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Nests and Habitats in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States. Nests are where that Pokemon is guaranteed to spawn while Habitats are locations that occasionally spawn that Pokemon.

Nests in Knoxville

NestStatusConfirmed DateAddressLatitudeLongitude
Dratini Nest Nest - World's Fair ParkConfirmed2016/09/30823 Clinch Ave35.961909-83.924091
Magikarp Nest - World's Fair ParkConfirmed2016/09/30823 Clinch Ave35.961909-83.924091
Psyduck Nest - World's Fair ParkConfirmed2016/09/30823 Clinch Ave35.961909-83.924091
Slowpoke Nest - World's Fair ParkConfirmed2016/09/30823 Clinch Ave35.961909-83.924091
Voltorb Nest - World's Fair ParkConfirmed2016/09/30823 Clinch Ave35.961909-83.924091
Machop Nest - University of TennesseeConfirmed2016/10/04Knoxville35.950173-83.93422
Magmar Nest - World's Fair ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28823 Clinch Ave35.961909-83.924091

Habitats in Knoxville

Trainer Spots in Knoxville

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Trainer Spots in Knoxville

Gyms in Knoxville

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- Knoxville, TN35.938612-83.923949830-1002 Cherokee TrailKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
1863 - Siege of Knoxville - Knoxville, TN35.948851-83.9163243000 Fort Dickerson Rd SWKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
20th Street Mural - Knoxville, TN35.956801-83.937602552-598 20th StKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
3 Inch Ordnance Rifle - Knoxville, TN35.947503-83.9158853000-3176 Fort Dickerson Rd SWKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
A Whirlwind of Opportunities - Knoxville, TN35.954037-83.9303311620 Melrose AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Annoor Mosque - Knoxville, TN35.963897-83.9290491200-1298 Grand AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Ayers - Knoxville, TN35.957339-83.925951459-1491 Circle DrKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Beloved Woman of Justice - Knoxville, TN35.961863-83.917432800 Market StKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Bethlehem Missonary Baptist Chruch - Knoxville, TN35.984473-83.9778774211 Pleasant Ridge RdKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Bicycle Arch - Knoxville, TN35.96221-83.912467955-999 Volunteer Landing LnKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Blount Mansion - Knoxville, TN35.961398-83.91464101-199 W Hill AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Caswell park - Knoxville, TN35.981889-83.911964Caswell GreenwayKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Center Pointe Church - Knoxville, TN35.998572-83.9249232839-2887 TN-71KnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Cherokee Farm - Knoxville, TN35.9455-83.948296Cherokee Farm WayKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Christian Fellowship Center - Knoxville, TN35.953867-83.908329600-604 Yarnell AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Church Street Methodist Church - Knoxville, TN35.959473-83.920422913-983 TN-71KnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Confederate Hall Fountain - Knoxville, TN35.949215-83.9556933128 Kingston PikeKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Crops Genetics Lab - Knoxville, TN35.948682-83.9424972621 Morgan Cir DrKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Cube Tube Runners - Knoxville, TN35.955312-83.948944Knoxville City GreenwaysKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Cycle Share - Knoxville, TN35.947531-83.9394882431 Joe Johnson DrKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
DNA Sculpture - Knoxville, TN35.944628-83.9386512518 Jacob DrKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Desegregation of UT Post - Knoxville, TN35.956906-83.9265431476 Circle DrKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Drink Coca-Cola - Knoxville, TN35.975887-83.923813643 US-441KnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Edmontosaurus - Knoxville, TN35.952223-83.9275621307 Cir Park DrKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Elm Street Baptist Church - Knoxville, TN35.973582-83.933675728 Burgess AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Eternal Life Harvest Center - Knoxville, TN35.966736-83.9401071801-1871 TN-62KnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Federal Clock Tower - Knoxville, TN35.962144-83.917736Cumberland AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Fire Ball - Knoxville, TN35.955249-83.9362871919 Cumberland AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Fish Legs Boat - Knoxville, TN35.956869-83.927555890 Phillip Fulmer WayKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Fort Dickerson - Knoxville, TN35.945149-83.912243195-3199 Fort Dickerson Rd SWKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Fort Sanders - Knoxville, TN35.940795-83.921657830-1002 Cherokee TrailKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Fort Sanders Southeast Gate - Knoxville, TN35.961148-83.9258061101-1199 Clinch AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Fort Sanders Yacht Club - Knoxville, TN35.956716-83.932669721 S 17th StKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Freedom Fellowship Christian Church - Knoxville, TN35.95476-83.9789334027 Papermill Dr NWKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Fulton Bicentennial Park - Knoxville, TN35.993699-83.924946Helen StKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Fun Time - Knoxville, TN35.956112-83.9387112100 Clinch AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Giant Coke Bottle - Knoxville, TN35.964113-83.946621I-40KnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Greystone - Knoxville, TN35.985082-83.9212081306 N BroadwayKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
HPER Building Courtyard - Knoxville, TN35.951755-83.93338920 Andy Holt AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Head Coach 1974-2012 - Knoxville, TN35.950595-83.9265041551 Lake Loudoun BlvdKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
James D. Hoskins Library - Knoxville, TN35.958461-83.9275721369-1399 TN-1KnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Jessie W. Harris Marker - Knoxville, TN35.959155-83.926666752-798 13th StKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Jig and Reel Stage - Knoxville, TN35.970774-83.918666111 N Central StKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Kerbela Shrine Temple Sphynx Left - Knoxville, TN35.955295-83.912763377-389 Mimosa AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Knoxville Civic Coliseum - Knoxville, TN35.96513-83.91169500 Howard Baker Jr BlvdKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Knoxville College - Knoxville, TN35.969631-83.941279801-999 Knoxville College DrKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Knoxville House Of Faith Glass Mural - Knoxville, TN35.978279-83.921446840 Deery StKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
L & N Station - Knoxville, TN35.964585-83.924485806 Worlds Fair Park DrKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Lady Mural - Knoxville, TN35.975296-83.914904711 E Depot AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Laurel Church Easement - Knoxville, TN35.948909-83.963625Third Creek GreenwayKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Laurel Church of Christ - Knoxville, TN35.94808-83.9618143457 Kingston PikeKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Lincoln Park Baptist Church - Knoxville, TN36.000581-83.932955830-898 Chickamauga AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Living Waters Church - Knoxville, TN35.9853-83.9219991303 N BroadwayKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Manor Fountain - Knoxville, TN35.958647-83.9332551645 Clinch AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Marine Memorial Plaque - Knoxville, TN35.976164-83.927348156-198 Bernard AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Market Square Artist Alley - Knoxville, TN35.966062-83.919344405 Strong StKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Metal Roses - Knoxville, TN35.944201-83.9377082514 Jacob DrKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Moon And Stars Abstract - Knoxville, TN35.972183-83.922894526-598 N Gay StKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Moonshine Still - Knoxville, TN35.947055-83.978345Bearden Village GreenwayKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Mount Calvary Baptist church - Knoxville, TN35.972238-83.9012281626-1838 Dandridge AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
New Life Church - Knoxville, TN36.007075-83.9442081416 Breda DrKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Neyland Stadium - Knoxville, TN35.954603-83.9260711188-1298 Phillip Fulmer WayKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Old Gray Cemetery Confederate Monument - Knoxville, TN35.975575-83.926107901-999 Tyson StKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Old Smoky Railway Museum - Knoxville, TN35.970666-83.920726300 W Depot AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Outreach Baptist Church - Knoxville, TN35.99772-83.941369401 Cedar AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Peaks and Gaps - Knoxville, TN36.005388-83.939406621-1199 Sharps Ridge Memorial Park DrKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Remembrance of Lives Lost Through Child Abuse - Knoxville, TN35.955855-83.9606343229 Division StKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Saint Octopus the Second Mural - Knoxville, TN35.969559-83.924558551-599 W Depot AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Scottish Pike River Park - Knoxville, TN35.944469-83.9231262801 Scottish PikeKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Second Presbyterian Church Sign - Knoxville, TN35.951648-83.9506452809 Kingston PikeKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Second United Methodist Church - Knoxville, TN35.965325-83.9347841524 Western AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Seventh Day Adventist Church - Knoxville, TN35.967703-83.9455371829 Brandau StKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
South Knox - Knoxville, TN35.954361-83.916144100-102 E Blount AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Starbucks - Knoxville, TN35.956203-83.9280761235 Phillip Fulmer WayKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Sunsphere - Knoxville, TN35.961653-83.923206810 Clinch AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Surf Board Mobile - Knoxville, TN35.949152-83.9343282111 Volunteer BlvdKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
T. Schultz Spiral Herb Garden 2010 - Knoxville, TN35.944028-83.9370132514 Jacob DrKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Temple Beth El - Knoxville, TN35.950921-83.9535453037 US-70KnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church - Knoxville, TN35.951128-83.9516432931 US-70KnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Tennessee Womens Suffrage Memo - Knoxville, TN35.964821-83.91942-4 Market SquareKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
The Assault on Fort Sanders - Knoxville, TN35.958958-83.9338761700-1720 Laurel AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
The Birdhouse - Knoxville, TN35.979329-83.917637804 N 4th AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
The Hill Sign - Knoxville, TN35.958079-83.927362Circle DrKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
The Oarsman - Knoxville, TN35.963458-83.917522301-347 W Church AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
The Rock - Knoxville, TN35.951308-83.930771358-1398 Pat Head Summitt StKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
The Triumph of the Atlas - Knoxville, TN35.956812-83.92073Neyland GreenwayKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
The University of Tennessee Medical Center Fountain - Knoxville, TN35.940307-83.9453341930 Alcoa HwyKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Third Creek Science Easement - Knoxville, TN35.948183-83.96586Knoxville City GreenwaysKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Tyson Airport - Knoxville, TN35.948893-83.972478401-437 Tobler Ln NWKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Tyson Park Playground - Knoxville, TN35.953297-83.945974Knoxville City GreenwaysKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
UTK Torchbearer - Knoxville, TN35.95335-83.9273441344-1398 Cir Park DrKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Underpass Painting 1 - Knoxville, TN35.984975-83.9146271221-1299 N 6th AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
University of Tennessee Agriculture Campus Entrance - Knoxville, TN35.951314-83.9466812662-2698 TN-1KnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
War Dog Memorial Flags - Knoxville, TN35.945623-83.941422Neyland GreenwayKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
Welcoming Jesus - Knoxville, TN35.992492-83.927729814 E Oak Hill AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
White Mourner - Knoxville, TN35.973512-83.927207704-898 Cooper StKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
White's Mill - Knoxville, TN35.963877-83.915955106 W Church AveKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States
World's Fair Park Fountain - Knoxville, TN35.963244-83.9246910 Worlds Fair Park DrKnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States

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