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Nests and Habitats in Tokyo, Japan. Nests are where that Pokemon is guaranteed to spawn while Habitats are locations that occasionally spawn that Pokemon.

Nests in Tokyo

NestStatusConfirmed DateAddressLatitudeLongitude
Dratini Nest - Ueno ParkConfirmed2016/08/11〒110-0007 上野公園・池之端三丁目35.714981139.773296
Dratini Nest - Imperial PalaceConfirmed2016/09/251-1 Chiyoda35.68435039509188139.75115776062015
Dratini Nest - Meguro RiverConfirmed2017/03/203 Chome-9 Higashishinagawa
Ekans Nest - Shinjuku GyoenUnconfirmed2016/07/3011 Naitomachi

Habitats in Tokyo

Trainer Spots in Tokyo

See also: Trainer Spots in Tokyo
Trainer SpotStatusConfirmed DateTown/CityAddressLatitudeLongitudeNumber of PokeStopsNumber of GymsCommon Pokemon
Akihabara in Tokyo, JapanConfirmed2016/08/08TokyoAkihabara35.7020691139.7753269???????????
Hibiya Park in Tokyo, JapanConfirmed2016/08/08TokyoHibiya Park35.6745022139.7563931???????????
Imperial Palace East Garden in Tokyo, JapanConfirmed2017/03/20TokyoImperial Palace East Garden35.6858593139.7582244???????????
Kinshicho Station in Tokyo, JapanConfirmed2017/03/20TokyoKinshicho Station35.6971368139.8136337???????????
Meguro River in Tokyo, JapanConfirmed2017/03/20TokyoMeguro River35.616654139.749998???????????
Odaiba in Tokyo, JapanConfirmed2017/03/20TokyoOdaiba35.6249459139.7577526???????????
Shibuya in Tokyo, JapanConfirmed2017/03/20TokyoShibuya35.659510139.700553???????????
Ueno Park in Tokyo, JapanConfirmed2016/08/08TokyoUeno Park35.7149805139.7732962???????????
Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, JapanConfirmed2017/03/20TokyoYoyogi Park35.671736139.694945???????????

Gyms in Tokyo

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Review of Tokyo


The Tokyo area is heavily street-grass-water biome, with mountain/desert types being rare. Actually, 72% of Japan is mountainous and get mountain spawns, but the Tokyo area is a huge plain. Pocket mountain biome can be found in Tokyo though. The south side of Shibuya station has the Mt.Moon biome on a small area. The area around Shinagawa station is also Mt. Moon biome and gets an everyday Dragonite. And many parts of the Tokyo Bay, including Odaiba and DisneySea are mountain biome too (among other things).

There's a lot of very small streams everywhere in Japan, and canals that are leftover in now residential areas that used to be rice fields in the past (requiring a lot of irrigation). So, water spawns are commonplace.

The spawn density in a city like Tokyo means you can walk around and never run out of things to catch (or Pokestops to spin), no lure needed. In addition to the already high number of pokestops, many pokestops and gyms were added through the multiple sponsorhips (Mc Donald, NTT Docomo, Aeon, Itoen, Tully's Coffee and probably other ones I forget).

From what I've read, rural players in Japan are no different than other rural players around the world. The get a whole ocean of nothing. No spawns, no sponsored pokestops, level 10 gyms filled by non local players.


There is something like 30-40 "usable" nests in Tokyo itself and its direct vicinity (excluding parks with an entrance fee). If you count the nests that aren't really worth going to (less than 10 nest species per hour), you get more than a hundred nests.


In summer it can reach 37-39°C (98-102°F) with 95% humidity. Phones were getting really hot when playing PoGo. In winter the temperature is usually around 10°C (50°F), not really cold. That's for Tokyo though, northern parts of Japan like Hokkaido average on -5°C(23°F) in winter. September is the typhoon season. Actually, the start of a typhoon was the first time I managed to collect on 10 gyms (nobody else gymming in the streets).

The day comes early in Japan, but so does the night. In summer, the sun is well up in the sky at 5:00AM and it's dark at 6:30PM. In winter, it's respectively around 7:00AM and 4:30PM.

Player Base

There is less players now than in summer, but Tokyo and its surroundings make ~35 million of people, so there is still many players out there.

The engaged playe rbase seems quite "old", mainly above their thirties. I see salarymen playing, or even old ladies catching things while walking their dogs. Housewives on their bikes too. There were some kids playing in summer, but they seem to have disappeared. Teenagers never played it much either. During special events, I often see parents with 3-6yo kids playing, or couples in their twenties trying to catch the event pokemon and getting all excited to see that cute pikachu with a hat. But they don't touch gyms. Gyms are mostly touched by 30yo-60yo men from what I saw.

It's hard to tell the average player level in Tokyo since the high gym turnaround doesn't let high level players stay in gyms. Level 35-37 trainers seem plentiful though when I check gyms, and there is sometimes level 40 players too. In my town, I'm the highest level player (38).

Walking while looking at your smartphone is something very common in Japan, and not restricted to PoGo., in spite of lal the warnings about that. We also heard a lot about the PoGo related accident in Japan, but this kind of lethal traffic accident happen quite often actually. If it's not Pogo, it is the driver checking SNS, watching video or reading manga.

Social Groups

Not much social groups actually. Reddit is mostly unknown to Japanese people. PoGo Facebook groups per town aren't a thing. Discord is unknown. 2ch is anonymous and mostly trolling. There is a strong ""inside the group"" vs ""outsiders"" aspect in many things in Japan, be it at school or work. It feels a bit the same in PoGo, no open groups welcoming everybody. There is some PoGo news sites, but it's mostly anonymous commenting. Most gym players seem to play solo.


Mystic is often the dominant team, Valor second and Instinct last. Gyms in Tokyo are impossible to hold, too many players. Everybody is a nobody. On Tokyo's outskirts, there is more level 10 gyms, known names in towns and rivalries. Since tracker use is common and Snorlax/Dratini aren't that rare in the first place, gyms are filled with Vaporeon/Gyarados/Snorlax (a lot)/Dragonite (a lot). Even low level ""casuals"" usually have their Snorlaxes and Dragonites. Rhydon is a bit less frequent. Not much Tyranitars yet, and Larvitar is very rare. A lot of Blissey because hardcore players grinded as much as they could during Valentine, even if we didn't get the amounts that were available in mountain biomes.

A lot of players walk or bike (an ultra common mean of transportation here). Bike works well because everybody owns one anyway, and you can ride indistinctly on the road or on the walkways with it. Since winter hit, there has been a rise of car players though. Car players just park in front of the gym, on the side of the already narrow roads, rather than parking at a better location and getting there on foot. I have also seen them stopping in the middle of a busy street just to catch something that had spawned.

Playing at night in Japan is quite safe, never got any trouble. Of course, crimes happen in Japan like everywhere else, but the crime rate is usually low. You can often let/forget your belongings in a place and still find them there when coming back. In my home country, letting your bag with your wallet/smartphone on your seat while you go to the restroom would be an incredibly stupid thing to do.


Maybe I'm a bit naive, but I had the feeling there wasn't too much spoofing until December (when it started to get colder). These days I think there is a good share of spoofers in my town, but they don't seem to be botters. The lack of botters is probably because most of the documentation and community seems based around the english language, and Japanese aren't very good at that. GPS spoofing probably requires a simple app installation.

Multi accounting is rampant though. Either for shaving, adding 3 pokemon at once, putting an easy prestiger, or gimping rival gyms. A mystic guy I met at a gym also taught me recently that buying services to fill your inventory with elite pokemon is also a thing (we were talking about an another Mystic player who already had high IV and fully powered Ampharos, three 3500 Tyranitar 5 days after release). Yahoo Auction is the most popular auction site in Japan, and from what he told me, you share your credentials with someone selling such service and he fills your account with powerful pokemon. Probably by sniping or botting. I saw many people with 5-6 smartphones at the Lapras event, I guess it wasn't only their own alt-accounts, they were probably filling inventories on demand.

Some players can get ultra obsessive. I have a nemesis couple (Mystic) who are not only waiting for me/stalking me on 2 specific gyms, but who are also using a whole collection of alt accounts to add Flareon prestigers (Mystic account), block a gym with more Blissey (Instinct alt) or Valor alt to fill empty spots in Valor gyms with pidgeys, negating all prestiging work you could do for your team and blocking Valor players from taking the empty spots in new gyms. I highly suspect them of being the ones who have vandalized 2 of my bikes too, but that's an another story.


It's the absolute norm. The kids playing in summer? Tracker? The girl in her twenties who looks like she's on her way to a fashion magazine photoshoot? Tracker. The hardcore guys grinding in nests for hours? Tracker. The 2 old ladies walking their dogs? Tracker. The car players looping around the town in the night? Tracker. The japanese youtubers or level 40 guys tweeting about PoGo? Tracker.

There has been an single online tracker since forever in Japan, and it's not frowned upon. The Silph Road equivalent japanese websites consider it standard. It's actually the normal way to play for most players, and I think many never even considered it could be a TOS violation (or don't care anyway). TV shows showing PoGo stuff also openly featured trackers, it's just a normal thing. That tracker has been down for a few week in october, and a lot of players simply didn't want to play anymore without it. From what I've discussed, japanese players don't really know hom to hunt and track down a pokemon ""manually"", or at least don't want to go through that hassle. We still don't have the new pokestop-base sightings & nearby deployed in Japan. We still use the old sightings tab. Not sure why Niantic holds back on that, might be related to the tracker existence. Or maybe it's because there's too many pokestops.

There's a catch though. It isn't actually a complete tracker showing absolutely everything, it shows the grouped results of manual searches launched by the players, with a small cooldown on repeated searches. On a city like Tokyo, pretty much everything is covered since there's always players launching the search everywhere, and they don't care about sharing with rivals since pretty much everybody is anonymous in the gym scene.

Outside of Tokyo, less activity means less results. And there's the local gym rivalries to take in account and can be an incentive to not use such tracker. During Valentine I got 10 Chansey in one night biking through all the town (not Tokyo), while the tracker only showed one. Randomly encountered my 96% Chansey that way, and even though it might not be fair play, I definitely didn't want to share the loot with rivals, so no search spamming on that tracker.

Interesting Places in Tokyo


World's busiest train station with 3.64 million commuters on average weekday. No spawn point on the huge station (36 platforms, 200 exits!) itself. Probably removed on demand. But there's a lot of spawn points outside of the station. The area is mostly commerces, restaurants, offices, entertainment. It's a good place for urban pokemon like Porygon. You'll mostly be catching things while walking in these busy streets, so try to not bump into other people.

Yoyogi Park

A very large nest in west Tokyo, between Shinjuku and Shibuya. Directly out of the Harajuku station. You can usually catch 35 nest pokemon/hour (and not be able to go after every single one). Somehow, I always have a Snorlax spawning when I happen to go there. Often get a Farfetch'd too. Helped me a ton for Charmander and Growlithe candies since fire pokemons are a bit rare around here. A pond in the center will spawn a few Dratini during a farming session. A good number of pokestops too.

You can follow a looping footpath through the park. You can also cut anywhere in the park, but there isn't much footpaths to help to do so. Night falls early in Japan, so in December taking shortcuts (not lit areas) meant tripping every 4 meters on some tree root while farming Charmanders. By the way, the loud message repeating that skateboard/rollers are forbidden in the park and dangerous gets a bit annoying. You can't do it either in the street in Japan, but the cops will only tell you to not do it and you'll be fine if you stop. You usually only get warnings for minor offenses. In my home country, cops would usually fine you ~$50-$90 no matter what.


World's busiest crossing is there, with an estimated 2500 people crossing the street every time the green light switches on. It's also world's 4th busiest train station with 2.4 million passengers going through on weekdays. It's also well known because of the story of Hachjiko, the dog who waited 9 years in front of the station for his dead master to return. Mostly shops and fashionable things.

Thanks to Mc Donald and NTT Docomo's sponsorship, the Bic Camera building got many stops at the same place, and it's possible to reach 7 lures at once if you're at the right spot. It's a very popular lure spot, although it has fallen a bit out of grace since december because of the birth of a 9-lure spot in an another part of Tokyo. Still, it's in an interesting mix of biome, and the lures placed at Shibuya draw from the street, grass, water biome and from the rare mountain biome. If you're lucky, you can get both Dratini and Larvitar from these lures.

People often stand in front of the building or near the shop's entrance. The store employees never tell people to leave, although the swarm of players is obstructing the way. If the weather is too hot or too cold, you might rather enjoy the AC at Mc Donald. It's not unusual for players to just buy the cheapest things on the menu (usually a coffee) and then sit for hours inside. Even in busy hours, you never get kicked out of Mc Donald. Mc Donald is also quite popular with high school student, who buy french fries + drink and stay studying in group for hours, or passing business men who work on their laptops. Well, in the case of PoGo players you can argue that McDo wanted you in their shop with their sponsorship, so they got you sitting there. McDo Japan had actually been on falling profits in recent years because of a few food scandals, but their results have gotten better since last summer.

Meguro River

It's a good location to farm Dratini around Tokyo. The alleys along the river are very quiet in spit of being in the city, and there is some nice cherry blossoms in spring. Pokemon clusters spawn all the way and there is always pokestops to spin. There is also a few small parks with nests on the side. Often encounter 5-6 Dratini per hour while grinding there. Even managed to encounter 6 Dratini in 5 minutes on a 25 meters section, one RNG lucky day. Actually, the abovementioned Shinjuku-Yoyogi-Shibuya and Meguro river are adjacent from north to south. So, someone up for a 3 hours walk can have a nice grind session through heavy street biome -> heavy grass biome + current massive nest -> mountain biome -> heavy water biome.

Ueno Park

A very large park in Tokyo. It was founded during the Meiji era (19th century), when Japan was opening to the western world. The northern part of the park has many trees and footpaths and is a large pokemon nest.

The southern part of the park (a road splits it in two) was extremely popular back in summer among PoGo players. It contains ponds with a temple in the center. The massive amount of spawn points meant a lot of Dratini. Hundreds of players were swarming the park in spite of the summer's 37 degrees Celsius and the humidity. The pokestops around the temple were constantly lured, spawning even more Dratini. But the issue was that PoGo players were completely blocking the access to the temple and to the food stalls nearby. Tourists could barely go through, no way to take good pictures, and hard access to food stalls.

In late September, it became forbidden to play in the temple area. Some players were still ignoring the messages though, or were just going through to trigger at lest the encounters. The pokestops have been removed since then. There is still Dratini, but it's not as interesting as it was back in summer, and this part of the park is now part of the nest rotations (the northern part was the only affected in summer), which means Dratini spawn points get ""cannibalized"" by nest species. I only farmed 3 times there in summer, but in the end the Meguro river gave me as much if not more Dratini per hour and was my daily grind anyway.

Kinshicho Station

Wasn't anything out of the norm until around November, but the new sponsorships added even more stops than before and it's now a 9-permalure spot (the multiple floors station and its shops helped). But it mainly draw from street/grass biome, so you might prefer the 7 lures at Shibuya for mountain biome.

Hibiya Park

A good-sized nest, with a small pond that will spawn a few Dratini. Expect to catch around 20 nest species/hour. There is a lot of footpaths in every directions, making it easy to go around. Pokestops all over, you always have one to spin while walking. There's also a 4-5 close pokestops spot that is often lured. The Tokyo Christmas market is held there, so in December you had the bright Christmas market in the center, and PoGo players lurking in the dark around it to farm Jynx, who was the only practical way to get the ice medal in Gen 1. Ice types are still very rare in Tokyo in gen2, we don't really see wild Sneasel or Swinub outside of nests.

Imperial Palace East Garden

A nest with a good spawn rate. Can get around 30 nest species/hour. Free entrance, but there is opening and closing hours. In this season, the place closes at 4:30pm and the last admission is at 3:45pm, so it's difficult to use if you work in weekdays. You're basically walking in a loop, with no shortcut possibilities. It's not that wide, so you're not going to miss any spawn.


An artificial island in the Tokyo Bay. Has a lot of shops, restaurants, entertainment utilities and exhibitions. There's also the Toyota City Showcase, where you can try cars, simulators and get a display of Toyota's technologies. People who are into manga probably know the Comicket, which is held at Odaiba's Big Sight. It's also home to the real size Gundam statue. It has been removed 2 weeks ago though, and will be replaced by an another Gundam model. Mostly a place for tourists though, Tokyo people are more likely to gather in other places during their spare time since Odaiba is a bit off the way.

Tokyo's area Pokemon mecca. Most of the island get the rare mountain/desert biome but also the ocean biome, the electric biome. So a lot of Fighting types, Fire types, Seel, Shellder, Magnemite, Voltorb... Pokemon that are rarely seen in other parts of the Tokyo region, except in nests. And also a fair number of Dratini (not very rare in Tokyo though) and Pikachu/Porygon. Of course Larvitar, Tyranitar, Chansey, Miltank, Mareep, Lapras also spawn there. Unown has spawned multiple times too. Somehow, Swinub and Drowzee spawn quite a lot there too, although there mostly no shows in other parts of Tokyo.

Lapras is a no-show in the Tokyo region outside of the Tokyo Bay, so Odaiba was THE place to go to get one. Took part in a ""Lapras dash"" in summer. Some guys ran across the beach screaming ""DETAAAAA"" (""appeared""), and all the players waiting Lapras on the beachside immediately knew what they were talking about and started to run. Hundred of people running 1.5km to catch Lapras. Office ladies, salarymen, young girls, typical hardcore players. He was at a busy crossing and it ended with around a thousand people massed here to catch him. Some guy was on his knees screaming he was happy to be alive. An another guy was going berserk at his phone saying ""why error? WHY ERROR???"". Nowadays there isn't much people waiting for Lapras. Most players probably got one now (and there was the Lapras event), and he isn't much relevant anymore in the gym meta.

Note that most of the Tokyo bay gets the mountain biome for some reason, in spite of an almost sea level elevation. Odaiba is only 3.5m above the sea if I trust what was written on some toilets. Tokyo DisneySea is also the same biome mix as Odaiba, but buying tickets just to farm pokemon there would be quite expensive.

Odaiba is quite large, so the best way to go around is to use the rental bike service. It's quite cheap and you can return the bike at a lot of stations. It's electric bikes, a breeze to use. The place can also be rage inducing because some spawns appear right into the sea, impossible to reach. I once tried to get my first Larvitar there. One eventually spawned in the sea, near an elevated ridge. Many players (including myself) disregarded the security barrier and went as close to the border as possible, in spite of a slippery slope. No luck. But 10cm more and it was a straight 10 meters fall into the sea.


Known as a mecca for videogame, manga, animation and hobby stuff. But it's not much in PoGo in spite of what one might expect. Nothing really special, there's a lot of better places to play PoGo in Tokyo.

Additional Information

Comments About Medals


Well, probably more than that in reality. Unfortunately, 1000km were spent with a Lapras buddy. But I then got almost the same amount of candies by going a few hours at the Lapras event, so I should have walked something else. Still, he was very useful in gyms all the time, so maybe it wasn't completely wasted. And now that Lapras got nerfed, these spare candies won't even be used for the once planned Lapras #2.


No regionals except Farfetch'd. Last entry was Aerodactyl. Saw him once in my nearby while in the train and didn't got off at the station since I thought searching him would be too much of a hassle in an overcrowded area like Shibuya. I was sure I would had other chances but it never happened. Got him 2 months later in an egg, when I was already level 36.


These days I often grind 300-400 pokemon / day. My level isn't that high (38) considering some level 40 players caught less pokemon than that before reaching said level. But I don't buy lucky eggs and get incubators with gym coins, so my XP progress is a bit slow as a mostly F2P player.


Pidgeotto, Raticate, Kakuna, Golduck, Metapod, Pidgeot and Slowbro make 72% of that.


I usually only use the infinite incubator, and use gym coin bought incubators when I fill my inventory with 10km eggs. Which happened very rarely until Gen 2. So, my count is very low. I often see people on this sub who are at a lower level and yet have hatched 1500 or even 3000 eggs, I guess they always run 9 incubators?


PokeStops are everywhere in Tokyo.


Got the initial 200 Gold back in September. But at the time I wouldn't have imagined reaching a number like 902.

Battle Girl

Valor in a town where Mystic is the dominant team. I need to tear down everyday a few level 5-7 gyms rebuilt daily by Mystic if I want my coins.

Ace Trainer

Not much prestige to do. Gyms are often not Valor when I'm in my gym run. And when I conquer a gym, I rarely prestige it anymore since the empty spots will get filled by Pidgeys, ruining the prestige work. Yup, Mystic guys using alt accounts to fill empty spots in Valor gyms with useless stuff.


Got it in December. Expected to get all the Gen 1 gold medals at that time, but a few poor nest migrations made it hard to complete the Ice and Fighting medals.

Pikachu Fan

Half done in nests, half done with the Santa-pikachu event.


Was far quicker than expected.


Pidgey, Rattata, Pidgey, Eevee, Rattata, Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow, Pidgey, Rattata...

Black Belt

The final medal. Fighting types are quite rare in Tokyo. Completed it thanks to a Machop nest.

Bird Keeper


Punk Girl

Probably from the Grass/Poison types (a lot of them in Tokyo) and Nidorans

Ruin Maniac

It's currently at a high number, but it was amongst the latter half of completed medals. Ground type pokemon weren't so frequent in Tokyo, but the Halloween event and its Cubone spawns made it easier to complete the initial Gold Medal.


Like Ground types, pure Rock types aren't that common in Tokyo. 2/3 of the initial 200 Gold Medal was done on Kabuto and Omanyte. Since there is a heavy water biome here, it was an easier way to do it (barring nests).

Bug Catcher

Many bug types in our grass biome. Paras, Venonat, Caterpie, Weedle... and now Spinarak and Ledyba.

Hex Maniac

Mostly due to the Halloween event.

Depot Agent

Not many Magnemites around in Tokyo, except in specific places in the Tokyo Bay, where they're as common as Pidgey. Basically went there and farmed until reaching 200.


Fire types are a bit rare in Tokyo (like Fighting, Ground, and Rock, ). Most of the medal was done on nests (Magmar, Charmander, Growlithe) and event (Charmander).


Well, heavy water biome. So many Magikarp, Psyduck, Slowpoke...


Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Oddish, Bellsprout, Exeggcute, Paras, Tangela are all over the place.


Usually not much electric pokemon around here. A large part of the medal was done in Pikachu (nests, events) and Magnemite (in their pocket biome). But it's increasing since gen 2 because of Chinchou, who is only uncommon. Mareep is ultra rare though.


Slowpoke and Exeggcute.


Ice pokemon are ultra-rare here. It was that way in gen 1, and gen 2 didn't change things. No Swinub plague in Tokyo. I've caught 2 Swinub since gen 2 release (and around 8k mons in the meantime). I've caught only 1 ""real wild"" Jynx in 40k pokemon, and that was in the above mentioned Odaiba, which has a very special set of overlapping biome. 43 points of the medal were done on Lapras thanks to the event, ~10 on Dewgong/Closyter, and ~150 by farming a Jynx nest multiple times. Said nest rotated during december before I had finished the medal. Luckily, 3 migrations later it came back at the same park.

Dragon Tamer

Never caught a wild Dragonite, but caught a lot of Dratini and Dragonair. I have a small river 150m behind my home, and it goes through an all-girl high school. The river spawn points seems to have been removed from the high school itself, but they are massed at the front and back entrances. When a Dratini appears on the sightings (a few times a day), I only need to hop on my bike and quickly check both entrances while trying to not look too suspicious.

My office is also ~10 meters away from a much larger river in Tokyo. There is a ton of spawn points, so Dratini aren't that rare there. Sometimes I can run into 7 Dratini during a 1 hour walk, without really looking for them. With Pinap berries, I usually get ~75 Dratini candies per day now. Had a good number of Dratini, Vaporeon and Gyarados spawning right at my desk too. Taking a Dratini buddy is an absolute no in my case, but Larvitar got buddied right away and is already at 400km done in 2 weeks. They're very rare here.


Murkrows everywhere. Houndours are around too, but not nearly as frequent as the birds. The only non-nest Sneasel I saw was from a lure.

Fairy Tale Girl

Not many fairies. Actually got ~50 done during 1 day at the Lapras event since the event place happened to be a mountain biome (a Dragonite also spawned that day). Most of the Fairy medal was done while grinding lures at Shibuya, which happens to have a pocket mountain biome. But it's now rising quickly because of Marril.



I randomly come across 2 Farfetch'd a week, they're definitely uncommon. There doesn't seem to be a set biome for them, they were in streets or parks, where you would expect Pidgey/Rattata. No sure way to find them, but the best way to do it is probably to stay at the 9-lure in Kinshicho or at the 7-lure in Shibuya and stay a few hours, hoping that the number of spawns will eventually help to roll it. Often got 1 during lure farming sessions.

Drowzee, Swinub, Tangela

These 3 pokemon are apparently latitude-based (but not latitude-locked like Corsola). We never got any Drowzee plague in Tokyo, apart from Halloween spawns, and Swinhub is a rarity unless you go to a nest or to Odaiba (which has everything anyway). On the other hand, Tangela is only uncommon-rare, you randomly run into a few every week. From what I've read from people living in Drowzee-Swinhub zones, Tangela seems ultra rare for them.

Dratini, Dragonair

As mentioned before, streams of all size everywhere, so Dratini isn't really rare. Everybody has Dragonites. There is specific places to optimize Dratini farming such as Shinobazu Pond in Ueno or Meguro river, but you can otherwise catch some of them anywhere.


Fully evolved Dragonite is quite rare due to the lack of mountain biome in the Tokyo area. Spawns in the pocket mountain biome, like Shibuya (unfrequently) or almost everyday at Shinagawa station. Somehow, not that much in Odaiba, which makes me think that Shibuya-Shinagawa mountain biome (with Dragonites and Clefairies) and Tokyo Bay mountain biome (with common mountain spawns but not so much Clefairies/Dragonites) are actually different things in spite of sharing most of their pokemon pool.


Snorlax isn't so rare in the region. Can often be found around train stations thanks to the amount of street biome spawn points. Often in Yoyogi park too. Even had 5 spawn directly on my home. Got my first Snorlax by following into a back alley 2 guys who seemed ultra excited. Turned out they were indeed looking for a Snorlax.


For the Tokyo area, Lapras seems to only spawn in the Tokyo Bay and nowhere else. Waiting at Odaiba is the best bet.

Miltank, Mareep, Aerodactyl, Chansey, Larvitar family

Very rare. Mostly spawn in the pocket mountain biome like Shibuya, Shinagwa, Tokyo Bay (Odaiba, DisenySea...). Aerodactyl seems more frequent around Shibuya and Shinagawa than it is in Odaiba. And the Larvitar family shows up much more in Shinagawa and the Tokyo Bay than it does in Shibuya. Same for Mareep.


Has spawned multiple times already at Odaiba and in DisneySea. Also spawned at least once in Shinjuku. Its own tier of rare. Since there is an Unown-dedicated twitter feed in Japan, some japanese player with too much free time on his hand will probably complete the gold medal in a few weeks.