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Nests and Habitats in New South Wales, Australia. Nests are where that Pokemon is guaranteed to spawn while Habitats are locations that occasionally spawn that Pokemon.

Nests in New South Wales

NestStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitude
Magikarp Nest - Burrows ParkBest2016/08/02Clovelly41 Eastbourne Ave-33.9136269706758151.26773178577423
Pikachu Nest - Centennial ParkBest2016/09/02SydneyCarrington Dr-33.892700151.234816
Pinsir Nest - Hyde ParkConfirmed2016/07/31CBD544 George St-33.872900151.211129
Mankey Nest - Gore Hill Memorial CemeteryConfirmed2016/08/08ArtarmonThe Avenue-33.822988151.188749
Squirtle Nest - Kippax LakeGone2016/07/28SydneyMoore Park-33.889709151.222371
Kangaskhan Nest - Crystal StreetGone?2016/07/31Waterloo22A Crystal St-33.8988078151.21351129999994
Kangaskhan Nest - Burrows ParkGone?2016/08/01Clovelly41 Eastbourne Ave-33.9136269706758151.26773178577423
Abra Nest - Gore Hill Memorial CemeteryUnconfirmed2016/07/28St Leonards1Pacific Hwy-33.822988151.188749
Dratini Habitat - Johnson ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Dulwich Hill NSW4800 Hollywood Blvd-33.901395151.137559
Eevee Nest - Redfern ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Redfern NSW253 Chalmers Street-33.893784151.206010
Electabuzz Nest - Royal Botanic GardensUnconfirmed2016/07/28SydneyMrs Macquaries Rd-33.859272151.222312
Hitmonchan Nest - Harmony ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Surry HillsGoulburn St-33.8791152151.2125704
Hitmonlee Nest - Harmony ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Surry Hills147 Goulburn Street-33.879622151.211862
Kabuto Habitat - Bondi BeachUnconfirmed2016/07/28SydneyBondi Beach-33.890988151.278065
Magikarp Nest - Parramatta WharfUnconfirmed2016/07/28Parramatta Ferry Wharf to Riverside Theatre100 George St-33.813716151.010145
Magmar Nest - Eastwood ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Eastwood NSW45 W Parade-33.789416151.080766
Omanyte Habitat - Bondi BeachUnconfirmed2016/07/28SydneyBondi Beach-33.890988151.278065
Onix Nest - Blues Point ReserveUnconfirmed2016/07/28McMahons point1007 Blues Point Rd-33.849748151.203789
Pidgey Nest - Burns Bay Rd and Longueville RdUnconfirmed2016/07/28Lane Cove24-28 Burns Bay Rd-33.8146962151.1691816
Ekans Nest - Enmore ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/30Marrickville NSW49 Llewellyn St-33.904242151.1694074
Nest in 32 Pitt St, Parramatta NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Parramatta32 Pitt St-33.82194144150.99708080
Nest in 77 Pellisier Rd, Putney NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Putney77 Pellisier Rd-33.83295746151.10947609
Nest in 31 Eurobin Ave, Manly NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Manly31 Eurobin Ave-33.78486337151.28345490
Nest in 210 Bettington Rd, Carlingford NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Carlingford210 Bettington Rd-33.78158182151.02544785
Nest in 4A Macquarie St, Sydney NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Sydney4A Macquarie St-33.86492795151.21616364
Nest in M1, Sydney NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26SydneyM1-33.86665360151.21710686
Nest in 108 Townview Rd, Mount Pritchard NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Mount Pritchard108 Townview Rd-33.90604073150.91485500
Nest in 9-57 Marlborough St, Surry Hills NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Surry Hills9-57 Marlborough St-33.88862792151.21179658
Nest in 7 Princess St, Lidcombe NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Lidcombe7 Princess St-33.85877625151.05353057
Nest in 104R President Ave, Caringbah South NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Caringbah South104R President Ave-34.04245413151.11252308
Nest in 12 Whittle Ave, Milperra NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Milperra12 Whittle Ave-33.93364001150.98480701
Nest in M1, Artarmon NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26ArtarmonM1-33.81147669151.19248509
Nest in 75 Kenneth St, Longueville NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Longueville75 Kenneth St-33.83081853151.16672516
Nest in 79 Queens Rd, Five Dock NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Five Dock79 Queens Rd-33.86886552151.11835957
Nest in 3 James Ruse Dr, North Parramatta NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26North Parramatta3 James Ruse Dr-33.79084651151.00776672
Nest in 1A Park St, Mona Vale NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Mona Vale1A Park St-33.67689662151.30461216
Nest in 2 Wentworth Park Rd, Glebe NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Glebe2 Wentworth Park Rd-33.87869973151.19341850
Nest in Ronald St, Birchgrove NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26BirchgroveRonald St-33.85245482151.18921280
Nest in 46 Fiddens Wharf Rd, Killara NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Killara46 Fiddens Wharf Rd-33.77290474151.15385056
Nest in 85 Artarmon Rd, Artarmon NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Artarmon85 Artarmon Rd-33.80797330151.19180918
Nest in 51 Beach Rd, Collaroy NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Collaroy51 Beach Rd-33.73404774151.30439758
Nest in 42-45 Hill Rd, Sydney Olympic Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Sydney Olympic Park42-45 Hill Rd-33.82623750151.07441425
Nest in 38 Derbyshire Rd, Leichhardt NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Leichhardt38 Derbyshire Rd-33.87916434151.15800303
Nest in 565 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Marrickville565 Illawarra Rd-33.92184018151.14419997
Nest in 8 Federation Rd, Newtown NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Newtown8 Federation Rd-33.89384078151.17893457
Nest in 352 Mona Vale Rd, Saint Ives NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Saint Ives352 Mona Vale Rd-33.71632610151.17291570
Nest in Central Ave, Lilyfield NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26LilyfieldCentral Ave-33.86455378151.16148949
Nest in 26 Mooney St, Lane Cove North NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Lane Cove North26 Mooney St-33.80060055151.16200447
Nest in 13 Portland St, Enfield NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Enfield13 Portland St-33.89036303151.09565735
Nest in 10 Warringa Rd, Cammeray NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Cammeray10 Warringa Rd-33.82556013151.21569157
Nest in 1A Barton Rd, Artarmon NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Artarmon1A Barton Rd-33.81176195151.18719578
Nest in 207-218 Darley Rd, Queens Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Queens Park207-218 Darley Rd-33.90166854151.24830723
Nest in 14-20 Lawson St, Fairfield NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Fairfield14-20 Lawson St-33.87581372150.95892906
Nest in 2 Meadowbank Ln, West Ryde NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26West Ryde2 Meadowbank Ln-33.81154800151.07666731
Nest in 15 Giblett Ave, Thornleigh NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Thornleigh15 Giblett Ave-33.72499553151.07187152
Nest in 24 Byrnes St, Rozelle NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Rozelle24 Byrnes St-33.86175639151.16324902
Nest in 1B Cleveland St, Moore Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Moore Park1B Cleveland St-33.89583564151.21997237
Nest in 1A Clement Pl, Rushcutters Bay NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Rushcutters Bay1A Clement Pl-33.87485170151.23036861
Nest in 15 Kate St, Turramurra NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Turramurra15 Kate St-33.74478959151.12153530
Nest in Cook Ave, Pagewood NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26PagewoodCook Ave-33.93339076151.21951103
Nest in 10 Evans Ave, Eastlakes NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Eastlakes10 Evans Ave-33.92462102151.21062284
Nest in 25 Britannia St, Pennant Hills NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Pennant Hills25 Britannia St-33.74255033151.07982159
Nest in 6 Teawa Cres, Glenwood NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Glenwood6 Teawa Cres-33.72752525150.93515396
Nest in 1060 Henry Lawson Dr, Lansdowne NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Lansdowne1060 Henry Lawson Dr-33.90037732150.97437859
Nest in 2 Small St, Willoughby NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Willoughby2 Small St-33.81204720151.20144367
Nest in 42 Salt St, Concord NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Concord42 Salt St-33.85358639151.11148238
Nest in 98 Dee Why Parade, Dee Why NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Dee Why98 Dee Why Parade-33.75219390151.29632950
Nest in 28 Cook St, Glebe NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Glebe28 Cook St-33.87185866151.18505001
Nest in 86P Henley Marine Dr, Rodd Point NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Rodd Point86P Henley Marine Dr-33.86565846151.14882946
Nest in Lloyd Rees Dr, Lane Cove West NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Lane Cove WestLloyd Rees Dr-33.81343781151.14413023
Nest in 1003 Chalmers St, Surry Hills NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Surry Hills1003 Chalmers St-33.88878219151.20487690
Nest in 1670 Pittwater Rd, Bayview NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Bayview1670 Pittwater Rd-33.66215697151.30277753
Nest in 2 St Giles Ave, Greenwich NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Greenwich2 St Giles Ave-33.83005207151.19170189
Nest in 2 Nelson Parade, Hunters Hill NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Hunters Hill2 Nelson Parade-33.84150370151.16708994
Nest in 2 Rhodens Ln, Millers Point NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Millers Point2 Rhodens Ln-33.85626823151.20122910
Nest in Conway Ave, Cambridge Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Cambridge ParkConway Ave-33.75415638150.72134972
Nest in 94 Chiswick Rd, Auburn NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Auburn94 Chiswick Rd-33.85912713151.01707403
Nest in 1071 Canterbury Rd, Wiley Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Wiley Park1071 Canterbury Rd-33.92796063151.07297659
Nest in 11 Olympic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sydney Olympic Park11 Olympic Blvd-33.84712646151.06649101
Nest in 177-205 Bayview Ave, Earlwood NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Earlwood177-205 Bayview Ave-33.92391006151.15189791
Nest in 271 Grose River Rd, Grose Wold NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Grose Wold271 Grose River Rd-33.61053561150.69631184
Nest in 3 Chatham Rd, Denistone NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Denistone3 Chatham Rd-33.80099283151.08428478
Nest in Fig Tree Lane, North Sydney NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20North SydneyFig Tree Lane-33.83113046151.21047735
Nest in 2B Mary St, Rhodes NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Rhodes2B Mary St-33.82955298151.08351231
Nest in Dickens Dr, Centennial Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Centennial ParkDickens Dr-33.89863192151.23410225
Nest in 51 Earl St, Hunters Hill NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Hunters Hill51 Earl St-33.82062227151.13702774
Nest in Bunna Pl, Woollahra NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20WoollahraBunna Pl-33.88668697151.25047982
Nest in 203 Stoney Creek Rd, Bexley NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Bexley203 Stoney Creek Rd-33.95044448151.10767365
Nest in 72 Woods Rd, Sefton NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sefton72 Woods Rd-33.89363595151.01466537
Nest in ???, Sydney NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sydney???-33.85936872151.20895386
Nest in 297 Burns Bay Rd, Lane Cove West NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Lane Cove West297 Burns Bay Rd-33.81960615151.14895821
Nest in 24 Larkin St, Waverton NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Waverton24 Larkin St-33.84078189151.19822502
Nest in 10 Hutton St, Hurlstone Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Hurlstone Park10 Hutton St-33.91379169151.12337530
Nest in Reserve Rd, St Leonards NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20St LeonardsReserve Rd-33.82342303151.19098512
Nest in 37 Beaumont Ave, North Richmond NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20North Richmond37 Beaumont Ave-33.58285931150.72423577
Nest in 4 Karuah Rd, Turramurra NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Turramurra4 Karuah Rd-33.72616001151.13177061
Nest in 350 Burns Bay Rd, Lane Cove NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Lane Cove350 Burns Bay Rd-33.82399145151.15037441
Nest in 153 Bowden St, Meadowbank NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Meadowbank153 Bowden St-33.82045069151.08759999
Nest in 6 Benjamin St, Bexley North NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Bexley North6 Benjamin St-33.93978186151.12222195
Nest in 38-48 Arcadia Rd, Galston NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Galston38-48 Arcadia Rd-33.64274133151.04385853
Nest in 94 Seven Hills Rd, Baulkham Hills NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Baulkham Hills94 Seven Hills Rd-33.76433380150.98130941
Nest in 13 Borambil Pl, Longueville NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Longueville13 Borambil Pl-33.82441928151.16908550
Nest in 2-3 Cordeaux St, Campbelltown NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Campbelltown2-3 Cordeaux St-34.06576694150.81586467
Nest in Albuera Rd, Eastwood NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20EastwoodAlbuera Rd-33.78199871151.08798623
Nest in 2A Macquarie St, Sydney NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sydney2A Macquarie St-33.85926181151.21633530
Nest in 157 River Rd, Lane Cove NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Lane Cove157 River Rd-33.82493622151.17573738
Nest in 80 Albert Ave, Chatswood NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Chatswood80 Albert Ave-33.79955298151.18180990
Nest in May St, Alexandria NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20AlexandriaMay St-33.90843599151.18265748
Nest in 142 Parramatta Rd, Ashfield NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Ashfield142 Parramatta Rd-33.88555807151.13449574
Nest in 25 Moses St, Windsor NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Windsor25 Moses St-33.61050920150.81198692
Nest in 255 Henry Lawson Dr, Bankstown Aerodrome NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Bankstown Aerodrome255 Henry Lawson Dr-33.92213843150.97884178
Nest in 15B Snape St, Maroubra NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Maroubra15B Snape St-33.93545590151.23410225
Nest in 21 Campbelltown Rd, Woodbine NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Woodbine21 Campbelltown Rd-34.03956033150.82553744
Nest in 101 Rupertswood Rd, Rooty Hill NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Rooty Hill101 Rupertswood Rd-33.78027600150.83097911
Nest in 27 Maeve Ave, Kellyville NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Kellyville27 Maeve Ave-33.70384916150.96811295
Nest in Camden Rd, Campbelltown NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20CampbelltownCamden Rd-34.07072013150.80816746
Nest in 2 Sir John Young Cres, Woolloomooloo NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Woolloomooloo2 Sir John Young Cres-33.86961827151.21729016
Nest in 32 Walpole St, Holroyd NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Holroyd32 Walpole St-33.83084973150.99483848
Nest in 164-166 Nottinghill Rd, Berala NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Berala164-166 Nottinghill Rd-33.87941231151.03860140
Nest in 2R Alison Rd, Centennial Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Centennial Park2R Alison Rd-33.90705583151.22899532
Nest in 1H Hospital Rd, Concord West NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Concord West1H Hospital Rd-33.83586274151.09677315
Nest in 7 Penrhyn Rd, Botany Bay NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Botany Bay7 Penrhyn Rd-33.96505668151.20333195
Nest in 150 River Rd, Lane Cove NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Lane Cove150 River Rd-33.82586762151.17974997
Nest in 195 Chapel Rd, Bankstown NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Bankstown195 Chapel Rd-33.92255686151.03219628
Nest in 449-451 Bronte Rd, Bronte NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Bronte449-451 Bronte Rd-33.90349402151.26727581
Nest in 39 Innes Rd, Greenwich NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Greenwich39 Innes Rd-33.82232392151.17952888
Nest in 28 Trevenar St, Ashbury NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Ashbury28 Trevenar St-33.89863192151.12286568
Nest in 12 Crowley Cres, Melrose Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Melrose Park12 Crowley Cres-33.81722986151.07998529
Nest in 256 Cowpasture Rd, Abbotsbury NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Abbotsbury256 Cowpasture Rd-33.85076894150.87133056
Nest in Salisbury Ln, Camperdown NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20CamperdownSalisbury Ln-33.89079497151.17320538
Nest in 2 Macquarie St, Parramatta NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Parramatta2 Macquarie St-33.81265337150.99763870
Nest in 550 New South Head Rd, Rose Bay NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Rose Bay550 New South Head Rd-33.87115103151.26301650
Nest in 41 George St, Greenwich NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Greenwich41 George St-33.83997631151.18038935
Nest in 45 W Parade, Eastwood NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Eastwood45 W Parade-33.78957145151.08158112
Nest in 67 Norman Ave, Thornleigh NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Thornleigh67 Norman Ave-33.71153813151.08370543
Nest in Bicentennial Dr, Sydney Olympic Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sydney Olympic ParkBicentennial Dr-33.85128315151.07799397
Nest in 2 The Esplanade, Mosman NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Mosman2 The Esplanade-33.82748528151.25264168
Nest in 10-11 Lilypad Ave, The Ponds NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20The Ponds10-11 Lilypad Ave-33.70145345150.91195372
Nest in 151 Railway Parade, Cabramatta NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Cabramatta151 Railway Parade-33.89110668150.93874812
Nest in 12-15 Bindaree St, Lansvale NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Lansvale12-15 Bindaree St-33.90475848150.97257614
Nest in 1 Nullawarra Ave, Concord NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Concord1 Nullawarra Ave-33.84566511151.09788895
Nest in 1A Hospital Rd, Concord West NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Concord West1A Hospital Rd-33.83293963151.09664440
Nest in 374 Old Northern Rd, Castle Hill NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Castle Hill374 Old Northern Rd-33.71850433151.01441019
Nest in Jamieson St, Sydney Olympic Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sydney Olympic ParkJamieson St-33.82691487151.05986595
Nest in Catlin Cl, Whalan NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20WhalanCatlin Cl-33.75390661150.79428434
Nest in 131Z Showground Rd, Castle Hill NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Castle Hill131Z Showground Rd-33.72537477150.98570824
Nest in Cape Banks Rd, La Perouse NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20La PerouseCape Banks Rd-33.98964363151.24381352
Nest in 163A Ryde Rd, West Pymble NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20West Pymble163A Ryde Rd-33.76425353151.13368034
Nest in 211-213 Darley Rd, Queens Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Queens Park211-213 Darley Rd-33.90166854151.24830723
Nest in Campbell Dr, Gladesville NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20GladesvilleCampbell Dr-33.84101358151.12895966
Nest in 3 Montpelier St, Neutral Bay NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Neutral Bay3 Montpelier St-33.83444297151.21482549
Nest in 1 Central Ave, Eveleigh NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Eveleigh1 Central Ave-33.89677071151.19616508
Nest in A3, Sydney Olympic Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sydney Olympic ParkA3-33.85359530151.08102322
Nest in 2 Shirley Rd, Wollstonecraft NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Wollstonecraft2 Shirley Rd-33.83814412151.18938446
Nest in 16-17 Park Ave, Burwood NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Burwood16-17 Park Ave-33.87298106151.10286713
Nest in 180 Windsor St, Richmond NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Richmond180 Windsor St-33.59810627150.75145483
Nest in 11 Coral Heath Ave, Westleigh NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Westleigh11 Coral Heath Ave-33.71861067151.07061625
Nest in 4R Coast Hospital Rd, Little Bay NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Little Bay4R Coast Hospital Rd-33.98105426151.25161171
Nest in Lane Cove Valley Walk, Hunters Hill NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Hunters HillLane Cove Valley Walk-33.82498970151.14466667
Nest in 1007 Blues Point Rd, McMahons Point NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20McMahons Point1007 Blues Point Rd-33.84985096151.20360019
Nest in 124B Bigge St, Liverpool NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Liverpool124B Bigge St-33.92177119150.92826068
Nest in 67 Shepherds Dr, Cherrybrook NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Cherrybrook67 Shepherds Dr-33.72192139151.04466319
Nest in 244-245 Longueville Rd, Longueville NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Longueville244-245 Longueville Rd-33.82345667151.17206275
Nest in Marks Ln, Tamarama NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20TamaramaMarks Ln-33.89863192151.27521515
Nest in 2 The Kingsway, Saint Marys NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Saint Marys2 The Kingsway-33.76264806150.76784849
Nest in 3A Kellys Esplanade, Longueville NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Longueville3A Kellys Esplanade-33.82755658151.17380619
Nest in Killoola St, Concord West NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Concord WestKilloola St-33.83397343151.09056115
Nest in 246-248 Old Prospect Rd, Greystanes NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Greystanes246-248 Old Prospect Rd-33.82301102150.94408035
Nest in 1598 Pittwater Rd, Mona Vale NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Mona Vale1598 Pittwater Rd-33.68096113151.30358219
Nest in 11 Stuart St, Wahroonga NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Wahroonga11 Stuart St-33.71607622151.11771584
Nest in 225 Abbott Rd, North Curl Curl NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20North Curl Curl225 Abbott Rd-33.76551113151.28194213
Nest in 2B Jindabyne Cres, Peakhurst NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Peakhurst2B Jindabyne Cres-33.97098272151.05205536
Nest in 64 Ferry Ave, Beverley Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Beverley Park64 Ferry Ave-33.97995108151.13018274
Nest in 110 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sydney110 Elizabeth St-33.87216153151.21148586
Nest in 126 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sydney126 Elizabeth St-33.87574037151.21097962
Nest in 237 Ash Rd, Prestons NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Prestons237 Ash Rd-33.95290079150.87358117
Nest in 4 Clarke Rd, Woolwich NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Woolwich4 Clarke Rd-33.84178885151.17279768
Nest in 10 Loombah Ave, East Lindfield NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20East Lindfield10 Loombah Ave-33.76910099151.18000746
Nest in 200 Hyatts Rd, Plumpton NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Plumpton200 Hyatts Rd-33.75303242150.83404541
Nest in 34 Dent St, Botany NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Botany34 Dent St-33.95729729151.20453787
Nest in 44 Samuel Marsden Rd, Orchard Hills NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Orchard Hills44 Samuel Marsden Rd-33.78479872150.76020151
Nest in 454A Mona Vale Rd, Saint Ives NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Saint Ives454A Mona Vale Rd-33.70685254151.18773222
Nest in 70 Boomerang St, Haberfield NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Haberfield70 Boomerang St-33.87125291151.14368498
Nest in New England Ave, Sydney Olympic Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sydney Olympic ParkNew England Ave-33.84289383151.06482267
Nest in 78 Carwar Ave, Carss Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Carss Park78 Carwar Ave-33.99065314151.11790895
Nest in 1D Mrs Macquaries Rd, Sydney NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sydney1D Mrs Macquaries Rd-33.86197020151.22182846
Nest in 2A New South Head Rd, Darling Point NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Darling Point2A New South Head Rd-33.87485170151.23036861
Nest in 19 Cooper St, Engadine NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Engadine19 Cooper St-34.07177461151.00999597
Nest in 39A King St, Waverton NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Waverton39A King St-33.83484679151.19820356
Nest in 66 Frances Rd, Putney NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Putney66 Frances Rd-33.82846566151.11351013
Nest in 51 Redfern St, Redfern NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Redfern51 Redfern St-33.89389422151.20625019
Nest in 64 Mary St, Lilyfield NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Lilyfield64 Mary St-33.86936438151.15342140
Nest in 1B Dartford Rd, Thornleigh NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Thornleigh1B Dartford Rd-33.72292083151.08878016

Habitats in New South Wales

HabitatStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitude
Dratini Habitat - Johnson ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Dulwich Hill NSW4800 Hollywood Blvd-33.901395151.137559
Kabuto Habitat - Bondi BeachUnconfirmed2016/07/28SydneyBondi Beach-33.890988151.278065
Omanyte Habitat - Bondi BeachUnconfirmed2016/07/28SydneyBondi Beach-33.890988151.278065
Habitat in 5 Woodlark Pl, Castle Hill NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Castle Hill5 Woodlark Pl-33.72376856151.03081226
Habitat in 71 Paton St, Merrylands West NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Merrylands West71 Paton St-33.83224830150.96141300
Habitat in 54 Avian Cres, Lane Cove North NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Lane Cove North54 Avian Cres-33.80038658151.15101814
Habitat in 23 Parkwood Rd, Holsworthy NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Holsworthy23 Parkwood Rd-33.96018029150.95534563
Habitat in 6 Barabung St, Rouse Hill NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Rouse Hill6 Barabung St-33.69536505150.93201041
Habitat in Blue Gum Walk, Westleigh NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26WestleighBlue Gum Walk-33.70228272151.08117342
Habitat in 18 Broughton Rd, Artarmon NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Artarmon18 Broughton Rd-33.81108446151.18169188
Habitat in 18 Harris St, Fairfield NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Fairfield18 Harris St-33.87238423150.95476627
Habitat in 6 Darlington Dr, Cherrybrook NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Cherrybrook6 Darlington Dr-33.72537477151.03540421
Habitat in 39-73 Moore St, Leichhardt NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Leichhardt39-73 Moore St-33.87862260151.16394300
Habitat in 2001 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Camperdown2001 Parramatta Rd-33.88568054151.19302154
Habitat in 114 MacArthur St, North Parramatta NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26North Parramatta114 MacArthur St-33.80397721151.01535309
Habitat in 239 Spit Rd, Mosman NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Mosman239 Spit Rd-33.80271348151.24605417
Habitat in 1D New Beach Rd, Darling Point NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Darling Point1D New Beach Rd-33.87091441151.23564720
Habitat in 18P Henley Marine Dr, Five Dock NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Five Dock18P Henley Marine Dr-33.87205464151.13741398
Habitat in 1D Cathedral St, Sydney NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Sydney1D Cathedral St-33.87274055151.21418953
Habitat in Chancellery Walk, Randwick NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26RandwickChancellery Walk-33.91704367151.23526633
Habitat in 43X Quarter Sessions Rd, Westleigh NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Westleigh43X Quarter Sessions Rd-33.71773611151.07068062
Habitat in 32 George St, Clyde NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Clyde32 George St-33.83362177151.01734458
Habitat in 174 Hawthorne Parade, Haberfield NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Haberfield174 Hawthorne Parade-33.87944794151.14572883
Habitat in 1A Hospital Rd, Concord West NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Concord West1A Hospital Rd-33.83293963151.09664440
Habitat in 22 Roslyn Pl, Cherrybrook NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Cherrybrook22 Roslyn Pl-33.73053226151.03452444
Habitat in 439 Bunnerong Rd, Maroubra NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Maroubra439 Bunnerong Rd-33.94988379151.23538971
Habitat in 296A Old Canterbury Rd, Ashfield NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Ashfield296A Old Canterbury Rd-33.90153497151.13046169
Habitat in 10 Balls Head Dr, Waverton NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Waverton10 Balls Head Dr-33.84689088151.19402707
Habitat in 110 Reserve Rd, Artarmon NSWUnconfirmed2017/02/26Artarmon110 Reserve Rd-33.81148560151.18410587
Habitat in 4-8 Kenley Rd, Normanhurst NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Normanhurst4-8 Kenley Rd-33.72261743151.09268546
Habitat in 13 Marsh St, Arncliffe NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Arncliffe13 Marsh St-33.93794380151.15813745
Habitat in 1 Oxford St, Centennial Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Centennial Park1 Oxford St-33.89068365151.23582423
Habitat in 42 Bettington Rd, Oatlands NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Oatlands42 Bettington Rd-33.79539168151.03034893
Habitat in 8 Fullford St, Dundas Valley NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Dundas Valley8 Fullford St-33.79517980151.05405092
Habitat in 97 Oxford St, Cambridge Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Cambridge Park97 Oxford St-33.74592704150.72189689
Habitat in 63A Winsome Ave, Plumpton NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Plumpton63A Winsome Ave-33.75468863150.83149325
Habitat in 11 Ashwood St, Parklea NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Parklea11 Ashwood St-33.72756986150.92069149
Habitat in 12 Railway Parade, Kogarah NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Kogarah12 Railway Parade-33.95779094151.13517165
Habitat in 36-42 Eveleigh St, Redfern NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Redfern36-42 Eveleigh St-33.89007109151.19959854
Habitat in 589 Pennant Hills Road, Beecroft NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Beecroft589 Pennant Hills Road-33.75540521151.05291367
Habitat in 13 Robert St, Willoughby East NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Willoughby East13 Robert St-33.79726612151.20706558
Habitat in 36 Botanic Rd, Mosman NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Mosman36 Botanic Rd-33.82859043151.25049591
Habitat in 3 James Ruse Dr, North Parramatta NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20North Parramatta3 James Ruse Dr-33.79084651151.00776672
Habitat in Caterson Dr, Castle Hill NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Castle HillCaterson Dr-33.71745054150.98484993
Habitat in 30 Herbert St, Cambridge Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Cambridge Park30 Herbert St-33.75404488150.73511481
Habitat in 16 Paul St, Bondi Junction NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Bondi Junction16 Paul St-33.89461557151.25766277
Habitat in 45 Phillip St, Sydney NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sydney45 Phillip St-33.86398456151.21139245
Habitat in 10 Phillip St, Sydney NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sydney10 Phillip St-33.86249138151.21160924
Habitat in 9 Pine Ave, Brookvale NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Brookvale9 Pine Ave-33.76009708151.27341270
Habitat in 123 Belmore Rd, Randwick NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Randwick123 Belmore Rd-33.91594189151.24088287
Habitat in 25 Darling St, Abbotsbury NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Abbotsbury25 Darling St-33.86923967150.86013794
Habitat in 317 Woodstock Ave, Hebersham NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Hebersham317 Woodstock Ave-33.75635074150.81748009
Habitat in 100 Killeaton St, Saint Ives NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Saint Ives100 Killeaton St-33.72826585151.15902185
Habitat in 7A Park Parade, Parramatta NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Parramatta7A Park Parade-33.80939072150.99467754
Habitat in Unnamed Road, Parramatta NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20ParramattaUnnamed Road-33.80901631150.99622250
Habitat in 5 Meadway Cl, Pymble NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Pymble5 Meadway Cl-33.74801902151.15562081
Habitat in Cunningham Dr, Mount Annan NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Mount AnnanCunningham Dr-34.06814280150.76928616
Habitat in 29A Harbour St, Sydney NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sydney29A Harbour St-33.87629473151.20290279
Habitat in 450 Mona Vale Rd, Saint Ives NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Saint Ives450 Mona Vale Rd-33.70505409151.18371427
Habitat in 9 Mary St, Longueville NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Longueville9 Mary St-33.83519435151.16859198
Habitat in 22 Cowells Ln, Ermington NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Ermington22 Cowells Ln-33.80525428151.06351376
Habitat in 75 River Ave, Chatswood West NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Chatswood West75 River Ave-33.79709672151.15821719
Habitat in 26 Mooney St, Lane Cove North NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Lane Cove North26 Mooney St-33.80060055151.16200447
Habitat in 18 Neptune St, Dundas Valley NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Dundas Valley18 Neptune St-33.79109617151.05432987
Habitat in 1060 Henry Lawson Dr, Lansdowne NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Lansdowne1060 Henry Lawson Dr-33.90037732150.97437859
Habitat in Albert (Tibby) Cotter Walkway, Moore Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Moore ParkAlbert (Tibby) Cotter Walkway-33.88974406151.22187138
Habitat in 8A Anzac Parade, Moore Park NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Moore Park8A Anzac Parade-33.88758874151.21871710
Habitat in 2 Bedwell Ave, Lansdowne NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Lansdowne2 Bedwell Ave-33.89343112150.96982956
Habitat in 32A Cannery Rd, Plumpton NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Plumpton32A Cannery Rd-33.75165867150.83792925
Habitat in 255 Oxford St, Paddington NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Paddington255 Oxford St-33.88525747151.22706950
Habitat in 22 Clark Rd, North Sydney NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20North Sydney22 Clark Rd-33.84038979151.21530533
Habitat in 3 Wilga Street, West Pennant Hills NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20West Pennant Hills3 Wilga Street-33.73772367151.05083227
Habitat in 2 Dwyer Ln, Woollahra NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Woollahra2 Dwyer Ln-33.89001124151.23676300
Habitat in 13 Esplanade, Elizabeth Bay NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Elizabeth Bay13 Esplanade-33.87036656151.22921526
Habitat in 40 Recreation Dr, Barden Ridge NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Barden Ridge40 Recreation Dr-34.03143851150.99828243
Habitat in 117 Macquarie St, Sydney NSWUnconfirmed2017/03/20Sydney117 Macquarie St-33.86269851151.21224225

Trainer Spots in New South Wales

See also: Trainer Spots in New South Wales
Trainer SpotStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitudeNumber of PokeStopsNumber of GymsCommon Pokemon
Circular Quay or Sydney Opera House in Sydney New South WalesConfirmed2016/08/08SydneyCircular Quay or Sydney Opera House-33.8688197151.2092955???????????
Manly Wharf in Manly New South WalesConfirmed2016/08/08ManlyBelgrave Street and W. Esplanade-33.8005196151.2838539???????????
Robbertson park in Orange New South WalesConfirmed2016/08/08OrangeRobbertson park-33.282771149.1018439???????????

Gyms in New South Wales

See also: Gyms in New South Wales
3 Wise Monkeys Pub - Sydney, NSW-33.876297151.20607386 Liverpool StSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
A Folly for Mrs Macquarie - Sydney, NSW-33.859654151.2165572A Macquarie StSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
ANZAC Memorial - Sydney, NSW-33.875582151.210994126 Elizabeth StSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
AWA Tower - Sydney, NSW-33.86684151.20573247 York StSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Ballerina Graffiti - Darlinghurst, NSW-33.87706151.215515177 Crown StDarlinghurstNew South WalesAustralia
Bathurst St. Obelisk - Sydney, NSW-33.874665151.20986???SydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Batman - Surry Hills, NSW-33.882013151.2112116 Ann StSurry HillsNew South WalesAustralia
Bristol Arms Hotel Heritage Building - Ultimo, NSW-33.876408151.197992426 Harris StUltimoNew South WalesAustralia
Cape Bowling Green Lighthouse - Sydney, NSW-33.86868151.19927620 Murray StSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Centrepoint Tower - Sydney, NSW-33.870669151.20917577 Market StSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Chard Stairs - Woolloomooloo, NSW-33.874922151.219318Cross City TunnelWoolloomoolooNew South WalesAustralia
Clock in QVB - Sydney, NSW-33.87139151.20671???SydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Coca Cola Sign - Potts Point, NSW-33.875307151.22221294 Darlinghurst RdPotts PointNew South WalesAustralia
Conservatorium of Music - Sydney, NSW-33.86339151.2140764C Macquarie StSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Crushed Car - Dawes Point, NSW-33.855534151.20714613 Hickson RdDawes PointNew South WalesAustralia
Custom Graffiti - Surry Hills, NSW-33.882076151.2141252 Reservoir LnSurry HillsNew South WalesAustralia
Customs House - Sydney, NSW-33.862034151.21090631A Loftus StSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Dance of Love - Sydney, NSW-33.875447151.201065Liverpool StSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Dr Chau Chak Wing Building - Ultimo, NSW-33.881181151.20148428 Ultimo RdUltimoNew South WalesAustralia
El Alamein Fountain - Elizabeth Bay, NSW-33.872871151.22504564 MacLeay StElizabeth BayNew South WalesAustralia
Erskine Street Terraces Plaque - Sydney, NSW-33.866509151.20366546 Erskine StSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Fenwick Stone Building c1880 - Balmain East, NSW-33.857355151.1958112-8 Weston StBalmain EastNew South WalesAustralia
First Fleet Memorial - Sydney, NSW-33.86215151.2104321 Macquarie PlSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
First Fleet Relief Sculpture - The Rocks, NSW-33.857927151.2086085 Playfair StThe RocksNew South WalesAustralia
Fontaine Opera Sydney - Sydney, NSW-33.858942151.2135231 Macquarie StSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Freestanding by the Water - Pyrmont, NSW-33.863911151.1910252 Harris StPyrmontNew South WalesAustralia
Giant Padlock - Ultimo, NSW-33.878406151.19715318 William Henry StUltimoNew South WalesAustralia
Giant Sandstone Sculpture - Haymarket, NSW-33.881833151.202063The Goods LineHaymarketNew South WalesAustralia
Hans Christian Andersen - Millers Point, NSW-33.859163151.2045971003 Upper Fort StMillers PointNew South WalesAustralia
Harbourside - Sydney, NSW-33.871854151.19917710 Darling DrSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Harry's Cafe de Wheels - Potts Point, NSW-33.869237151.2211216 Cowper Wharf RdPotts PointNew South WalesAustralia
Hog in a Cage - Pyrmont, NSW-33.869569151.19706260 Union StPyrmontNew South WalesAustralia
Hohnen's Stairs - Darlinghurst, NSW-33.877865151.216275223 Palmer StDarlinghurstNew South WalesAustralia
Hotel Vulcan - Ultimo, NSW-33.881881151.1974810 Mary Ann StUltimoNew South WalesAustralia
Hotel William - Woolloomooloo, NSW-33.874164151.214535Cross City TunnelWoolloomoolooNew South WalesAustralia
Ibero-American Plaza - Surry Hills, NSW-33.884944151.20708538 Chalmers StSurry HillsNew South WalesAustralia
Insect with Lead - Pyrmont, NSW-33.867026151.192554 Harris StPyrmontNew South WalesAustralia
Jones Bay Wharf - Pyrmont, NSW-33.864357151.19371224 Pirrama RdPyrmontNew South WalesAustralia
Jones Bay Wharf War Commemoration - Pyrmont, NSW-33.864998151.19411627-28 Pirrama RdPyrmontNew South WalesAustralia
Jones St Mosaic - Pyrmont, NSW-33.869662151.19150613 Jones StPyrmontNew South WalesAustralia
Keg And Brew Hotel - Surry Hills, NSW-33.883951151.20981226 Foveaux StSurry HillsNew South WalesAustralia
La Ballarina - Sydney, NSW-33.864123151.2184561c Mrs Macquaries RdSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Lord Nelson Brewery - Millers Point, NSW-33.858241151.2034319 Kent StMillers PointNew South WalesAustralia
Lower Battery - Dawes Point, NSW-33.85496151.20938712A Hickson RdDawes PointNew South WalesAustralia
Martin Pl Watertower - Sydney, NSW-33.867888151.20964527 Castlereagh StSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Mary Magdalene Statue - The Rocks, NSW-33.863223151.206024144 Gloucester StThe RocksNew South WalesAustralia
Matthew Flinders Plaque - Milsons Point, NSW-33.856262151.215064M1Milsons PointNew South WalesAustralia
Matthew Flinders' Intrepid Cat - Sydney, NSW-33.866448151.212961???SydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Mirroring - Sydney, NSW-33.862676151.2162641A Conservatorium RdSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Mobius Sea by Richard Goodwin - Sydney, NSW-33.869157151.2162822B Art Gallery RdSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Mrs Macquarie's Chair - Sydney, NSW-33.859723151.2225431D Mrs Macquaries RdSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Owl Clock Mural - Darlinghurst, NSW-33.874777151.2161197 Crown StDarlinghurstNew South WalesAustralia
Paradise Reserve - Pyrmont, NSW-33.87111151.193173Miller LnPyrmontNew South WalesAustralia
Pirrama Park - Pyrmont, NSW-33.86376151.19204820 Pirrama RdPyrmontNew South WalesAustralia
Quarryman's Hotel - Pyrmont, NSW-33.871202151.194931216 Harris StPyrmontNew South WalesAustralia
Quarryman's Wall - Pyrmont, NSW-33.871045151.195076216 Harris StPyrmontNew South WalesAustralia
Queen Victoria Statue - Woolloomooloo, NSW-33.872743151.206815Cross City TunnelWoolloomoolooNew South WalesAustralia
Record Store Artwork - Darlinghurst, NSW-33.879852151.214639255B Crown StDarlinghurstNew South WalesAustralia
Relaxing Statue - Sydney, NSW-33.868092151.21737M1SydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Retaining Wall - Pyrmont, NSW-33.865762151.1907963A Harris StPyrmontNew South WalesAustralia
Scissors - Surry Hills, NSW-33.88602151.2115066 Lacey StSurry HillsNew South WalesAustralia
Seed Form Sculpture - Sydney, NSW-33.865337151.2179511c Mrs Macquaries RdSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Shelbourne Hotel - Sydney, NSW-33.871226151.203998200 Sussex StSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Shelley Street Sculptures - Sydney, NSW-33.865783151.2022861D Shelley StSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Smokin Girl - Darlinghurst, NSW-33.876987151.221594229 Victoria StDarlinghurstNew South WalesAustralia
St Peter Julian's Catholic Church - Haymarket, NSW-33.878659151.205437637-645 George StHaymarketNew South WalesAustralia
St Vincent's Clinic - Darlinghurst, NSW-33.881232151.219223438 Victoria StDarlinghurstNew South WalesAustralia
St. Mary's Cathedral - Sydney, NSW-33.871737151.2132332A College StSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Stables Theatre - Darlinghurst, NSW-33.876435151.222378 Nimrod StDarlinghurstNew South WalesAustralia
State Library of New South Wales - Sydney, NSW-33.866102151.213245???SydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Statue of Lachlan Macquarie - Sydney, NSW-33.869998151.2120031-1A Prince Albert RdSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Survey Observation Pillar - Sydney, NSW-33.859417151.221871D Mrs Macquaries RdSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Sydney Convention Centre - Bayside Lounge - Sydney, NSW-33.873259151.19974214 Darling DrSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Sydney Opera House - Sydney, NSW-33.857516151.214876???SydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Sydney Sewerage - Ultimo, NSW-33.877352151.199414303 Pyrmont StUltimoNew South WalesAustralia
Taylor Square Footpath Fountain - Surry Hills, NSW-33.880986151.216749M1Surry HillsNew South WalesAustralia
The Abraham Mott Hall - Millers Point, NSW-33.858663151.20391614-16 Kent StMillers PointNew South WalesAustralia
The Beacon - The Rocks, NSW-33.860622151.20931140 George StThe RocksNew South WalesAustralia
The Bird Fountain - The Rocks, NSW-33.862346151.20722816 Essex StThe RocksNew South WalesAustralia
The Calyx - Sydney, NSW-33.865828151.215136M1SydneyNew South WalesAustralia
The Great War Farewell Memorial - Woolloomooloo, NSW-33.866105151.2238526 Cowper Wharf RdWoolloomoolooNew South WalesAustralia
The Porterhouse Hotel - Surry Hills, NSW-33.880717151.213565233-235 Riley StSurry HillsNew South WalesAustralia
The Saunders Quarrying Operation - Pyrmont, NSW-33.868836151.1896622-10 Quarry Master DrPyrmontNew South WalesAustralia
Tied to Tide - Pyrmont, NSW-33.862697151.1935485010 Pirrama RdPyrmontNew South WalesAustralia
Tri - Millers Point, NSW-33.855297151.2031884 Towns PlMillers PointNew South WalesAustralia
Two Whale Skeletons - Sydney, NSW-33.871318151.2024317 Wheat RdSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Union Square War Memorial - Pyrmont, NSW-33.86947151.1940452 Union StPyrmontNew South WalesAustralia
United Galleries - Darlinghurst, NSW-33.876644151.21662183 Palmer StDarlinghurstNew South WalesAustralia
Uniting Church Ultimo - Ultimo, NSW-33.876837151.19713897 Quarry StUltimoNew South WalesAustralia
Volunteers Memorial - Sydney, NSW-33.86236151.2221481D Mrs Macquaries RdSydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Wall of Swallows - Haymarket, NSW-33.879548151.208597315 Castlereagh StHaymarketNew South WalesAustralia
Yininmadyemi - Thou Didst Let Fall - Sydney, NSW-33.875297151.209995120 Elizabeth StSydneyNew South WalesAustralia

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