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Nests and Habitats in Indiana, United States. Nests are where that Pokemon is guaranteed to spawn while Habitats are locations that occasionally spawn that Pokemon.

Nests in Indiana

NestStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitude
Dratini Nest - Canal WalkConfirmed2016/09/09IndianapolisCanal Walk39.77757-86.165178
Machop Nest - Holliday ParkConfirmed2016/09/09Indianapolis6363 Spring Mill Rd39.871071-86.161234
Ponyta Nest - Mounds State ParkConfirmed2016/09/11Anderson4306 Mounds Rd40.0989529-85.6187725
Tangela Nest - Indiana State MuseumGone?2016/08/12Indianapolis650 W Washington St39.7688619-86.1699089
Bulbasaur Nest - Wicker Memorial ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Highland8554 Indianapolis Blvd41.55801-87.478372
Magmar Nest - Battell ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28MishawakaMishawaka Ave41.665581-86.188208
Slowpoke Nest - Gramercy ApartmentsUnconfirmed2016/08/25Carmel945 Mohawk Hills Dr39.970046-86.116207
Nest in 12764 Promise Rd, Fishers INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Fishers12764 Promise Rd39.97436378-85.97010970
Nest in 431 N Meridian St, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Indianapolis431 N Meridian St39.77317390-86.15695238
Nest in 601 West New York Street, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Indianapolis601 West New York Street39.77031660-86.16873264
Nest in 11727 Windpointe Pass, Carmel INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Carmel11727 Windpointe Pass39.95772486-86.08686755
Nest in Cumberland Park Dr, Fishers INUnconfirmed2017/02/23FishersCumberland Park Dr39.93934001-85.99700689
Nest in 11765-11797 Hazel Dell Pkwy, Carmel INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Carmel11765-11797 Hazel Dell Pkwy39.95928165-86.07231002
Nest in 10 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Indianapolis10 S Capitol Ave39.76639535-86.16233826
Nest in Alex Thom Dr, New Albany INUnconfirmed2017/02/23New AlbanyAlex Thom Dr38.32048121-85.82656860
Nest in 1647-1699 E Co Rd 200 S, Anderson INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Anderson1647-1699 E Co Rd 200 S40.07577277-85.65978885
Nest in Production Dr, Avon INUnconfirmed2017/02/23AvonProduction Dr39.76216759-86.38945692
Nest in 1213-1239 Golfview Dr, Carmel INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Carmel1213-1239 Golfview Dr39.96620105-86.11890793
Nest in 15 Arrowae Dr, Carmel INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Carmel15 Arrowae Dr39.97055411-86.11805355
Nest in 427 S Alabama St, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Indianapolis427 S Alabama St39.76053574-86.15199566
Nest in 8825 River Rd, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Indianapolis8825 River Rd39.91332425-86.09123826
Nest in 5265 E 96th St, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Indianapolis5265 E 96th St39.92579857-86.07655048
Nest in 5835 Broyles Rd, Avon INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Avon5835 Broyles Rd39.75939758-86.42120361
Nest in 5253 W 62nd St, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Indianapolis5253 W 62nd St39.86432849-86.25180284
Nest in 2000 E 151st St, Carmel INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Carmel2000 E 151st St40.01006400-86.12422943
Nest in 222-242 S Meridian St, Greenwood INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Greenwood222-242 S Meridian St39.61218497-86.10645175
Nest in 16214-16560 Union Chapel Rd, Noblesville INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Noblesville16214-16560 Union Chapel Rd40.02702292-85.97557068
Nest in 2758 N Franklin St, Greenfield INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Greenfield2758 N Franklin St39.82508005-85.79945229
Nest in 17718 Bluffton Rd, Yoder INUnconfirmed2017/02/24Yoder17718 Bluffton Rd40.91753391-85.16773224
Nest in 9850 Paul Stemmler Pkwy, New Haven INUnconfirmed2017/02/24New Haven9850 Paul Stemmler Pkwy41.08056336-85.01105961
Nest in 14518 Yellow River Rd, Fort Wayne INUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort Wayne14518 Yellow River Rd41.12294394-85.33235550
Nest in Randall St, Fort Wayne INUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort WayneRandall St41.07727265-85.10707140
Nest in 1315 Lindenwood Ave, Fort Wayne INUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort Wayne1315 Lindenwood Ave41.07982022-85.18022060
Nest in Salomon Farm Trail, Fort Wayne INUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort WayneSalomon Farm Trail41.17645749-85.15408516
Nest in Maumee Pathway, New Haven INUnconfirmed2017/02/24New HavenMaumee Pathway41.08586118-85.04100323
Nest in 1400-1498 Vermont Ave, Fort Wayne INUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort Wayne1400-1498 Vermont Ave41.09004182-85.12018204
Nest in 5500 Riviera Dr, Fort Wayne INUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort Wayne5500 Riviera Dr41.03586943-85.15416490
Nest in Park Dr, Fort Wayne INUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort WaynePark Dr41.10567036-85.15712377
Nest in Franke Park W Loop, Fort Wayne INUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort WayneFranke Park W Loop41.10914072-85.15899892
Nest in 2290-2398 Hamilton Rd, Yoder INUnconfirmed2017/02/24Yoder2290-2398 Hamilton Rd40.94629227-85.16648769
Nest in 303 S Clinton St, Fort Wayne INUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort Wayne303 S Clinton St41.08556198-85.13872147
Nest in 2201 White Oak Ave, Whiting INUnconfirmed2017/03/20Whiting2201 White Oak Ave41.67463418-87.49020422
Nest in 2701 Ripley St, Lake Station INUnconfirmed2017/03/20Lake Station2701 Ripley St41.56802030-87.23918080
Nest in Lions Club Dr, Munster INUnconfirmed2017/03/20MunsterLions Club Dr41.55429316-87.50654821
Nest in Three River Park, Lake Station INUnconfirmed2017/03/20Lake StationThree River Park41.56639884-87.29877949
Nest in 2938 Calumet Ave, Hammond INUnconfirmed2017/03/20Hammond2938 Calumet Ave41.67097442-87.50976741
Nest in N Centennial Dr, Munster INUnconfirmed2017/03/20MunsterN Centennial Dr41.53612928-87.50807762
Nest in 9401-9665 Margo Ln, Munster INUnconfirmed2017/03/20Munster9401-9665 Margo Ln41.53741422-87.52052307
Nest in 800-1200 River Dr, Hammond INUnconfirmed2017/03/20Hammond800-1200 River Dr41.57009123-87.50224113
Nest in Chanute Trail, Gary INUnconfirmed2017/03/20GaryChanute Trail41.61961315-87.26182938

Habitats in Indiana

NestStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitude
Phanpy Habitat - Mile SquareConfirmed2017/03/21IndianapolisW. Washington St.39.76761175-86.16263866
Habitat in 1200 W Washington St, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Indianapolis1200 W Washington St39.76687367-86.18079185
Habitat in 5624 N Carroll Rd, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Indianapolis5624 N Carroll Rd39.68643063-85.96154512
Habitat in 926-950 US-40, Greenfield INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Greenfield926-950 US-4039.78636960-85.75640571
Habitat in Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/23IndianapolisIndianapolis Cultural Trail39.76602425-86.16218269
Habitat in 1325 Highland St, Hammond INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Hammond1325 Highland St41.60395511-87.49777794
Habitat in 501-599 N Meridian St, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Indianapolis501-599 N Meridian St39.77476407-86.15689725
Habitat in 1701 E Washington St, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Indianapolis1701 E Washington St39.76624279-86.12750173
Habitat in 6801 E 91st St, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Indianapolis6801 E 91st St39.91510149-86.05693051
Habitat in 1139-1343 N Harry Baals Dr, Fort Wayne INUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort Wayne1139-1343 N Harry Baals Dr41.10987803-85.12435555
Habitat in 1345-1765 N Harry Baals Dr, Fort Wayne INUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort Wayne1345-1765 N Harry Baals Dr41.11380050-85.11747032
Habitat in Yarnelle Trail, Fort Wayne INUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort WayneYarnelle Trail41.07200774-85.16389488
Habitat in 6401 St Joe Rd, Fort Wayne INUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort Wayne6401 St Joe Rd41.14283889-85.09580612
Habitat in 4000 Parnell Ave, Fort Wayne INUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fort Wayne4000 Parnell Ave41.11557271-85.12431264
Habitat in 9321 Orchard Dr, Highland INUnconfirmed2017/03/20Highland9321 Orchard Dr41.54457728-87.44040012
Habitat in 76 Erie Lackawanna Trail, Hammond INUnconfirmed2017/03/20Hammond76 Erie Lackawanna Trail41.57820574-87.48571873

Trainer Spots in Indiana

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Trainer SpotStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitudeNumber of PokeStopsNumber of GymsCommon Pokemon
Canal Walk in Indianapolis IndianaConfirmed2016/08/08IndianapolisCanal Walk39.7775702-86.1651776???????????
Riverside in Jeffersonville IndianaConfirmed2016/08/08JeffersonvilleW Riverside Dr38.268276-85.7473404???????????

Gyms in Indiana

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- Indianapolis, IN39.779543-86.128488872 Woodruff Place Middle DrIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
1907 Indiana Eugenics Law - Indianapolis, IN39.769437-86.163543155-173 N Senate AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
3 Step Fountain - Indianapolis, IN39.772866-86.164829350 Canal WalkIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
A Church for All People in the Heart of the City - Fort Wayne, IN41.065821-85.1363182121 S Clinton StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
ACME Mastodon - Fort Wayne, IN41.096966-85.1248511105 E State BlvdFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Abstract Circle Sculpture - Fort Wayne, IN41.073899-85.1369961232-1298 US-27Fort WayneIndianaUnited States
Akin Park gazebo - Evansville, IN37.957462-87.5455561080-1098 Taylor AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Akin park big Oaks 3 - Evansville, IN37.960204-87.5466171051-1073 Madison AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Alabama Liquors - Indianapolis, IN39.780874-86.152037945 N Alabama StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Albert G Hahn Statue - Evansville, IN37.983681-87.570406618 Harriet StEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Aldabra Giant Tortoise - Fort Wayne, IN41.10681-85.154064Park DrFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Allen County Public Library - Fort Wayne, IN41.095362-85.1542792201 Lincoln HwyFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Alumni Stadiun - Notre Dame, IN41.697647-86.229664100 Leahy DrNotre DameIndianaUnited States
American Mastodon - Indianapolis, IN39.769112-86.168992500 W Washington StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Anchor Community Church - Fort Wayne, IN41.086744-85.1616651304-1398 Schilling AveFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Anthony Wayne Statue - Fort Wayne, IN41.080912-85.1379235-299 E Main StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Antique Yellow Cab for Display - Evansville, IN37.984454-87.574775713 N First AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Arad McCutchan Stadium - Evansville, IN37.975277-87.5324232-98 S Rotherwood AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Bear Hugs - South Bend, IN41.666314-86.2326821262-1298 Beyer AveSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Big Gun - Fort Wayne, IN41.075327-85.1288221151 Hanna StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Bike Memorial - For David - Wear A Helmet - Indianapolis, IN39.794543-86.140025Monon TrailIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Blue Guitarist - Evansville, IN37.971372-87.533073400-598 S Rotherwood AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Bond Hall - Notre Dame, IN41.701401-86.241728???Notre DameIndianaUnited States
Brick Head Statue - Indianapolis, IN39.773196-86.152124407 N Alabama StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Brigadier General Benjamin Harrison Plaque - Indianapolis, IN39.784027-86.1538211219 N Delaware StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Broadway Christian Church - Fort Wayne, IN41.07672-85.14844910 BroadwayFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Broadway Christian Perish - South Bend, IN41.660004-86.245897300-400 E Broadway StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Brookview Irvington Park - Fort Wayne, IN41.094268-85.141446101-143 E Jacobs AveFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Buckingham Courtyard Fountain - Indianapolis, IN39.779306-86.15622418-98 9th StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Bug Mural - South Bend, IN41.663888-86.2318291005 Louise StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Cages of Soweto X - Notre Dame, IN41.696266-86.237562130 Hesburgh CenterNotre DameIndianaUnited States
Calvary Church - Indianapolis, IN39.759086-86.140765E Alley 600 SIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Camp Allen Park - Fort Wayne, IN41.076566-85.158116300-398 Center StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Canal Bridge - Indianapolis, IN39.776955-86.164978Indianapolis Cultural TrailIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Canal Waterfall - Indianapolis, IN39.769527-86.165412357 Canal WalkIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Cardinal - Indianapolis, IN39.767209-86.168441501-601 W Washington StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Carillon Tower - Indianapolis, IN39.791819-86.1350551733 Dr Andrew J Brown AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Carole Lombard Memorial Bridge - Fort Wayne, IN41.078523-85.1538711036 W Main StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Carousel - Evansville, IN37.984403-87.49505800 N Green River RdEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Cavalo Bravo Bronze - South Bend, IN41.665306-86.222694964-974 S Esther StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Central Bark Park - Evansville, IN37.997616-87.5695012255 N 1st AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Century Center - South Bend, IN41.675858-86.248614120 S St Joseph StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Charlie's Mongolian BBQ - 察理蒙古烤肉 - Evansville, IN37.999173-87.559084315 E Diamond AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Chinese Stone Statues - Roseland, IN41.712691-86.251057303 S Dixie WayRoselandIndianaUnited States
Christ Lutheran Church - Evansville, IN38.021033-87.566977200 W Mill RdEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Christ Teaching - Notre Dame, IN41.704755-86.234617Holy Cross DrNotre DameIndianaUnited States
Christ carrying the crucifix - Notre Dame, IN41.705144-86.24189St Mary's RdNotre DameIndianaUnited States
Circle of Stone - Indianapolis, IN39.766948-86.170731801 W Washington StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
City-County Building Monument - Indianapolis, IN39.767178-86.152903Indianapolis Cultural TrailIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Clarke Peace Memorial - Notre Dame, IN41.702296-86.2367Unnamed RoadNotre DameIndianaUnited States
Clifford Circle - Evansville, IN37.970712-87.5316751807-1811 Lincoln AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial - Indianapolis, IN39.769412-86.168838500 W Washington StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Constitution Tree - Fort Wayne, IN41.07208-85.143344369 W Baker StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Corby's Irish Pub - South Bend, IN41.679226-86.244499305 N Niles AveSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Crack the Whip - Fort Wayne, IN41.072973-85.1397181401 Harrison StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Crosses - Indianapolis, IN39.764799-86.161616126 W Georgia StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Crossroads Fountain - South Bend, IN41.664181-86.2207871798 Ruskin StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Cunningham Building - Fort Wayne, IN41.076544-85.1157411600 E Washington BlvdFort WayneIndianaUnited States
David N. Foster - Fort Wayne, IN41.07349-85.159365Yarnelle TrailFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Day Spring Memorial Center - Indianapolis, IN39.788109-86.1488831559 Central AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Deer Park Irish Pub - Fort Wayne, IN41.088442-85.171461524 Viola AveFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Dick's Last Resort Guy - Indianapolis, IN39.765577-86.160429111 W Maryland StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Dove In Flight - South Bend, IN41.675362-86.2347751101 E Jefferson BlvdSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Downtown Bus Station - South Bend, IN41.668884-86.250723601 S Michigan StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
ECC Evansville Country Club - Evansville, IN38.01342-87.5603563815 Stringtown RdEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
East Bank Trail (North end) - South Bend, IN41.69401-86.251927E Bank TrailSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Edna Balz Lacy Family Park - Indianapolis, IN39.756385-86.148235532-598 E McCarty StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Education - Indianapolis, IN39.767008-86.148042500 E Washington StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Epilogue Theater - Indianapolis, IN39.792562-86.152237301 E 19th StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Epworth Memorial United Methodist Church - South Bend, IN41.687921-86.2839322404 Lincoln Way WSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Evansville African American Museum - Evansville, IN37.970457-87.556643579 S Garvin StEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Evansville Monarch Way Station - Evansville, IN37.975502-87.5057943501 E Lloyd ExpyEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Evansville State Hospital Memorial Park - Evansville, IN37.970369-87.50389Stockwell DrEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Evansville Water Tower - Evansville, IN37.970311-87.4915484910 Lincoln AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Evansville Wetland Garden - Evansville, IN37.975538-87.5051283729 E Lloyd ExpyEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Evansville-Vanderburgh Library - Evansville, IN37.965824-87.550514840 E Chandler AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Fallen Obelisk - Fort Wayne, IN41.084071-85.1700781014-1152 Leesburg RdFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Family - Fort Wayne, IN41.079042-85.140546127 W Berry StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Fido - Evansville, IN37.966364-87.547868801-849 S Kentucky AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Flat 12 Bierworks - Indianapolis, IN39.772708-86.138437414 Dorman StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Fletcher Church - Indianapolis, IN39.761087-86.148937400-414 Virginia AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Flow - Fort Wayne, IN41.084476-85.135663St Marys PathwayFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Flying Eagle Statue - Evansville, IN37.980881-87.564391320 N Main StEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Foellinger Theater - Fort Wayne, IN41.104044-85.156024948 Mildred AveFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Fort Wayne Children's Zoo - Fort Wayne, IN41.105544-85.1476723325 Wells StreetFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Fort Wayne Fire Department Administration - Fort Wayne, IN41.070234-85.134858315 E Wallace StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Fort Wayne Museum of Art - Fort Wayne, IN41.081424-85.136073339-359 E Main StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Fort Wayne ~ Fort Dearborn Trail - Fort Wayne, IN41.0932-85.1457661900-1998 Wells StreetFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Fountain - Indianapolis, IN39.777837-86.1298911700-1728 Woodruff Place Cross DrIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Fountain Sculpture - Fort Wayne, IN41.073664-85.1376641300 S Clinton StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Fountain at Haynie's Corner - Evansville, IN37.961836-87.56608451-55 Adams AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Fountain at The District - Evansville, IN37.97407-87.580088Goodsell StEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Four Winds Field - South Bend, IN41.671346-86.25462429 Franklin PlSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Franklin St. Bridge - Evansville, IN37.980322-87.5880931700-1712 W Franklin StEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Fred Able Memorial Garden - Indianapolis, IN39.767419-86.1401911014 E Washington StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
From a Letter of The Rev. Edwa - Notre Dame, IN41.701844-86.24193155 Holy Cross DrNotre DameIndianaUnited States
Front Line - Indianapolis, IN39.768609-86.1579611861 Monument CirIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Future Agent Training Grounds at Anthony Oaks Park - Evansville, IN37.943594-87.537612505 Beech DrEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
G.D. Ritzy's Old School Grill & Ice Cream - Evansville, IN37.982277-87.492399601 N Green River RdEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Gaia- Earth Goddess - South Bend, IN41.662445-86.220267IUSB Bike PathSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Garvin Park at Main Street - Evansville, IN37.992167-87.5635641701-1711 N Main StEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Gateway Plaza - Fort Wayne, IN41.102792-85.162811903-1959 Lincoln HwyFort WayneIndianaUnited States
General Lawton Statue - Fort Wayne, IN41.087477-85.1224231025 Crescent AveFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Germania Maennerchor - Evansville, IN37.986111-87.581097920 N Fulton AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Golden Winged Butterfly - South Bend, IN41.678674-86.243028223 N Hill StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Gondola - Indianapolis, IN39.769219-86.170121Indianapolis Cultural TrailIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Goosetown park - Evansville, IN37.96192-87.5637461105 Putnam StEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Grace A.M.E. Zion Church - South Bend, IN41.689585-86.2678451211 Vassar AveSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Grace Fellowship Church - Evansville, IN37.997685-87.560057216 Wedeking AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Grace Missionary Baptist Church - Indianapolis, IN39.78684-86.1444981501 N College AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Grace United Methodist Church - South Bend, IN41.643069-86.2322253114 Twyckenham DrSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Graffiti Girl - Indianapolis, IN39.775376-86.148217619 Massachusetts AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Graham Brothers Trucks Factory - Evansville, IN37.992843-87.556471621-1699 N Garvin StEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Grand Wayne Center - Fort Wayne, IN41.076865-85.140701219 W Washington BlvdFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Grand Wayne Convention Center - Fort Wayne, IN41.07598-85.141564274 Lincoln HwyFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Granite City Stein - Fort Wayne, IN41.111396-85.135533703-3771 Coldwater RdFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Greenway Canoe Launch - Evansville, IN38.006225-87.5611072806 N Heidelbach AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Guglielmino Athletics Complex - Notre Dame, IN41.700598-86.22973454868-54998 Leahy DrNotre DameIndianaUnited States
Hamilton Park World War II Memorial - Fort Wayne, IN41.089568-85.1591581601-1699 Jessie AveFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Harrison Center for the Arts - Indianapolis, IN39.787921-86.1533791505 N Delaware StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Helmholtz - Fort Wayne, IN41.081402-85.137117201 E Main StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Henry's - Fort Wayne, IN41.079206-85.147477532 W Main StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Herron Art Annex Relief by C. - Indianapolis, IN39.789423-86.1557121701 N Pennsylvania StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Historic Aztar Riverboat Casino - Evansville, IN37.972853-87.579864421 NW Riverside DrEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Historic Coca Cola Bottling Co - Indianapolis, IN39.779177-86.143162872-876 Massachusetts AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Hulman-George Library at the Columbia Club - Indianapolis, IN39.7691-86.157425121 Monument CirIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Ice Tube - Indianapolis, IN39.765953-86.162557220-272 W Maryland StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Immanuel United Methodist Church - South Bend, IN41.650601-86.2676971211 W Ewing AveSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Independence Memorial - Fort Wayne, IN41.089335-85.134894Central WalkwayFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Indiana War Memorial Plaza - Indianapolis, IN39.774201-86.156179447-559 N Pennsylvania StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
IndianaTech Law School - Fort Wayne, IN41.078286-85.1232181101 Maumee AveFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Indianapolis City Map - Indianapolis, IN39.767182-86.15838Mile SquareIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Industrial Foundation - Notre Dame, IN41.697667-86.235924Moose Krause CirNotre DameIndianaUnited States
JW Marriott - Indianapolis, IN39.766822-86.1673342-50 S West StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
James E. O'Donnell - Indianapolis, IN39.768558-86.153674242 E Market StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Jerusalem Baptist Church - Fort Wayne, IN41.076065-85.1273621155-1161 Francis StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Jesus Statue - Notre Dame, IN41.701812-86.23890321 Lafortune Student CenterNotre DameIndianaUnited States
Jewish Cemetery Site - South Bend, IN41.682525-86.244577529 N Niles AveSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Joan Marchand Overlook - Evansville, IN37.976111-87.5877781415 W Ohio StEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
John Claus Peters House - Fort Wayne, IN41.07657-85.150702835 W Wayne StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
John Freeman - Indianapolis, IN39.781696-86.155711035 N Pennsylvania StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Johnny Appleseed John Chapman Rock Memorial - Fort Wayne, IN41.073054-85.158609W Washington BlvdFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Jones Tabernacle - Indianapolis, IN39.774122-86.170213424-498 N Blackford StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Joseph W. Parrot Statue - Fort Wayne, IN41.084305-85.131934St Joseph PathwayFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Kekionga - Fort Wayne, IN41.08175-85.130433715 Edgewater AveFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Keller Park Church - South Bend, IN41.700898-86.2648261003-1013 W Bryan StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Kids Kingdom - Evansville, IN37.959548-87.57170820 Shawnee DrEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Kingdom Life Christian Cathedral - South Bend, IN41.684038-86.265027701-713 Sherman AveSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Knute K. Rockne Memorial Sculpture - South Bend, IN41.675838-86.249936124 S Michigan StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Knute Rockne - Notre Dame, IN41.699601-86.234018Moose Krause CirNotre DameIndianaUnited States
Knute Rockne Memorial - South Bend, IN41.712341-86.281414Highland CemeterySouth BendIndianaUnited States
Komodo Dragon - Fort Wayne, IN41.107119-85.1526563501-3599 Sherman BlvdFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Kurt Vonnegut - Indianapolis, IN39.771923-86.153021Mile SquareIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
La Salle Library - South Bend, IN41.689112-86.2951043232 Ardmore TrailSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Lakeside Manor Clock Tower - Evansville, IN38.006786-87.490224Great Lakes DrEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Lakeside Neighborhood WWII Memorial - Fort Wayne, IN41.089085-85.1192611565-1599 Lake AveFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Lamasco Bar Mural - Evansville, IN37.980554-87.5835481331 W Franklin StEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Largest Elm Tree - Fort Wayne, IN41.086963-85.1151251205 N Anthony BlvdFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Lawton Cannon - Fort Wayne, IN41.089225-85.1396121650-1698 US-27Fort WayneIndianaUnited States
Lazer X - Fort Wayne, IN41.111634-85.140144244 Fernhill AveFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Leaf - Indianapolis, IN39.760565-86.153029418-428 S Alabama StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Lefler Auto Repair - Evansville, IN37.993096-87.538561692-1798 US-41EvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Legends of Notre Dame - Notre Dame, IN41.696275-86.235262???Notre DameIndianaUnited States
Leighton Plaza - South Bend, IN41.675475-86.251778134 US 31 BUSSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Liberty Missionary Baptist Church - Evansville, IN37.969031-87.564254701 Oak StEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Lin's Asian Express - Evansville, IN37.982783-87.575178800 W Iowa StEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Lion Drinking Fountain - Fort Wayne, IN41.106114-85.1527833501-3599 Sherman BlvdFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Looking Through Windows - Indianapolis, IN39.778259-86.170831777 Indianapolis Cultural TrailIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Lorraine Park And Swimming Pool - Evansville, IN37.960363-87.5205471201-1299 S Boeke RdEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Love Church - Fort Wayne, IN41.081643-85.120141331 E Berry StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Lucas Oil Stadium North Entrance - Indianapolis, IN39.761446-86.163809301-317 W South StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Lynch School - Evansville, IN38.012938-87.5115293820 Oak Hill RdEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
M60 Patton - South Bend, IN41.697434-86.3102684643-4667 Terminal DrSouth BendIndianaUnited States
MLK Fade - Indianapolis, IN39.793393-86.1461131957 N Broadway StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Main Building of Notre Dame - Notre Dame, IN41.702705-86.239038???Notre DameIndianaUnited States
Mark Twain - Indianapolis, IN39.776734-86.15887997 W Walnut StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Bridge - Fort Wayne, IN41.086735-85.139847101-199 US-27Fort WayneIndianaUnited States
McCulloch Park - Fort Wayne, IN41.069937-85.1501831779-1799 BroadwayFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Meet and Greet - Indianapolis, IN39.76741-86.172815White River TrailIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Memorial - Indianapolis, IN39.76663-86.140835901-999 Southeastern AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Methodist Hospital Lighthouse Inside - Indianapolis, IN39.79027-86.162409399 W 18th StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Michael A. Berticelli - South Bend, IN41.697258-86.22568754800 Twyckenham DrSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Military Honor Park & Museum - South Bend, IN41.697812-86.3094764669-4681 Terminal DrSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Monkey Display Plaque - South Bend, IN41.670219-86.217398500 S Greenlawn AveSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Monticello - Evansville, IN37.96971-87.5450421119 Lincoln AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Moody Park - Fort Wayne, IN41.072852-85.1537231201 Wilt StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Mount Olive Galilee Baptist Church - Evansville, IN37.964938-87.560471825 Line StEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Muffler Man - Fort Wayne, IN41.066011-85.145131410-498 Poplar StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Mural On Main St. - Evansville, IN37.978082-87.56494128 W Indiana StEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Mural of Robinson Center Notre Dame - South Bend, IN41.687906-86.236594916 N Frances StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
ND Pride - Notre Dame, IN41.699115-86.238757112 N Notre Dame AveNotre DameIndianaUnited States
Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church - Evansville, IN37.973476-87.550118867 E Walnut StEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Near Northwest Neighborhood Center - South Bend, IN41.687977-86.262636901 California AveSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Neuroscience Center - Indianapolis, IN39.788193-86.165557355 N Missouri StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
New Hope Missionary Baptist Church - Evansville, IN37.968565-87.558142400-498 Bellemeade AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
New Jersey Lemon Missionary Baptist Church - South Bend, IN41.678643-86.278543215 N Johnson StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
New Life Fellowship Church - Fort Wayne, IN41.091745-85.1537411801-1815 Lincoln HwyFort WayneIndianaUnited States
No Humans Island Gazebo - South Bend, IN41.687086-86.252593903 Riverside DrSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Northeast Park Baptist Church - Evansville, IN37.988663-87.5198121215 N Boeke RdEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Northside Missionary Church - Fort Wayne, IN41.099153-85.152673736 Lillian AveFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture - South Bend, IN41.676395-86.2662931045 W Washington StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Notre Dame Fire-Fighting Irish Leprechaun - South Bend, IN41.692821-86.238567998 E Angela BlvdSouth BendIndianaUnited States
O'LAUGHLIN Auditorium - Notre Dame, IN41.706416-86.258023149 St Mary S CollegeNotre DameIndianaUnited States
Obelisk at World War Memorial - Indianapolis, IN39.774807-86.156901431 N Meridian StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Old Northside Foundation Plaque - Indianapolis, IN39.787154-86.141487923 W 16th StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Old Wells Street Bridge - Fort Wayne, IN41.082961-85.144341400-448 Wells StreetFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Orca - Indianapolis, IN39.777618-86.15452120 E Walnut StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
PSI OTE BARN - Fort Wayne, IN41.098434-85.129925Bob Arnold DrFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Phoenix Theater - Indianapolis, IN39.777682-86.147067617-623 E St Clair StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Pierre Freischutz Navarre Log Cabin - South Bend, IN41.686095-86.248934801-899 Riverside DrSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Pilgrim Baptist Church - Fort Wayne, IN41.073409-85.1243421331 Gay StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Post Miami - Fort Wayne, IN41.081162-85.151174400 Van Buren StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Potawatomi Park - South Bend, IN41.66766-86.216304Southwood AveSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Prince Hall Masonic Temple - Indianapolis, IN39.797737-86.1493022201 Central AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Psi Ote Nature Teepee - Fort Wayne, IN41.106661-85.159537Park DrFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Public Art - Evansville, IN37.961161-87.5657991150 SE 2nd StEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Purgatory Memorial - Evansville, IN37.970683-87.541107530 S Harlan AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
R Bistros Slow Food Garden - Indianapolis, IN39.779751-86.142383900 Massachusetts AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Ransom Place - Indianapolis, IN39.778392-86.17006706 West St Clair StreetIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center - South Bend, IN41.671392-86.262536900 W Western AveSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Replace Obama with Sandy Thompson - Fort Wayne, IN41.067145-85.136406202 E Williams StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Rev. Henry Herrod - Indianapolis, IN39.779346-86.170227841 Camp StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Riverview Cemetery - South Bend, IN41.709274-86.2780392300 Portage AveSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Rose Garden - Fort Wayne, IN41.09015-85.117941586-1698 Vermont AveFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Rum Village Nature Trials - South Bend, IN41.646736-86.267035Unnamed RoadSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Safety Mural - South Bend, IN41.687257-86.2358261015 Corby BlvdSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Saigon Restaurant - Fort Wayne, IN41.067206-85.1382072006 S Calhoun StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Saint Francis Clock Tower - Fort Wayne, IN41.087574-85.1741692701-2859 Spring StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Saint Francis Fountain of Unity - Fort Wayne, IN41.087788-85.175162861-2893 Spring StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Saint Mary's College - Notre Dame, IN41.705183-86.258823The AvenueNotre DameIndianaUnited States
Satellite Fountain - Fort Wayne, IN41.084886-85.140509200 S Clinton StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Schoch's Field - Fort Wayne, IN41.085167-85.1430971220 N Harrison StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Science Central - Fort Wayne, IN41.091592-85.1395171870-1900 US-27Fort WayneIndianaUnited States
Seasonal Pond Placard - Evansville, IN37.988143-87.507857Boonville TrailEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Series 20 Studebaker Cars Mural - South Bend, IN41.674192-86.261678219 Chapin StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Sesquicentennial Common - Notre Dame, IN41.699037-86.237062112 N Notre Dame AveNotre DameIndianaUnited States
Share the Experience Mural - Fort Wayne, IN41.087287-85.1454231424 N Wells StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Simply Socks - Fort Wayne, IN41.096839-85.1217271315 E State BlvdFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Singing - Indianapolis, IN39.766935-86.134631411 E Washington StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Single Winged Figure On Plinth - Notre Dame, IN41.693763-86.232437Joyce DriveNotre DameIndianaUnited States
Skate World - Evansville, IN37.991276-87.4824464 Royal AveEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Sky Zone - Fort Wayne, IN41.111104-85.145594401 Fernhill AveFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Slippery Noodle Inn - Indianapolis, IN39.761561-86.158453372 S Meridian StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Snow Butterfly Man - South Bend, IN41.709429-86.252716Madeleva DrSouth BendIndianaUnited States
South Bend Animal Care Mural - South Bend, IN41.676234-86.283595105 S Olive StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
South Bend Civic theater - South Bend, IN41.680794-86.252482403 N Main StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
South Bend Fire Department - South Bend, IN41.66554-86.211252516 Mishawaka AveSouth BendIndianaUnited States
South Bend Fire Department St - South Bend, IN41.680375-86.259308452-498 Charles Martin Sr. DrSouth BendIndianaUnited States
South Bend Mural - South Bend, IN41.690612-86.2505291201-1299 US 31 BUSSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Spades Park Library - Indianapolis, IN39.784923-86.1288241801 Commerce AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
St Joseph County Public Librar - South Bend, IN41.673541-86.251666304 S Main StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
St Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church - Fort Wayne, IN41.075669-85.1356141126 Barr StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
St Philip Neri - Indianapolis, IN39.775605-86.117781545 Eastern AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
St. Augustine Catholic Church - South Bend, IN41.676282-86.2733461501 W Washington StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
St. JOE A.C. - Fort Wayne, IN41.08895-85.1299131601-1609 Griswold DrFort WayneIndianaUnited States
St. Joseph County Civil War Mo - South Bend, IN41.676201-86.252522W Washington StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
St. Luke Memorial Church - South Bend, IN41.65917-86.248096139 Haney AveSouth BendIndianaUnited States
St. Patrick's Catholic Church - Fort Wayne, IN41.065441-85.1394862148-2198 Harrison StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Stained Glass Eye Catcher - Fort Wayne, IN41.0785-85.1169141600 E Washington BlvdFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Stained Glass Mosaic - Indianapolis, IN39.762468-86.162208100 S Capitol AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Stained Glass Window - Fort Wayne, IN41.095963-85.146082321 W State BlvdFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Starbucks - Indianapolis, IN39.766504-86.16761310 S West StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
State Boulevard Bridge - Fort Wayne, IN41.096374-85.136188431-453 E State BlvdFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Stations Of The Cross Eight - Notre Dame, IN41.705443-86.248716St Mary's RdNotre DameIndianaUnited States
Statue of Mary - Indianapolis, IN39.784709-86.153578200-218 E 13th StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Statue of Mishikinaakwa - Fort Wayne, IN41.085816-85.137835211 S Barr StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Statue of Virgin - Notre Dame, IN41.704665-86.259923Regina DrNotre DameIndianaUnited States
Stevies Island Placard - Fort Wayne, IN41.107739-85.131743RivergreenwayFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Stone Dedication to George Scheuer - South Bend, IN41.672527-86.241318349-399 S St Louis BlvdSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Subsurface Bridge - Notre Dame, IN41.704914-86.239805Holy Cross DrNotre DameIndianaUnited States
Sunrise Missionary Baptist Church - Indianapolis, IN39.792087-86.1422761831-1899 Bellefontaine StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Sunset Park - Evansville, IN37.96071-87.57243620 Shawnee DrEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Sweet Home Ministries - South Bend, IN41.67184-86.256972408 S Taylor StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Swinney Park - Fort Wayne, IN41.072559-85.1669812080-2098 W Jefferson BlvdFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Tacumwah - Fort Wayne, IN41.081823-85.129753Maumee PathwayFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Teacher's Treasure Mural - Indianapolis, IN39.781943-86.1281241820 E 10th StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
The Battle of Harmar's Ford - Fort Wayne, IN41.0836-85.12565Maumee PathwayFort WayneIndianaUnited States
The Dragon - Indianapolis, IN39.769588-86.167262N West StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
The History Center - Fort Wayne, IN41.07967-85.1364???Fort WayneIndianaUnited States
The Keep - Fort Wayne, IN41.100649-85.1629941505 Goshen AveFort WayneIndianaUnited States
The Lincoln Tower - Fort Wayne, IN41.079345-85.138839110 E Berry StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
The Longitude Dial - Notre Dame, IN41.700112-86.231815Moose Krause CirNotre DameIndianaUnited States
The Milton Home - South Bend, IN41.681398-86.248719128 E Marion StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
The Old Northside - Indianapolis, IN39.787041-86.1495211462 Central AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
The Peeking Wall - Indianapolis, IN39.788244-86.163994323-371 W 16th StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
The State - South Bend, IN41.674553-86.250154216 S Michigan StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
The War Memorial - Indianapolis, IN39.773039-86.15695636-66 E Vermont StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Thomas the Tank Engine Mural - Fort Wayne, IN41.104748-85.1382113126 N Clinton StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Three Rivers - Fort Wayne, IN41.075466-85.143236341 W Jefferson BlvdFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Tippecanoe Place - South Bend, IN41.675601-86.257996620 W Washington StSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Tomato with Shades - Indianapolis, IN39.761416-86.151707326-364 E South StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Touchdown Jesus - Notre Dame, IN41.70195-86.234119125 St Joseph DrNotre DameIndianaUnited States
Triagles - Indianapolis, IN39.783326-86.133781429 E Brookside AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Trinity English Lutheran Church - Fort Wayne, IN41.07673-85.144739450 W Washington BlvdFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Trinity United Methodist Church - Fort Wayne, IN41.091473-85.148547601-629 Putnam StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
True Victory C.O.G.I.C. Church - Indianapolis, IN39.788388-86.1370871566 Columbia AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Turonis Main Street - Evansville, IN37.981403-87.564255410 N Main StEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
USS Indianapolis CA-35 - Indianapolis, IN39.777077-86.164719Canal WalkIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Unity Church of Peace - South Bend, IN41.678073-86.238038905 E Colfax AveSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Unity Worship Center - Fort Wayne, IN41.089808-85.114861801 Lake AveFort WayneIndianaUnited States
University of Notre Dame Band - Notre Dame, IN41.701335-86.230842???Notre DameIndianaUnited States
Unknown Sculpture - Indianapolis, IN39.782914-86.149267501-549 E 12th StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Unleash Peace - Indianapolis, IN39.771025-86.149052439 E New York StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Urban Mask - Indianapolis, IN39.797428-86.154768138 E 22nd StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Vermont and East Memorial Fountain - Indianapolis, IN39.772357-86.148968334 East StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Veterans Memorial Park - South Bend, IN41.660242-86.2231391579-1665 Northside BlvdSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Vette Garage - Evansville, IN37.961916-87.5095621001-1311 Hatfield DrEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Viewfinders - Indianapolis, IN39.771383-86.154108301 Massachusetts AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Viewing Park - South Bend, IN41.669876-86.236835900-998 Northside BlvdSouth BendIndianaUnited States
Virginia Henderson Internation - Indianapolis, IN39.775726-86.168003550 W North StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Wabash and Erie Canal - Evansville, IN37.986549-87.5137821001 N Villa DrEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Wabash and Erie Canal Groundbreaking - Fort Wayne, IN41.07865-85.165083600-798 Growth AveFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Water Fountain on IUPUI Campus - Indianapolis, IN39.77212-86.172658755 W Michigan StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Welcome to Bob Arnold Northside Park - Fort Wayne, IN41.096683-85.13705 E State BlvdFort WayneIndianaUnited States
West Central Playlot - Fort Wayne, IN41.073261-85.145602501-599 W Brackenridge StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
West Main Church of the Nazarene - Fort Wayne, IN41.078423-85.1625041627 W Main StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
West Washington Street Info - Indianapolis, IN39.766671-86.157977Mile SquareIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Wholesale District - Indianapolis, IN39.762787-86.158099259 S Meridian StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Wild Drums - Indianapolis, IN39.773882-86.141213912 E Michigan StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Willard Library - Evansville, IN37.978307-87.5742532-198 Oakley StEvansvilleIndianaUnited States
Willard Park Pavilion - Indianapolis, IN39.767082-86.12877E Washington StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Willkommen - Fort Wayne, IN41.067654-85.152721109 Taylor StFort WayneIndianaUnited States
Winter House - Indianapolis, IN39.784869-86.1572241321 N Meridian StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Woodruff Minor Fountain - Indianapolis, IN39.775103-86.126952536-548 Woodruff Pl E DrIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Woodruff Place - Indianapolis, IN39.774642-86.128479514 Woodruff Place Middle DrIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ - Indianapolis, IN39.775461-86.150368601-603 N New Jersey StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Zonie's Closet - Indianapolis, IN39.767271-86.1334732-46 N Arsenal AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Zoo Donation Plaque - South Bend, IN41.669477-86.2178941733 Southwood AveSouth BendIndianaUnited States

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