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Nests and Habitats in South Carolina, United States. Nests are where that Pokemon is guaranteed to spawn while Habitats are locations that occasionally spawn that Pokemon.

Nest Locations in South Carolina

Nest Locations in South Carolina

Updated on 4/25/2017

Places Latitude Longitude Pokemon
Falls Park in Greenville 34.8463655 -82.4036687 Totodile
Butler Springs Park in Greenville 34.8691977 -82.3382219 Magmar
Gower Estate Park in Greenville 34.829607 -82.3526897 Slugma
Cleveland Park in Greenville 34.8495083 -82.3870827 Magikarp
Wenwood Soccer Complex in Greenville 34.7816926 -82.3419738 Magikarp
Sunset Park in Mauldin 34.771851 -82.3273587
Heritage Park in Simpsonville 34.7213151 -82.2344256 Charmander
Bonnie Brae Golf Club in Greenville 34.7471032 -82.3564816
Lake Conestee Park (Trail Path) in Mauldin 34.7700466 -82.3514566 Sandshrew
Lake Conestee Park in Mauldin 34.7700466 -82.3514566 Growlithe
Southside Park in Simpsonville 34.7443885 -82.3052331 Snubbull
Lakeside Park in Greenville 34.7724199 -82.4311777 Doduo
Lakeview Golf Club in Greenville 34.731166 -82.4311547
Legacy Pines Golf Club in Greenville 34.744793 -82.3257187
Legacy Park in Greenville 34.8293486 -82.334689 Qwilfish
MESA Soccer Complex in Simpsonville 34.812653 -82.1967239 Magmar
MESA Soccer Complex (Pond) in Simpsonville 34.812653 -82.1967239 Seel
Century Park in Greer 34.9298189 -82.2418606 Qwilfish
Herdklotz Park in Greenville 34.8975971 -82.375516 Houndour
Greer City Park in Greer 34.9386308 -82.2257727 Horsea
Northside Park in Travelers Rest 34.9593454 -82.3572736
Pelham Mill Park in Greenville 34.8567654 -82.2289375 Meowth
Simpsonville City Park in Simpsonville 34.7400159 -82.2525214 Psyduck
Green Forest Park in Greenville 34.8349867 -82.3787368 Wobbuffet
Paris Mountain State Park in Travelers Rest 34.9311528 -82.3719455 Seel
Trailblazer Park in Travelers Rest 34.956116 -82.4446567
Gateway Park in Travelers Rest 34.9714775 -82.4436785
Springfield Park in Mauldin 34.7848233 -82.305658
Tyger River Park in Duncan 34.8706211 -82.1058229 Magmar

Nests in South Carolina

NestStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitude
Seel Nest - Century B ParkConfirmed2016/08/08Greer446 Pennsylvania Ave34.938837-82.242583
Sandshrew Nest - Cleveland ParkConfirmed2016/08/14GreenvilleCleveland Park Dr & East Washington34.844322-82.387562
Exeggcute Nest - Gower Estates ParkConfirmed2016/08/24Greenville24 Evelyn Ave34.829008-82.350962
Nidoran (F) Nest - Cleveland ParkConfirmed2016/08/24GreenvilleCleveland Park Dr & East Washington34.844331-82.387593
Pinsir Nest - Falls ParkConfirmed2016/08/24Greenville601 S Main St34.845108-82.400720
Drowzee Nest - Butler Springs ParkConfirmed2016/09/18Greenville301 Butler Springs Rd34.869216-82.336029
Onix Nest - Heritage ParkConfirmed2016/09/18Simpsonville861 SE Main St34.721315-82.232237
Abra Nest - Cleveland ParkConfirmed2016/09/28GreenvilleCleveland Park Dr & East Washington34.844322-82.387562
Mankey Nest - Heritage ParkConfirmed2016/09/28Simpsonville861 SE Main St34.721315-82.232237
Nidoran (F) Nest - Butler Springs ParkConfirmed2016/09/28Greenville301 Butler Springs Rd34.869216-82.336029
Nidoran (M) Nest - Bonnie Brae Golf ClubConfirmed2016/09/28Greenville1116 Ashmore Bridge Rd34.747103-82.354293
Onix Nest - Wenwood Soccer ComplexConfirmed2016/09/28Greenville1967 Ridge Rd34.781693-82.339785
Ponyta Nest - Gower Estates ParkConfirmed2016/09/28Greenville24 Evelyn Ave34.829008-82.350962
Scyther Nest - Falls ParkConfirmed2016/09/28Greenville601 S Main St34.845108-82.400720
Magnemite Nest - Huntington Beach State ParkConfirmed2016/09/29Murrells Inlet16148 Ocean Hwy33.507189-79.065767
Pikachu Nest - Brookgreen GardensConfirmed2016/09/29Murrells Inlet1931 Brookgreen Garden Dr33.518132-79.096482
Clefairy Nest - Wenwood Soccer ComplexConfirmed2016/10/07Greenville1967 Ridge Rd34.781693-82.339785
Ekans Nest - Gower Estates ParkConfirmed2016/10/07Greenville24 Evelyn Ave34.829008-82.350962
Pinsir Nest - Bonnie Brae Golf ClubConfirmed2016/10/07Greenville1116 Ashmore Bridge Rd34.747103-82.354293
Poliwag Nest - Cleveland ParkConfirmed2016/10/07GreenvilleCleveland Park Dr & East Washington34.844322-82.387562
Rhyhorn Nest - Heritage ParkConfirmed2016/10/07Simpsonville861 SE Main St34.721315-82.232237
Voltorb Nest - Butler Springs ParkConfirmed2016/10/07Greenville301 Butler Springs Rd34.869216-82.336029
Voltorb Nest - Gower ParkGone?2016/08/29Greenville9 Evelyn Ave34.831369-82.350489
Gastly Nest - Century B ParkGone?2016/08/31Greer446 Pennsylvania Ave34.938837-82.242583
Onix Nest - Butler Springs ParkGone?2016/09/05Greenville301 Butler Springs Rd34.869198-82.336033
Clefairy Habitat - Cleveland ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28GreenvilleCleveland Park Dr34.8443219-82.3897504
Drowzee Habitat - Century ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Taylors1217 Brushy Creek Rd34.9299628-82.2422841
Eevee Nest - Gervais Street BridgeUnconfirmed2016/07/28West ColumbiaGervais Street Bridge33.9957098-81.05148179999998
Hitmonchan Habitat - Gower ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Greenville122 Carolina Ave34.8313686-82.3526775
Magmar Habitat - Falls ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Greenville618 S Main St34.8450993-82.4029106
Pikachu Habitat - Simpsonville City ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28SimpsonvilleAcademy St34.7405511-82.2523254
Pikachu Habitat - Thornblade ClubUnconfirmed2016/07/28Greer115 Antigua Way34.8693502-82.2668765
Vulpix Nest - Sunset ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/30Greenville132 Trailside Ln34.7721242-82.3241615
Electabuzz Nest - Sunset ParkUnconfirmed2016/09/28Greenville132 Trailside Ln34.7721242-82.3241615

Habitats in South Carolina

NestStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitude
Bulbasaur Habitat - North Greenville UniversityConfirmed2016/09/01Tigerville7801 N Tigerville Rd35.067133-82.373664
Poliwag Habitat - Gateway ParkConfirmed2016/10/02Travelers Rest115 Henderson Dr34.971478-82.44149
Charmander Habitat - Gateway ParkGone2016/10/02Travelers Rest115 Henderson Dr34.971478-82.44149
Clefairy Habitat - Cleveland ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28GreenvilleCleveland Park Dr34.8443219-82.3897504
Drowzee Habitat - Century ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Taylors1217 Brushy Creek Rd34.9299628-82.2422841
Hitmonchan Habitat - Gower ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Greenville122 Carolina Ave34.8313686-82.3526775
Magmar Habitat - Falls ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28Greenville618 S Main St34.8450993-82.4029106
Pikachu Habitat - Thornblade ClubUnconfirmed2016/07/28Greer115 Antigua Way34.8693502-82.2668765
Pikachu Habitat - Simpsonville City ParkUnconfirmed2016/07/28SimpsonvilleAcademy St34.7405511-82.2523254

Trainer Spots in South Carolina

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Trainer SpotStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitudeNumber of PokeStopsNumber of GymsCommon Pokemon
Anderson County Courthouse or Downtown in Anderson South CarolinaConfirmed2016/08/08AndersonAnderson County Courthouse or Downtown34.5034394-82.6501332???????????
Bonnie Brae Golf Club in Greenville, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Greenville1116 Ashmore Bridge Rd34.7471032-82.3564816???????????
Butler Springs Park in Greenville, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Greenville301 Butler Springs Rd34.8691977-82.3382219???????????
Century Park in Greer, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Greer3605 Brushy Creek Rd34.9298189-82.2418606???????????
Cleveland Park in Greenville, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26GreenvilleCleveland Park Drive & East Washington34.8495083-82.3870827???????????
Falls Park in Greenville, South CarolinaConfirmed2016/08/08GreenvilleFalls Park Dr34.8463655-82.4036687???????????
Gateway Park in Travelers Rest, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Travelers Rest115 Henderson Dr34.9714775-82.4436785???????????
Gower Estate Park in Greenville, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/03/26Greenville24 Evelyn Ave34.829607-82.3526897???????????
Green Forest Park in Greenville, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26GreenvilleAlameda St34.8349867-82.3787368???????????
Greer City Park in Greer, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Greer301 E Poinsett St34.9386308-82.2257727???????????
Herdklotz Park in Greenville, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Greenville126 Beverly Rd34.8975971-82.375516???????????
Heritage Park in Simpsonville, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Simpsonville861 SE Main St34.7213151-82.2344256???????????
Lake Conestee Park (Trail Path) in Mauldin, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Mauldin601 Fork Shoals Rd34.7700466-82.3514566???????????
Lake Conestee Park in Mauldin, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Mauldin601 Fork Shoals Rd34.7700466-82.3514566???????????
Lakeside Park in Greenville, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Greenville1500 Piedmont Hwy34.7724199-82.4311777???????????
Lakeview Golf Club in Greenville, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Greenville315 Piedmont Golf Course Rd
Legacy Park in Greenville, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Greenville336 Rocky Slope Rd34.8293486-82.334689???????????
Legacy Pines Golf Club in Greenville, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Greenville200 Ranch Rd W34.744793-82.3257187???????????
MESA Soccer Complex (Pond) in Simpsonville, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Simpsonville1020 Anderson Ridge Rd34.812653-82.1967239???????????
MESA Soccer Complex in Simpsonville, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Simpsonville1020 Anderson Ridge Rd34.812653-82.1967239???????????
Marion Square in Charleston South CarolinaConfirmed2016/08/08Charleston329 Meeting St32.786652-79.9357095???????????
Northside Park in Travelers Rest, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26GreenvilleW Darby Rd34.9593454-82.3572736???????????
Paris Mountain State Park in Travelers Rest, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Travelers Rest2401 State Park Rd34.9311528-82.3719455???????????
Peace Center or Main Street in Greenville South CarolinaConfirmed2016/08/08GreenvilleMain St34.7652079-82.3542653???????????
Pelham Mill Park in Greenville, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Greenville2770 E Phillips Rd34.8567654-82.2289375???????????
Simpsonville City Park in Simpsonville, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26SimpsonvillePark Dr34.7400159-82.2525214???????????
Southside Park in Simpsonville, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Simpsonville417 Baldwin Rd34.7443885-82.3052331???????????
Springfield Park in Mauldin, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26MauldinHyde Cir34.7848233-82.305658???????????
Sunset Park in Mauldin, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Mauldin211 Fowler Cir34.771851-82.3273587???????????
Timmons Park in Greenville, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Greenville121 Oxford St34.8643071-82.375387???????????
Trailblazer Park in Travelers Rest, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Travelers Rest1235 Trailblazer Drive34.956116-82.4446567???????????
Tyger River Park in Duncan, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Duncan1179 Dillard Rd34.8706211-82.1058229???????????
Valor Park in Myrtle Beach South CarolinaConfirmed2016/08/08Myrtle BeachValor Park33.6678058-78.9399615???????????
Waterfront Memorial Park in Mount Pleasant South CarolinaConfirmed2016/08/08Mount Pleasant99 Harry M. Hallman Jr Blvd32.8019144-79.9031513???????????
Wenwood Soccer Complex in Greenville, South CarolinaConfirmed2017/04/26Greenville1967 Ridge Rd34.7816926-82.3419738???????????

Gyms in South Carolina

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- Columbia, SC34.016166-80.93626511 Marion AveColumbiaSouth CarolinaUnited States
Ackerman Park Dog Run - Charleston, SC32.78906-79.989852Hamilton StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Advent Lutheran Church - North Charleston, SC32.854301-79.9748652100-2106 Carver AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Air Force Water Tower - North Charleston, SC32.893778-80.0544731792-1798 James AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Allan Park - Charleston, SC32.797213-79.9528241-99 N Allan ParkCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Armed Service Memorial Fountain - North Charleston, SC32.845872-79.941377Bainbridge AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Armory Community Center - North Charleston, SC32.884807-79.9931075000 Lackawanna BlvdNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Ashbury St James Church - Charleston, SC32.803973-79.953625754 Rutledge AveCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Bessinger-Kelly Memorial Park - Hanahan, SC32.908862-80.0029061124 Yeamans Hall RdHanahanSouth CarolinaUnited States
Beth Shalom Beth Israel Synagogue - Charleston, SC32.787617-79.945893178-182 Rutledge AveCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church - Charleston, SC32.781785-79.983174694-698 US-17CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Bulldog Statue - Charleston, SC32.794012-79.95710868 Hagood AveCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
C 141b - North Charleston, SC32.913271-80.054702Arthur DrNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
CHS Gazebo - North Charleston, SC32.884571-80.0369195500 International BlvdNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Calvary Episcopal Church - Charleston, SC32.793877-79.945986106 Line StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Calvary Lutheran Church - Charleston, SC32.81271-80.0014071400 Manor BlvdCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Cassique Of The Kiawah - Charleston, SC32.805109-79.9839Old Town Plantation RdCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Charleston Fire Department Memorial - Charleston, SC32.783459-79.93187646 Wentworth StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Charleston Police Memorial - Charleston, SC32.78747-79.960314Brittlebank PathCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Charleston Train Station - North Charleston, SC32.874831-79.9980914601-4675 Gaynor StNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Charlestowne Landing Visitor Center - Charleston, SC32.807662-79.98668Old Town Plantation RdCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Charlestowne Methodist Church - Charleston, SC32.809113-79.9962761405 Miles DrCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Charlotte Street Park - Charleston, SC32.791696-79.9268951 Charlotte StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Chateau Street Mural - North Charleston, SC32.88249-79.9769474845 Chateau AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Christ's Sanctified Holy Church - Hanahan, SC32.910143-80.0085051235 Belvedere DrHanahanSouth CarolinaUnited States
Cigar Factory - Charleston, SC32.796881-79.934704100-116 Drake StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Citadel Square Baptist Church - Charleston, SC32.78724-79.934487320 Meeting StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
City Market - Charleston, SC32.780739-79.93144673 N Market StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Coast Brewing Company - North Charleston, SC32.873381-79.971845191 2nd St NNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Coburg Cow - Charleston, SC32.78241-79.988813Coburg RdCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Coffee Production Mural - North Charleston, SC32.867405-80.0170095060 International BlvdNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Confederate Cemetery Chapel - North Charleston, SC32.814964-79.9477859 Cunnington AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Cooper River Marina Dog Walk and Park - North Charleston, SC32.831272-79.9375591010 Juneau AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Courtyard Fountain - Charleston, SC32.7825-79.95591933 Lockwood DrCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Desert Storm/Shield Flags - Charleston, SC32.786868-79.93909818-34 Vanderhorst StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Ducks at the Pond - North Charleston, SC32.878556-79.9830011150 Buist AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
El-Shaddai Missionary Baptist Church International - North Charleston, SC32.878942-79.9878984700-4708 State Rd S-10-39North CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Emanuel AME Church - Charleston, SC32.787374-79.932949110 Calhoun StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Entrance Murial - Charleston, SC32.790368-79.987098817 St Andrews BlvdCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Eternal Father of the Sea - North Charleston, SC32.859188-79.965188Ave B SNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
First Baptist Church of North Charleston - North Charleston, SC32.869623-79.9928754219 Rivers AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Fitness Park - Charleston, SC32.786051-79.94960874 President StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Forest Park - Charleston, SC32.791151-79.999294780 W Oak Forest DrCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
French Botanical Garden - North Charleston, SC32.900731-80.0297462398 Aviation AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Gadsdenboro Park Bird Sculpture - Charleston, SC32.788413-79.926883311-325 Concord StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Glover - Sottile House - Charleston, SC32.779843-79.94196681 Rutledge AveCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Grace Church - Charleston, SC32.781557-79.93657498 Wentworth StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Grayson's Tree of Knowledge - Charleston, SC32.815978-79.9525932111-2141 Heriot StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Greater Joy Tabernacle - North Charleston, SC32.862128-79.9789523775 Spruill AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Greater Refuge Temple - Charleston, SC32.803188-79.942398224 Huger StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Greek Orthodox Church Icon - Charleston, SC32.798212-79.94779120 Race StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Green Energy Power Glory Mural - Charleston, SC32.7854-79.937095201 Calhoun StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Groovy Elephant - Charleston, SC32.781855-79.986921835 Savannah HwyCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Hampstead Cemetery - Charleston, SC32.793399-79.93608148 Reid StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Hampton Park Fountain - Charleston, SC32.798912-79.956929Mary Murray DrCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Hanahan Library - Hanahan, SC32.918685-80.0205391216 Old Murray DrHanahanSouth CarolinaUnited States
Henry Woodward plaque - Charleston, SC32.808802-79.9858851500 Old Towne RdCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Hindu Temple and Cultural Center - Charleston, SC32.817386-80.0028121740 Jervey AveCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Holocaust Memorial - Charleston, SC32.786585-79.935023132 Calhoun StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church - Charleston, SC32.79787-79.94824430 Race StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Home Team Pig - Charleston, SC32.797104-79.9980041118-1198 Diana StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Hominy Grill - Charleston, SC32.788856-79.946807207 Rutledge AveCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Hospital Strike of 1969 - Charleston, SC32.786195-79.947107171-179 Ashley AveCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Iglesia De Jesus Christo - North Charleston, SC32.892354-80.0121752070 Harley StNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Irish Volunteers - Charleston, SC32.814942-79.943197130 N Romney StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Jesus is the Only Fire Escape Mural - Charleston, SC32.789189-79.951135150 President StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
John L Dart Library - Charleston, SC32.805128-79.9513344 Gadsden CtCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Joseph P. Riley Stadium - Charleston, SC32.789889-79.960888Brittlebank PathCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum - Charleston, SC32.791915-79.94398468 Spring StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Landscape Reflection - North Charleston, SC32.884985-80.0358085500 International BlvdNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Lenevar Park Exercise and Fitness Trail - Charleston, SC32.805172-80.00454914 Edenwood CtCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Liberty Square - Charleston, SC32.790043-79.92615Freedom LnCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Logan Street Park - Charleston, SC32.779975-79.9364541391 Coming StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Lowcountry Map Mural - North Charleston, SC32.881279-79.9761521061 E Montague AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
MUSC's Porcher Medicinal Garden - Charleston, SC32.785344-79.94835298 Jonathan Lucas StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
MUSC: Sesquicentennial Monument - Charleston, SC32.785306-79.947098169 Ashley AveCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
MWV-Kapstone Park - North Charleston, SC32.903185-79.989391Clubhouse RdNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Magnolia Cemetery Memorial Garden - North Charleston, SC32.816138-79.9449859 Cunnington AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Magnolia Community Garden - Charleston, SC32.787824-79.993038700-736 Magnolia RdCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Marsh Cannon - Charleston, SC32.802814-79.98855211 Fort Royal AveCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Mary Shrine - Charleston, SC32.781555-79.982208694 Savannah HwyCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Maryville Park And Playground - Charleston, SC32.795651-79.9890831001-1011 Fiall StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Mayor Joseph P Riley Jr 30th Mayoral Anniversary Tribute - Charleston, SC32.798401-79.956941Mary Murray DrCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
McDonnell F-4C Phantom II - Charleston, SC32.798324-79.961468Jenkins AveCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Medical College of South Carolina - Charleston, SC32.786947-79.947801181 Ashley AveCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Memorial Missionary Baptist Church - Charleston, SC32.791501-79.932925141-153 Alexander StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Midland Park United Methodist Church - North Charleston, SC32.920668-80.0387022351 State Rd S-10-1187North CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Miracle Temple Church - North Charleston, SC32.843002-79.9576422504 State Rd S-10-32North CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Moe's Crosstown Tavern - Charleston, SC32.802197-79.953003714B Rutledge AveCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Moultrie Playground - Charleston, SC32.775526-79.941928294-314 Broad StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Naval Artifacts Display - Charleston, SC32.799018-79.960009???CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Naval Weapons Station Charleston - North Charleston, SC32.897528-80.051512S Bates StNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
New Christian Missionary Baptist Church - Charleston, SC32.792189-79.994839835 Magnolia RdCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
New Hope Missionary Baptist - North Charleston, SC32.84709-79.9707452900 Appleton AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
New Vision AME Zion Church - North Charleston, SC32.900154-79.9950791338 Fretwell StNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
North American Otter - Charleston, SC32.808995-79.9844041500 Old Towne RdCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
North Charleston City Hall Art - North Charleston, SC32.876064-80.0118882500 City Hall LnNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
North Charleston Fire Departme - North Charleston, SC32.899569-80.0148872014 Remount RdNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
North Charleston Performing Arts Center Sign - North Charleston, SC32.864207-80.0211643401 Firestone RdNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Northbridge Baptist Church - Charleston, SC32.818992-79.9932131160 Sam Rittenberg BlvdCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Old Jail and American College - Charleston, SC32.778654-79.93721321 Magazine StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Original Site of the Citadel - Charleston, SC32.787414-79.93608314 Hutson StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Our Future - North Charleston, SC32.857057-79.9711141910 Reynolds AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Park Circle - North Charleston, SC32.881451-79.9839724800 Park CirNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Park Circle Presbyterian Church - North Charleston, SC32.87999-79.9874574701 Park Pl WNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Pi Kappa Phi Centennial Memorial Bell Tower - Charleston, SC32.783499-79.9392469 Coming StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Pittman Street Baptist Church - North Charleston, SC32.889695-79.9807665101-5105 Pittman StNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Pollo Tropical Mural - North Charleston, SC32.856532-80.043795Olivia DrNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Professional Baseball Scouts Hall Of Fame - Charleston, SC32.791044-79.960816360 Fishburne StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Pump House Park - North Charleston, SC32.877613-79.9777984600-4620 Oakwood AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Quarterman Park - North Charleston, SC32.878737-79.9820331150 Buist AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Regal Charles Towne Square Stadium 18 - North Charleston, SC32.877491-80.0103612403 Mall DrNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Rehoboth Ministries International Church - North Charleston, SC32.90133-79.9853585638 N Rhett AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Riviera Theatre - Charleston, SC32.780613-79.933375227 King StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
SC Chamber Of Commerce - Charleston, SC32.779154-79.95092417 Lockwood DrCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Salvation and Deliverance - North Charleston, SC32.848047-79.9625951916 Burton LnNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Sam Rittenberg Boulevard - Charleston, SC32.83381-79.986866SC-7CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Shiloh African Methodist Episcipal Church - North Charleston, SC32.855304-79.9834863570 Meeting StNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
South Carolina Aquarium Frog Statue - Charleston, SC32.791202-79.924942340 Concord StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
South Carolina Tricentenial Commission - Charleston, SC32.802155-79.985753Old Town Plantation RdCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
St. Thomas Church Mary Statue - North Charleston, SC32.881966-80.064636650 Dorchester RdNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Starbucks - North Charleston, SC32.87343482-80.018496164840 Tanger Outlet BlvdNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Stardust Rollerskating Center - North Charleston, SC32.909143-80.0205122045 Spaulding DrNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Sumter Guards Monument - North Charleston, SC32.853597-79.9776222165-2199 SC-7North CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Synagogue Emanu-El - Charleston, SC32.826718-79.9875115 Windsor DrCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Tanger Center Veteran's Flag - North Charleston, SC32.873642-80.0173844840 Tanger Outlet BlvdNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Tangers Fountain - North Charleston, SC32.873471-80.0179174840 Tanger Outlet BlvdNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Tattooed Moose - Charleston, SC32.81139-79.9492071137 Morrison DrCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
The Alley - Charleston, SC32.794079-79.940902131 Columbus StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
The American - Charleston, SC32.788895-79.938267444-446 King StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
The House of God - North Charleston, SC32.841397-79.9632992042 Hampton AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
The Keeper of Time - North Charleston, SC32.926287-80.031437000 Rivers AveNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
The Knights Chapel - Charleston, SC32.814745-79.9933441662 Ingram RdCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
The Lions Den Tomb - Charleston, SC32.818706-79.941592Algonquin RdCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
The Revelation of Christ Church - North Charleston, SC32.900749-80.000852147 1465 Remount Rd Access RdNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
The Ring- Citadel - Charleston, SC32.796507-79.959031Lee AveCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Tree of Life Ministries - Charleston, SC32.911835-80.0251776363-6393 US-78CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Trident Technical College Library - North Charleston, SC32.926663-80.030385500 College DrNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Trident Technical College Meditation Garden - North Charleston, SC32.927882-80.031607College DrNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Unity Church Of Charleston - Charleston, SC32.854802-80.0109032535 Leeds AveCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Victory Church of God in Christ - Charleston, SC32.795034-79.93393657 Drake StCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Voice Of The LORD International Church - Hanahan, SC32.901515-80.0106841270 Yeamans Hall RdHanahanSouth CarolinaUnited States
West Ashley Library - Charleston, SC32.776952-79.97593745 Windermere BlvdCharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
Wind Turbine Blade - North Charleston, SC32.855054-79.9592321256 Supply StNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States

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