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Nests and Habitats in Indiana, United States. Nests are where that Pokemon is guaranteed to spawn while Habitats are locations that occasionally spawn that Pokemon.

Nests in Indianapolis

NestStatusConfirmed DateAddressLatitudeLongitude
Dratini Nest - Canal WalkConfirmed2016/09/09Canal Walk39.77757-86.165178
Machop Nest - Holliday ParkConfirmed2016/09/096363 Spring Mill Rd39.871071-86.161234
Tangela Nest - Indiana State MuseumGone?2016/08/12650 W Washington St39.7688619-86.1699089
Nest in 431 N Meridian St, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/23431 N Meridian St39.77317390-86.15695238
Nest in 601 West New York Street, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/23601 West New York Street39.77031660-86.16873264
Nest in 10 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/2310 S Capitol Ave39.76639535-86.16233826
Nest in 427 S Alabama St, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/23427 S Alabama St39.76053574-86.15199566
Nest in 8825 River Rd, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/238825 River Rd39.91332425-86.09123826
Nest in 5265 E 96th St, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/235265 E 96th St39.92579857-86.07655048
Nest in 5253 W 62nd St, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/235253 W 62nd St39.86432849-86.25180284

Habitats in Indianapolis

NestStatusConfirmed DateAddressLatitudeLongitude
Phanpy Habitat - Mile SquareConfirmed2017/03/21W. Washington St.39.76761175-86.16263866
Habitat in 1200 W Washington St, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/231200 W Washington St39.76687367-86.18079185
Habitat in 5624 N Carroll Rd, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/235624 N Carroll Rd39.68643063-85.96154512
Habitat in Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/23Indianapolis Cultural Trail39.76602425-86.16218269
Habitat in 501-599 N Meridian St, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/23501-599 N Meridian St39.77476407-86.15689725
Habitat in 1701 E Washington St, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/231701 E Washington St39.76624279-86.12750173
Habitat in 6801 E 91st St, Indianapolis INUnconfirmed2017/02/236801 E 91st St39.91510149-86.05693051

Trainer Spots in Indianapolis

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Trainer Spots in Indianapolis

Gyms in Indianapolis

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- Indianapolis, IN39.779543-86.128488872 Woodruff Place Middle DrIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
1907 Indiana Eugenics Law - Indianapolis, IN39.769437-86.163543155-173 N Senate AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
3 Step Fountain - Indianapolis, IN39.772866-86.164829350 Canal WalkIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Alabama Liquors - Indianapolis, IN39.780874-86.152037945 N Alabama StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
American Mastodon - Indianapolis, IN39.769112-86.168992500 W Washington StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Bike Memorial - For David - Wear A Helmet - Indianapolis, IN39.794543-86.140025Monon TrailIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Brick Head Statue - Indianapolis, IN39.773196-86.152124407 N Alabama StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Brigadier General Benjamin Harrison Plaque - Indianapolis, IN39.784027-86.1538211219 N Delaware StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Buckingham Courtyard Fountain - Indianapolis, IN39.779306-86.15622418-98 9th StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Calvary Church - Indianapolis, IN39.759086-86.140765E Alley 600 SIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Canal Bridge - Indianapolis, IN39.776955-86.164978Indianapolis Cultural TrailIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Canal Waterfall - Indianapolis, IN39.769527-86.165412357 Canal WalkIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Cardinal - Indianapolis, IN39.767209-86.168441501-601 W Washington StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Carillon Tower - Indianapolis, IN39.791819-86.1350551733 Dr Andrew J Brown AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Circle of Stone - Indianapolis, IN39.766948-86.170731801 W Washington StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
City-County Building Monument - Indianapolis, IN39.767178-86.152903Indianapolis Cultural TrailIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial - Indianapolis, IN39.769412-86.168838500 W Washington StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Crosses - Indianapolis, IN39.764799-86.161616126 W Georgia StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Day Spring Memorial Center - Indianapolis, IN39.788109-86.1488831559 Central AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Dick's Last Resort Guy - Indianapolis, IN39.765577-86.160429111 W Maryland StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Edna Balz Lacy Family Park - Indianapolis, IN39.756385-86.148235532-598 E McCarty StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Education - Indianapolis, IN39.767008-86.148042500 E Washington StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Epilogue Theater - Indianapolis, IN39.792562-86.152237301 E 19th StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Flat 12 Bierworks - Indianapolis, IN39.772708-86.138437414 Dorman StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Fletcher Church - Indianapolis, IN39.761087-86.148937400-414 Virginia AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Fountain - Indianapolis, IN39.777837-86.1298911700-1728 Woodruff Place Cross DrIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Fred Able Memorial Garden - Indianapolis, IN39.767419-86.1401911014 E Washington StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Front Line - Indianapolis, IN39.768609-86.1579611861 Monument CirIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Gondola - Indianapolis, IN39.769219-86.170121Indianapolis Cultural TrailIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Grace Missionary Baptist Church - Indianapolis, IN39.78684-86.1444981501 N College AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Graffiti Girl - Indianapolis, IN39.775376-86.148217619 Massachusetts AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Harrison Center for the Arts - Indianapolis, IN39.787921-86.1533791505 N Delaware StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Herron Art Annex Relief by C. - Indianapolis, IN39.789423-86.1557121701 N Pennsylvania StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Historic Coca Cola Bottling Co - Indianapolis, IN39.779177-86.143162872-876 Massachusetts AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Hulman-George Library at the Columbia Club - Indianapolis, IN39.7691-86.157425121 Monument CirIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Ice Tube - Indianapolis, IN39.765953-86.162557220-272 W Maryland StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Indiana War Memorial Plaza - Indianapolis, IN39.774201-86.156179447-559 N Pennsylvania StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Indianapolis City Map - Indianapolis, IN39.767182-86.15838Mile SquareIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
JW Marriott - Indianapolis, IN39.766822-86.1673342-50 S West StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
James E. O'Donnell - Indianapolis, IN39.768558-86.153674242 E Market StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
John Freeman - Indianapolis, IN39.781696-86.155711035 N Pennsylvania StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Jones Tabernacle - Indianapolis, IN39.774122-86.170213424-498 N Blackford StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Kurt Vonnegut - Indianapolis, IN39.771923-86.153021Mile SquareIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Leaf - Indianapolis, IN39.760565-86.153029418-428 S Alabama StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Looking Through Windows - Indianapolis, IN39.778259-86.170831777 Indianapolis Cultural TrailIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Lucas Oil Stadium North Entrance - Indianapolis, IN39.761446-86.163809301-317 W South StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
MLK Fade - Indianapolis, IN39.793393-86.1461131957 N Broadway StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Mark Twain - Indianapolis, IN39.776734-86.15887997 W Walnut StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Meet and Greet - Indianapolis, IN39.76741-86.172815White River TrailIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Memorial - Indianapolis, IN39.76663-86.140835901-999 Southeastern AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Methodist Hospital Lighthouse Inside - Indianapolis, IN39.79027-86.162409399 W 18th StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Neuroscience Center - Indianapolis, IN39.788193-86.165557355 N Missouri StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Obelisk at World War Memorial - Indianapolis, IN39.774807-86.156901431 N Meridian StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Old Northside Foundation Plaque - Indianapolis, IN39.787154-86.141487923 W 16th StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Orca - Indianapolis, IN39.777618-86.15452120 E Walnut StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Phoenix Theater - Indianapolis, IN39.777682-86.147067617-623 E St Clair StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Prince Hall Masonic Temple - Indianapolis, IN39.797737-86.1493022201 Central AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
R Bistros Slow Food Garden - Indianapolis, IN39.779751-86.142383900 Massachusetts AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Ransom Place - Indianapolis, IN39.778392-86.17006706 West St Clair StreetIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Rev. Henry Herrod - Indianapolis, IN39.779346-86.170227841 Camp StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Singing - Indianapolis, IN39.766935-86.134631411 E Washington StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Slippery Noodle Inn - Indianapolis, IN39.761561-86.158453372 S Meridian StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Spades Park Library - Indianapolis, IN39.784923-86.1288241801 Commerce AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
St Philip Neri - Indianapolis, IN39.775605-86.117781545 Eastern AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Stained Glass Mosaic - Indianapolis, IN39.762468-86.162208100 S Capitol AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Starbucks - Indianapolis, IN39.766504-86.16761310 S West StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Statue of Mary - Indianapolis, IN39.784709-86.153578200-218 E 13th StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Sunrise Missionary Baptist Church - Indianapolis, IN39.792087-86.1422761831-1899 Bellefontaine StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Teacher's Treasure Mural - Indianapolis, IN39.781943-86.1281241820 E 10th StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
The Dragon - Indianapolis, IN39.769588-86.167262N West StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
The Old Northside - Indianapolis, IN39.787041-86.1495211462 Central AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
The Peeking Wall - Indianapolis, IN39.788244-86.163994323-371 W 16th StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
The War Memorial - Indianapolis, IN39.773039-86.15695636-66 E Vermont StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Tomato with Shades - Indianapolis, IN39.761416-86.151707326-364 E South StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Triagles - Indianapolis, IN39.783326-86.133781429 E Brookside AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
True Victory C.O.G.I.C. Church - Indianapolis, IN39.788388-86.1370871566 Columbia AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
USS Indianapolis CA-35 - Indianapolis, IN39.777077-86.164719Canal WalkIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Unknown Sculpture - Indianapolis, IN39.782914-86.149267501-549 E 12th StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Unleash Peace - Indianapolis, IN39.771025-86.149052439 E New York StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Urban Mask - Indianapolis, IN39.797428-86.154768138 E 22nd StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Vermont and East Memorial Fountain - Indianapolis, IN39.772357-86.148968334 East StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Viewfinders - Indianapolis, IN39.771383-86.154108301 Massachusetts AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Virginia Henderson Internation - Indianapolis, IN39.775726-86.168003550 W North StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Water Fountain on IUPUI Campus - Indianapolis, IN39.77212-86.172658755 W Michigan StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
West Washington Street Info - Indianapolis, IN39.766671-86.157977Mile SquareIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Wholesale District - Indianapolis, IN39.762787-86.158099259 S Meridian StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Wild Drums - Indianapolis, IN39.773882-86.141213912 E Michigan StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Willard Park Pavilion - Indianapolis, IN39.767082-86.12877E Washington StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Winter House - Indianapolis, IN39.784869-86.1572241321 N Meridian StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Woodruff Minor Fountain - Indianapolis, IN39.775103-86.126952536-548 Woodruff Pl E DrIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Woodruff Place - Indianapolis, IN39.774642-86.128479514 Woodruff Place Middle DrIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ - Indianapolis, IN39.775461-86.150368601-603 N New Jersey StIndianapolisIndianaUnited States
Zonie's Closet - Indianapolis, IN39.767271-86.1334732-46 N Arsenal AveIndianapolisIndianaUnited States

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