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Power is how strong a Move hits. Higher Power equals more damage a Move deals each time it is performed.

Power is used to calculate Power Per Second (Power / Duration) and DPS (Damage Per Second) of a Move.

PokemonMove TypeTypePower
AcidStandard MovesPoison9
Aerial AceSpecial MovesFlying55
Air CutterSpecial MovesFlying60
Air SlashStandard MovesFlying14
Ancient PowerSpecial MovesRock70
Aqua JetSpecial MovesWater45
Aqua TailSpecial MovesWater50
AstonishStandard MovesGhost8
Aurora BeamSpecial MovesIce80
AvalancheSpecial MovesIce90
BiteStandard MovesDark6
BlizzardSpecial MovesIce130
Body SlamSpecial MovesNormal50
Bone ClubSpecial MovesGround40
Brave BirdSpecial MovesFlying90
Brick BreakSpecial MovesFighting40
BrineSpecial MovesWater60
BubbleStandard MovesWater12
Bubble BeamSpecial MovesWater45
Bug BiteStandard MovesBug5
Bug BuzzSpecial MovesBug90
BulldozeSpecial MovesGround80
Bullet PunchStandard MovesSteel9
Bullet SeedStandard MovesGrass8
Charge BeamStandard MovesElectric8
Close CombatSpecial MovesFighting100
ConfusionStandard MovesPsychic20
CounterStandard MovesFighting12
Cross ChopSpecial MovesFighting50
Cross PoisonSpecial MovesPoison40
CrunchSpecial MovesDark70
CutStandard MovesNormal5
Dark PulseSpecial MovesDark80
Dazzling GleamSpecial MovesFairy100
DigSpecial MovesGround100
Disarming VoiceSpecial MovesFairy70
DischargeSpecial MovesElectric65
Dragon BreathStandard MovesDragon6
Dragon ClawSpecial MovesDragon50
Dragon PulseSpecial MovesDragon90
Dragon TailStandard MovesDragon15
Draining KissSpecial MovesFairy60
Drill PeckSpecial MovesFlying60
Drill RunSpecial MovesGround80
Dynamic PunchSpecial MovesFighting90
EarthquakeSpecial MovesGround120
EmberStandard MovesFire10
Energy BallSpecial MovesGrass90
ExtrasensoryStandard MovesPsychic12
Feint AttackStandard MovesDark10
Fire BlastSpecial MovesFire140
Fire FangStandard MovesFire11
Fire PunchSpecial MovesFire55
Fire SpinStandard MovesFire14
Flame BurstSpecial MovesFire70
Flame ChargeSpecial MovesFire70
Flame WheelSpecial MovesFire60
FlamethrowerSpecial MovesFire70
Flash CannonSpecial MovesSteel100
Focus BlastSpecial MovesFighting140
Foul PlaySpecial MovesDark70
Frost BreathStandard MovesIce10
Fury CutterStandard MovesBug3
FuturesightSpecial MovesPsychic120
Giga DrainSpecial MovesGrass50
Grass KnotSpecial MovesGrass90
Gunk ShotSpecial MovesPoison130
Gyro BallSpecial MovesSteel80
Heart StampSpecial MovesPsychic40
Heat WaveSpecial MovesFire95
Heavy SlamSpecial MovesSteel70
HexStandard MovesGhost10
Hidden PowerSpecial MovesNormal15
Horn AttackSpecial MovesNormal40
HurricaneSpecial MovesFlying110
Hydro PumpSpecial MovesWater130
Hyper BeamSpecial MovesNormal150
Hyper FangSpecial MovesNormal80
Ice BeamSpecial MovesIce90
Ice PunchSpecial MovesIce50
Ice ShardStandard MovesIce12
Icy WindSpecial MovesIce60
InfestationStandard MovesBug10
Iron HeadSpecial MovesSteel60
Iron TailStandard MovesSteel15
Karate ChopStandard MovesFighting8
Leaf BladeSpecial MovesGrass70
LickStandard MovesGhost5
Low KickStandard MovesFighting6
Low SweepSpecial MovesFighting40
Magnet BombSpecial MovesSteel70
Mega DrainSpecial MovesGrass25
MegahornSpecial MovesBug90
Metal ClawStandard MovesSteel8
Mirror CoatSpecial MovesPsychic60
MoonblastSpecial MovesFairy130
Mud BombSpecial MovesGround55
Mud ShotStandard MovesGround5
Mud SlapStandard MovesGround15
Night ShadeSpecial MovesGhost60
Night SlashSpecial MovesDark50
Ominous WindSpecial MovesGhost50
OutrageSpecial MovesDragon110
OverheatSpecial MovesFire160
Parabolic ChargeSpecial MovesElectric25
PeckStandard MovesFlying10
Petal BlizzardSpecial MovesGrass110
Play RoughSpecial MovesFairy90
Poison FangSpecial MovesPoison35
Poison JabStandard MovesPoison10
Poison StingStandard MovesPoison5
PoundStandard MovesNormal7
Powder SnowStandard MovesIce6
Power GemSpecial MovesRock80
Power WhipSpecial MovesGrass90
PsybeamSpecial MovesPsychic70
Psychic (Move)Special MovesPsychic100
Psycho CutStandard MovesPsychic5
PsyshockSpecial MovesPsychic65
PsystrikeSpecial MovesPsychic100
Quick AttackStandard MovesNormal8
Razor LeafStandard MovesGrass13
RestSpecial MovesNormal50
Rock BlastSpecial MovesRock50
Rock SlideSpecial MovesRock80
Rock SmashStandard MovesFighting15
Rock ThrowStandard MovesRock12
Rock TombSpecial MovesRock70
Sand TombSpecial MovesGround80
ScaldSpecial MovesWater80
ScratchStandard MovesNormal6
Seed BombSpecial MovesGrass55
Shadow BallSpecial MovesGhost100
Shadow ClawStandard MovesGhost9
Shadow PunchSpecial MovesGhost40
Shadow SneakSpecial MovesGhost50
Signal BeamSpecial MovesBug75
Silver WindSpecial MovesBug70
Sky AttackSpecial MovesFlying70
SludgeSpecial MovesPoison50
Sludge BombSpecial MovesPoison80
Sludge WaveSpecial MovesPoison110
SnarlStandard MovesDark12
Solar BeamSpecial MovesGrass180
SparkStandard MovesElectric6
SplashStandard MovesWater0
Steel WingStandard MovesSteel11
StompSpecial MovesNormal55
Stone EdgeSpecial MovesRock100
StruggleSpecial MovesNormal35
Struggle BugStandard MovesBug15
SubmissionSpecial MovesFighting60
Sucker PunchStandard MovesDark7
SwiftSpecial MovesNormal60
TackleStandard MovesNormal5
ThunderSpecial MovesElectric100
Thunder PunchSpecial MovesElectric45
Thunder ShockStandard MovesElectric5
ThunderboltSpecial MovesElectric80
TransformStandard MovesNormal0
TwisterSpecial MovesDragon45
Vice GripSpecial MovesNormal35
Vine WhipStandard MovesGrass7
Volt SwitchStandard MovesElectric20
Water GunStandard MovesWater5
Water PulseSpecial MovesWater70
Wild ChargeSpecial MovesElectric90
Wing AttackStandard MovesFlying8
WrapSpecial MovesNormal60
X-ScissorSpecial MovesBug45
Zap CannonSpecial MovesElectric140
Zen HeadbuttStandard MovesPsychic12