Fire Punch

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Fire Punch
Fire Punch
Move Type Special Move
Type Fire
Power 55
Power Per Second 137.5
Accuracy 1
Critical Chance 5.0%
Stamina Loss 0.075
Energy -33
Energy Per Second -82.5
Heal 0
Effective Against Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel
Ineffective Against Fire, Water, Rock, Dragon
Duration 2200
Damage Window 400
Damage Window Start 1500
Damage Window End 1900
Description The target is punched with a fiery fist. This may also leave the target with a burn.

Fire Punch is a Fire type Special Move.

Effective Against

Ineffective Against

Used By Pokemon

PokemonTypeStandard MovesSpecial Moves
Fire Fang
Flame Burst
Fire Punch
HitmonchanFightingBullet Punch
Fire Punch
Ice Punch
Thunder Punch
Close Combat
Karate Chop
Brick Break
Fire Punch
Flame Burst
MagmarFireKarate Chop
Fire Blast
Fire Punch