912905-80.23632715200-15218 NW 22nd AveMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
Moving Water: PCe - Gainesville, FL29.648561-82.344552Buckman DrGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Mt Sinai Missionary Baptist Church - Jacksonville, FL30.349461-81.657025225 Cottage AveJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Mt. Ararat Baptist Church - Jacksonville, FL30.353037-81.6757312501 Myrtle Ave NJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Mt. Carmel Baptist Church - Gainesville, FL29.655552-82.328493429 NW 4th StGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Mt. Hermon Baptist Church - Gainesville, FL29.665999-82.3231611530-1598 NE 2nd StGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Mt. Pisby Primitive Baptist Church - Tallahassee, FL30.454594-84.2907671123-1125 Central StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Muffler Knight Slaying Dragon - Hialeah, FL25.893007-80.3321882400 W 78th StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Muffler Man Shop - Lakeland, FL28.055109-81.967377905 W Memorial BlvdLakelandFloridaUnited States
Mullins Hall Dedication Plaque - Coral Springs, FL26.265504-80.2625410500 NW 29th StCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Mural - Hialeah, FL25.838143-80.2983921820 W 8th AveHialeahFloridaUnited States
Mural - Wilton Manors, FL26.165326-80.1385683015 NE 6th AveWilton ManorsFloridaUnited States
Mural Floridian - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.119209-80.1286461410 E Las Olas BlvdFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Mural Walk Away - Saint Petersburg, FL27.768466-82.650063200 16th Ave NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Mural in the Lunchbox - Tallahassee, FL30.447467-84.26199295 N Magnolia DrTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Mural of Wonderful Things - Jacksonville, FL30.313963-81.6815191294-1498 Margaret StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Museum of Discovery and Science - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.120627-80.14804453-499 SW 2nd StFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Museum of Fine Arts - Saint Petersburg, FL27.774742-82.631552255 Beach Dr NESaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Musical Swan - Lakeland, FL28.040145-81.96043404 Lime StreetLakelandFloridaUnited States
My Yoga Connection Cannon - Gainesville, FL29.682083-82.338316NW 32nd AveGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Myan Aztec Seal Mural - Clearwater, FL27.965881-82.7873751200 Cleveland StClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Myers Park - Tallahassee, FL30.437109-84.271672713-799 E Lafayette StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Myrtle Grove Pool - Miami Gardens, FL25.937004-80.2514893000 NW 179th StMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
NOAA Paver Mosaic - Saint Petersburg, FL27.75784-82.636694263 13th Ave SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
NSU NW Fountain - Davie, FL26.080402-80.250052Frontage RdDavieFloridaUnited States
NSU Reflexology Path - Davie, FL26.080399-80.243876Nova Art PathDavieFloridaUnited States
Napoleon Bonaparte Statue - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.116111-80.140569493-511 FL-811Fort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
National Guard of Florida Armory - Jacksonville, FL30.332523-81.652079901-925 N Market StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Native American Statue - Davie, FL26.074701-80.2748263900 SW 100th AveDavieFloridaUnited States
Nauti Nancy Fish Mural - Clearwater, FL27.97276-82.797124700 Eldridge StClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Nebraska Baptist Church - Tampa, FL27.968882-82.451392816 N Nebraska AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Nebraska Church Of Christ - Tampa, FL27.987728-82.4512974608 N Nebraska AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Neptune - Gainesville, FL29.659354-82.360222525-2611 NW 8th AveGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
New Beginnings Community Church - Clearwater, FL27.990211-82.7803051390 Co Rd 576ClearwaterFloridaUnited States
New Beth Temple - Miami Gardens, FL25.970447-80.2622043610 NW 214th StMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
New Bethel Church - Lakeland, FL28.072402-81.9616082100-2298 Martin L King Jr AveLakelandFloridaUnited States
New Birth Missionary Baptist Church - Tampa, FL27.987223-82.4594964612 N Florida AveTampaFloridaUnited States
New Hope Baptist Church - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.129454-80.159341321 NW 6th StFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
New Hope Missionary Baptist Church - Saint Petersburg, FL27.749093-82.6589462120 19th St SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
New Image Christian Center - Tallahassee, FL30.428726-84.2284692990 Apalachee PkwyTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
New Life Church - Miami Gardens, FL25.925843-80.2756674601 NW 167th StMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
New Mt Canaan Church - Jacksonville, FL30.354901-81.65491136 W 18th StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
New River Swing Bridge - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.115504-80.155932501-531 SW 11th AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
New River Wesleyan Church - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.147212-80.1447191545 N Andrews AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
New Salem Missionary Church - Tampa, FL27.947756-82.474649401-405 N Oregon AveTampaFloridaUnited States
New Testament Bethel Ministry - Palm Bay, FL27.998141-80.621391300 Malabar Rd SEPalm BayFloridaUnited States
New York Yankees Championship Mural - Tampa, FL27.968352-82.5016723242 N Himes AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Ninja Gator - Gainesville, FL29.645263-82.324304619 S Main StGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Ninth & Terrace Park - Tallahassee, FL30.460048-84.270375701-717 E 9th AveTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Nona Blue - Orlando, FL28.425258-81.2526129662 N Narcoossee RdOrlandoFloridaUnited States
North American F 86 H Sabre Jet - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.133495-80.135691700-800 NE 8th StFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
North Atlantic Whales - Jacksonville, FL30.316564-81.674673500 Computer Power PlJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
North Dade Community Church - Miami, FL25.934677-80.21317501 NW 7th AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
North Dade Regional Library - Miami Gardens, FL25.941781-80.2424412455 NW 183rd StMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
North Fountain - Plantation, FL26.110911-80.2517968114 SW Hortense LnPlantationFloridaUnited States
North Glade Park - Opa-locka, FL25.931417-80.284925185-5199 NW 173rd DrOpa-lockaFloridaUnited States
North Greenwood Public Library - Clearwater, FL27.975015-82.791375905 N Martin Luther King Jr AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
North Pointe Community Aquatic Center - Hialeah, FL25.94289-80.320711Old Elm DrHialeahFloridaUnited States
Northeast Coachman Park - Clearwater, FL27.976568-82.7367391208-1398 Old Coachman RdClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Northeast Complex - Gainesville, FL29.663188-82.3090791251-1299 NE 13th AveGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Northeast Park - Gainesville, FL29.663553-82.320349330-354 NE 13th AveGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Northside Assembly Of God - Lakeland, FL28.084351-81.960922411 W Robson StLakelandFloridaUnited States
Northside Park Sign - Gainesville, FL29.707533-82.3533755701 NW 34th BlvdGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Northwest Spanish Baptist Church - Hialeah, FL25.8975-80.3079468245 W 12th AveHialeahFloridaUnited States
Northwood Centre Fountain - Tallahassee, FL30.465943-84.2874911940 N Monroe StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Norwood Park And Pool South Gate - Miami, FL25.951237-80.2253311400 NW 193rd TerraceMiamiFloridaUnited States
Norwood Pines - Pompano Beach, FL26.221864-80.123105620 S Cypress RdPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Norwood Pines Park Raquetball Courts - Pompano Beach, FL26.221942-80.122167570 S Cypress RdPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Nova 535 - Saint Petersburg, FL27.778314-82.646537543 9th St NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Nova Menorah - Davie, FL26.064298-80.2582498280 Griffin RdDavieFloridaUnited States
Nova Southeastern University - Davie, FL26.083339-80.2505357824-7898 SW 30th StDavieFloridaUnited States
Nur-ul-Islam Center - Davie, FL26.045016-80.28913710600 SW 59th StDavieFloridaUnited States
Nursing School Creepy Eyes - Miami, FL25.7728-80.2258691845 W Flagler StMiamiFloridaUnited States
O'Keefe's Irish Flag and Lion Mural - Clearwater, FL27.952949-82.7998391219 S Ft Harrison AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Oak Hammock Park - Port St. Lucie, FL27.279996-80.4084991982 SW Villanova RdPort St. LucieFloridaUnited States
Oak Lake Park Pavilion - Hollywood, FL26.039385-80.2008053130 N 56th AveHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Oakwood Park - Palm Bay, FL27.966792-80.657883500-510 Koutnik Rd SEPalm BayFloridaUnited States
Ocean Store - Miami, FL25.772657-80.2130311101 SW 1st StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Old Armory - Tallahassee, FL30.458223-84.2809021400 FL-63TallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Old Chevy Truck - Pompano Beach, FL26.210624-80.133034702-754 W McNab RdPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Old City Cemetery - Tallahassee, FL30.441874-84.285719100-106 N Martin Luther King Jr BlvdTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Old Clearwater Bridge Mural - Clearwater, FL27.965309-82.7793026 S Hillcrest AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Old Coachman Rd Fountain - Clearwater, FL27.98031-82.742578902 9th StClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Old Fire Department - Jacksonville, FL30.32106-81.674211557 Forest StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Old Florida Bar-B-Q - Davie, FL26.089478-80.2517362411 S University DrDavieFloridaUnited States
Old Northeast Marker - Saint Petersburg, FL27.792035-82.637861304-336 22nd Ave NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Old People's Home - Tampa, FL27.971175-82.4466233001 N 12th StTampaFloridaUnited States
Old Southeast Maker - Saint Petersburg, FL27.746563-82.6359832408-2498 Florida Ave SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Old Southeast Monument - Saint Petersburg, FL27.748479-82.636725250-298 22nd Ave SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Old Time Funeral Carriage - Gainesville, FL29.655103-82.325177416 N Main StGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
On Top of the World - Clearwater, FL27.990969-82.73732001 World Pkwy BlvdClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Oolong Tea - Davie, FL26.071124-80.232644125 SW 64th AveDavieFloridaUnited States
Opa Locka City Hall - Opa-locka, FL25.904881-80.252687801-845 Sharazad BlvdOpa-lockaFloridaUnited States
Opera House South West Face - Miami, FL25.787248-80.1893311300-1326 FL-5MiamiFloridaUnited States
Orange Bowl Field at Carlton Park - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.136308-80.1629381500-1544 FL-838Fort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Orange Brook East Water Fall - Hollywood, FL26.007309-80.173381499 Entrada DrHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Original site of Mease Dunedin Hospital - Dunedin, FL28.013057-82.783527646 Virginia StDunedinFloridaUnited States
Orion North - Davie, FL26.034053-80.35547715401 Sheridan StDavieFloridaUnited States
Orlando Airport Aquarium - Orlando, FL28.431901-81.3073869363 Jeff Fuqua BlvdOrlandoFloridaUnited States
Orlando Crest - Orlando, FL28.457542-81.311033460 Gateway Village CirOrlandoFloridaUnited States
Orlando Gateway - Orlando, FL28.458014-81.3123155425 Gateway Village CirOrlandoFloridaUnited States
Our Lady of Clearwater Site - Clearwater, FL27.968873-82.72909321649 US Hwy 19 NClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Our Lady of the Smile Shrine - Hollywood, FL26.01783-80.1961895246-5272 Johnson StHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Overtown District Sign - Homestead, FL25.788178-80.200084315 NW 14th StHomesteadFloridaUnited States
Owl Perch - Orlando, FL28.42795-81.25565Co Rd 15OrlandoFloridaUnited States
Owls Lookout Park - Davie, FL26.087866-80.313472550 FL-823DavieFloridaUnited States
P T's Twin Lions - Hialeah, FL25.891389-80.3234947565 W 20th AveHialeahFloridaUnited States
PG Fountain - Pembroke Pines, FL26.006178-80.336798237-273 SW 145th TerracePembroke PinesFloridaUnited States
PSN Park - Hialeah, FL25.93502-80.329537870 NW 178th StHialeahFloridaUnited States
PT Franz Memorial Bench - Clearwater, FL27.950816-82.797935Pinellas TrailClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Pacific Fountain Circle - Coral Springs, FL26.241183-80.277852825 Coral Ridge DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Pagoda - Miami, FL25.764242-80.184968540-542 Claughton Island DrMiamiFloridaUnited States
Palm Ave Baptist Church - Tampa, FL27.962174-82.45929205 E Palm AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Palm Bay Baptist Church - Palm Bay, FL27.96541-80.6481912691 Emerson Dr SEPalm BayFloridaUnited States
Palm Bay Community Aquatic Center - Palm Bay, FL27.990759-80.62979Manchester CirPalm BayFloridaUnited States
Palm Beach Outlets Fountain - West Palm Beach, FL26.724426-80.0870921771 Executive Center DrWest Palm BeachFloridaUnited States
Palm Fountain - Hialeah, FL25.837387-80.281821721 Palm AveHialeahFloridaUnited States
Palm tree & cathedral - Miami, FL25.790245-80.1870191501-1599 N Bayshore DrMiamiFloridaUnited States
Palmetto Metro-Rail Station - Medley, FL25.843379-80.3238117701 NW 79th AveMedleyFloridaUnited States
Park Avenue Library Building - Tallahassee, FL30.441771-84.280147209 E Park AveTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Park Gazebo - Parkland, FL26.303054-80.248934Aston GardensParklandFloridaUnited States
Park Of Lake Parker - Lakeland, FL28.051003-81.953082701-739 State Hwy 33LakelandFloridaUnited States
Parking Fountain - Orlando, FL28.429789-81.30811526-27 Jeff Fuqua BlvdOrlandoFloridaUnited States
Parkside Post - Hollywood, FL26.0042-80.1435671819-1823 Washington StHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Parkview Baptist Church - Gainesville, FL29.68394-82.3387881223 34th PlGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Parkview Baptist Church - Lakeland, FL28.062263-81.952784509 Parkview PlLakelandFloridaUnited States
Parkwood Isle Fountain - Davie, FL26.099107-80.28187310071 SW 16th PlDavieFloridaUnited States
Pat Larkins Memorial Plaque - Pompano Beach, FL26.233563-80.129927520 Hammondville RdPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Patrick J Meli Park Entrance - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.057135-80.1794862998 SW 52nd StFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Paul Walker Urbanscape - Miami, FL25.774044-80.19460250 W Flagler StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Pbr Diver's Mural - Tampa, FL27.982145-82.451252102 FL-45TampaFloridaUnited States
Peace Memorial Church - Clearwater, FL27.964499-82.800102100-108 S Ft Harrison AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Peace Rose Garden - Tallahassee, FL30.442046-84.277431413-499 E Park AveTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Peace by Leonardo Nierman - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.119336-80.141258220 SE 2nd AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Peace in the West Side. - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.14204-80.1435361233 NE 1st AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Peaceful Ridge Park - Davie, FL26.082568-80.3134182950 Frontage RdDavieFloridaUnited States
Pebble Step Fountain - Tampa, FL27.944688-82.456301118-124 S Franklin StTampaFloridaUnited States
Pembroke Falls Waterfall - Pembroke Pines, FL26.027748-80.3289492130 NW 136th AvePembroke PinesFloridaUnited States
Pembroke Pines Fountain - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.031094-80.37471616957 Sheridan StFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Pentecostal Church of God In Jesus Christ - Jacksonville, FL30.360176-81.68461663 W 26th StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Pepperoni Lion - Coral Springs, FL26.285773-80.248379174 Wiles RdCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Percy L. Reed Laboratory - Gainesville, FL29.647884-82.347921885 Stadium RdGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Percy and Dorothy Bergeron Memorial Statue - Davie, FL26.094926-80.2815811792-1898 S Nob Hill RdDavieFloridaUnited States
Peter Feldman Park - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.129665-80.14065544 NE 3rd AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Physics - Gainesville, FL29.643438-82.350155???GainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Piece of the Berlin Wall - Miami, FL25.77741-80.190486300 NE 2nd AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
Piggy's BBQ - Tallahassee, FL30.471411-84.2311881883A Capital Cir NETallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Pilgrim Christian Universal Church - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.125621-80.1564561116 NW 4th StFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Pinapple Head - Gainesville, FL29.659538-82.3545542222 NW 8th AveGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Pine Flatwood Restoration - West Palm Beach, FL26.777334-80.1259965648-6098 Dyer RdWest Palm BeachFloridaUnited States
Pine Grove Baptist Church - Gainesville, FL29.688852-82.3876974200 NW 39th AveGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Pine Heights Park - Miami, FL25.789595-80.209131800-998 NW 15th StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Pine Island Park - Plantation, FL26.116621-80.2602878426-8448 SW 3rd StPlantationFloridaUnited States
Pine Lake Lagoon Fountain North - Cooper City, FL26.063602-80.28551210400 Griffin RdCooper CityFloridaUnited States
Pine Park - Gainesville, FL29.671921-82.331049600-618 NW 21 AveGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Pineland Trail - Miramar, FL25.976716-80.2507028250-8258 Southampton DrMiramarFloridaUnited States
Pink Lady Mural - Pompano Beach, FL26.271108-80.1518133300 NW 21st AvePompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Pirate Ship - Dunedin, FL28.011037-82.791736660-698 US-19 ALTDunedinFloridaUnited States
Pirate Ship Raymond James Stadium - Tampa, FL27.976883-82.503244201 N Dale Mabry HwyTampaFloridaUnited States
Plant Fountain - Miami, FL25.770124-80.214387335 SW 12th AveMiamiFloridaUnited States
Plantation Cemetery at Betton Hill - Tallahassee, FL30.465892-84.2662131102-1198 Betton RdTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Playground Equipment - Plantation, FL26.100944-80.2357221500 SW 66th AvePlantationFloridaUnited States
Plaza De La Cubanidad - Miami, FL25.772917-80.2230491708 W Flagler StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church - Jacksonville, FL30.340245-81.6430591401 Evergreen AveJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Plumb House - Clearwater, FL27.946984-82.7917731462-1472 S M.L.K. Jr AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Pluto - Gainesville, FL29.659385-82.3569012301-2397 NW 8th AveGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Poinsettia Heights Pillar - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.150285-80.1304551314-1398 NE 17th CtFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Police Memorial Park Gazebo - Palm Bay, FL27.996799-80.6704136475 Minton RdPalm BayFloridaUnited States
Police Sculpture - Gainesville, FL29.658967-82.330101545 NW 8th AveGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Polk County Fire Department - Lakeland, FL28.044299-81.9108612450-2498 E Main StLakelandFloridaUnited States
Polk County Law Enforcement Memorial - Lakeland, FL28.040768-81.966237141-199 Lake Beulah DrLakelandFloridaUnited States
Polk Museum of Art - Lakeland, FL28.037114-81.94855756-774 E Palmetto StLakelandFloridaUnited States
Pompano Beach Branch Library - Pompano Beach, FL26.231921-80.110831???Pompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Pompano Beach Cemetary - Pompano Beach, FL26.228167-80.1023912100-2198 SE 4th StPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Pompano Beach Sun Adventure Utility Box - Pompano Beach, FL26.231347-80.1592172667-2699 FL-814Pompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Pompano Beach main entrance - Pompano Beach, FL26.23192-80.089517E Atlantic BlvdPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Pompano Community Park - Pompano Beach, FL26.241242-80.1070151484-1880 NE 10th StPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Pony Rides on Nature Trail - Davie, FL26.071931-80.2760913900 SW 100th AveDavieFloridaUnited States
PortMiami - Miami, FL25.779865-80.188516Miamarina Pkwy DrMiamiFloridaUnited States
Portrait of a Lady - Hialeah, FL25.868506-80.3123331475 W 49th StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Potential Church - Cooper City, FL26.04451-80.31403112459-12499 FL-848Cooper CityFloridaUnited States
Powerhouse Gym - Tampa, FL27.950646-82.4485231144-1150 FL-45TampaFloridaUnited States
Prayer - Miami, FL25.798074-80.198815181-199 Perimeter RdMiamiFloridaUnited States
Praying Angel - Tallahassee, FL30.450561-84.285516836 N Bronough StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Presbyterian Church Marker - Tallahassee, FL30.442162-84.280859190 E Park AveTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Preserving Our Resources - Davie, FL26.083461-80.2445487351 SW 30th StDavieFloridaUnited States
Presidential Building - Hollywood, FL26.010059-80.1836913900-3998 S Academy CirHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Protection Manatee Plaque - Cape Coral, FL26.647116-82.0425413235 SW 3rd TerraceCape CoralFloridaUnited States
Public Spring - Coral Springs, FL26.24394-80.2461128825 Ramblewood DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Public Worship Shrine - Tampa, FL27.961546-82.4930513012-3098 W Cherry StTampaFloridaUnited States
Publix Mural - Pompano Beach, FL26.22715-80.2708548299 N Pine Island RdPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Publix Tile Mural 1 - Lakeland, FL28.023422-81.9257641625 Bartow RdLakelandFloridaUnited States
Publix Wharehouse Water Tower - Lakeland, FL28.039625-81.98811977-2099 Olive StLakelandFloridaUnited States
Puff Pass Smoke Shop - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.136968-80.14592125 W Sunrise BlvdFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Puggle - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.127676-80.145362114 NW 5th StFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Purple Heart Memorial - Dunedin, FL28.01243-82.789632826 US-19 ALTDunedinFloridaUnited States
Purplemartin Outpost - Tallahassee, FL30.451695-84.270393777-787 County Rd 146TallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Pylon of Gratitude - Davie, FL26.076867-80.3229983381-3445 SW 130th AveDavieFloridaUnited States
Queen Esther Church of God in Unity - Jacksonville, FL30.338425-81.6880871747 Mc Quade StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Radiance Ship Model - Miramar, FL25.988789-80.34116214700 Royal Carribean BlvdMiramarFloridaUnited States
Ragan Park - Tampa, FL27.977928-82.4454241200 E Lake AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Ralph Diaz Memorial Park - Coral Springs, FL26.255579-80.2534249673-9699 NW 19th StCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Raymond James Stadium East Club - Tampa, FL27.975066-82.5023274100-4124 N Himes AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Reading Frog - Jacksonville, FL30.314989-81.664643I-95JacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Ream Wilson Clearwater Trail Beginning - Clearwater, FL27.979022-82.742573Ream Wilson TrailClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Reclining Nude - Coral Springs, FL26.272089-80.2498773301 FL-817Coral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Red Ball - Hollywood, FL26.012736-80.174431300 Hollywood MallHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Red Butterfly - Lakeland, FL28.034881-81.940664750-798 Hollingsworth RdLakelandFloridaUnited States
Red Cross Donation Box - Saint Petersburg, FL27.761523-82.646929900-908 9th Ave SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Red Cross donation box at Advance Auto Parts - Saint Petersburg, FL27.771725-82.6796893400-3422 1st Ave NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Red Cross donation box at Big Tim's - Saint Petersburg, FL27.765812-82.679234530 34th St SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Red Cross donation box at McCabe church - Saint Petersburg, FL27.744481-82.6712122601-2883 28th St SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Red Man - Coral Springs, FL26.25993-80.2928262575 Sportsplex DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Red Star Rock Bar - Tampa, FL27.994587-82.4597215210 N Florida AveTampaFloridaUnited States
RedEye Coffee - Tallahassee, FL30.454522-84.2784481124 FL-155TallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Regions Bank Fountains - Saint Petersburg, FL27.769568-82.63781301-333 2nd Ave SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Rejoined - Gainesville, FL29.647469-82.3389211229-1299 SW 5th AveGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Relax In Paradise Bench - Pembroke Pines, FL26.00378-80.337015482-498 SW 145th TerracePembroke PinesFloridaUnited States
Relight XM - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.260403-80.0838712700 N Ocean BlvdFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Rescue Church of North Miami Beach - Miami, FL25.922181-80.204394200-234 NW 161st StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Resting Gnome - Tallahassee, FL30.457043-84.2574991648-1688 County Rd 146TallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Resurrection Catholic Church - Dania Beach, FL26.056276-80.136381441 NE 2nd StDania BeachFloridaUnited States
Rev. Dr. L. Grant Daniel Memorial - Lakeland, FL28.031544-81.9181291016-1022 Longfellow BlvdLakelandFloridaUnited States
Rex Foster Lake - Pompano Beach, FL26.223775-80.133738695 Lakeside CirPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Rey Park - Tampa, FL27.961658-82.4827322301 N Howard AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Rhino on Coffee Pot - Saint Petersburg, FL27.792819-82.6305142240-2242 Locust St NESaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Richard Gerstein Fountain - Homestead, FL25.785608-80.2165091325 NW 12th StHomesteadFloridaUnited States
Rick's Cptn. Morgan Mural - Tampa, FL27.962643-82.4738582305 N Willow AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Ring Tennis Complex - Gainesville, FL29.65023-82.3579042375 SW 2nd AveGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Riverside Garden Park - Tampa, FL27.966785-82.476443001-3099 N Rome AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Riverside Park Dedication Plaque - Coral Springs, FL26.231116-80.28025411 Coral Ridge DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Riverside Presbyterian Church - Jacksonville, FL30.315459-81.680367894-932 Park StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Robbin's Open Space Preserve Park - Davie, FL26.071113-80.2980833845-4099 SW 112th AveDavieFloridaUnited States
Roberto Mano De Piedra Duran Star - Miami, FL25.765721-80.2223311699 US-41MiamiFloridaUnited States
Rock Wall Playground 2 - Miami Lakes, FL25.901378-80.30618214031-14041 Lake Saranac AveMiami LakesFloridaUnited States
Rocket Art - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.145835-80.1409121501 NE 4th AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Rocket Man - Coral Springs, FL26.287225-80.2284797701 Wiles RdCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Rodeo Flowers Mural - Gainesville, FL29.678344-82.3305282807 NW 6th StGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Rolling Hills Waterfall - Davie, FL26.07819-80.257643501 W Rolling Hills CirDavieFloridaUnited States
Roman depiction of Adam & Eve - Hialeah, FL25.88787-80.3079191200-1230 W 72nd StHialeahFloridaUnited States
Ronald E. McNair Park - Pompano Beach, FL26.240495-80.15961939-953 NW 27th AvePompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Ronald S. Kroehling 1959-1984 Memorial - Clearwater, FL27.976836-82.7240212750 Park Trail LnClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Rosa Dos Ventos Cross - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.119448-80.156406251 Palm AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Rosalind - Tampa, FL27.946641-82.464186300 UT University DrTampaFloridaUnited States
Roses Murals - Hollywood, FL26.012947-80.1440591819 N Young CirHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Rosetta Plaza Fountain - Lakeland, FL28.04205-81.951265Unnamed RoadLakelandFloridaUnited States
Rotary Club Marker - Pompano Beach, FL26.250525-80.0914462901 NE 14th Street CausewayPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Roux Library at Florida Southern College - Lakeland, FL28.032244-81.949053900-952 Johnson AveLakelandFloridaUnited States
Rumba Island Grill - Clearwater, FL27.96129-82.762775331-499 S Keene RdClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Running of the Bulls USFSP - Saint Petersburg, FL27.763934-82.635508200 6th Ave SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Ruth K. Broad Memorial Plaza - Davie, FL26.078961-80.24048Gold Cir Lake LoopDavieFloridaUnited States
Sabal Drive Playground 2 - Miami Lakes, FL25.901135-80.3203227381-14259 Sabal DrMiami LakesFloridaUnited States
Sacred Heart Church - Tampa, FL27.94935-82.457376509 N Florida AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Saddles Sculpture - Southwest Ranches, FL26.045341-80.34449514601 Stirling RdSouthwest RanchesFloridaUnited States
Saftey Town - Hollywood, FL26.037294-80.1717313001 Sheridan StreetHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Sailboat Bend Preserve - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.119089-80.160777226-398 SW 14th WayFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Saint Coleman - Pompano Beach, FL26.21529-80.1039752250 SE 12th StPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church - Coral Springs, FL26.248737-80.2786251373-1401 Coral Ridge DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Saint Joseph Statue - Lakeland, FL28.041174-81.9950562301 New Tampa HwyLakelandFloridaUnited States
Saint Mary Statue - Pompano Beach, FL26.21055-80.1412831168-1198 W McNab RdPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Saint Mary Statue at Saint Joseph Catholic Church - Lakeland, FL28.042782-81.95914216 S New York AveLakelandFloridaUnited States
Saint Matthias Lutheran Church - Clearwater, FL27.990705-82.7244432747 Co Rd 576ClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church - Wilton Manors, FL26.153268-80.1464721-101 NW 20th StWilton ManorsFloridaUnited States
Saint Paul Mission Baptist - Miami Gardens, FL25.96912-80.2562883280 NW 213th StMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
Saint Tyrone's First Baptist Church of G-Zus Christ - Hollywood, FL26.033539-80.1536982305 Sheridan StHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Salon Del Reino Testigos De Jehova - Lakeland, FL28.049268-81.9293061724-1798 FL-600LakelandFloridaUnited States
Salvation Army Slides - Hialeah, FL25.890601-80.2943757574 W 5th CtHialeahFloridaUnited States
San Lazaro Catholic Church - Hialeah, FL25.861376-80.3197714400 W 18th AveHialeahFloridaUnited States
San Osseo Catholic Church - Pompano Beach, FL26.244574-80.1543022316-2362 Dr Martin Luther King BlvdPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Sanctuary Lofts - Tampa, FL27.96326-82.455117502 E Ross AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Sandy Ridge Park - Coral Springs, FL26.279708-80.2420028711-8899 NW 40th StCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Sandy Toes And Salty Kisses - Cape Coral, FL26.643277-81.993432756 Pine Island RdCape CoralFloridaUnited States
Santa Barbara Catholic Church - Hialeah, FL25.885602-80.3431716801 W 30th AveHialeahFloridaUnited States
Santa Clara Station Mural - Miami, FL25.795759-80.2154731202-1240 NW 21st StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Save the Whales - Jacksonville, FL30.316868-81.674356501 Computer Power PlJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Saved By Grace Christian Center - Palm Bay, FL27.993304-80.618528261 Thor Ave SEPalm BayFloridaUnited States
Scandals Cow and Tractor Mural - Wilton Manors, FL26.166154-80.1386783073 NE 6th AveWilton ManorsFloridaUnited States
Scott Park - Miami Gardens, FL25.935712-80.228851511-1699 NW 176th TerraceMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
Scottish Rite Architecture - Miami, FL25.776771-80.202508400-564 NW 3rd StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Scrapgator - Lakeland, FL28.045468-81.952225502-578 FL-600LakelandFloridaUnited States
Sculpture At St. Thomas University - Miami Gardens, FL25.922352-80.256706NW 161st StMiami GardensFloridaUnited States
Sculpture of Baseball - Coral Springs, FL26.299117-80.2645025601 Coral Springs DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Seaboard Air Line Railroad - Tampa, FL27.952764-82.450645601 N Nebraska AveTampaFloridaUnited States
Seahorse Box - Coral Springs, FL26.243104-80.2440848835 Ramblewood DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Sealife Sculpture - Pompano Beach, FL26.267715-80.136453010 N Andrews Ave ExtPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
Sears Tile Mural - Lakeland, FL28.053612-81.946822921 E Memorial BlvdLakelandFloridaUnited States
Seating Sculpture West - Gainesville, FL29.649511-82.3593462500 SW 2nd AveGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Second Missionary Baptist Church - Jacksonville, FL30.336272-81.667896954 Kings RdJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Secret Headquarters - Tallahassee, FL30.469356-84.2889152218 N Monroe StTallahasseeFloridaUnited States
Seminole Park Gazebo - Saint Petersburg, FL27.774246-82.6732942900-2998 3rd Ave NSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Shark Dinner Mural - Clearwater, FL27.944836-82.7872161433 S Missouri AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Shark Head on Wall - Tampa, FL27.970366-82.4593672905 US-41 BUSTampaFloridaUnited States
Shaw Temple - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.128398-80.153447522 N Powerline RdFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
Shepard Broad Building - Gainesville, FL29.64-82.3463051333 Center DrGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Sheridan Hills Baptist Church - Hollywood, FL26.033107-80.1806173751 Sheridan StHollywoodFloridaUnited States
Showing the Way Statue - Jacksonville, FL30.32116-81.670732501 Jackson StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Sid Lickton Sports Complex - Clearwater, FL27.974289-82.765068714-998 N Saturn AveClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Sierra Park - Miami, FL25.953837-80.19791161-199 NE 195th StMiamiFloridaUnited States
Signature Grand Fountain - Davie, FL26.094565-80.2369276900 W State Rd 84DavieFloridaUnited States
Simpson Hall - Gainesville, FL29.644992-82.3516052001 Museum RdGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
Simpson Memorial United Methodist Church - Jacksonville, FL30.338793-81.6710771114 Cleveland StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Simpson Park Community Center - Lakeland, FL28.068892-81.960661725 Martin L King Jr AveLakelandFloridaUnited States
Skate Park - Coral Springs, FL26.288393-80.26189910771 NW 48th DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Skeletons - Saint Petersburg, FL27.769025-82.660536201-243 20th St SSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Slacker's Second Miami Castle - Miami, FL25.76605-80.210944981 FL-90MiamiFloridaUnited States
Smiley Hall - Tampa, FL27.946571-82.464881401 W North B StTampaFloridaUnited States
Smyrna Baptist Church - Tampa, FL27.980776-82.471435815 W Orient StTampaFloridaUnited States
Snell Arcade Building - Saint Petersburg, FL27.771372-82.638601401 Central AveSaint PetersburgFloridaUnited States
Snook Creek Boat Ramp - Wilton Manors, FL26.156926-80.1547142301 NW 9th AveWilton ManorsFloridaUnited States
Snow White - Orlando, FL28.431614-81.306799277 Jeff Fuqua BlvdOrlandoFloridaUnited States
Soaring Eagle - Cape Coral, FL26.660346-81.955455954 NE Pine Island RdCape CoralFloridaUnited States
Someplace Special Water Reservoir - Cooper City, FL26.058931-80.3054764800-4898 SW 118th AveCooper CityFloridaUnited States
Sorcerer's Apprentice 3D Mural - Orlando, FL28.430867-81.30874326 Jeff Fuqua BlvdOrlandoFloridaUnited States
South Eastern Entrance Sign - Lakeland, FL28.032811-81.919963912-956 Longfellow BlvdLakelandFloridaUnited States
South Eastern Entrance Tower 1 - Lakeland, FL28.026095-81.9192791325-1399 Longfellow BlvdLakelandFloridaUnited States
South Florida First Haitian Baptist Church of Dania - Dania Beach, FL26.054153-80.14435223 NW 1st StDania BeachFloridaUnited States
Southgate Shopping Center - Lakeland, FL28.014018-81.9582672533 Florida Ave SLakelandFloridaUnited States
Southport Park - Orlando, FL28.44324-81.3390463526 Barnstable PlOrlandoFloridaUnited States
Southside Park Gazebo - Jacksonville, FL30.309629-81.6527171601-1677 Arcadia PlJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Spanish Church Sign - Cape Coral, FL26.614555-82.0072912006 Chiquita Blvd SCape CoralFloridaUnited States
Spanish Lake Park - Hialeah, FL25.948919-80.334485NW 82nd AveHialeahFloridaUnited States
Spirit of the American Doughboy - Clearwater, FL27.962413-82.802579186-398 FL-60ClearwaterFloridaUnited States
Sports-Fly - Lakeland, FL28.017549-81.9572092205-2211 FL-37LakelandFloridaUnited States
Sportsplex - Coral Springs, FL26.266254-80.2938093046-3080 Sportsplex DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Sportsplex of Coral Springs - Coral Springs, FL26.272434-80.2919593356-3398 Sportsplex DrCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
Spring Valley Park - Pembroke Pines, FL26.025565-80.3604191700 NW 160th AvePembroke PinesFloridaUnited States
Springfield Baptist Church - Jacksonville, FL30.336284-81.650371106 N Liberty StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Springfield Christian Church - Jacksonville, FL30.34734-81.6545525 W 9th StJacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
Spurgeon Cherry Public Pool - Gainesville, FL29.661657-82.369908818 NW 31 DrGainesvilleFloridaUnited States
St Andrew Statue - Coral Springs, FL26.265644-80.2585292700 NW 99th AveCoral SpringsFloridaUnited States
St Anthony Church - Fort Lauderdale, FL26.125193-80.1342200-298 NE 9th AveFort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States
St Colemans - Pompano Beach, FL26.214922-80.1051782158-2176 SE 12th StPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
St Gabriel Catholic Church - Pompano Beach, FL26.244536-80.087685731 N Ocean BlvdPompano BeachFloridaUnited States
St John Greek Orthodox Church - Tampa, FL27.937128-82.4847442418 W Swann AveTampaFloridaUnited States
St Matthew's Baptist Church - Clearwater, FL27.97344-82.796975703 Seminole StClearwaterFloridaUnited States
St Paul Lutheran Church - Tampa, FL27.992554-82.455075107 N Central AveTampaFloridaUnited States
St. Batholomew Steeple - Miramar, FL25.981761-80.2487628005 Miramar PkwyMiramarFloridaUnited States
St. Elizabeth - Pompano Beach, FL26.27229-80.1097123331 NE 10th TerracePompano BeachFloridaUnited States
St. Francis House - Gainesville, FL29.648267-82.3248041-27 SE 4th AveGainesvilleFlorida