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Nests and Habitats in Nebraska, United States. Nests are where that Pokemon is guaranteed to spawn while Habitats are locations that occasionally spawn that Pokemon.

Nests in Omaha

Habitats in Omaha

Trainer Spots in Omaha

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Trainer Spots in Omaha

Gyms in Omaha

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Aksarben Spire - Omaha, NE41.237941-96.014649South Central OmahaOmahaNebraskaUnited States
All Saints Episcopal Church - Omaha, NE41.277942-96.057949300-9318 Blondo StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Allwine Hall - Omaha, NE41.258075-96.008831Maverick PlazaOmahaNebraskaUnited States
American Legion Omaha Post 1 - Omaha, NE41.261031-96.0371567811 Davenport StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
American Legion Post 30 - Omaha, NE41.276086-95.9613991817 N 33rd StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Archdiocese Cemetery - Omaha, NE41.235851-96.033692Cemetery RdOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Augustana Lutheran Church - Omaha, NE41.270659-95.9681893647 Lafayette AveOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Aztecs Statue - Omaha, NE41.247724-96.0232021110 S 71st StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Barley St. Tavern - Omaha, NE41.284458-96.0082912735 N 62nd StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Benson Library - Omaha, NE41.285623-96.0053776015 Binney StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Benson Park - Omaha,NE41.296686-96.0214927028 Military AveOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Benson Park Pond- Omaha,NE41.296867-96.0189397028 Military AveOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Bethany Lutheran Church - Omaha, NE41.283437-95.9944325151 NW Radial HwyOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Beyond Limits Mural - Omaha, NE41.236911-96.017107S 68th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Black Twist - Omaha, NE41.258655-96.0143386601 University Dr NOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska - Omaha, NE41.240278-96.0173991919 Ak-Sar-Ben DrOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Blue Squid - Omaha, NE41.233913-96.032587795-7799 W Center RdOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Body Shop - Omaha, NE41.271977-95.976274205 Hamilton StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Brazen Head Irish Pub - Omaha, NE41.261891-96.036081339 N 78th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Buffalo Bill at the Trans-Miss41.290664-95.94231420th & PinkneyOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Cancer Survivors Park - Omaha, NE41.248388-96.0761021111 S 105th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Children's Road - Omaha, NE41.285331-96.003999BensonOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Christ Community Church - Omaha, NE41.254838-96.079096404 S 108th AveOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Christ Sits in Front of Chapel - Omaha, NE41.235214-96.0365Cemetery RdOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Christ the King Parish - Omaha, NE41.250601-96.04645654 S 86th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Church of Jesus Christ LDS Institute - Omaha, NE41.260301-96.0169156714 Dodge StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
City of Omaha Nebraska Incorporated 1857 Manhole Cover - Omaha, NE41.248716-96.0407948201 Pacific StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Clair Memorial United Methodist Church - Omaha, NE41.299864-95.9994625544 Ames AveOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Countyside Community Church Bell Tower - Omaha, NE41.248522-96.0496888787 Pacific StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Covenant Little Free Library - Omaha, NE41.260615-96.051886101-199 North 90th StreetOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Crossroads Fellowship Church - Omaha, NE41.28476-96.0211287021 N Maple StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Dinner Table On Roof - Omaha, NE41.248237-96.0306927555 Pacific StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Dragon's Lair Comics and Games - Omaha, NE41.280064-96.0519992311 N. 90th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Dundee Community Garden - Omaha, NE41.265129-95.98813549th & Underwood Ave.OmahaNebraskaUnited States
Dundee Memorial Park Streetcar - Omaha, NE41.264887-95.996773Elmwood Park/ConnectorOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Elevator Clock Tower - Omaha, NE41.266576-96.06835910000 California StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Elmwood Park Entrance - Omaha, NE41.252463-96.0050362-4 Elmwood Park DrOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Elmwood Park Swimming Pool - Omaha, NE41.254768-96.005235Elmwood Park RdOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Embassy Tower Clock - Omaha, NE41.265433-96.0580089300 Underwood AveOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Entrance to Keystone Trail - Omaha, NE41.293058-96.050656Keystone TrailOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Erskine Park - Omaha, NE41.280428-95.96866437th & ErskineOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Evergreen Bell Tower - Omaha, NE41.239888-96.0357132300 S 78th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
First United Methodist Church - Omaha, NE41.264213-96.0207147020 Cass StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
First United Methodist Church Sign - Omaha, NE41.263439-96.021604501-521 N 70th CtOmahaNebraskaUnited States
GET MORE FREE ITEMS - Omaha, NE41.25844-96.02315209 S 72nd StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Garden of Faith Statue - Omaha, NE41.23917-96.034862Cemetery RdOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Gods 10 Commandments - Omaha, NE41.266406-95.972687701 N 40th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Gold Coast Historic District Marker - Omaha, NE41.264721-95.96928138th & CaliforniaOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Gold Coast Historic District Sign - Omaha, NE41.261243-95.97023438th Avenue & DavenportOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Grace Apostolic Church - Omaha, NE41.279423-95.9806182216 Military AveOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Greater Dimension Christian Center - Omaha, NE41.285231-96.0403938114 N Maple StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Grove Of Hope - Omaha, NE41.234839-96.03683Cemetery RdOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Happy Hollow Boulevard Trail - Omaha, NE41.27424-95.99104750th & SewardOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Harvey Wilson Sports Fields - Omaha, NE41.286548-96.0292287517 Wirt StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Hawkins Statue - Omaha, NE41.268073-96.053531Cuming StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Historic Dundee - Omaha, NE41.252486-96.001967700-798 S Happy Hollow BlvdOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Historic Dundee Mural - Omaha, NE41.264893-95.9907615007 Underwood AveOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Historical Marker- Nelson St - Omaha, NE41.271127-95.97299740th & Lafayette AveOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Industrial Revolution - Omaha, NE41.254239-96.065799804-9812 Harney Pkwy SOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Jesus and The Children - Omaha, NE41.261103-96.0070976102 Dodge StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Jim and Jennie's Greek Village - Omaha, NE41.286305-96.0536223026 North 90th StreetOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Joe & Jean Edmonson Pavillion - Omaha, NE41.297987-95.980041Fontenelle Blvd & Ames St.OmahaNebraskaUnited States
Joslyn Castle - Omaha, NE41.261493-95.9721483902 Davenport StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Keystone Bible Chapel - Omaha, NE41.285325-96.03547840 Maple StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Keystone Trail Head - Omaha, NE41.263425-96.035717800-7802 Cass StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Larkins Parking - Omaha, NE41.285833-96.0081256120 Military AveOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Lee Valley - Omaha, NE41.2735-96.08118510752-10798 Charles StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Liquid Courage Dragon Wall Art - Omaha, NE41.250265-96.02928801 S 75th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Lord is My Shepherd - Omaha, NE41.240621-96.036796Cemetery RdOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Luther Memorial Cross - Omaha, NE41.270088-96.0067081031 Sunset TrailOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Mantra - Omaha, NE41.284885-96.0198666913 N Maple StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Maplewood United Methodist Church - Omaha, NE41.290439-96.0640253523-3535 Maplewood BlvdOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Mary with Child - Omaha, NE41.276296-96.07325710399 Decatur CirOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Memorial Park - Omaha, NE41.259827-96.001017Elmwood Park/ConnectorOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Memorial Park POW Monument - Omaha, NE41.263687-96.001101Robert H Storz DrOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Memorial Park Peace Monument - Omaha, NE41.263147-96.00150513 Robert H Storz DrOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Memory Tree Boulder - Omaha, NE41.281383-95.982944Military Ave & Fontenelle BlvdOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Metcalfe Park - Omaha, NE41.275463-95.99158151 & FranklinOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Mike Lanoha Memorial - Omaha, NE41.259851-96.0070096188-6194 US-6OmahaNebraskaUnited States
Mongolian Horse Statue - Omaha, NE41.264663-96.07034510150 California StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Mother Mary - Omaha, NE41.291464-96.0117813601 N 65th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Nebraska Husker Football Mural - Omaha, NE41.284863-96.0043315919 N Maple StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Nebraska Zen Center - Omaha, NE41.270962-95.9673943625 Lafayette AveOmahaNebraskaUnited States
North Side Christian Church - Omaha, NE41.301563-95.9994755555 Larimore AveOmahaNebraskaUnited States
OMNI Park Gazebo - Omaha, NE41.261633-96.08012310832-10834 Old Mill RdOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Oakbrook Park - Omaha, NE41.274187-96.08406611061-11083 Seward StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Old Dundee Bar Clock Tower - Omaha, NE41.2601-95.9899074964 Dodge StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Omaha Children's Hospital - Omaha, NE41.26131-96.042631223-289 N 84th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Omaha Frame Art Gallery - Omaha, NE41.257973-96.025954226-298 S 73rd StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
One Pacific Place Park - Omaha, NE41.244823-96.0706171358-1398 S 103rd StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
One Way Ministry - Omaha, NE41.303211-96.0048456008 Grand AveOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Pacific Hills Lutheran Church Plaque - Omaha, NE41.248476-96.053561110 S 90th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Peoples Mission Church - Omaha, NE41.271796-95.9759121317 N 42nd StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Pipal Park Community Center - Omaha, NE41.230305-96.0337137770 Hascall StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Ponzu Photo Mural - Omaha, NE41.240018-96.0152432102 S 67th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Red Toreador at Peter Kiewit Institute - UNO - Omaha, NE41.247226-96.0169281110 S 67th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Regency Court Fountain - Omaha, NE41.258825-96.071897120 Regency PkwyOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Regency Lake And Tennis - Omaha, NE41.253595-96.075421606 Regency PkwyOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Regency Lodge mural and Fountain - Omaha, NE41.250675-96.081117909 S 107th AveOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Restoration Church - Omaha, NE41.261624-96.0257487300 Dodge StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Risen Sun Baptist Church - Omaha, NE41.282462-95.9888434932 Ohio StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Roberts Park - Omaha, NE41.265399-96.03718500-734 N 78th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Running in the Wind Horse - Omaha, NE41.244748-96.0049411506 S 60th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Saint Cecilia Cathedral - Omaha, NE41.266497-95.972598701 N 40th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Saint Leo Catholic Church - Omaha, NE41.277581-96.0720191920 N 102nd StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Salem Baptist Church - Omaha41.280656-95.9590753131 Lake StreetOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Scott Court - Omaha, NE41.241628-96.0119276404 Shirley StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Sedlacek Field - Omaha, NE41.293222-96.0192846910 Pratt StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Service Plaque - Omaha, NE41.278734-96.07841710600 Blondo StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
St. Mary's Cross - Omaha, NE41.239289-96.020997000 Mercy RdOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Stu's Place - Omaha, NE41.288404-96.0535749103 Bedford AveOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Tangier Shriner Statue - Omaha, NE41.232994-96.0428452815 S 84th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
The Oceanside Building Mural - Omaha, NE41.284849-96.0100166307 N Maple StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
The Old Druid - Omaha, NE41.269876-95.96449635th & Hawthorne AveOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Tour de Fat Bench - Omaha, NE41.269824-96.040322Keystone TrailOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Train Car Mural - Omaha, NE41.250607-96.023782Keystone TrailOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Trans-Mississippi and Internat41.290664-95.94231420th & PinkneyOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Tree of Life - Omaha, NE41.284537-96.0073282850-2898 N 61st StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
UNO Bell Tower - Omaha, NE41.258372-96.010444Central OmahaOmahaNebraskaUnited States
UNO DODGE ENTRANCE - Omaha, NE41.25948-96.012985129 S Elmwood RdOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Underwood Hills Presbyterian Church - Omaha, NE41.267959-96.026596851 N 74th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Velocity Mural - Omaha, NE41.298088-96.050997Keystone Trail at Boyd St.OmahaNebraskaUnited States
Venus de Milo - Omaha, NE41.25825-96.006413Central OmahaOmahaNebraskaUnited States
WO!ven - Omaha, NE41.25977-96.003253Elmwood Park/ConnectorOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Warren Buffet's Ten Rules - Omaha, NE41.25767-96.024335300 S 72nd StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Waterworks - Omaha, NE41.246841-96.017631110 S 67th StOmahaNebraskaUnited States
West Hills Church Entrance - Omaha, NE41.230865-96.0397853015 S 82nd AveOmahaNebraskaUnited States
Woman Walking Statue - Omaha, NE41.239557-96.0216077000 Mercy RdOmahaNebraskaUnited States

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