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Nests and Habitats in Minnesota, United States. Nests are where that Pokemon is guaranteed to spawn while Habitats are locations that occasionally spawn that Pokemon.

Nests in Minnesota

NestStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitude
Bulbasaur Nest - John Withers Sport ComplexConfirmed2016/08/12RochesterJohn Withers Sport Complex43.993961-92.493118
Dratini Habitat - Centennial Lakes ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28EdinaCentennial Lakes Park44.8670878-93.3269298
Growlithe Nest - Fort Snelling State ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28St. Paul101 Snelling Lake Road44.873478-93.191271
Growlithe Nest - Historic Fort SnellingUnconfirmed2016/07/28St Paul200 Tower Ave44.892889-93.18370970000001
Magikarp Nest - Centennial Lakes ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28EdinaCentennial Lakes Park44.8670878-93.3269298
Magmar Nest - Como Park Zoo and ConservatoryUnconfirmed2016/07/28St Paul1225 Estabrook Dr44.98159769999999-93.1511415
Magmar Nest - Como Park ZooUnconfirmed2016/07/28St. Paul1225 Estabrook Dr44.9815977-93.1511415
Tauros Nest - Victory Memorial ParkwayUnconfirmed2016/07/28MinneapolisVictory Memorial Pkwy45.0151029-93.31895650000001
Nidoran (F) Nest - Minnehaha FallsUnconfirmed2016/07/30MinneapolisMinnehaha Falls44.9153307-93.21100059999998
Nidoran (F) Nest - Franconia Sculpture ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/30Shafer29836 St Croix Trail45.3813947-92.70560080000001
Nidoran (F) Nest - StillwaterUnconfirmed2016/07/30StillwaterStillwater45.056004-92.80884429999998
Ponyta Nest - Lake of the IslesUnconfirmed2016/07/31MinneapolisLake of the Isles44.955093-93.309643
Nest in Koch Minnesota Trail, Rosemount MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24RosemountKoch Minnesota Trail44.74087620-93.12450228
Nest in Coach Dr, Eagan MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24EaganCoach Dr44.77862140-93.16579731
Nest in 7300 Xerxes Ave S, Richfield MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Richfield7300 Xerxes Ave S44.87055694-93.31950188
Nest in Lebanon Hills Regional Trail, Eagan MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24EaganLebanon Hills Regional Trail44.78935843-93.14457893
Nest in Afton State Park Trail, Hastings MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24HastingsAfton State Park Trail44.85045344-92.77520657
Nest in W 135th St, Savage MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24SavageW 135th St44.75587639-93.36398900
Nest in 636 E 66th St, Richfield MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Richfield636 E 66th St44.88478015-93.26499596
Nest in 7448-7476 County Hwy 14, Lino Lakes MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Lino Lakes7448-7476 County Hwy 1445.17498835-93.07024956
Nest in 6777-6881 Dell Rd, Eden Prairie MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Eden Prairie6777-6881 Dell Rd44.88342072-93.51045907
Nest in Ponds Pkwy SE, Prior Lake MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Prior LakePonds Pkwy SE44.69869416-93.42180356
Nest in 420 SE Main St, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis420 SE Main St44.98193311-93.25065443
Nest in River Front Park Road, Fridley MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24FridleyRiver Front Park Road45.06088129-93.28255177
Nest in Essence Trail, Farmington MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24FarmingtonEssence Trail44.68031858-93.18071929
Nest in 14314 Park Ave, Burnsville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Burnsville14314 Park Ave44.74280124-93.26417327
Nest in 563-699 61st Ave NE, Fridley MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fridley563-699 61st Ave NE45.08044528-93.25557947
Nest in 5777 Asher Ave E, Inver Grove Heights MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Inver Grove Heights5777 Asher Ave E44.86566796-93.07327277
Nest in Shenandoah Dr, Shakopee MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24ShakopeeShenandoah Dr44.80259052-93.49455357
Nest in 1563 Rivercrest Rd N, Lakeland MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Lakeland1563 Rivercrest Rd N44.97172059-92.76668787
Nest in 8196-8204 County Rd 22, Cottage Grove MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Cottage Grove8196-8204 County Rd 2244.84884851-92.93954551
Nest in 5050 Lake Ave, White Bear Lake MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24White Bear Lake5050 Lake Ave45.09392857-92.99819469
Nest in 1921-1999 W 67th St, Richfield MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Richfield1921-1999 W 67th St44.88155443-93.30375195
Nest in 128th St, Savage MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Savage128th St44.77132883-93.33785892
Nest in 1338 Lexington Pkwy N, Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Paul1338 Lexington Pkwy N44.98066112-93.14423561
Nest in 1360 Lexington Pkwy N, Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Paul1360 Lexington Pkwy N44.98238131-93.14351562
Nest in 1378-1398 E Como Lake Dr, Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Paul1378-1398 E Como Lake Dr44.98442514-93.14264774
Nest in 1345 Lexington Pkwy N, Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Paul1345 Lexington Pkwy N44.98058523-93.14543724
Nest in 3300 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis3300 Central Ave NE45.02773907-93.25152397
Nest in Kaufman Dr, Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint PaulKaufman Dr44.98253747-93.15389693
Nest in Nagasaki Rd, Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint PaulNagasaki Rd44.97578878-93.13646793
Nest in 590-606 Columbia Pkwy, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis590-606 Columbia Pkwy45.03063561-93.25525761
Nest in 6855 Fortino St, Apple Valley MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Apple Valley6855 Fortino St44.72825967-93.20457458
Nest in 2-98 Pleasant St SE, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis2-98 Pleasant St SE44.97863103-93.23642850
Nest in 6203 Bloomington Ave S, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis6203 Bloomington Ave S44.89072183-93.25193167
Nest in 322-330 Minnetonka Mills Rd, Hopkins MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Hopkins322-330 Minnetonka Mills Rd44.92884665-93.40375811
Nest in 1915 Juno Trail, Lakeville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Lakeville1915 Juno Trail44.65991566-93.28357100
Nest in 200 W 24th St, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis200 W 24th St44.95998498-93.27405453
Nest in 5287 Otter Lake Rd, White Bear Lake MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24White Bear Lake5287 Otter Lake Rd45.10160807-93.03806305
Nest in 20502 Juno Trail, Lakeville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Lakeville20502 Juno Trail44.65442466-93.27778816
Nest in 2540 Lexington Ave N, Roseville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Roseville2540 Lexington Ave N45.01761322-93.14491835
Nest in Loring Greenway, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24MinneapolisLoring Greenway44.96991616-93.28483475
Nest in 3517-3591 W River Pkwy, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis3517-3591 W River Pkwy44.93807106-93.20337296
Nest in 10151 Loring Greenway, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis10151 Loring Greenway44.97020253-93.28323841
Nest in 4535 E Lake Harriet Pkwy, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis4535 E Lake Harriet Pkwy44.92034246-93.29752922
Nest in 1-33 Mississippi River Blvd S, Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Paul1-33 Mississippi River Blvd S44.94135883-93.19853657
Nest in Evergreen Trail 2, Woodbury MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24WoodburyEvergreen Trail 244.92193781-92.94337034
Nest in 12400 James Deane Pkwy, Maple Grove MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Maple Grove12400 James Deane Pkwy45.13754563-93.43844712
Nest in 3400-3498 15th Ave S, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis3400-3498 15th Ave S44.94053167-93.25392723
Nest in 5785 Hugo Rd, White Bear Lake MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24White Bear Lake5785 Hugo Rd45.11530145-93.00293510
Nest in 13308-13408 County Rd 5, Minnetonka MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minnetonka13308-13408 County Rd 544.94150373-93.44781876
Nest in Frost Ave, Maplewood MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24MaplewoodFrost Ave44.99612196-93.06282783
Nest in 15353-15599 County Rd 6, Plymouth MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Plymouth15353-15599 County Rd 644.99623162-93.47446918
Nest in 13798 Johnny Cake Ridge Rd, Apple Valley MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Apple Valley13798 Johnny Cake Ridge Rd44.74988017-93.18633556
Nest in MN-62, Edina MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24EdinaMN-6244.88792464-93.38613868
Nest in Minnesota Valley State Trail, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24MinneapolisMinnesota Valley State Trail44.89379433-93.18772678
Nest in 5450 Northwest Blvd, Plymouth MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Plymouth5450 Northwest Blvd45.05152882-93.44455719
Nest in 213-261 Winnetka Ave N, Golden Valley MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Golden Valley213-261 Winnetka Ave N44.98042681-93.38125437
Nest in 6524-6556 Dell Rd, Eden Prairie MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Eden Prairie6524-6556 Dell Rd44.88511210-93.51532459
Nest in 4246 Xerxes Ave N, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis4246 Xerxes Ave N45.03289511-93.31898689
Nest in 17 Maple Pl, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis17 Maple Pl44.98928157-93.26519251
Nest in Grand Rounds Trail, Robbinsdale MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24RobbinsdaleGrand Rounds Trail45.03413856-93.31993103
Nest in 30 SE Main St, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis30 SE Main St44.98522951-93.25753212
Nest in 5301-5467 E Lake Nokomis Pkwy, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis5301-5467 E Lake Nokomis Pkwy44.90534408-93.24028015
Nest in Stinson Ct, Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint PaulStinson Ct44.95263571-93.18412542
Nest in 10141-10157 County Rd 46, Lakeville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Lakeville10141-10157 County Rd 4644.71422602-93.27381437
Nest in 1101 Adams St S, Shakopee MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Shakopee1101 Adams St S44.78254432-93.53978026
Nest in 7136-7184 University Service Rd NE, Fridley MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Fridley7136-7184 University Service Rd NE45.09558725-93.26445222
Nest in Grand Rounds Trail, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24MinneapolisGrand Rounds Trail45.03333487-93.29040527
Nest in 11034 Bloomington Ferry Rd, Bloomington MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Bloomington11034 Bloomington Ferry Rd44.80406733-93.38533401
Nest in 3200 Mill St, Medina MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Medina3200 Mill St45.03861929-93.52561355
Nest in 12700-12750 Co Rd 11, Burnsville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Burnsville12700-12750 Co Rd 1144.77118792-93.24742556
Nest in 16725 Innsbrook Dr, Lakeville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Lakeville16725 Innsbrook Dr44.70499165-93.25375557
Nest in Medicine Lake Regional Trail, Plymouth MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24PlymouthMedicine Lake Regional Trail45.02146020-93.43239069
Nest in 109 4th St E, Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Paul109 4th St E44.94466417-93.09721252
Nest in 4220-4300 W 66th St, Edina MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Edina4220-4300 W 66th St44.88421510-93.33409309
Nest in 300 Kenwood Pkwy, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis300 Kenwood Pkwy44.97046820-93.29168200
Nest in 25 SE Main St, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis25 SE Main St44.98637807-93.25867643
Nest in 600 Ramsey St NE, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis600 Ramsey St NE44.99173998-93.26637268
Nest in Stadium Pkwy, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24MinneapolisStadium Pkwy44.97122005-93.29166625
Nest in 1327-1333 Alimagnet Pkwy, Burnsville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Burnsville1327-1333 Alimagnet Pkwy44.74255739-93.25418472
Nest in 15560 Maple Island Rd, Burnsville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Burnsville15560 Maple Island Rd44.72280545-93.28046732
Nest in 4200 Silver Lake Rd SW, Saint Anthony MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Anthony4200 Silver Lake Rd SW45.04823917-93.22328568
Nest in 4005-4099 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis4005-4099 Nicollet Ave44.92876309-93.27776670
Nest in 4355 Zachary Ln, Plymouth MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Plymouth4355 Zachary Ln45.03529100-93.42290640
Nest in 588-624 St Clair Ave, Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Paul588-624 St Clair Ave44.93341916-93.12446237
Nest in 80 39th Ave NE, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis80 39th Ave NE45.03883536-93.26865256
Nest in 5900-6350 W 111th St, Bloomington MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Bloomington5900-6350 W 111th St44.80239260-93.36349010
Nest in 224 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis224 Washington Ave SE44.97402292-93.23530449
Nest in 9350 Kiowa Trail, Chanhassen MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Chanhassen9350 Kiowa Trail44.83612156-93.53568792
Nest in 3303 33rd Ave NE, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis3303 33rd Ave NE45.02943000-93.21466506
Nest in Central Minneapolis, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24MinneapolisCentral Minneapolis44.96861612-93.26040208
Nest in 19490-19726 Juno Trail, Lakeville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Lakeville19490-19726 Juno Trail44.66444640-93.28529670
Nest in 1490 Adams St S, Shakopee MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Shakopee1490 Adams St S44.77877363-93.54332685
Nest in 12520 Nicollet Ave, Burnsville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Burnsville12520 Nicollet Ave44.77391082-93.27850699
Nest in Settlers Ridge Pkwy, Woodbury MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24WoodburySettlers Ridge Pkwy44.92433833-92.88258076
Nest in 14421 Johnny Cake Ridge Rd, Apple Valley MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Apple Valley14421 Johnny Cake Ridge Rd44.74055413-93.18830699
Nest in 110 Kenwood Pkwy, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis110 Kenwood Pkwy44.97026326-93.28903198
Nest in 711 Wayzata Blvd, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis711 Wayzata Blvd44.97149288-93.28838825
Nest in 1379-1547 Old Hwy 8 NW, New Brighton MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24New Brighton1379-1547 Old Hwy 8 NW45.07365859-93.19017859
Nest in 7840 Pleasant View Dr, Spring Lake Park MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Spring Lake Park7840 Pleasant View Dr45.11049426-93.22910607
Nest in 2585 Fry St N, Roseville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Roseville2585 Fry St N45.01905236-93.16861153
Nest in Minneawashta Regional Park Rd, Excelsior MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24ExcelsiorMinneawashta Regional Park Rd44.87962347-93.59702468
Nest in Unnamed Road, Excelsior MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24ExcelsiorUnnamed Road44.88267953-93.60238373
Nest in 11541-11591 W River Hills Dr, Burnsville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Burnsville11541-11591 W River Hills Dr44.79554089-93.24942112
Nest in 16517-16581 Hudson Rd N, Lakeland MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Lakeland16517-16581 Hudson Rd N44.95978837-92.77009700
Nest in Ulysses St NE, Blaine MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24BlaineUlysses St NE45.13718281-93.23837471
Nest in 2075 Mendakota Dr, Mendota Heights MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Mendota Heights2075 Mendakota Dr44.87922814-93.13179016
Nest in 1680 W 78th St, Chanhassen MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Chanhassen1680 W 78th St44.86607940-93.55879920
Nest in 127-183 Civic Center Pkwy, Burnsville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Burnsville127-183 Civic Center Pkwy44.76654157-93.27139378
Nest in 17100 Ipava Ave, Lakeville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Lakeville17100 Ipava Ave44.70099580-93.25645924
Nest in 1791-1815 County Rd E, Arden Hills MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Arden Hills1791-1815 County Rd E45.04764793-93.17590714
Nest in 3675 Arboretum Dr, Chaska MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Chaska3675 Arboretum Dr44.85855729-93.61490965
Nest in W River Pkwy, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24MinneapolisW River Pkwy44.98527125-93.26528370
Nest in 6321-6499 137th St W, Apple Valley MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Apple Valley6321-6499 137th St W44.75060402-93.19560528
Nest in 2250 St Anthony Blvd, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis2250 St Anthony Blvd45.00998128-93.21305573
Nest in N Run Trail, Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint PaulN Run Trail44.93525813-93.02865922
Nest in 530 42nd Ave N, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis530 42nd Ave N45.03239469-93.28499794
Nest in 1000-1058 Mounds Blvd, Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Paul1000-1058 Mounds Blvd44.94640176-93.05863023
Nest in 1168-1300 Mounds Blvd, Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Paul1168-1300 Mounds Blvd44.94706240-93.04930687
Nest in 13272-13398 Co Rd 31, Apple Valley MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Apple Valley13272-13398 Co Rd 3144.75595456-93.16993643
Nest in 220 6th St E, Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Paul220 6th St E44.94924927-93.08810234
Nest in 8200-8250 137th St W, Apple Valley MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Apple Valley8200-8250 137th St W44.75040591-93.23307037
Nest in 383-435 16th Ave NW, New Brighton MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24New Brighton383-435 16th Ave NW45.05489406-93.20702076
Nest in 1221 Marshall Ave, Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Paul1221 Marshall Ave44.94922269-93.15211058
Nest in 11841-11935 175th St W, Lakeville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Lakeville11841-11935 175th St W44.69596057-93.30774575
Nest in 545-549 Huset Pkwy, Columbia Heights MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Columbia Heights545-549 Huset Pkwy45.03844492-93.25843334
Nest in 585 Huset Pkwy, Columbia Heights MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Columbia Heights585 Huset Pkwy45.03875879-93.25698237
Nest in 13971 W Preserve Blvd, Burnsville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Burnsville13971 W Preserve Blvd44.74922529-93.32136591
Nest in 2291-2377 Upper Afton Rd, Maplewood MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Maplewood2291-2377 Upper Afton Rd44.94271499-93.00129533
Nest in 7100 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis7100 Nicollet Ave44.87381497-93.27907562
Nest in 8232 Regent Ave N, Brooklyn Park MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Brooklyn Park8232 Regent Ave N45.10581092-93.34369540
Nest in 5554 Nantucket Pl, Minnetonka MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minnetonka5554 Nantucket Pl44.90300356-93.49987507
Nest in 301-599 E 90th St, Bloomington MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Bloomington301-599 E 90th St44.84011872-93.27100561
Nest in 18700 Flying Cloud Dr, Eden Prairie MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Eden Prairie18700 Flying Cloud Dr44.81907690-93.51468086
Nest in 125-199 E 90th St, Bloomington MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Bloomington125-199 E 90th St44.84039556-93.27564960
Nest in 5001-5099 Morningside Rd, Saint Louis Park MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Louis Park5001-5099 Morningside Rd44.92326532-93.34335208
Nest in 1758 9th St, White Bear Lake MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24White Bear Lake1758 9th St45.08952034-93.02823544
Nest in 2669 Campus Dr, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis2669 Campus Dr45.00839218-93.44978213
Nest in 15219 Pioneer Trail, Eden Prairie MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Eden Prairie15219 Pioneer Trail44.83473687-93.47092867
Nest in 2-28 Central Ave, White Bear Lake MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24White Bear Lake2-28 Central Ave45.08636923-92.99969673
Nest in 210 Eagle St, Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Paul210 Eagle St44.94189863-93.09967875
Nest in 4801 S Minnehaha Dr, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis4801 S Minnehaha Dr44.91540422-93.21108699

Habitats in Minnesota

NestStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitude
Dratini Habitat - East Lake Harriet ParkwayConfirmed2017/03/01Minneapolis4641 E Lake Harriet Pkwy44.92853901-93.30579042
Phanpy Habitat - Frontage North Road in Waite Park, MinnesotaConfirmed2017/03/21Waite Park1533 Frontage Rd N45.55494436-94.23797607
Dratini Habitat - Centennial Lakes ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28EdinaCentennial Lakes Park44.8670878-93.3269298
Habitat in 7300 Xerxes Ave S, Richfield MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Richfield7300 Xerxes Ave S44.87101696-93.31928730
Habitat in 825 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis825 2nd Ave S44.97382588-93.27078089
Habitat in 5504 Hillside Ct, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis5504 Hillside Ct44.88394904-93.36449862
Habitat in 101-199 E 3rd St, Chaska MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Chaska101-199 E 3rd St44.78685328-93.60018969
Habitat in 3233 Karth Rd, White Bear Lake MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24White Bear Lake3233 Karth Rd45.03993185-93.00973606
Habitat in 181 Fox Hollow Dr, Chanhassen MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Chanhassen181 Fox Hollow Dr44.88562521-93.52628946
Habitat in 223-275 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis223-275 Nicollet Mall44.98096658-93.26796591
Habitat in 1601 E 130th St, Burnsville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Burnsville1601 E 130th St44.76759996-93.25332208
Habitat in Coon Rapids Dam, Coon Rapids MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Coon RapidsCoon Rapids Dam45.14215448-93.31316113
Habitat in 4899 W 31st St, Saint Louis Park MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Louis Park4899 W 31st St44.94657642-93.34233284
Habitat in 220 Grove Ln E, Wayzata MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Wayzata220 Grove Ln E44.96922526-93.51944178
Habitat in Rice Creek West Regional Trail, Fridley MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24FridleyRice Creek West Regional Trail45.09669301-93.25091243
Habitat in 1600 Phalen Dr, Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Paul1600 Phalen Dr44.98981271-93.05737495
Habitat in Grand Rounds Trail, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24MinneapolisGrand Rounds Trail45.03679216-93.30516815
Habitat in 1512 Memorial Pkwy, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis1512 Memorial Pkwy45.03695896-93.29993248
Habitat in 5022 W Lake Nokomis Pkwy, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis5022 W Lake Nokomis Pkwy44.91181803-93.24274778
Habitat in 5605-5659 E Lake Nokomis Pkwy, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis5605-5659 E Lake Nokomis Pkwy44.90160527-93.24384212
Habitat in 6101 W 84th St, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis6101 W 84th St44.85219584-93.35966708
Habitat in 266 City Centre Dr, Roseville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Roseville266 City Centre Dr45.01949525-93.11194932
Habitat in 1801 Stevens Ave, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis1801 Stevens Ave44.96437662-93.27461243
Habitat in 5038 Upper 182nd St W, Farmington MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Farmington5038 Upper 182nd St W44.68570000-93.16499591
Habitat in 2030 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis2030 Chicago Ave44.96157922-93.26362610
Habitat in 1439-1457 Alimagnet Pkwy, Burnsville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Burnsville1439-1457 Alimagnet Pkwy44.74411610-93.25124488
Habitat in 1860-1874 Hazelwood St, Maplewood MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Maplewood1860-1874 Hazelwood St44.99718844-93.03512559
Habitat in 2500 County Rd E, Saint Anthony MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Anthony2500 County Rd E45.04681237-93.22394109
Habitat in 600-798 E 57th St, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis600-798 E 57th St44.90041975-93.26557875
Habitat in 14201-14249 Bloomfield Path, Rosemount MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Rosemount14201-14249 Bloomfield Path44.74284696-93.10807943
Habitat in 1617-1639 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis1617-1639 Lyndale Ave S44.97064277-93.28854918
Habitat in 2376-2384 14th Ave E, North Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24North Saint Paul2376-2384 14th Ave E45.01806524-93.00025991
Habitat in 3861-3995 Dupont Ave S, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis3861-3995 Dupont Ave S44.93083293-93.29295337
Habitat in 12601-12673 Eagle Ridge Dr, Burnsville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Burnsville12601-12673 Eagle Ridge Dr44.77585675-93.27196240
Habitat in 76 W Kellogg Blvd, Saint Paul MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Saint Paul76 W Kellogg Blvd44.94348768-93.09707165
Habitat in 8200 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis8200 Chicago Ave44.85571852-93.26351079
Habitat in 4001 Linden Hills Blvd, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis4001 Linden Hills Blvd44.93169122-93.31018925
Habitat in Elmer L. Andersen Trail, Arden Hills MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Arden HillsElmer L. Andersen Trail45.04895169-93.17333221
Habitat in 309 19th Ave S, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis309 19th Ave S44.97086289-93.24434638
Habitat in 1180 3rd St NW, New Brighton MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24New Brighton1180 3rd St NW45.05379955-93.20407879
Habitat in 2753 River Hills Dr S, Burnsville MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Burnsville2753 River Hills Dr S44.78320577-93.23362827
Habitat in E Miller Pkwy, Eden Prairie MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Eden PrairieE Miller Pkwy44.85270484-93.49090576
Habitat in 7100 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Minneapolis7100 Nicollet Ave44.87449797-93.27921299
Habitat in 1374 97th Ave NW, Coon Rapids MNUnconfirmed2017/02/24Coon Rapids1374 97th Ave NW45.14490901-93.30379486

Trainer Spots in Minnesota

See also: Trainer Spots in Minnesota
Trainer SpotStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitudeNumber of PokeStopsNumber of GymsCommon Pokemon
Lake George in Saint Cloud MinnesotaConfirmed2016/08/08Saint CloudLake George45.5554641-94.162825???????????
Lake George in St. Cloud MinnesotaConfirmed2016/08/08St. CloudLake George45.5554641-94.162825???????????
Leif Erikson Park in Duluth MinnesotaConfirmed2016/08/08DuluthLeif Erikson Park46.7970188-92.0820774???????????
Purgatory Creek Park in Eden Prairie MinnesotaConfirmed2016/08/08Eden Prairie13001 Technology Dr44.8587803-93.440054???????????
Rice Park in Saint Paul MinnesotaConfirmed2016/08/08Saint Paul109 W 4th St44.944662-93.0970992???????????

Gyms in Minnesota

See also: Gyms in Minnesota
300 Clifton - Minneapolis, MN44.966048-93.283447300-498 Clifton AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
AIM Boxes - Minneapolis, MN44.962627-93.2547292001-2099 14th Ave SMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
AT&T Tower - Minneapolis, MN44.974212-93.272492901 S Marquette AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
All Nations Indian Church - Minneapolis, MN44.959758-93.2524792300 Bloomington AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Alm Park - Moorhead, MN46.861002-96.7792611224-1234 Elm St SMoorheadMinnesotaUnited States
Alphabet Soup Reading Bench - Saint Paul, MN44.957583-93.07548645 MN-5Saint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Ameriprise Fountain - Minneapolis, MN44.972462-93.270103967-999 3rd Ave SMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Apollo Mural - Rochester, MN44.021434-92.4958922112 2nd St SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Asamblea Apostolica - Saint Paul, MN44.929836-93.094692215 George St WSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Auto Snoopy - Saint Paul, MN44.951947-93.088299270 E 8th StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Autumn Ridge Church - Rochester, MN44.005632-92.5189263611 Salem Rd SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
B'Nai Israel Synagogue - Rochester, MN44.022081-92.472144150 7th Ave SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Baihly Meadows Park - Rochester, MN44.006295-92.4907521915-1921 Fox Valley Dr SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Balancing Ground - Minneapolis, MN44.970268-93.274817117 S 12th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Band Box Diner - Minneapolis, MN44.969076-93.263353729 S 10th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Bear Creek Park - Rochester, MN44.007971-92.4435471476-1508 US-14RochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Bethel Lutheran ELCA Church - Rochester, MN44.013956-92.457661801-899 4th Ave SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Bethel Spanish Church - Saint Paul, MN44.927685-93.100154337-359 King St WSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Bethesda Fountain - Saint Paul, MN44.958436-93.101744534-580 N Capitol BlvdSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Bethlehem Baptist - Minneapolis, MN44.969234-93.254761720 13th Ave SMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Billions - Rochester, MN44.038177-92.4922641900 Co Hwy 4RochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Boat Launch - Moorhead, MN46.877134-96.779864Moorhead Viking Ship Park Bike TrailMoorheadMinnesotaUnited States
Boy Scout Statue - Saint Paul, MN44.94902-93.116721393 Marshall AveSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Bread of Life Pentecostal Church of God - Minneapolis, MN44.948858-93.2667162938 Oakland AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Broken Crow Mural - Saint Paul, MN44.955923-93.127729655 University Ave WSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary History Circle - Saint Paul, MN44.95261-93.074286394 E Kellogg BlvdSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Caffetto Mural - Minneapolis, MN44.960985-93.288633708 W 22nd StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Calvary Baptist Church - Minneapolis, MN44.955194-93.2798012616 Blaisdell AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Canticle Park - Rochester, MN44.039525-92.4775191401-1615 Assissi Heights DrRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Carty Park - Saint Paul, MN44.949558-93.129055681-739 Iglehart AveSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Cascading Waters - Minneapolis, MN44.974353-93.267932333 S 7th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Cathedral of Saint Paul - Saint Paul, MN44.946962-93.108393225 Summit AveSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Cedar Riverside Mural - Minneapolis, MN44.969269-93.247618416 Cedar Ave SMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Cedar Station Cheetah Mural - Minneapolis, MN44.968219-93.250743620 16th Ave SMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Center Street Mural - Rochester, MN44.023277-92.4626168 S BroadwayRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Central Lutheran Church - Minneapolis, MN44.969697-93.2712011300-1398 S 4th AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Ceremonial Lion - Rochester, MN44.04005-92.4627951641 N Broadway AveRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Chapel of Peace Mausoleum - Rochester, MN44.004935-92.4364762011 14th St SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Chocolate Splash Mural - Rochester, MN44.030598-92.478896612 11th Ave NWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Christ Lutheran Church - Saint Paul, MN44.955972-93.104188105 University Ave WSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Christopher Columbus Discovers America - Saint Paul, MN44.954411-93.100981675-699 Cedar StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Chucky Cheese - Rochester, MN44.000259-92.4809261250 Co Hwy 25RochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Church of Christ - Rochester, MN44.021358-92.4941372002 2nd St SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Church of Saint Agnes - Saint Paul, MN44.959446-93.12338525-535 Thomas Ave WSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Church of the Resurrection - Rochester, MN44.000455-92.4457281600 11th Ave SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Clouds Mural - Saint Paul, MN44.961217-93.111948648-668 Elfelt StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
College of Visual Arts Mural - Saint Paul, MN44.946808-93.116526173 Western Ave NSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Community Emergency Service - Minneapolis, MN44.963823-93.2585861900 11th Ave SMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Community Gathering Mural - Minneapolis, MN44.967095-93.263258735-799 E 16th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Comunidad Cristiana de Rochester - Rochester, MN44.024839-92.4494731002 2nd St NERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Congregational Fountain - Rochester, MN44.012626-92.486446900-972 Skyline Dr SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Constellation Earth - Rochester, MN44.023816-92.4649431 1st St NWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Corn Cob Water Tower - Rochester, MN44.005306-92.4606611300 Fairgrounds Ave SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Cross Memorial - Rochester, MN44.02568-92.4552941 7th Ave NERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Crossroads Bible College - Rochester, MN43.997746-92.4768451712 Restoration Rd SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Dairy Queen - Rochester, MN44.029412-92.462809538 N Broadway AveRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Dale Chihuly Chandelier Installation - Rochester, MN44.022912-92.467053200 1st St SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Dancers - Fernando Botero - Minneapolis, MN44.978925-93.261102500 S Washington AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Dandelion Fountain in Loring Park - Minneapolis, MN44.970485-93.28232910151 Loring GreenwayMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
David Barton Community Labyrinth and Reflective Garden - Saint Paul, MN44.957424-93.075893645 MN-5Saint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Dayton Ave Presbyterian Church - Saint Paul, MN44.947535-93.121426216 Mackubin StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Decorated Electric Box Garden - Rochester, MN44.023339-92.459875200-260 E Center StRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Dinosaur Sculpture - Rochester, MN44.029557-92.4846441688-1798 Civic Center Dr NWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Divination Sculptures - Minneapolis, MN44.949315-93.2604712929 Chicago AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Dixies Restaurant - Saint Paul, MN44.940063-93.12885821 St Albans St SSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Eagle Bolt/ Underground - Minneapolis, MN44.978434-93.260697531 S Washington AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Eighth and Wacouta St Markers - Saint Paul, MN44.951497-93.08923236 E 8th StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Electric Fetus - Minneapolis, MN44.962593-93.2703182000 4th Ave SMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Elevated Baby Sculpture - Saint Paul, MN44.943063-93.107133179 Smith Ave NSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Elisha and Lizzie Morse Jr. House - Minneapolis, MN44.959243-93.2811052327 Pillsbury Ave SMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Elmcroft Park - Rochester, MN43.983551-92.469779501-699 Elmview Pl SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Elton Hills Gazebo - Rochester, MN44.043423-92.4641451720 3rd Ave NWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Extra! Extra! Read All About It! - Rochester, MN44.022677-92.4604101-199 1st St SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
F. Scott Fitzgerald - Saint Paul, MN44.945046-93.09682376-110 W 5th StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Fargo Flood Control Project Marker - Moorhead, MN46.8707-96.781131 4th Ave SMoorheadMinnesotaUnited States
Firefighters Memorial - Saint Paul, MN44.95204-93.103668W 12th StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
First Ave Stars - Minneapolis, MN44.978409-93.276295701 N 1st AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
First Covenant Church - Minneapolis, MN44.972485-93.260541815 South 6th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
First Presbyterian Church - Rochester, MN44.020241-92.470468512 3rd St SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
First Unitarian Society - Minneapolis, MN44.96701-93.29057900 Mt Curve AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
First Unitarian Universalist Church - Rochester, MN44.013912-92.488091727 Walden Ln SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Fishin' Snoopy - Saint Paul, MN44.954133-93.082306465-479 MN-5Saint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Flood Control Plaque - Rochester, MN44.020424-92.46176580 3rd St SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Fluorescent Fountain - Minneapolis, MN44.972454-93.283266Loring GreenwayMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Four Square Walk Through - Rochester, MN44.020662-92.467805272-290 4th Ave SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Fox Valley Park - Rochester, MN44.011266-92.50615897-1001 Foxcroft Cir SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Franklin Avenue Transit Station - Minneapolis, MN44.962747-93.247162Hiawatha Bike TrailMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Free Little Library - Saint Paul, MN44.931307-93.091857154 Winifred St WSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Freedom Shrine - Rochester, MN44.015828-92.466332700-874 Soldiers Field Dr SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
French Bakery - Saint Paul, MN44.955999-93.130999717-739 University Ave WSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
GET MORE FREE ITEMS - Minneapolis, MN44.9752961-93.2723085800 S Marquette AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Garden View Children - Saint Paul, MN44.941671-93.10926415 Thompson StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Gingerbread Bakery - Rochester, MN44.034174-92.46285413 11th St NERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Glass and Metal Sculpture - Saint Paul, MN44.945831-93.103673145 Smith Ave NSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church - Rochester, MN44.035116-92.47931301-1315 11th Ave NWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Goonie's - Rochester, MN44.021722-92.4636827 2nd St SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Gooseberry Picnic Shelter - Moorhead, MN46.853595-96.781283126-230 22nd Ave SMoorheadMinnesotaUnited States
Grace Lutheran Church - Rochester, MN44.031256-92.44991800 E Silver Lake DrRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Grace Temple Deliverance Center - Minneapolis, MN44.963502-93.2703061904 4th Ave SMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Graham Arena Mural - Rochester, MN44.000828-92.459437191-253 Arena Dr SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Graham Park - Rochester, MN44.000108-92.4642441-15 16th St SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Green Chair Project by Joel Sisson and Chris Hand - Saint Paul, MN44.937293-93.109031488-494 MN-149Saint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Hadley Valley School of 1885 - Rochester, MN44.006917-92.51082991 E Circle Dr NERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Hamm's Beer Bear Plaque - Saint Paul, MN44.94686-93.09695324 W 7th PlSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Hanging Stones - Minneapolis, MN44.976911-93.267609220 South 6th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Harriet Island Regional Park - Saint Paul, MN44.937302-93.098036205 Dr Justus Ohage BlvdSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Harrington Mansion - Minneapolis, MN44.955911-93.2656372540 Park AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Heart Mural - Minneapolis, MN44.948168-93.27179323 E Lake StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church - Minneapolis, MN44.966559-93.287679511 Groveland AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
High Bridge Dog Park - Saint Paul, MN44.935036-93.107224MN-149Saint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Historic Bur Oak - Rochester, MN44.028831-92.4387191810 7th St NERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Historic Quarry Hill Cemetery - Rochester, MN44.029299-92.4378281940 7th St NERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Historic Quarry Hill Fireplace - Rochester, MN44.02802-92.434484301 Silver Creek Rd NERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Hmong Evangelical Lutheran Church - Saint Paul, MN44.964836-93.096105784 Jackson StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Holcombe Circle Park - Saint Paul, MN44.945124-93.128624122 St Albans St NSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Home Federal Broadway South - Rochester, MN44.004861-92.4642681261-1323 S BroadwayRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Hope Community Church - Minneapolis, MN44.970918-93.2584471015 S 7th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Hope Summit Church - Rochester, MN44.005203-92.45585500-598 13th St SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Hypertension - Minneapolis, MN44.979598-93.26565200-250 S 3rd StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Indian Heights Park - Rochester, MN44.040909-92.4726571800-1828 Terracewood Dr NWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Industrial Mural - Minneapolis, MN44.950018-93.277821Midtown GreenwayMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Inflatable Cardinal - Rochester, MN44.021452-92.458553200-298 3rd Ave SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge - Minneapolis, MN44.97004-93.286938Loring GreenwayMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Irvine Park Fountain - Saint Paul, MN44.940902-93.102728281 Walnut StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Izaak Walton League Cabin - Rochester, MN44.033644-92.454031937 7th Ave NERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Jamie Opperman Park - Saint Paul, MN44.939909-93.1092383 7th St ESaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Japanese Murals - Saint Paul, MN44.94673-93.132906760 Selby AveSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Jim Hodges - Minneapolis, MN44.968166-93.289455725 Vineland PlMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Judge Krieger Memorial Rest Area - Rochester, MN44.020763-92.460418103 3rd St SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Knapp Park - Moorhead, MN46.868255-96.772292602 5th St SMoorheadMinnesotaUnited States
Kutzky Park - Rochester, MN44.025938-92.483519232-298 13th Ave NWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Lamp Lighter Statue - Saint Paul, MN44.943466-93.119506459 Holly AveSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Landmark Center - Saint Paul, MN44.945207-93.09716275 W 5th StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Last Alarm - Rochester, MN44.035165-92.4576121205 E Silver Lake DrRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Latino Church of Christ Church - Minneapolis, MN44.959261-93.2513771534 E 24th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Leif Erickson Statue - Saint Paul, MN44.955527-93.104516105 University Ave WSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Leiferman Memorial - Rochester, MN44.036037-92.4809051200-1298 14th St NWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Liechty Hall - Minneapolis, MN44.966579-93.2612691628 Elliot AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Lilydale Regional Park East Entrance - Saint Paul, MN44.93152-93.103166401-459 County Hwy 40Saint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Lindbergh Statue - Saint Paul, MN44.952956-93.103558642-798 John Ireland BlvdSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Little Earth - North Gate - Minneapolis, MN44.959043-93.2474682398 Cedar Ave SMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Little Mekong Plaza Mural - Saint Paul, MN44.955565-93.117167402 University Ave WSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Loring Park Garden House - Minneapolis, MN44.969823-93.285334Loring GreenwayMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Los Amigos Mural - Minneapolis, MN44.952051-93.2802662746 Blaisdell AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer - Saint Paul, MN44.94988-93.126408285 Dale St NSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
MN State Capitol Building - Saint Paul, MN44.954949-93.10218DowntownSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Main Street Mobile - Minneapolis, MN44.950075-93.2607622851 Elliot AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Main Street of the Northwest - Saint Paul, MN44.962759-93.094855193 Pennsylvania Ave ESaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Marble Carving - Saint Paul, MN44.953188-93.111874387 Marion StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Martin Luther King Rec Center - Saint Paul, MN44.948659-93.121337247-271 Mackubin StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Mary Tyler Moore - Minneapolis, MN44.976752-93.272461700 Nicollet MallMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Mathews Heritage Dome - Rochester, MN44.022362-92.46617Annenberg PlazaRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Mayan Statue - Saint Paul, MN44.93353-93.08340111-31 Cesar Chavez StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Mayo Clinic Foundation House - Rochester, MN44.019497-92.473366701 4th St SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Mead Hall Games and Comics - Minneapolis, MN44.967807-93.2792331425 Lasalle AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Memorial to Persons without a Tombstone - Rochester, MN44.025993-92.45386341 7th Ave NERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Metro Archway - Minneapolis, MN44.974872-93.259714424 Chicago AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Midtown: A Place to Call Home - Minneapolis, MN44.948542-93.2612892959-2999 Elliot AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Mill Building Remains - Rochester, MN44.037921-92.4660941502 3rd Ave NWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Mindekirken Norwegian Memorial - Minneapolis, MN44.961899-93.25994924 E 21st StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Minnesota Bridge 27868 - Minneapolis, MN44.959263-93.2690692200-2398 5th Ave SMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Minnesota Varnishes - Minneapolis, MN44.974337-93.254881903 Norm McGrew PlMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Mississippi - Minneapolis, MN44.977526-93.265297350 S 5th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
My Brother and I - Rochester, MN44.022544-92.46759571-99 3rd Ave SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Native American Mural - Minneapolis, MN44.958216-93.2522782427 Bloomington AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Native American Power Box - Minneapolis, MN44.962643-93.2560111301 E Franklin AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Native American and Wolf Statue - Saint Paul, MN44.94306-93.115724375 Summit AveSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Native Wall Art - Minneapolis, MN44.947917-93.2722273011 3rd Ave SMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Navigating the Skyways - Minneapolis, MN44.97511-93.273023825 Nicollet MallMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
New Jerusalem Baptist Church - Saint Paul, MN44.950422-93.134923303-315 N Fisk StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
New Testament Baptist Church - Rochester, MN43.99104-92.4604312119 3rd Ave SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Ninjas and Turtles - Minneapolis, MN44.957114-93.2874132501 Lyndale Ave SMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Northern Pacific Railway Warehouse - Saint Paul, MN44.949225-93.08407300-308 E Prince StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Nurse Lucy - Saint Paul, MN44.939167-93.082734176 S Robert StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Oakwood Chapel - Rochester, MN44.027751-92.455983672 W Silver Lake Dr NERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Ordway Center for Performing Arts - Saint Paul, MN44.944594-93.097778345 Washington StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Peace Fountain - Rochester, MN44.02255-92.463958110 1st Ave SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Peace United - Rochester, MN44.03657-92.459511401-1499 2nd Ave NERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
People's Food Art Installation - Rochester, MN44.017149-92.464757101-119 6th St SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Pez Vela Statue - Saint Paul, MN44.946702-93.082196514-522 Shepard RdSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Picturing Peace Powerbox I - Minneapolis, MN44.970459-93.263069706-798 S 9th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Pill Hill Water Tower - Rochester, MN44.019527-92.4782451216 2nd St SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Plummer Building - Rochester, MN44.021699-92.465676101-199 2nd St SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Plummer House Lower Garden Fountain - Rochester, MN44.010384-92.4798471091 Plummer Ln SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Plummer House Water Tower - Rochester, MN44.010422-92.478121005 11th St SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Plymouth Congregational Church - Minneapolis, MN44.964013-93.2787811919 Lasalle AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Plymouth Fine Arts Center - Minneapolis, MN44.963261-93.2780481926 Nicollet AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Polka Dot Lime Twist - Saint Paul, MN44.951058-93.095048106 10th St ESaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Portland Place - Minneapolis, MN44.953834-93.267954506 E 27th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Prospect Park - Saint Paul, MN44.933976-93.093438176 Bellows StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Puppy Love - Rochester, MN44.030293-92.46159528 7th St NERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Quarry Hill Park - Rochester, MN44.03227-92.4385231905 9th St NERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Queen of the Most Holy Rosary - Minneapolis, MN44.958566-93.2487222424-2438 18th Ave SMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
RCTC - Rochester, MN44.01946-92.4376951431 Ucr Pkwy SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
RCTC 004 Bouquet of Most Occasions - Rochester, MN44.019799-92.438111431 Ucr Pkwy SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Rainbow Mountains Mural - Minneapolis, MN44.962817-93.261761814 E Franklin AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Rappahannock Flats - Minneapolis, MN44.971338-93.26563601 S 9th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Reading Center Mural - Rochester, MN44.028343-92.476165847 5th St NWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Redeemer Lutheran - Rochester, MN44.012849-92.453877869-899 7th Ave SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
River of Life Church - Saint Paul, MN44.941511-93.1311812-44 Grotto St NSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Rochester Art Center - Rochester, MN44.021258-92.457839301 6th St SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Rochester Baptist Church - Rochester, MN44.027735-92.448585420 11th Ave NERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Rochester Golf And Country Club - Rochester, MN44.022202-92.5122893169 Avalon Cove Ct NWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Rochester's Sundial - Rochester, MN44.029675-92.451053896-898 7th St NERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Rondo Community Outreach Library - Saint Paul, MN44.955167-93.126501461 Dale St NSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Roscoe's Rootbeer And Ribs - Rochester, MN44.019555-92.454744322 6th Ave SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Roy Sutherland Playground - Rochester, MN44.013897-92.464687Soldiers Field Dr SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Rudolphs - Minneapolis, MN44.962788-93.287749610-698 County Rd 5MinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
SMH Peace Garden - Rochester, MN44.018302-92.483642508 14th Ave SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Schmitt Field - Rochester, MN44.005118-92.5093121394-1498 County Rd 22 SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Scooty Scotter - Rochester, MN44.009402-92.437958South Frontage RoadRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Sculpture: The Lord's Prayer - Rochester, MN44.00575-92.4378451262 Marion Rd SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Seven-Dog Totem - Minneapolis, MN44.972072-93.283906Loring GreenwayMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Slatterly Park - Rochester, MN44.011887-92.44877939 9 1/2 St SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial - Rochester, MN44.015533-92.467342418 7th St SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Sophie Joes Mural - Saint Paul, MN44.938345-93.111238453 MN-5Saint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Southeastern Libraries Cooperating - Rochester, MN44.043133-92.5007942600 19th St NWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church - Rochester, MN44.019898-92.448704318-338 11th Ave SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
St Luke's Church - Rochester, MN44.044745-92.4928261855-1899 20th St NWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
St Mary's Orthodox Church - Saint Paul, MN44.966787-93.108389800-854 N Woodbridge StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
St Paul Fire Department - Saint Paul, MN44.970495-93.10942225 Front AveSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
St Pius Church - Rochester, MN44.035868-92.4812031200-1398 13th Ave NWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
St. Francis Peace Garden - Rochester, MN44.018993-92.483756430 14th Ave SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
St. Joseph Statue - Saint Paul, MN44.949319-93.09992659 W 10th StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church - Saint Paul, MN44.936106-93.113965100-200 S Ann StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
St. Paul Church of Scientology - Saint Paul, MN44.949109-93.0980395 W Exchange StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
St. Paul Civil War Memorial - Saint Paul, MN44.948051-93.107404178 Summit AveSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
St. Paul College 'Fountain' Sculpture - Saint Paul, MN44.94919-93.108802345 W Kellogg BlvdSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
St. Paul College Fountain - Saint Paul, MN44.948559-93.110732Marshall PlSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church - Minneapolis, MN44.963821-93.2674571901 Portland AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
St. Thomas Water Fountain - Minneapolis, MN44.97355-93.27817644 S 12th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Starbucks - Minneapolis, MN44.97629572-93.2715499Central MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Stevens Square Trellis - Minneapolis, MN44.964544-93.2746161801 Stevens AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Story Teller Mural - Minneapolis, MN44.963181-93.2527251530 E Franklin AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Summit Beer Mural - Saint Paul, MN44.944243-93.12582560-618 Ashland AveSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Sweet Dreams - Minneapolis, MN44.959011-93.287412613 W 24th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Taco House Mural - Saint Paul, MN44.933779-93.08462407 Wabasha St SSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Tanpopo Noodle Shop - Saint Paul, MN44.949395-93.083711308 E Prince StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Target Stage - Saint Paul, MN44.93863-93.0945185-179 W Water StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
The Bear - Minneapolis, MN44.955907-93.2628072550 Chicago AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
The Bulldog Uptown - Minneapolis, MN44.955964-93.287852549 Lyndale Ave SMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
The Cabooze - West Bank - Minneapolis, MN44.9634-93.247027917 Cedar Ave SMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
The Enger Building - Minneapolis, MN44.969242-93.265609640 E Grant StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
The Free Little Libary - Minneapolis, MN44.970965-93.28049314 Loring GreenwayMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
The Germanic American Institute - Saint Paul, MN44.944367-93.112411295 Summit AveSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
The Gokstad Ship - Minneapolis, MN44.974782-93.265779625 S 4th AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
The Happy Gnome - Saint Paul, MN44.9465-93.121046498 Selby AveSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
The Inventor - Minneapolis, MN44.974418-93.2770741000 Lasalle AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
The Last Supper Mural - Rochester, MN44.004052-92.4349542053 14th St SERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
The Love Sculpture - Saint Paul, MN44.953952-93.096648612-638 Robert St NSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
The Mayo Shields - Rochester, MN44.021169-92.467193226 2nd St SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
The Patriot Pole - Saint Paul, MN44.939395-93.095485110 Harriet Island RdSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
The Recovery Church Central Park UMC - Saint Paul, MN44.938184-93.078108253 State St SSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
The Redeemed Christian Church of God - Rochester, MN44.035896-92.4498571300 10th Ave NERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
The Saint Paul Public Library - Saint Paul, MN44.943944-93.097553302-330 Washington StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
The United Way of Rochester - Rochester, MN44.023658-92.4766091-99 9th Ave NWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
The Watcher - Saint Paul, MN44.935552-93.08823749 Prospect BlvdSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
The Wells of Destiny at 7th Street - Minneapolis, MN44.969982-93.2557111200 S 7th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Three Links Lodge - Rochester, MN44.029345-92.451118840 7th St NERochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Tip of the Hat - Minneapolis, MN44.976661-93.276372825 Hennepin AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Twin Cities Union Gospel Mission - Saint Paul, MN44.958054-93.085051530 Lafayette RdSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
US Bank Stadium - Minneapolis, MN44.973078-93.257992800 South 6th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
US Post Office - Crossroad Shopping Center - Rochester, MN44.005479-92.470182500 Crossroads DrRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
USS Saint Paul (CA-73) Anchor - Saint Paul, MN44.937065-93.098646205 Dr Justus Ohage BlvdSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Unnamed - Saint Paul, MN44.941194-93.1138343 Grand AveSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Vintage Barber Pole - Rochester, MN44.004245-92.478309Memorial Pkwy SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Virginia Street Church - Saint Paul, MN44.946434-93.114606162 Virginia StSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Weight of the World - Minneapolis, MN44.977874-93.264685300-398 S 4th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Westminster Presbyterian Church - Minneapolis, MN44.971892-93.27632877-99 S 12th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
What's Beneath the Street - Saint Paul, MN44.955619-93.118396432-438 University Ave WSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Wild Charlie Brown - Saint Paul, MN44.944973-93.102066176-190 7th St WSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Wild and Precious Life - Minneapolis, MN44.955403-93.2772369 E 26th StMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
William Dee Log Cabin - Rochester, MN44.005573-92.5107741195 W Circle DrRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
William M. Van Hook Gardens - Rochester, MN44.01406-92.470376852-982 George Gibbs Dr SWRochesterMinnesotaUnited States
Young F Scott Fitzgerald - Saint Paul, MN44.942058-93.12632525 Dale St NSaint PaulMinnesotaUnited States
Youth Art and Media Works Mural - Minneapolis, MN44.967597-93.2775791523 Nicollet AveMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States
Zigurat - Minneapolis, MN44.976256-93.272495Central MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited States

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