Bullet Punch

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Bullet Punch
Bullet Punch
Move Type Standard Move
Type Steel
Power 9
Power Per Second 15.0
Accuracy 1
Critical Chance 0.0%
Stamina Loss 0.01
Energy 10
Energy Per Second 16.67
Heal 0
Effective Against Ice, Rock, Fairy
Ineffective Against Fire, Water, Electric, Steel
Duration 900
Damage Window 600
Damage Window Start 300
Damage Window End 900
Description The user strikes the target with tough punches as fast as bullets. This move always goes first.

Bullet Punch is a Steel type Standard Move.

Effective Against

Ineffective Against

Used By Pokemon

PokemonTypeStandard MovesSpecial Moves
HitmonchanFightingBullet Punch
Fire Punch
Ice Punch
Thunder Punch
Close Combat
MachampFightingBullet Punch
Heavy Slam
Dynamic Punch
Close Combat
Bullet Punch
Fury Cutter
Iron Head
Night Slash