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Nests and Habitats in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. Nests are where that Pokemon is guaranteed to spawn while Habitats are locations that occasionally spawn that Pokemon.

Nests in Nashville

NestStatusConfirmed DateAddressLatitudeLongitude
Bulbasaur Nest - Percy Priest LakeConfirmed2016/09/03Percy Priest Lake36.156944-86.6175
Dratini Nest - Percy Priest LakeConfirmed2016/09/03Percy Priest Lake36.156944-86.6175
Magikarp Nest - Percy Priest LakeConfirmed2016/09/03Percy Priest Lake36.156944-86.6175
Psyduck Nest - Percy Priest LakeConfirmed2016/09/03Percy Priest Lake36.156944-86.6175
Slowpoke Nest - Percy Priest LakeConfirmed2016/09/03Percy Priest Lake36.156944-86.6175
Onix Nest - The Fairgrounds NashvilleUnconfirmed2016/07/28500 Wedgewood Ave36.130952-86.765519
Nest in 500 Rosa L Parks Blvd, Nashville TNUnconfirmed2017/02/23500 Rosa L Parks Blvd36.16642184-86.78484962
Nest in 880-998 7th Ave N, Nashville TNUnconfirmed2017/02/23880-998 7th Ave N36.17122638-86.78779721
Nest in 837 6th Ave N, Nashville TNUnconfirmed2017/02/23837 6th Ave N36.17134681-86.78711336
Nest in 2500 West End Ave, Nashville TNUnconfirmed2017/02/232500 West End Ave36.15021215-86.81334257

Habitats in Nashville

HabitatStatusConfirmed DateAddressLatitudeLongitude
Habitat in Centennial Park Walking Trail, Nashville TNUnconfirmed2017/02/23Centennial Park Walking Trail36.15101350-86.81225896
Habitat in 837-999 6th Ave N, Nashville TNUnconfirmed2017/02/23837-999 6th Ave N36.17047720-86.78657413

Trainer Spots in Nashville

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Trainer Spots in Nashville

Gyms in Nashville

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- Nashville, TN36.159938-86.7996421708-1750 Pearl StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
1841 Certificate of Indenture - Nashville, TN36.152483-86.7959691801 West End AveNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Alynee Quener Massey Law Libra - Nashville, TN36.148256-86.799698131 21st Ave SNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Bagel Face Bakery - Nashville, TN36.174277-86.760663700 Main StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Barrel Wall at Pour House - Nashville, TN36.149519-86.778898757-799 Division StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Bell Monument to Music - Nashville, TN36.166361-86.785396403 7th Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Belmont Church - Nashville, TN36.146827-86.7924121568 Grand AveNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Bicentennial - Nashville, TN36.166131-86.784451600 Charlotte AveNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Bicentennial Mall McNairy Spring Fountain - Nashville, TN36.170128-86.787588998 7th Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Bicentennial Mall Rivers of Tennessee Fountain - Nashville, TN36.169252-86.786467601-699 Harrison StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Black Churches of Capitol Hill - Nashville, TN36.165688-86.787579900 Nelson Merry StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Broad Way Park - Nashville, TN36.148836-86.7987292007 TN-106NashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Burnin Love - Nashville, TN36.162145-86.775463100 2nd Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Capers Memorial C.M.E. Church - Nashville, TN36.159512-86.795054321 15th Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Chimney Oven - Nashville, TN36.156995-86.765782225 Middleton StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Citizen - Nashville, TN36.166717-86.77777649-199 Union St NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Cleveland Community Center - Nashville, TN36.187994-86.760697648-698 Vernon Winfrey AveNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Cleveland park - Nashville, TN36.186339-86.761629901-999 N 6th StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Corsair Nashville - Nashville, TN36.165068-86.7950771200 Clinton StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Cross Point Community Church Nashville Campus - Nashville, TN36.175834-86.776959299 Cowan StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Dandgures Cafeteria - Nashville, TN36.153462-86.775635600 6th Ave SNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Douglas Park - Nashville, TN36.177693-86.762757211 N 7th StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Downtown Presbyterian Church - Nashville, TN36.16313-86.780024154 5th Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Dragon at Nashville Children's - Nashville, TN36.154845-86.76859833-39 Middleton StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
East Bank Greenway - Nashville, TN36.167006-86.774217E Bank GreenwayNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
East Nashville Freewill Baptist Church - Nashville, TN36.174377-86.752059210-298 S 10th StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Exit/In - Nashville, TN36.151306-86.8042792212 Elliston PlNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
First Church of the Nazarene - Nashville, TN36.171812-86.764519500-508 Woodland StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
First Community Church - Nashville, TN36.172056-86.808921815 Knowles StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Fisk University Bell tower - Nashville, TN36.165948-86.8042251747-1759 Jackson StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Fisk University Jubilee Singers - Nashville, TN36.169061-86.8135752412 Jefferson StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Founding of Nashville - Nashville, TN36.164754-86.775759258-284 1st Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Frank Maxwell Andrews - Nashville, TN36.153674-86.775457520 Lea AveNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Galilee Missionary Baptist Church - Nashville, TN36.162618-86.8073412021 Herman StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Gibson Guitar Mural - Nashville, TN36.150769-86.779641631 8th Ave SNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Grace Apostolic Church - Nashville, TN36.190071-86.7639661100 Lischey AveNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Great Zion Baptist Church - Nashville, TN36.164995-86.8061871817 Morena StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Historical Nashville Sit Ins - Nashville, TN36.170629-86.8017651411 Jefferson StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Hope Gardens - Nashville, TN36.172318-86.7949681001-1007 Jefferson StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Hope Wall Art - Nashville, TN36.180871-86.7874071423 2nd Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
I Believe in Nashville Mural - Nashville, TN36.16396-86.7971671400 Clinton StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Ironic..... - Nashville, TN36.164947-86.776071286-298 1st Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Jackson Street Missionary Baptist - Nashville, TN36.1686-86.7983061209 Jackson StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
James Geddes Engine Co. No. 6 - Nashville, TN36.154315-86.770828625 2nd Ave SNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
James Paideia Neighborhood Playground - Nashville, TN36.181819-86.8020141822 9th Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Jazz and Jokes - Nashville, TN36.163781-86.777325176 3rd Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Jones School Building - Nashville, TN36.18122-86.8016541800 9th Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Kayne Ave Missionary Baptist Church - Nashville, TN36.144781-86.7866121017 12th Ave SNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Korean Veterans Bridge Dedication Plaque - Nashville, TN36.164093-86.768577Korean Veterans BlvdNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Korean War Memorial - Nashville, TN36.164018-86.782962600-650 Union StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Let love in - Nashville, TN36.158798-86.781777100-108 US-70SNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Linkin Park: Bridgestone Arena - Nashville, TN36.158987-86.779197501 BroadwayNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Microphone Bike Rack - Nashville, TN36.15235-86.7913611570-1598 Demonbreun StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Millennium Maxwell House Hotel - Nashville, TN36.18817-86.7988332025-2033 US-41 ALTNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Monroe Street Methodist Church - Nashville, TN36.175801-86.791671301-1307 7th Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Monument Fisk University - Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity - Nashville, TN36.167854-86.804581023-1025 17th Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Morgan Park - Urban Greenway Trail Head - Nashville, TN36.179805-86.790281Magdeburg GreenwayNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Music City Center - Nashville, TN36.158204-86.777239525 Demonbreun StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Nancy Webb Kelly United Methodist Church - Nashville, TN36.169231-86.755442801 Sylvan StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Nashville City Cemetery Gate (1911) - Nashville, TN36.148739-86.7693111001-1031 US-31 ALTNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Nashville Electric Service - Nashville, TN36.158932-86.7904781214 Church StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Nashville Post Office - Nashville, TN36.15548-86.7972021718 Church StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
New Hope Baptist Church - Nashville, TN36.148783-86.7870991303 Hawkins StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
North Branch Library - Nashville, TN36.174068-86.7958621001 Monroe StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Old Charter - Nashville, TN36.149097-86.778123701-799 Wetmore StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Palmer Plaza Building - Nashville, TN36.152738-86.7960971801 West End AveNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Pearl High School - Nashville, TN36.16138-86.800161700-1718 Jo Johnston AveNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Pedestrian Bridge Elevator - Nashville, TN36.162917-86.770907John Seigenthaler Pedestrian BridgeNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Printshop Statue - Nashville, TN36.150251-86.798396120-220 20th Ave SNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Robert's Western World - Nashville, TN36.160746-86.778072420 US-70NashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Rose on Broadway - Nashville, TN36.157932-86.783803919 BroadwayNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Schermerhorn Symphony Center Statue - Nashville, TN36.159227-86.775787174-198 4th Ave SNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
See See Mural - Nashville, TN36.17756-86.792657700 Taylor StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Seventh Letter Mural - Nashville, TN36.150376-86.7677971001 2nd Ave SNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Sky Blue Cafe - Nashville, TN36.171469-86.758979700 Fatherland StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
St Ann's Episcopal Church - Nashville, TN36.171869-86.764961419-499 Woodland StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Starbucks - Nashville, TN36.18770013-86.7979007515 Dominican DrNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Starwoman Pointing - Nashville, TN36.166409-86.778483432-454 3rd Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Steel Artwork - Nashville, TN36.159898-86.796567421-451 16th Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Sulpher Spring Fountain - Nashville, TN36.171814-86.784464815 5th Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Tennessee State Capitol - Nashville, TN36.165425-86.783974604 Charlotte AveNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Tennessee State Library and Archives - Nashville, TN36.16536-86.785091403 7th Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
The Country Music Hall of Fame - Nashville, TN36.158538-86.776343431-473 Demonbreun StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
The House of God Church - Nashville, TN36.170596-86.8116942005 Heiman StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
The Path of Volunteers - Nashville, TN36.169549-86.787168800-998 7th Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
The Scarritt Labyrinth - Nashville, TN36.146666-86.7963881015 18th Ave SNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
True Life Community Church - Nashville, TN36.173844-86.7988331032 Monroe StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Two Bits Bar and Restaurant - Nashville, TN36.152953-86.790251516B Demonbreun StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
US Post Office - Nashville, TN36.192987-86.8066272200-2298 10th Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Union Station - Nashville, TN36.157558-86.7849111001 BroadwayNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Wallace University School - Nashville, TN36.151419-86.799538110 20th Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Westwood Baptist Church - Nashville, TN36.16536-86.8155142520 Albion StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
William Carroll - Nashville, TN36.147771-86.7693841001 4th Ave SNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
World War II Monument - Nashville, TN36.172-86.788603998 7th Ave NNashvilleTennesseeUnited States
Yazoo Brewing Company - Nashville, TN36.150961-86.782153909-911 Division StNashvilleTennesseeUnited States

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